Dinner with Roxy

by Todd_4U

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, MaleDom, Spanking, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A short story I wrote for an online chat friend I've known for awhile, who is a very sexy, beautiful, exciting woman

I rang your doorbell to take you to dinner, and when you answered the door I was awestruck by your beauty. The slinky black dress you wore instantly excited me, the stockings made you look so sexy, and your perfume intoxicated me. I told you that you looked so beautiful and sexy, and took your hand and led you to the limo I had gotten to drive us to dinner. I opened the door and you got into the car, allowing me a sexy view of your long lovely legs, then I followed you into the car. As we drove down the street, I placed my hand on your thigh as you snuggled close to me, then I leaned over and kissed your lips softly. I could feel your tongue playing with mine as we kissed, and it excited me very much. I quickly began caressing your body, I could feel your nipples getting excited and hard through the silky dress. I pulled you closer, wanting to be so close to you, but you stopped me, saying, "no, no, we'll be at the restraunt soon." I released you as I realized you were right, then I watched you fix your lipstick as the driver pulled up to the restraunt.

After we entered the restraunt, we were quickly led to our private table which I had reserved for us, and as we walked to the table I could see everyone checking out your beautiful and sexy body as we made our way to the table. The waiter gave us our menus and quickly left us alone. The moment he left my hand was back on your thigh making you blush slightly as your eyes traveled around the restraunt to see if anyone was watching us.

I told you as I looked over the menu, "baby, nothing in this menu looks even half as good to eat as you." You smiled at me and said, "oh really, am I really that delicious?" and then seeing you licking your lips immediately after you said it gave me an instant hard on. The waiter returned with our wine, and quickly took our order, and left once again, so I leaned over and whispered in your ear, "baby, I'd love to lay you on this table, eat your sweet pussy, and fuck you sooooo wildly while everyone watched." You quickly blushed and said "hun, I'm going to go powder my nose, I'll be right back."

I watched you get up and walk toward the ladies room, your ass sexily swaying as you walked so elegantly across the room.I could see the other men checking you out once again, and it made me feel very proud to be with you as I saw the envious desire in their eyes as they watched you. After a few minutes you returned, sexily smiling at me as you approached our table. After you took your seat you whispered to me, "Hun, give me your hand." I looked into your sexy eyes as I wondered what you were up to, then I gave you my hand. You opened my hand up, and place your panties in them that you had removed when you were in the ladies room. I quickly closed my hand on your panties, feeling the silkines, the warmth, and I smiled at you, letting you know what a pleasant surprise you had given me.

I raised your panties to my face, inhaling your sexy scent. Then I placed your panties in my jacket pocket, and placed my hand on your thigh. I quickly worked my hand up your thigh, searching, seeking, and feeling your soft sexy skin. As my fingers made contact with your sweet slit, I saw your excited expression, and heard your slight moan. I stroked your slit several times, feeling you getting wet, then just as I slid my finger in your sweet pussy I saw the waiter coming toward us with our meal, so I removed my hand.

The waiter served our food and quickly left, as we began eating. I couldn't take my eyes off you, and your lusty smile told me you felt the same way as you looked back at me. I ate as fast as I can ever remember, and yet you ate slowly, and deliberately, as if you were attempting to tease me. Finally after we finished I asked for the check, and we left. As we drove back to your house, you asked me in a very sexy tone, "Todd, do you still have my panties?" I smiled at you, and said "No baby, I left them for the waiter as a tip." Your eyes widened, and then as you saw me laughing you knew I still had them. You leaned over and kissed me, and ran your hand up my thigh, and gently squeezed my cock. I moaned a bit, then told you, "baby, Tonight you belong to me, your sexy little ass is mine, and I'm going to enjoy it so much, and baby, so will you." You proceeded to straddle my lap, and began kissing me as deeply and passionately as possible. Your hands were roaming on my chest, then onto my shoulders as you kissed me so wildly. I began squeezing your sexy ass, feeling your soft warm skin in my hands turned me on very much, and as the driver pulled up to your house we both knew this was gonna be an exciting night.

The minute we entered your house I grabbed you, pulled you to me, kissed you like I was going to die if I didn't, and then as I was kissing you I scooped your legs up in my arms and carried you to the bedroom. I gently laid you down on the bed, then I stood before you, and I began undressing. It was so incredibly sexy watching you watch me undress. Your eyes provocatively watching me strip my jacket off, then my shirt, then my shoes, socks, and pants, and finally my boxers. Your eyes seemed to sparkle and glow as you saw my hard, thick, 8 inch cock standing hard and attentive for you. I leaned over and pulled you up so you were sitting on the edge of the bed. I placed my hand on your head and pulled your head to my cock while I took my other hand, placed it on my cock, and softly rubbed my cock on your pretty face. You moaned softly as my cock moved over your cheeks, your lips, and finally I slid my cock into your parted lips.

You began licking and sucking me slowly as though you wanted this to last forever. I could feel your tongue licking and searching, and it pleased me so very much. I began moving my hips, slowly pumping my cock into your mouth while I looked down into your beautiful face and saw your eyes looking back up into my eyes. It was so sexy seeing your eyes never leaving mine as I pumped my cock back and forth in your hot, wet, sucking mouth.

I could feel your moans vibrating on my cock, and it turned me on so much I began pumping deeper into your mouth. Suddenly I slid my cock into your throat as your eyes widened with nervous hesitance and a little fright. I began to hold your hair in my hands, grasping your pretty hair as if it were a lifeline in my fists, and then I slid my cock all the way down your throat and held it there. Finally when your eyes began to water, and you were just about ready to gag and choke I pulled my cock back letting you breathe for a few moments before doing it again over and over.

Finally I pulled my glistening, drool coated cock from your sweet mouth. I gently pulled your slinky, silky dress off over your head, then I layed you back on the bed, I parted and spread your thighs as I began kissing and sucking each of your toes, then your feet, then your calves up to your thighs, then all around your sweet sexy, wet slit. I couldn't wait any longer I had to taste you, so I slowly ran my tongue all the way up, and back down your left lip several times, then slowly all the way up, and slowly all the way back down your right outer lip several times. Your sweet pussy looked so sexy and exotic as it glistened with wetness. I loved your taste, you tasted beyond delicious, and I began to slide my tongue inside you, seeking and tasting every inch of your inner beauty. My tongue wiggled and squirmed inside you, making you moan and thrash about on the bed as I started to tongue fuck your sweet pussy deeply.

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