by Lee Hauser

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, Group Sex, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: A guy, his girlfriend, and his sister have a wild, wicked weekend.

Author's Note

"Trio" is based on several stories that have been bumping around in my head for several years. The characters and situations are key parts of a much larger world. I need to get the events of "Trio" realized and into words before I can get on with the rest of the story.

"Trio" contains lesbianism, sibling incest and group sex. If any of these subjects offend you, please don't continue. If you enjoy the story, or have comments or criticisms, please send mail. Look for two more stories in Trio's world, tentatively entitled "Revelation" (occurring prior to "Trio") and "The Lair" (occurring after "Trio") in the near future.

"Trio" is copyright (c) 1994 by L.S. Hauser. All rights are retained by the author. The right to redistribute "Trio" electronically and to print-out for individual use is hereby granted.

Part 1 - Fireworks

I was jealous when my twin brother Jon told me he had a girlfriend. Jon was mine, and I didn't want to share him. I couldn't tell him that, of course. I was the fast girl during high school, and even in college, when my tastes went far beyond what I could get in back seat, I never even tried to make love to Jon. We were best friends, and sometimes he was the only guy in the world I could stand the sight of, but I never told him how I truly felt.

But this woman, who he found in our sophomore year in junior college, was a threat all the sudden. Jon was a propeller-head and had as much social life as the computers he worked on. Our mother and I kept him decently dressed and made sure he had a date now and then, but when he latched on to this Daphne person, it was a surprise.

I have to admit she did him good. She was a fellow computer person, he told us. One day, he asked me to come along when he picked her up from work.

We waited for her in the mall. I didn't even know what she looked like, and I was surprised at the woman who waved and smiled as she came out the door.

"This is Daphne," he said to me. "And this is my sister, Robin." My respect for Jon went into orbit. She was drop-dead beautiful. Like me, she was of medium height, with thick, dark hair pulled back and tied with a crimson ribbon. She had a pale, round face and wore a black jacket, very short black skirt, black stockings, and flats. She wore oversized round glasses over large, violet eyes. I felt almost plain next to her.

She squeezed my hand firmly, then let go of it and kissed Jon very thoroughly.

The initial impression was good for both of us. The fact that we liked each other immediately didn't lessen my jealousy, but made it easier. We became close quickly. We double-dated (I didn't have a regular boy-friend, but I had a small stable of men who were more than willing to be seen with me). I spent time with both of them. We made a very comfortable threesome. She became my best friend.

Mom told me she was sure they were sleeping together. I knew they were, but I wasn't telling. I didn't talk to them about it either, because I was afraid I'd betray myself.

Every summer Mom arranged to borrow a friend's lakeside home over the Independence Day weekend. Jon and I were going, of course, and Daphne was invited too.

Mom, Jon and I arrived together Thursday night, and Daphne was beating on the front door by eight the next morning. When the day got warm, we ditched shorts for bathing suits. Jon had his classic trunks, I wore a high-collared, skin tight yellow one piece, and Daphne wore a thong bikini that was positively indecent. She looked very good, and I wondered again how Jon had managed to land her. It made me want to get her into bed, and I felt a different kind of jealousy.

"I think you must be the two sexiest women in the world," Jon said as he lay between us beside the lake.

"You can't count," I said. "There's one here, and she's on the other side of you." I'm far from beautiful, but I've got a killer body and I make the most of it.

"I accept the compliment," Daphne said, "and I don't think Robin has anything to complain about."

"Besides," I said, "I'm your sister, you're not supposed to notice me."

"Sorry," he said, slapping my butt, "can't help it." So maybe he did notice me. We'd shared a bathroom for years, he should have noticed something by now. I had. He could pat my rear anytime. He turned his head away and I heard the sound of his hand on Daphne's bottom. She laughed, and I looked over. His hand lingered on her bare bottom, and for a moment I envied her. But I kept watching his hand until he drew it back.

We had a barbecue in the late afternoon and debated whether or not we'd all go watch fireworks at the park on the far side of the lake. Mom decided she wanted to go, but we decided to stay. I had an idea why Jon and Daphne wanted mom to go away for awhile, but they seemed willing to let me stay. Mom seemed happy that I was staying too, probably thinking it would keep them from any sexual shenanigans. I knew better, but I wasn't telling her.

We cleaned up and sat in the shade of the porch. Mom and I read and Jon and Daphne played backgammon. About seven o'clock Mom decided to leave to find a good seat. As soon as the car disappeared up the driveway Jon and Daphne were on their feet.

"We'll be back," Jon said to me.

"Ooooh, can I watch?" I asked playfully. Jon, of course, knew my predilections, and ignored me.

"Not this time!" Daphne replied with a laugh as they disappeared into the house.

Refilling my glass from the pitcher of iced tea, I thought about her answer, wondering if she meant it. I returned to my book, but I couldn't concentrate because I caught myself listening to them. I could imagine Jon's hands on her breasts, his lips and tongue on her round, brown nipples, his fingers opening the delicate flower between her legs, finding the sensitive nub of her clitoris beneath its hood with his tongue. My fantasy was punctuated by a particularly loud moan from Daphne, and I imagined her mouth open, her tongue licking its way up Jon's erect cock, exploring the cleft at the base of his glans, then the hole at its tip, sucking it into her mouth, her head bobbing up and down as she took him deeper and deeper, his hands in her hair and on her breasts...

Unconsciously I'd been rubbing my vulva through the thin material of my swimsuit, and my orgasm was almost a surprise. I relaxed afterward, slurped iced tea, wondering how I could have either one of them. I enjoyed women as well as men, and I simply couldn't find a preference for either. Right now I felt a strong preference for both my brother and his lover.

Daphne stepped out onto the porch, in her bikini, her color high. Without saying anything, she found her glass and poured herself some tea. I smiled at her and returned to my book.

Fireworks were scheduled for 10:30, and it was pretty dark an hour earlier. We played frisbee on the lawn for awhile until it got dark, then sat on the grass by the lake, still in our swimsuits. It was pleasantly warm.

"Want to take a swim?" I asked.

"Skinny dip!" Jon said.

This caught me by surprise, but it was dark, after all, and there were no other houses too close.

"I will if Daphne will," I said.

"Well, I've got nothing to hide," she said.

"I know," I said, "you haven't been hiding it all day!" She laughed. Jon already had his trunks off. I stripped off my suit as Daphne untied her halter and slipped off her thong. Her breasts were smaller than mine, and her hips wider. I'd always wanted a figure more like hers than mine, with breasts too big and butt too skinny. I watched her ass bounce into the lake with a splash. "C'mon, Robin," Jon said, grabbing my hand and pulling me toward the water. He kept a tight grip on me until we hit the water and ran full into Daphne. We all went down in a pleasant tangle of arms and legs.

We shed our inhibitions along with our bathing suits. Splashing turned into tickling in the shallows, and it didn't seem to matter who was tickling who. Tickling turned into wrestling. I took Jon down once, and we were grabbing just anywhere to get the job done. Daphne pulled me off of him and took me down with obvious glee.

After I elbowed her off my back she decided that Jon was friendlier, and after a very quick, very touchy-feely conference, they ganged up on me. For about two seconds I was underwater with something heavy and soft on me. I barely had time to struggle against imminent drowning when they hauled me up and, amid much laughter, deposited me with a thud on the grass.

I lay on my back, spread-eagled, unable to control my own laughter, and they collapsed nearby, laughing at least as hard as me. Eventually I was reduced to just trying to catch my breath, until I noticed that the heavy breathing nearby had a different note to it. I rolled onto my side. Jon and Daphne were practicing their french kissing. They were side by side and Jon was in an obvious state of excitement.

I probably should have snuck off, but the preceding half hour of water sports had removed all traces of sanity. I crept a few feet closer to them and just watched. When their kiss ended they looked straight at me.

"Can I watch?" I asked, my voice just above a whisper.

"God, yes," Daphne said. Jon dipped his head to take her left nipple in his mouth, which I took for assent. I settled back on my knees as she moaned with pleasure as he sucked, then extended his tongue to circle the nipple.

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