The Taming of Secret

by Todd_4U

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, BDSM, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A story I wrote few years ago when me and a chat friend traded sexy stories back & forth. This is one of the fantasy stories I wrote for her. We found trading stories like this to be very fun, and exciting.

I saw you sleeping in our bed, You looked so sexy laying there with the sheet barely covering half your body. I watched you silently, watching you breathing softly, and a slight smile on your face. I wondered if you were dreaming about our lovemaking from last night, I'm sure you were.

I decided I wanted you right then and now, and I was going to take you! No tender kissing and playing, this time I wanted you hard, fast, demandingly! I stroked my cock as I watched you, getting it hard. I then grabbed some of your scarves from your dresser. I then walked to the bed, I slowly crawled in my side of the bed, and pulled the sheet off of you. Your body looked lovely as the moonlight shined through the window on your sexy body.

I slightly rolled you on your stomach without waking you. I then slowly straddled you, my cock laying across the top of your ass. I quickly covered your mouth with my hand, and as you woke, I whispered roughly into your ear, "Don't move, don't scream, Do you understand?" I could feel you trembling and then you shook your head yes. I said "Good, Now you will do everything I say, and you will do it without any hesitation, or else, do you understand?" Again you shook your head yes. I then took my hand off of your mouth. You never said a word as I took the scarf and used it to blindfold you.

After I had you blindfolded, I told you, "Sue, You've been a naughty girl lately, You've been wearing those sexy clothes, getting men all hot and hard, teasing them, teasing me, and you need to be fucked, fucked hard, fucked good, and you need to be put in your place, Tonight I own you, I own your body, your ass, your pussy, your mouth, all of you, You are mine, I'm your Master tonight, You are my slave, and I will have you anyway I want, Do I make myself clear?"

You shook your head yes, and I quicky snapped back at you "ANSWER ME WHEN I ASK YOU SOMETHING!!" You quickly said "Yes, Yes" I said "YES WHAT?" and You Replied "Yes Master, Yes I belong to you." I said "Very Good, and don't you forget that you hot little bitch." I then told you "Sit up, Sit on the edge of the bed with your legs spread, do it, NOW!" You quickly did as I told you. I watched intensely, then I moved toward you, my hard cock sticking up and out toward you as I approached you. I told you "Arch your back, stick your tits out, NOW!" You did, and I began to lightly pinch your nipples, pulling them out, stretching them, twisting them, squeezing them, feeling them get erect and hard in between my fingers. I asked You, "Do you like that, does it feel good?" You answered me by saying "ohhhhh yesss." I suddenly squeezed your nipples very hard, and said "YES WHAT?" You jumped and replied "OHHHH Yes Master, Yes Master!" I let go of your nipples, and said "Good, don't forget who owns you, you hot little bitch." I then said "Open your mouth, Open it wide, and stick out your tongue." You did as I said, and I took my cock and placed the head on your tongue, and you started to suck it.I quickly grabbed your hair and pulled your head off my cock, and told you, "DID I SAY FOR YOU TO SUCK?" You answered me by saying, "No, no Master you never." I told you, "You'll know when I want you to suck, Now Open your mouth and stick out your tongue." You quickly did as I said. I began rubbing the head of my cock on your wet tongue, left and right, up and down, moving it all over your tongue. I then began to rub my cock on your face, all over your cheeks, your chin, your nose, and over your scarf covered eyes. Suddenly I rammed my cock in your mouth, and began to fuck your mouth as I held your head in place with my strong hands. I could feel you moaning around my cock as I fucked your beautiful face wildly. I was pumping with a vengeance, making you take me deep in your throat til I felt you were about to gag, then I pulled it back, Over and Over I did this, watching you drool on my cock. I looked down and noticed you were rubbing your pussy, So I quickly pulled my cock out of your mouth, grabbed your hair, pulled your head back, and said "DID I TELL YOU TO TOUCH YOURSELF?" You quickly pulled your hand away from your pussy and said, "no Master, No you never, I'm sorry Master, please forgive me Master." I told you "STAND UP, DO IT NOW!" You quickly stood up. I then said "Turn around bend over, and show me that ass." You quickly did as I told you.

I knelt behind you, your ass, that beautiful, sexy, hot ass right at eye level, and I began to squeeze it, and caress it as you squirmed to my touch. I suddenly brought my open hands down on your asscheeks with a loud slap, and you jumped and moaned. I did this several more times, your ass was turning a bright, sexy red color. Each time I brought my hands down on your sweet asscheeks your head tossed back, and a loud moan arose from your mouth. I began telling you, "I'm gonna fuck this ass soon, very soon, it belongs to me now, and I'm going to fuck it deep and hard." I kept spanking your asscheeks as I talked to you, and you moaned wildly. I stopped spanking you, and slowly began to lick, and kiss, and nibble your sweet asscheeks. I then asked you, "Who does this ass belong to?" You replied "You Master, my ass belongs to you." I noticed how wet you were as I was kissing your ass, and I told you to reach back and spread your ass for me, which you did very quickly, and I began to tongue your sweet ass, pushing my tongue in your ass and all around it, then after several minutes of that I suddenly pushed two fingers into your tight, wet pussy. You moaned as I began finger fucking you roughly. I pulled out my fingers, and tasted your sweet, wet, and delicious juices on my fingers. I did this several times, loving your sweet taste. I then stood up, and taking my long, hard, thick cock I ran it up and down the crack of your ass several times, before finally slamming it in your wet, tight pussy.

You moaned out wildly as I sunk my cock deeply in you, and held it there. As I held my cock deep inside you I noticed our reflection in the mirror. I could see me behind you, your hands were still on your ass, and your head was laying on a pile of pillows on the bed, your knees were bent slightly, and I could see your legs quivering and shaking with excitement. I then pulled back until only the head of my cock was in you, then with a loud growl, I slammed it back inside you deeply. You felt so tight on me, so wet, so hot, so desireable. I began fucking you with deep, strong, fast, and powerful strokes, as you moaned loudly, and wildly. I then reached forward and grabbed your hair pulling your head up, and back as I continued fucking you hard and fast. I was close to cumming so I quickly pulled out of you.

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