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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, .

Desc: Sex Story: Melissa's husband thinks they needed to spice things up. Well there's spicy and there's hot. What do you need to make it hot and spicy?

Jack licked determinedly at Melissa's wet cunt. The top of the stroke brought his flat tongue over her clit causing her to shudder. Melissa was desperate to cum she was so close if Jack would just concentrate on her clit for a couple of minutes she'd be there - guaranteed. Jack let his index finger slide slowly out of Melissa and down to slowly circle her rectum. Melissa's hips lifted as she began to cum. Jack pushed his finger into her ass as he licked.

"No Jack. Not the finger, not the finger. Oh. Oh. SHIT!" Melissa felt her orgasm wither and fade. "God damn it Jack. You know I don't like that - it distracts me. Just because it worked once doesn't mean I want it all the time."

"Sorry." Jack crawled up between her thighs. Melissa stuck her hand between them and covered her pussy. "Don't you want me to finish?"

"No Jack I don't want you to finish." Melissa scooted out from under Jack. "Go beat off if you have too. I'm going to sleep."

Melissa's hand paused in mid-brush as she stared at the reflection of her husband in her make-up mirror. "So what you're saying is that our sex life is boring."

"I didn't say that. I said that we were in a rut - a routine, it's like a recipe almost; a little of this a little of that, mix, stir vigorously, pour into a bowl..."

"Pour into a bowl? Is that what I am to you - a container for your sperm to be poured into?"

"That's not what I meant - look all I'm trying to say is that we should try to spice things up a bit."

"Hey the last time I tried something different you freaked out. The way you were jumping around you'd think I'd tried to bite it off or something."

"Sticking your finger up my ass while blowing me was not what I had in mind. When I jumped and bumped your chin - well the proximity of your teeth and everything..."

"Well there you have it Mr. Excitement. 'Spicing things up a bit' isn't what it's cracked up to be when you're on the receiving end."

Jack stood silent for a moment then turn and walked out of the room. He reappeared in the mirror a moment later. "Just ask yourself this - 'Are you satisfied with our sex life? Is this what you wanted? Is this the best we can do? I'll be waiting downstairs."

It was a very quiet drive to the party.

They had barely cleared the front door when Melissa spotted one of her co-worker and excused herself from Jack. Jack scowled at being left alone. He was not a good mixer and this was a party filled with people he didn't know. He found his way to the bar and quickly downed a Scotch. The second one he drank more slowly but that glass was soon empty. The third he nursed as he walked around the house and grounds. The place was impressive, especially the extended deck and patio complex in the back yard. The deck contained multiple levels with various sitting areas and private alcoves - very well done.

A slight stumble on a flight of stairs reminded him that he had not eaten since lunch and he went off in search of the buffet. Jack looked around casually for Melissa but she was nowhere to be seen. He was stilled pissed at her for the argument they'd had. When Melissa drank at parties she could be very horny by the end of the night - only Jack wasn't feeling very lucky this particular evening.

He circled back around to the buffet; there had been a tray of sushi that he wanted to sample again. There was one spicy tuna left and as Jack picked it up, a hand closed quickly on his and gently held his down. He turned to the owner of the hand and discovered the most amazing green eyes looking back at him. The eyes were framed by an abundance of auburn tresses and complimented by an absolutely bewitching smile. The smile slowly transformed into a row of perfect white teeth biting softly on a ruby red lower lip.

The mouth moved sensuously, "Oh, you're too fast for me. Looks like you get the spicy one all to yourself." And that bewitching smile returned.

Jack smiled in response and was surprised to hear his own voice speak. "Me - too fast? I can go as slow as you need me to go. And there's plenty enough for you, I was always graded high on being able to share my playthings."

"Oh really - do you have a lot experience sharing well with others?"

"I have had some experience; I've always heard that a girl appreciates a man with experience."

"Maybe all I want is just a little taste." Soft fingertips slid across the back of his hand.

"How do I know that? You might say you want a little taste but then you might just eat the whole thing. Where would I be then?" "Mmmmm - if I ate the whole thing?" The smile became positively dazzling, "Where would you be then? Mostly likely you'd be slumped against a wall somewhere with a big dopey grin on your face."

Jack swallowed deeply and adjusted the raging hard on in his pants. "And what would be plastered all over your face?" The smile slackened and the head tilted forward and then back up, the bright eyes were clouding over. A small pink tongue swept quickly between glossy lips.

Jack's heart was pounding. "I'm going to take my spicy treat out onto the deck. If you'd like to join me perhaps we could find something to wash it down with." He turned and walked out before the smile could respond.

Once outside he took some deep breaths. He told himself that she wasn't going to come out here. She was probably laughing with some friends right now. Yeah that's right - nothing was going to happen - it never did. He heard approaching footsteps.

"I hope you don't mind this" she held a bottle of wine in her hand, "I prefer a good dry one."

He watched as she set the bottle and glasses on the deck. "I like it good and wet - but as long as it goes down easy."

"How much do I get?"

"How much do want?" Jack smiled as he felt her hand on his. She pulled the sushi to her mouth.

"All of it." Her mouth closed over the snack as well as his thumb and first finger. He felt her tongue curl up from beneath and she gently sucked the morsel into her mouth. She chewed it with relish and no small amount of exaggeration.

Jack reached his hand out and felt it close around her breast, her nipple was hard. Her hand trailed down to his pants and rubbed slowly along the bulge of his erection. Jack was enflamed and he wanted nothing more than to fuck her - here and now. His hands moved down to her ass and he started to pull her dress up. Her dress cleared her ass and Jack felt the material of her thong. Then she pushed away from him.

"I'm sorry I can't do this. I'm sorry." She backed quickly away and was gone. Jack sat down and looked up into the night sky. 'FUCK!' Jack sat outside trying to make sense of what just happened - nothing happened!

'Fuck this shit!' He felt his posture straighten and willpower become strong, 'I want her she wants me and I'm going to have her.' Jack felt a strength and power fill him that was exhilarating and fantastically potent. He walked slowly through the rooms - seeking. He knew she was still here. He moved slowly and deliberately through the house.

There! She was entering one of the bathrooms on the second floor. Jack moved easily to a position next to the door. He heard the toilet flush and the door handle turn.

The green eyes flashed in surprised as the ruby red lips went slack in an unspoken question. Jack took her arm and pulled her down the hall. As they turned a corner he pushed her against a wall and kissed her passionately. His kiss was returned in kind. Jack turned her to face the wall brushed her hair aside and kissed and nibbled along the nape of her neck. His hands found her breasts and gently palmed them allowing his fingers to rub slowly over her nipples - they were hard. "What are you doing? I told you I couldn't do this."

Jack swept a hand down to her thigh then up under her dress. "You want this just as much as I do" as his finger pushed between her lips and the fragrance of her arousal filled the room "God, you're soaking wet."

"Please stop. Oh. Please. Ohhhhh!" jack kneeled quickly behind her and pulled her soaked panties to the floor. As he stood he pulled her dress over her hips. He fished his hard cock out of his pants and bending his knees he pushed it between her thighs rubbing back and forth along the lips of her cunt.

"No. No. Are you crazy? Oh. Stop it! Damn you!" Jack felt his cock become slick with her hot wetness. Jack whispered hoarsely into her ear. "Touch yourself. Do it now. The sooner you're ready the sooner it's over." Jack pushed her left hand down to her cunt. His fingers brushed over her wedding ring forcing contact with her clit. Although he starting the rubbing motion she quickly took over the effort. Jack bent his knees more and pulled his cock upward until he found her opening. He slowly straightened his legs forcing his cock into her. She whimpered quietly to the wet sounds of their fucking. Jack was so turned on he knew he wouldn't last long.

He was shocked as he felt her arch her back letting him thrust deeper inside. He took a step back pulling her hips with his until her back was nearly parallel to the floor. He could now fuck her deeply now and he increased his thrusts accordingly.

Jack felt his orgasm begin to build and his thrusting became faster though less rhythmic. The pressure built to a near-painful intensity and then he came in a silent roar of release. As his orgasm subsided he became aware of her orgasm in progress, her hips twitched and her cunt muscles clenched and released. After they both had calmed down he pulled slowly out of her. He stuffed his slimy cock into his pants and zipped up.

Jack went to help her but she pulled her arm out of his grasp. Her green eyes flashed with anger beneath a cloud of evaporating lust. She walked unsteadily down the hall and reentered the bathroom.

Jack picked up her panties and stuffed them in his pocket, 'let her explain that when she got home.' Jack walked down the stairs and noticed that the room seemed different, he felt like a tiger amid a flock of sheep. He chuckled softly and went in search of a drink.

If the ride to the party was quiet the ride home was intensely still. Melissa would not even look in his direction. As the garage door slid down Jack broke the silence. "I actually enjoyed that party."

Melissa's eyes narrowed, "You bastard. Do you have any idea what you did tonight?"

Jack smiled as he shook his head, "What are you talking about?" Jack walked into the kitchen and leaned against the counter.

Melissa glared, "Someone saw us."

"Saw what?"

"I overheard someone saying that they had seen me be taken down the hallway and that they could see you. They knew we were fucking!" She undid his belt and pulled his pants down to his ankles, his boxers soon followed. Melissa grabbed his limp dick and pushed and tugged it around to thoroughly inspect his cock, balls and matted pubic hair. "God! Look at this mess! You didn't even bother to try and clean up!" She began to lick him clean. She was quick and efficient and Jack was soon very clean and very erect. Melissa walked to the sink and washed her hands and rinsed out her mouth.

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