Total Control

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, MaleDom, .

Desc: Sex Story: we have been married for 9 months now, but yet i have total control over her beautiful body

I have her totally under my control, she had a bath earlier and put on one of my shirts, and now she was lying on the sofa, her head on my lap; my hand gently fondling her firm tits. I found out early in our relationship that Carla just loves having her tits manhandled. If she was relaxed, like now, she liked it light and easy, but if she gets excited, she just loves it hard enough to hurt. I moved my hands easily over her sized 'B's with light strokes, my thumb flicking her erect nipples. If she was a cat, she would be purring, as it was, she just gently sighed. I was watching the football on the telly when she came down from her bath, I popped a couple of her buttons and my hand moved over her satin skin. If was more of a bastard, I could now make her do all those disgusting thing I could think of, but I am a simple guy with simple tastes.

Half time was approaching and I had an idea on how I wanted to spend those fifteen minutes. The whistle went and the players walked off the pitch, now for the next fifteen minutes the panel of experts would analysis the action, but for me the only action I wanted was with my hard cock. I unzipped and pulled out my super hard seven inches.

"Suck me bitch," I ordered. She only had to move slightly to take me in her hot mouth. As her lust rose, I could maul her tits more savagely, squeezing harder and pinching her nipples. She didn't need any more stimulation than that to make her come. Watching her buck in the throws was enough for me to dump my load into her throat; just in time too for the second half was about to start.

I had met Carla some two years ago now and I was immediately attracted to her pretty face and her slender, but shapely body. She seemed to like me too, for within weeks we were an item. Within six months we were engaged and now we had been married for nearly nine months. I couldn't believe how good her figure was, I already mentioned her size 'B' breasts, and the rest was just as good, her slim flat middle of twenty-three inches, and then a good flare to her hips and nice long legs. If she wanted to she could have graced the pages of any men's magazine. Now at nineteen she was in her prime physically and sexually. At first she was a little shy about exposing herself to me, but I would insist, it was like a dream just to look at her and run my hands over her curves; I love to watch her body as she came again and again. It was at this time that I came aware of her sensitive breasts and how she loved to have them touched. I never asked about previous boyfriends and quiet frankly I don't care; she was now mine to do with as I wished.

It was some three months ago now that our life changed, we had been invited to an engagement party of a friend and Carla decided to get a new outfit for the occasion. Up to now she had been pretty conservative in her dress, but I insisted she bought something a little more risqué. We trolled the shops and eventually she bought a party dress, quiet long, but very low at the front. So low that it came with two thin cords tied at the front to keep her breasts from falling out. She tried it on when we got home and boy did she look good especial if she didn't tie up the two cords; so good that we spent the next ten minutes on the floor with me thrusting between her spread thighs.

It was a good party with plenty of drinks flowing; I especial enjoyed dancing with my friend Paul's new fiancée, a very busty, bubbly blonde called Lucy; so much so that I lost contact with Carla. When I did track her down she was dancing very close to Paul. I'm not normally a jealous guy; she can dance with whom ever she wants, just as long as she come home with me. I left them to it and with fresh drinks I found his fiancée again. I'm not really a fan of large breasts but I have to admit having Lucy's hard up against my chest was having an effect on me. The dance floor was quiet dark so I took the opportunity to get better acquainted with them. They felt nice and firm, but then of course she was wearing a bra. Carla of course wasn't, she couldn't, not in that dress. While I cupped Lucy's fine tits, she snuggled up close to me and we kissed a few times. Time to stop dancing and find a quiet spot to take Lucy. We snuggled up in a vacant corner, I unzipped the back of her dress, unclipped her bra and got my hands on her naked flesh.

We lay there spent in each other arms, I had pushed my hand under her short dress and fingered her to a nice orgasm then she had sucked me off nicely; luckily it was very dark in our corner. But from this vantage point I could scan the dance floor, I was looking for Carla. At last she came past, still in the arms of Paul. They didn't see us, cuddled up even though they were only a couple of feet away. As I watched, I noticed Paul's hand inside the front of Carla's dress. Seeing her like that caused the little green eyed monster rise it's ugly head. I know, I know I had just spent the last thirty minutes doing the same thing to his girl. I untangled myself from the sleeping Lucy and interrupted the dancing couple.

"Thanks mate," I said, "I'll take over from here."

I held in my arms and she put her head in my chest.

"Enjoying yourself?" I asked.

"Mmm," she mumbled.

"Yeah, you're a little slut," I whispered in her ear, my hands finding their way inside her dress.

"Only for you," she sighed.

"Or anybody who spent time on your tits, like Paul," I confronted her.

"Well perhaps," she giggled. My cock was rock hard, seeing her for the first time being manhandled like that had started something in my mind.

"Would you like for Paul to fuck you?" I asked.

"Mmm," she sighed, "he's got nice hands, just like yours."

"Perhaps we could arrange for a swap," I said. My voice was light, but my heart was thumping in my chest.

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