Better Than Before

by juanwildone

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Anal Sex, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Watching a couple of teenagers in action gets the sparks flying in a sinking marriage.

Charlie thundered down the stairs and headed straight for the kitchen.

A chorus of "hi Charlie's'" was quickly acknowledged.

"Anyone seen Mike?"

"No, I haven't seen him. Why don't you join us, c'mon, sit down."

The 'us' was what Charlie referred to as the coven, a mixture of female relatives and neighbors that had long hounded Charlie about her tom-boy ways. Every year during the Superbowl they sat in here talking while the men, and Charlie, watched the game.

It was Charlie's sister Jen who discouraged Charlie from sitting. "I don't think Charlie would want to sit with a bunch of girls. Besides we were just about to talk about sex and I for one wouldn't want the responsibility of scarring Charlie for life."

Kim, Charlie's sister-in-law, came to Charlie's defense. "Don't listen to her Charlie. C'mon and sit down. Patty was about to spill the goods." Kim smirked as she looked toward Charlie's Aunt Pat.

"I was just about to give my annual state of the marriage report Charlene (Pat was one of the few people who refused to call her Charlie.) Actually, I think you'll find the story particularly interesting." Aunt Patty was married to Charlie's mothers' brother, aka Uncle George. Their marriage had been rocky for years and a while back they had seemed to be a ready to call the lawyers and divorce. However, all evidence now pointed to a strong marriage and a very affectionate couple.

Charlie pulled a chair around and straddled it leaning over the back. Jen just shook her head. "Charming as always." Charlie glared at her.

Donna chuckled, "Doesn't this ever stop? You two really are amazing."

"Charlene has always been a tomboy.' Patty replied. "But there's no mistaking that she is filling out into a gorgeous young woman." Charlie blushed, but the truth was plain for all to see. Charlie was definitely filling out, the formerly 'skinny tall' girl was becoming a statuesque beauty.

"Woman! HA! She's never even had a boyfriend. The closest she's ever gotten to a guy is Mikey, from next door. They've been a couple since we moved in, oh yeah, a couple of idiots. All they ever do is fight, argue, play sports, fight, argue, watch sports, fight, argue talk sports."

"Jennifer please, I think we get the picture. Go on Pat."

"Okay. Well as you all know last year George and I were about to call it quits. The marriage wasn't just dead in the water, it was going down for the third time. We hadn't had sex in quite a while, hell, by then we were hardly talking to each other. I didn't think we'd make it to Christmas. Anyway..."

"The menfolk had settled in to watch football; most of the women had gone off to shop except for Charlene and myself. I just didn't feel like being grilled about George and I. The men were watching the game and Charlene and I were keeping them fed. Right before kick-off, a young man joined us. Charlene seemed very happy to see him and I was introduced to Michael. I believe he had been gone for the previous two weeks on a ski trip and was just now returning. A very handsome young man I might add.

"We're watching the game and I notice that Charlene is trying to talk to Michael about something but he's busy with the game, pretty much ignoring her. So she gets up to see if anyone wants refreshments. I noticed that she's standing in such a way that her butt is sticking right in Michael's face. And I see Michael looking while trying not to look like he's looking. She gets some drinks and serves everyone except Michael. Then I noticed that the top two buttons of her blouse were undone, I couldn't see anything from my angle, but I'm sure that Michael was getting an eyeful as she leaned over in front of him."

Charlie looked at her aunt in horror. "Aunt Pat, you shouldn't be talking about this. I'm not going to sit here and listen to this." Charlie began to stand up.

"Sit down 'Charlie.' Believe me, we've all been there. We've all had our turn in the hot seat, this is yours."

"Why me? What did I do?"

"You know exactly what you did," Pat looked her right in the eyes.

Charlie blushed deeply. "Oh my God. Aunt Pat, please."

" Now, as I was saying..."

"Charlie's clearing teasing Michael, then she stops and sits down to watch the game. She's arranged her blouse so we see nothing unusual but poor Michael, evidently he's seeing plenty. Then she goes to get some snacks and brings them out on a tray, I notice that her skirt seems different. I realize she's rolled it up in back so that it's at mid thigh when she's standing. When she bends over to serve no big deal we can't see anything, except poor Michael. She keeps positioning herself and bending over in such a way the he must be just about looking right at her ass."

"Aunt Patty."

"Wow. My sister - the cockteaser." The collective gasps around the table indicated Jennifer had overstepped the boundary. "Oh, did I say cockteaser, I meant flirt."

"Shut up Jen," Charlie spat out.

"Girls, stop it - both of you!"

"Alright. Charlie is serving George and she's wiggling her butt right in Michael's face. I mean her butt couldn't have been much more than a foot away from him. I thought it was quite a show, but it turns out that the real show hadn't really started yet. She puts the tray down and sits on the arm of Michael's chair with her back to the rest of us. They're sitting like that for awhile, and I'm just about to lose interest when I she Charlie bolt upright. Now when she sat on the arm of the chair she had put an arm up behind Michael's head for balance. I turned a little to see better and realized that her arms were basically immobilized. I could barely see Michael but I didn't have to imagine much to know where his hand was."

Kim looked at Charlie. "Charlie, don't tell me you were letting Michael feel you up while watching football?" The smile on Kim's face indicated that she though this was damn sexy. "I wish I could get that kind of action from your brother during a game. I think I'd have to strip naked, and even then I'm not so sure."

"He wasn't feeling me up. He... he wasn't touching anything."

Pat smiled. "As I was saying... a big play happens and as Michael leans forward Charlie gets free and runs to the kitchen. Michael gets up after the replays are finished and says he'll give her a hand. So he follows her into the kitchen. Couple of minutes later I hear a 'Michael!' and a couple of seconds later Michael is through the doors and sitting back down, he seems to be stuffing something in his pocket. A couple of minutes go by and Charlie pokes her head out of the kitchen and asks Michael to come in and help her. He declines and they go back and forth, neither budging. Finally he says to her come out here for the next series of downs then he'll go back in and help you out. She comes out and I notice that the skirt is not rolled up anymore. Now it's about as low as it can go and when Charlie sits I see that she has her knees clamped tightly together.

And I realize that Michael must have removed her panties while in the kitchen. Then Charlie is practically sitting in Michael's lap. I can just see that she is slowly squirming her hips around and seems to be rubbing him. Now it's Michael trying to get her to stop. I assume her intention is to leave poor Michael in a hard situation."

"She stands up suddenly, whispers something in Michael's ear and walks into the kitchen."

"Oh God. I must be having a nightmare. Please don't." Charlie looked from woman to woman for help - none was offered.

"Michael is quiet for a moment then slowly stands turning away from everyone. I could see that he was trying to adjust his trousers. Then he also went into the kitchen. And it was very quiet in there. I stood up and moved over to the door and slowly pushed it open.

"Please Aunt Pat - please."

"Charlie was right where you're sitting Jen. Only she wasn't sitting she was kneeling on the bench. Her skirt was flipped up and Michael was behind her with his shorts around his ankles - pumping away for all he was worth. One arm was resting on the tabletop the other on the other was out of sight. I knew I should have turned away, but I couldn't. "

Jen's mouth fell open in utter speechlessness.

Pat lifted her gaze and paused for a moment. "You want to know what's funny. Until that moment I had never seen two people have sex in real life. Even in college I had heard people having sex but never seen it. I was transfixed to that spot - I couldn't move." She looked over at Charlie who looked at her in complete and utter shock. Pat took a deep breath and continued.

"I could tell by her movements that Charlie must be getting close. Then she arched up and shivered violently. Michael started to pant and jerk his hips. I must say Charlie that boy certainly has a fine ass. Then he came - I saw his butt clench 4 or 5 times - and he started to slow his thrusting. He was lightly rubbing Charlie's hips and thighs then he pulled back. Because I was behind him I couldn't really see his cock. But I could see Charlie. I know what a freshly fucked pussy feels like, but seeing one was incredible. Even from across the kitchen I could see her thighs glistening with her juices and a slight trickle of semen from her. It was still stretched open. Michael pulled her upright to hold her in his arms and kiss her neck it was very sweet. He whispered something in her ear, she nodded and they walked out the back door.

I walked across the kitchen to where they had been. I could smell their passion. There were a number of cum splatters on the floor and cushion I wiped them up. My body was on fire. I was as horny as I'd ever been. I wanted sex - I needed to be fucked. I returned to the other room and went right to George and told him that I needed to see him upstairs in the bedroom right away. He followed me up. Once inside I closed that door and locked it. I was shaking.

George noticed and asked if I was OK or if I was sick. I told him I was not OK and yes I was sick. I was sick of our situation. I could tell he was upset. You know what's funny? I can remember every detail of the moment...

"Pat. How many times can I say I'm sorry. I was a fool. It was a terrible mistake. But I can't go back and change it. I fucked up. What do you want?"

"George. George I need sex. Now."

"What!? You haven't hardly let me see you naked let alone touch you and all of a sudden you want me to make love to you? What's going on, is this some kind of trick?"

"George I don't want to have another argument I just want sex. I don't want you to make love to me. I want sex. I need sex. Goddamn it George I want to be fucked." Pat slipped out of her skirt and began to unbutton her blouse.

"I've never heard you talk like this. This is crazy." George stared at his now naked wife.'

"Damn you George. I am not going to beg you to do this. If you won't do it - I'll go door to door until I find a man who will." Pat stood defiantly with her hands on her hips, eyes blazing with anger and lust.

"Like hell you will." George shed his clothes in seconds. As he pushed Pat onto the bed, his cock was already hard. Pat looked at it and reached up wrapping her hand around it, she bit her lower lip. "Alright - I'll fuck you?" George pushed his hand between her thighs and slid a finger into her pussy. A gasp escaped her mouth and she swallowed. George pulled her knees apart and settled in between her legs. His cock found her heat and her thrust forward into her. She was wet and tight. She struggled for a moment and George pushed deeper bottoming out with a loud grunt. George pined her arms to the bed and began to pump slowly and deeply.

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