Tale of the Tape

by juanwildone

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating, .

Desc: Sex Story: Jack's marriage is failing so he hires a man to get the goods on his wife. Only now that he's seen her in action he doesn't want to let her get away

The office mail clerk placed a bulky package on Jack's desk. There was no return address. His stomach started to churn. There was no doubt what was in the package - it was a video cassette. What was probably on the video was why his stomach was churning. Oh fuck. What have I done?

A slowly dying marriage had led him to the realization that divorce was probably inevitable. Jack had decided that he needed a trump card for the upcoming settlement. He was making a ton of money and was willing to pay his fair share but there was the fact that he had been less than faithful during his marriage and if his wife Cynthia had proof - well. So he'd placed a personal ad requesting the services of someone to seduce his wife and confirm the conquest by video.

It had taken awhile to find the right guy. But his selection George seemed up to the task. Once the arrangements had been made there had been no further contact - he'd almost forgotten about it.

Jack found an empty conference room with a VCR. He locked the door and watched as an image of a hotel room flickered onto the TV screen. Jack noted the date and time on the screen, it was over a week ago on a Wednesday evening. Cynthia had called him at work saying she had an emergency meeting and wouldn't be home until later that night. The image of "George the hired seducer" moved into the frame.

"Hi Jack, it's Wednesday evening. Cynthia is not going to the meeting she told you she was, I'm meeting her downstairs for drinks. Enjoy the show, I know I will." The screen scrambled for a moment then snapped back into focus.

Cynthia was wearing a tight black cocktail dress and she looked good. The time notation was 7:55 PM. Jack watched as George kissed Cynthia and rubbed his hands up and down her back, lingering on her ass. He reached up and pulled her zipper down. It was hard to hear what was being said so Jack turned up the sound.

The sounds of kissing and moaning filled the room. George took the shoulders of her dress and pulled it forward and down. It slid easily to her hips and stopped.

"Take it off." Cynthia didn't even hesitate. The dress pooled at her feet and she stepped out of it. She was wearing a matching bra and panty set of lacey black material that Jack had never seen before. George quickly removed all of his clothes and stood before Jack's wife completely naked. Jack noted that George's cock half-erect was thicker that his and would probably be a little longer when completely erect. Shit.

Jack unzipped his pants and slowly stroked his growing erection. Emotionally Jack was feeling confused - to say the least. He was watching a tape of something that he had arranged and that had already transpired. There was no way to stop it yet a part of him wanted to. George wouldn't have sent the tape it he hadn't ended up fucking Cynthia. Part of him was angry at Cynthia for cheating on him. Another part was aroused (obviously) at the scene unfolding before him. Most curious of all was a strange feeling regarding George - it was if Jack wanted George to fuck Cynthia really well.

George was kneeling before her now. Jack watched him pinch and sucked her nipples through the sheer material of her bra. The image was too small to see but he could imagine that her nipples were as hard as they could be. George was kissing and rubbing her panties now. Her hips were moving in response to his efforts. He pulled his head back and Jack watched as another mans hand move back and forth beneath her crotch. Her hands were on his head for support. He grabbed the sides of her panties and pulled them down to her feet. He stood and turned her around. He was behind her and she was directly facing the camera. My God. Jack stared at the image of his wife in utter amazement. She'd shaved her pussy bare. George's hands were on her tits as he massaged and manipulated her nipples. "Play with yourself Cynthia."

"I've never done that in front of anyone."

"Then it's time you found out how much pleasure there is to be found in doing just that." George gently guided her hands to her bald cunt. He rubbed her hands over her labia and she quickly took over. Jack's wife was masturbating in front of another man. George was crouching slightly behind her and then the head of his prick appear between her thighs. He was rubbing the length of her cunt. She started to buck her hips as he rubbed. She was panting - was she was getting close to cumming so quickly? George pulled back away from her and her expression flashed distressed and surprise. He pushed her slowly to her knees and when she was ready George fed his cock into her hungry mouth.

Early in their marriage Cynthia had been an enthusiastic giver of head. As the years rolled by that enthusiasm diminished to point that actual requests for head were routinely turn down. Needless to say it had been quite awhile since she had blown Jack so he was surprised to see how easily George had her sucking on his cock. George was trying to encourage her to take more of his cock and encountering her gag reflex. He told to try and swallow on contact. Jack nearly blew his load when on about the fifth attempt she swallowed at the right moment and George pushed completely into her throat. Her nose was mashed into his pubic hair and her mouth was a tight ring around the very base of his cock. Fucking unreal. Not once in their entire marriage had Cynthia ever deep throated Jack.

"Hold your head still, and keep your throat relaxed." George pulled slowly back until about three inched of his cock was visible then he slowly pushed forward. Back and forth he went. Cynthia was rubbing and fondling his balls with her right hand and rubbing his ass with her left. George was fucking Cynthia in the mouth and she was enjoying it!

His breathing was increasing. "Put your left hand on my cock." As Cynthia did he pulled his cock all the way out until the tip was at her lips. "Finish me with your hand. Faster. Faster." As Cynthia stroked him to orgasm Jack watched stunned as her rings flashed and flickered. She was wearing her wedding ring and her engagement ring as she jacked off another man. This same man was about to cum in her open mouth.

George and Jack roared as one. Jack's cock pulsed again and again as thick ropes of sperm squirted out across empty space and landed on the conference room table. George's cock pulsed too sending spurts of cum into Jack's wife's open mouth. She held her mouth open and cum ran out and over her bottom lip. Her chin was cover in his cock cream. She raised her head slightly to look at him and then slowly closed her mouth with a slight smile and swallowed. Jack nearly fainted. Oh fuck, what have I done?

When Jack had recovered he looked back at the TV to see Cynthia lying on the bed with George's face nestled in her bald cunt. He was doing a lot of side to side motion. In fact he seemed to be ignoring her clit. Cynthia loved having her clit licked.

"Just a little bit higher George. Mmmmm. Please George higher." She was getting hot but this wasn't getting her off. Jack found a little bubble of male pride well up inside as he consider himself better at oral sex than George. "C'mon, lick it, please." She was frustrated for sure.

George rose and knelt between her thighs. He pushed her legs obscenely wide in a wide "V". "Sit up and guide me in. No use your other hand. I want you to watch as my cock enters your cunt." She took his hard cock in her left hand and placed it at the entrance to her. "Say it. Tell me what you want. Louder."

"I want you to fuck me. I want you to push your cock inside me and fuck me. I want you to come inside me." George pushed forward and Jack watched George's enter Cynthia's ready cunt. They all groaned together. Theirs were for pleasure while Jack's was the realization that not only was George now fucking Cynthia but that he wasn't wearing a condom. Jack had assumed that both would be thinking about safe sex. For some strange reason Jack thought that a condom-encased cock didn't seem as adulterous as a bare one. Jack watched as they slowly and deliberately fucked one another.

The video continued with the couple fucking in various positions - doggie style, scissors, plow, reverse cowboy etc. Jack found his own arousal returning. Cynthia was now straddling George and Jack could tell she was getting close to climax. George stuck a hand between her thighs to increase her clitoral contact. She was really bucking around now. Her cries of pleasure increased in frequency and volume. She spasmed and jerked a couple of time then froze in rigid ecstasy. A loud scream filled the room, Jack quickly muted the speaker.

George flipped her onto her back and pulled her hips to the edge of the bed. Two pillows were stuffed beneath her hips and he pushed deeply inside. He immediately started to pump his hips as fast as he could. Cynthia began to writhe in apparent protest due to the over-stimulation she was experiencing. But George ignored her and relentlessly pummeled he open cunt. Then her hips began to match his in speed and motion. Cynthia' movements became jerky and uncoordinated Jack could tell by the noise she was making she was close to a tremendous orgasm. When she came her entire body spasmed and rippled with wave after wave of pleasure. Only it didn't peak, she just kept cumming and cumming as George kept fucking her. Then he was cumming also. Then Jack was cumming. Jack realized that he hadn't turned the sound back on so he hit mute again and heard the soft panting of the satisfied lovers.

"I have to go." Jack watched as Cynthia collected her clothes. "Shit."

"What is it?"

"How much stuff did you pump into me? I'm like a leaky milk bucket. I can't go home like this."

"What's the problem, it's not like he'll notice. You said he hasn't touched you in months."

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