The Taking of Sue

by Todd_4U

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Drunk/Drugged, BiSexual, Heterosexual, BDSM, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Sex Story: This is another story I wrote awhile back, again I wote this for a very sexy chat friend of mine that I trade stories with. This story involves Sue being Kidnapped, and forced to please Me, another Man, and another woman

Chapter 1

A dark, stormy night. Thunder, Lightning, and heavy rain fills the night, You are at the mall, I've been watching you for weeks, the way you wiggle that sexy ass, the way you smile, the way you flirt, the way you walk, the way you tease, Now its time for you to realize your lesson.

I waited patiently, and as you left the mall, no one else was near, So I jumped out and grabbed you as you unlocked your car door. I covered your mouth and nose with a drugged rag, and you quickly passed out. I slid your body in the car and began driving. As I drove I reached over and ran my hands all over your body, feeling you, caressing you, and it turned me on very much. I pulled into a long drive out in the country, and drove up to a big house, and pulled the car into a garage. Once the car was hidden from view, I carried you to the house. Inside the house I quickly removed all your clothes, blindfolded you, put you in a chair, tied your ankles to the chair legs, and handcuffed your hands behind you. Then I waited...

After about an hour you woke up, you begin trying to shake loose from being tied up to the chair, and finally after realizing you couldn't free yourself you stopped. You then began yelling for help, I stood up, and walked toward you, letting you hear my footsteps. You quickly said "Please help me, please take this off my eyes and untie me." I then grabbed your hair, pulled your head back, and told you in a Deep voice "You are not to talk, You will only talk when asked something. You Will refer to me as Sir or Master. You are now my property, I own you, You are mine, and you will do as your told, Do you understand?" You seemed very frightened and did not answer me, So I quickly grabbed your nipples, pulled them roughly, and said "Do you understand me sue?, you little whore, ANSWER ME!" You suddenly moaned and screamed out "Yessssss, yesssss sirrrr! yesssss masteRRRR!!!" I pulled your head softly toward mine, softly kissed your cheek and told you "good girl, just remember that sue."

I stepped back, watching you, Then I yelled out, "Naomi! get in here, Now!" You seemed surprised that someone else was in the house, and I could see your cheeks redden from blushing when you realized another woman would see you naked, tied up, and blindfolded. Naomi quickly entered the room, and said "yes Master, how may i please you Sir?" I said "naomi, this is sue, she is going to be staying with us for awhile, she is my new whore, you will be helping me and David with her, so say hello to sue." Naomi quickly said "hello sue, i'm pleased to meet you, and i'm sure you will soon enjoy being here with us."

I then ordered naomi to untie your legs from the chair, then I told you to stand up, which you did quickly and obediantly. I walked up to you, and Gave you an amazingly passionate deep kiss, my tongue searching your mouth, my hands squeezing your asscheeks as I kissed you. When I broke the kiss I led you to a large bed, I told you to lay down on it, which you did. I then had Naomi spread your legs and tie each of your ankles to the appropriate cornerpost of the footboard of the bed. I now had you flat on your back, legs spread out, ankles tied securely, and your hands still handcuffed behind your back. Having your hands tied behind your back forced your midsection to be raised upward, and your breasts jutting upward. I then told Naomi "naomi, Go get my suitcase of supplies." She said "yes Master" and quickly went to get it.

When naomi returned, she sat the suitcase on the bed in front of me, and then I had her kneel beside me. I opened the suitcase and removed a candle, a crop, a flogger, a long soft feather, a ping pong paddle, and a vibrator. I then took the suitcase off the bed. I then took the flogger and dragged it up and down your sexy body, letting you feel it, then I did the same with the crop, then each of the other toys were dragged up and down your body. I whispered to naomi to go and get me a bowl of ice cubes, and a second bowl of crushed ice, which she quickly did, and returned with both bowls of ice. I then told naomi to turn on the video cameras, which she quickly did. I then told you "sue, my little whore, your night is about to begin, I hope you are ready."

First, I lit the candle, then as the candle began burning I sat it down, and picked up the crop. I ran it over your inner thighs, then I snapped it down on your left inner thigh twice real quickly SLAP! SLAP! You jumped and moaned as the crop made contact with yur thighs. I watched you squirm for a bit then I quickly slapped your right inner thigh with the crop two times as well, SLAP! SLAP! You once again moaned out, and jumped, then you said "pleaseeeeeee, oh god pleaseee don't do this to me." I turned to naomi, and I said to her, "naomi, Did I say this whore could speak? did she not know the rules, and Did she call me Sir, or Master?" naomi quickly said "no Sir, you did not say she could speak, and Sir you did tell her the rules, and she did not call you Sir or Master Sir." I smiled at naomi, and told her "naomi, my sweet slut, get a ball gag from my suitcase and put it on this whore." Naomi said "yes Sir." She then got the ball gag and quickly put it on you. I then told you "sue, If you continue to break my rules I will start punishing you more severely, please remember that whore."

I then took the candle, held it above your breasts and slowly begin dripping the hot wax on your breasts. You jumped and squirmed wildly, I could hear you moaning into the ball gag. I then stopped dripping the wax on you and grabbed a handfull of crushed ice and threw it on your breasts, making you jump again with surprise. The ice quickly cooled your breasts as I watched it melting on your breasts. I then took the candle, held it over your tummy, and dripped more hot wax on your tummy, making you squirm and jump once again, But just like before I quickly thew more crushed ice on you, cooling the wax down. Just as I was about to drop more hot wax, David walked into the room.

David's eyes widened as he entered the room, and he said "oh my, a new slut to play with, where did you find this sexy bitch at?" I smiled, and told him "I've had my eye on her for a long time, finally decided she would be mine, and I took her." I quickly dripped more hot wax on your nipples as I finished speaking, and I could see it excited David to see you squirm wildly as you moaned into the ball gag. I then took a large icecube, handed it to naomi, and told her to do your nipples. She quickly did as she was told and began icing down your nipples, first the left one then the right, and kept alternating between them til the ice cube had melted. Your nipples were very very hard, and looked very excited. I motioned for naomi to move, then I leaned down and began sucking and nibbling your nipple, and a few seconds later David started doing the same to the other one. As we sucked, bit, nibbled, and teased your nipples we began moving our fingers down onto your wet, slick pussy. As David toyed with your clit, I began finger fucking you fast and hard, and very deeply. I began adding more fingers in you, stretching your pussy wider, annd then I said "naomi! get up there and suck her nipples! NOW!" She quickly jumped up on the bed and began sucking, nibbling, twisting, and pinching your nipples. You were squirming like a bitch in heat, moaning as loudly as the ball gag allowed, and I knew you'd be cumming shortly. David leaned down and began licking your clit, and I added my fourth finger inside you and that took you over the edge, as your body began quivering, and shaking, your head tossed back, your toes and fingers clenched tightly, your stretched pussy convulsing on my fingers as you came so hard and deep you passed out.

Chapter 2

When you awoke, you were still in a bed, your blindfold still on, your hands were secured to a belt around your waist that had a strap on each side to hold your hands and wrists securely. Your legs were spread out widely, and your ankles tied securely to each footpost. Your ball gag was removed from your mouth. You heard naomi's voice say "welcome back, you slept quite awhile, I will go get our Masters now that you've waken." You tried to stop her, but she left quickly. Shortly later we entered the room. David spoke to you first as he told you "sue, we are going to remove the blindfold, but if you try to escape you will be severely punished. It is important that you know that, also we are miles from the nearest person, and with the cold weather you wouldn't last long out there naked. So, tell me, do you understand this?" You thought for a moment, then quickly said "yes, yes Sir I understand Sir" David replied "very good bitch, now naomi will remove your blindfold." You felt the blindfold being removed, and when she pulled it off your head your eyes became adjusted to the lights, then you saw naomi, a very beautiful sexy woman with long dark hair looking down at you, then as she moved you saw us, David and myself standing at the foot of the bed, We were wearing Dark black robes, with leather masks over our heads and faces. You had a scared look on your face as I walked around and sat on bed beside you, and I said "sue, remember, you are to do exactly as we say, and immediately, without any hesitation, as long as you do that, you will not be punished, do you undersand that whore?" You quickly said "yes Master, yes I understand."

I looked at David after you answered, and said "Well lets just see how she does, shall we?" He just smiled and went to the other side of the bed. He leaned down and kissed you hard, as he did that I leaned overand began licking your belly button, tonguing it, then working my way down to your clit, which I began licking and teasing with my tongue. I could feel your body react, and I knew his was turning you on, as I added a finger deepy inside your wet pussy and began fingering you deeply. I instructed naomi to get up on the bed between your wide stretched legs, once she was there, I had her begin eating your wet pussy. I then got off the bed, and David did too, We eached walked up to the edge of the bed where your head was, dropped our robes, and let you see our big, hard thick cocks jutting out at you. David grabbed you by the hair, pulled your head toward his had cock, and forced you to begin sucking his throbbing cock. You sucked him deep and fast, but apparently not fast enough, as he suddenly grabbed your hair with both his hands and began fucking your face unmercifully fast and hard. You were drooling all over his cock, your saliva running down your chin as he fucked your little mouth degradingly hard and fast. Finally he released your head, and as soon as he let go, I grabbed your hair, Shoved my thick hard cock all the way down your throat and held it there til you began to choke and gag, then I pulled your head back, let you catch your breath, then immediately shoved my cock back down your throat and held it there again, over and over we took turns fucking your sexy little mouth, finally I told David, "It's time we fucked this little whore."

David pulled Naomi from between your legs, then he quickly got between your spread thighs and quickly and harshly forced his cock in you. You screamed out as he slammed it deeply in you. David looked down at you and said "You fucking little slut, you love the way we fuck you, don't you, you little bitch?" You moaned as he fucked you harder and harder, fucking you like a cheap whore, pounding your pussy relentlessly, driving into you like a wild, powerful jackhammer. When you never answered him, he reached down and grabbed your hair, and screamed at you " ANSWER ME BITCH! YOU LOVE THE WAY WE FUCK YOU, DON'T YOU YOU LITTLE WHORE??" You groaned out and answered "Argghhhhh Yeessssssssss, ohhhHHHHH GODDdddd YESSSSSSSs Sirrrrrrrrrrrrr." David smiled as you answered him, And began fucking you faster, faster, and fasterrrrrr! He was fucking you like a mad maniac, driving into you fiercely and then he suddenly pulled out, grabbed his cock, moved up and straddled your tits, and screamed out "ARGHHHHHH I'M CUMMING BITCHHHHHHH!!!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" He shot his cum all over your pretty face, over and over he shot squirt after squirt of his thick hot cum on your face. After he quit cumming he slapped your cum covered face with his cock, then forced his cock in your mouth and made you suck him clean. I told him as he forced you to clean his cock and balls, "Okay, Now it's my turn, And I want her ass!"

Chapter 3

I untied your ankles from the binds and when David got off you, I quickly and forceablly turned you over on your hands and knees. Your face was on the bed, your ass up high as I got behind you, I began running my cock up between your asscheeks, and suddenly I brought both my open hands down quicky on your asscheeks with a loud SLAP! You jumped and squirmed, feeling your asscheeks sting. I moaned "oh yah sue, You have a very sexy ass." Quickly I brought my open hands down on your asscheeks again, making you cry out and jump again. I did this several times til I could clearly see the red imprints of my hands on your sweet, soft, sexy asscheeks.

David handed me a tube of lube, and I quickly and roughy lubed your asshole up for my thick, big, hard cock. I then slapped your ass with my open hands once more, making you jump and moan loudly. I took the head of my cock and placed it at your asshole, and quickly bgan pushing it in. You cried out, and I grabbed your hips and told you "My cock is going in your ass bitch! now take it!" You moaned loudly as my cockhead popped inside you, making you cry out as your eyes widened in pain. I pushed harder, forcing my cock deeper. I told you "sue, your ass belongs to me now, and it will belong to me forever!" I pushed more of my big, thick cock up your ass, making you howl out "OHHHHHHHHHHH GODDDDDdddddd" I held my cock still for a moment then gave it a push forward as I pulled your hips back on me, driving it deeper up your ass til I was buried to the hilt in you.

As I held my cock deep in your ass I called naomi over, and I made her lay her head on your ass. I suddenly pulled my cock out of your ass, and quickly into Naomi's mouth making her get it wetter, Then I rammed it back up your ass making you moan out "arghhHHHHHHHHHH." I continued taking my cock from your ass, then into Naomi's mouth, and then back in your ass, Using her wet warm saliva to lube you up even better.

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