It's Not Sex

by Robert

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Incest, Brother, Sister, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Stress relief is important, just ask Mikey and Chrissy....or go ask Bill.

My sister's lips, well practiced they were, applied a nice soft pressure to the end of my dick as she kneeled in front of me where I sat on the edge of my bed, giving me my first blowjob of the day.

Chrissy and I had already finished breakfast and were just following our usual morning routine before going to school. It normally didn't take long for either of us to cum, and when she was finished with me it would be my turn to do her, but we always made sure to set aside a good half hour just in case, we couldn't miss the school bus and be late after all.

Chrissy looked especially pretty this morning and I had told her so just as she opened her mouth wide to take me in. School photos were taking place today with graduation only one week away, the both of us looking forward to the summer holiday before we had to go back, me into grade seven and Chrissy into grade eight.

Chrissy had thanked me for saying so then proceeded to swallow as much of my cock as she could, enveloping me with her warm full lips, sliding me in and out of her mouth ever so slowly while looking up into my eyes and smiling, the both of us moaning slightly.

Dressed in a white blouse and blue mini skirt, my sister gently cupped my testicles in one hand while reaching up under her skirt with the other. No panties on yet of course, she was fingering herself as she began twisting her head side to side, adding a bit of aggressiveness to her method which I didn't mind at all.

The sight of my erection disappearing into my sister's luscious little mouth was stimulating in itself, but to now feel the inside of her cheeks as well as her tongue rubbing warmly over my full length, embracing me in a wet shroud was almost too much. I hissed through clenched teeth knowing I wouldn't be able to hold out much longer.

Chrissy could hardly wait for her turn anyway, the fact that she had no panties on and was busy masturbating in front of me, making herself wet as she ate my cock told me that. I could hardly wait myself because I really enjoyed eating out my sister, her taste was divine and it's something I did really well. Probing into Chrissy with my tongue, stimulating her body, I would bring her to orgasm and help her mind to relax. In fact the both of us loved to pleasure the other orally, sometimes as much as four times a day.

Once before we went to school, that was standard, then again under the bleachers at school, as long as no one was around, a third time when we got home just before supper, and usually a fourth before we went to bed, if we weren't too tired that is. We always asked, neither of us believed in forcing the other to do anything.

Chrissy stopped fondling my testicles and wrapped her hand around my swollen shaft, stroking me with a smooth back and forth motion as she continued to suck the end of my penis. Her lips worked magic on me, pulling me, squeezing me with just the right pressure to make me feel light headed. I cried out a little and Chrissy moaned deep in her throat, her eyes closing as she moved me further into her warm loving mouth.

I had suggested to Chrissy that she should remove her nice new blouse before we started this morning but she only laughed saying I just wanted to get a good look at her boobies, which was true enough I suppose but mainly I just didn't want a repeat of yesterday. I was concerned that she might make a mess and she wouldn't have enough time to change before the bus got here. You see Chrissy had sneezed just as I was reaching orgasm and my sperm ended up showering on her sweet little face, dripping from her chin all over the shirt she was wearing. She only smiled up at me and we both laughed, but still Mom ended up having to drive us.

Just now Mom was walking into the room with a couple of brown bags in her hand, our lunches already packed. Placing them beside me on the bed she leaned down and kissed me on the forehead. Chrissy pulled off me with a loud suctioning sound, her spittle shining brightly over the full length of my cock. Lifting herself up she kissed Mom on the lips, something I never liked doing myself, not wanting to show too much affection. Spreading my legs wide my sister again took her usual spot on the floor while Mom left.

"Hurry up Mikey, we don't have all day."

"I'm cumming I'm cumming, well, not yet I know but I will soon enough. I'll spend more time on you on Saturday, how does service in bed sound?"

"Umm, that sounds nice, bring a towel though, I don't want my sheets soaked like last time."

Chrissy took me between her lips again, this time right to the back of her throat and the sounds she made while sucking feverishly were quite loud, her saliva already a thick pool in her mouth. This is usually what did it for me, that and her aggressiveness, and I could certainly feel as my cock started to go rock hard, my balls pulling ever so slightly upward. Chrissy began moaning louder now and started sucking faster as she knew it would soon be her turn. I never had to warn her as she could always feel my sudden change in her mouth. Quickly moving to just the end of my cock so she could relish every drop I knew I would soon give her what she wanted.

"I love you so much Chrissy, thank you."

I leaned back on the bed and tried to keep from crying out too loudly as my dick exploded sending my cream flying into Chrissy's suctioning mouth. Hot, sticky, and lots of it surged from somewhere deep inside me over her tongue and down her throat. She took it all with ease, again gently cupping my balls in her hand and moaning with pleasure as I sent shot after shot of my cum flying into...


Our older sister Michelle, just back from College, now stood in my doorway looking in at us, screaming furiously. I could just barely make her out through my teary eyes and couldn't understand what her problem was, even as she charged into the room grabbing Chrissy by her pony tail and yanking her off me. Chrissy was helpless and couldn't do anything to stop her, still sucking up my last full jet is when my dick was ripped from her mouth, my seed hitting her full in the cheek and all I could think was 'not again' as it seeped down her pretty little face and all over her new blouse.

"Ouch, hey quit it, let go that hurts, and what the hell did you do that for you God damn bitch this was expensive, it better not be stained or you can buy me a new one."

"Chrissy what the fuck are you going on about, I mean who cares about your blouse don't you realize what Mikey was making you do?"

"I was blowing him, and it was going to be my turn next until you interrupted."

"That's sick, you don't do that."

"You did it to your boyfriend all the time, I saw you downstairs."

"Well, ahh, that's different, I'm older than you and Jesus Chrissy you're not suppose to do it to your own brother, Mikey how could you?"

"Michelle, I don't understand what your problem is, why are you so mad?"

"Why, why... have you two gone insane while I was away, you're not suppose to have sex with your own sister Mikey."

"But we weren't having sex just now."

"What, do you think I'm stupid, I just caught the two of you, your sperm is all over your sister's face."

"She was just sucking on me, that's not sex."

"HOLY FUCK, where did you get an idea like that?"

"Bill Clinton, you know, the former President of the United States. He said before Congress that a blowjob isn't having sex, and if you can't trust a former President then who can you trust."

"What, oh you're nuts, that's it I'm telling Mom on the both of you."

"She's standing right behind you Michelle."

"Dear Lord Mom, look what I caught them doing."

"So, it's alright, let them be honey, if you want you can join them later."

"OH MY GOD NOT YOU TOO, Mom you can't be serious?"

"Why not, I do your father all the time and I absolutely expect him to do me whenever I want, it's a great stress reliever, I think it's wonderful that the kids are willing to help each other out like that, did you have anyone at College dear?"

"No, no I didn't... but that's beside the point, they're brother and sister they're not suppose to be having sex together."

"Mom tell her that's not sex."

"They aren't having sex, they're just showing how much they care for one another, sit down on Mikey's bed dear."

"What, why?"

"You poor think you're obviously stressed out, it's been awhile hasn't it since you've been with a man, Mikey help your sister."

"Okay Mom."

"But Mom, he's suppose to do me right now, we've only got ten minutes before the bus gets here."

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