Forced Inc - Janie's Trip

by Finc

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Teenagers, Rape, Coercion, MaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Sex Story: Young woman's exchange visit goes terribly wrong

The second floor apartment in the back streets of Prague had yet another visitor. As the rain poured outside the room was filled with a warm haze. On the rug near the open window an oiled woman was been fucked doggie style. The man was pumping hard his hands gently holding her waist, his flesh slapping against her round upturned butt. As he came she twisted her hips making him spasm in delight." Ugghhhh shit ugghh!" The man fell back, immediately pulling off his condom. The woman turned her face tanned with dirty reddish short hair, dark massacred eyes and lipstick. Her thick cologon lips glistening as she spoke in Czech to him." For 20 more you can wipe your rubbers contents across my face?" The man smiled." No thanks honey," he said back with excellent diction; languages been one of his many talents as a Private eye." I've got what I came for." The girl seemed surprised, her offer was rarely refused. And with that he dressed and headed for the old medieval street.

Immigration over, the young woman had hurried through the airport tugging her little blue case behind her. The flight had been on time and she didn't know how long it would take to find the right exit. She was only just seventeen and had pleaded with her parents to let her go on this exchange visit. All she needed now was to miss her collection and be stranded here at Hamburg airport: alone and lost. Her instructions had been to pass through check in, and then she would be met by her new family for the next four weeks. But after waiting what seemed an age no one had arrived. Janie told herself not to panic just head for the exit and then see what happens. She had a contact number in her little suitcase no need to stress just yet. The busy airport was crowded in the afternoon rush, flights from all over the world arriving and departing filling it with thousands of visiting souls, and as Janie walked briskly she saw a man holding a sign, yes surely for her. "Wait no," it wasn't even in English. Bump! Janine tripped and fell back onto the tiled floor. She had walked straight into a girl coming the other way. The other young woman looked even more surprised. "Oh I'm so sorry," Janie said getting up." Are you alright?" The girl; thin, leggy with long blonde hair, smiled reluctantly and nodded. Janine realized there was obviously some language gap and smiled back picking up her suitcase, the girl already taking hers and walking off in a different direction. As she went Janine cocked her head to one side in puzzlement "Hmm she could have been my sister," Janie thought watching her walk away, thin waist and pear shaped hips visible in her cheap jumper and jeans. Janie looked at her own clothes and fine polished nails," well maybe not." She headed for the exit hoping to see her chaperone there, if not she'd give them a call no sweat.

She had been right about the girl, she was similar to her. Janie was English, tall with long legs and fine waist. Her figure wasn't buxom but more fragile, school girlish with a pouting mouth and bobbed shoulder length blonde hair. She knew her legs were her best feature; looking very sexy and thin in the chinos and heeled toeless shoes she was wearing. Her puffed out fleece jacket accentuated her stick like pins. There was one other thing that had been very similar between the girls, and it was the foreign girl who noticed first.

Janie tried to peer over the crowded exit as she looked for her ride. People jostled and she looked and felt like she didn't have a clue what was going on. Then she sighed with relief; a man was giving her a wave as he stood near a large motorcar. He came over huddled in his overcoat. Janine smiled in greeting. Too young to be Herr Bulzer the head of the family she was staying with," it must be his son." She thought." Hmm things were looking up." The man spoke in German, though his accent seemed more eastern. Janie was a little annoyed; she'd picked Germany because they all spoke English. If she'd wanted to learn a language she would have gone to classes. This was just a holiday on daddies' money for god sake. The man took her bag, "come, come" he said eagerly opening the door for her, putting her suitcase on the front seat. Janie climbed in the back asking him questions, making polite conversation. He just nodded and said." I Take you there," in English, over and over. Mika started the engine, he was glad she spoke some English, his Latvian was crap.

As the teen relaxed and the car sped off she failed to notice the desperate Latvian girl all legs and blonde hair searching for her, dragging a suitcase the exact copy of the one on the seat in front of Janie.

Janie sat back watching the post war concrete buildings go by and she wondered why the man wasn't talking to her. Then as he drove he opened her suitcase pulling out her passport." Erm excuse me, Bulzer jnr but that's a little rude don't you think? The man flipped it open looking at the long haired blonde in the photo then the pampered face in the back. "Sasha," he said. Sasha?" Janine wrinkled her nose in confusion," What is he on about?" And she leant forward snatching the passport. "My names Janie;" and she opened the book to point it out." Look Janie M... erm what, what's happened? The face in front of her wasn't hers; the passport wasn't even the same color. Wait a minute, look at the suitcase; hers wasn't anywhere near as scuffed and dirty. Janie felt panicky," Oh damn, my stuff. There's been a mistake." She tapped the man on the shoulder," we need to go back." Mika just nodded again agreeing with her." What the hell is she on about?" He thought, realizing his English was just about as crap as his Latvian.

Janie was getting very annoyed he just kept nodding and grinning through the mirror at her. She kicked herself," stupid cow! "She thought. This would take some sorting out but first she needed to get someone to listen. The car pulled up to a three storey concrete house, guard dogs barking the door opening and a couple coming out. The man was fat and bearded the woman wore a scarf round her head and looked about a hundred, even though she was probably in her forties.

Once the car stopped, Janine climbed out; her hair a little ruffled her mouth tight in frustration." Please, please tell me you speak English." She declared. For the next five minute Janie stood there tapping her foot, hands out in a gesture of disbelief talking incessantly. Not that anyone was listening. Her three new friends argued, then pondered then passed round the passport jabbering in Turkish or something similar. Finally the bearded man went inside to make a call. The man spoke to the unseen voice on the line." Have we the right girl?" He asked. The voice was tired." Describe her to me". The man looked through the window at the English rose; arms now folded ranting on and on, no one really understanding her language. "Tall, blonde, pretty, erm." He was interrupted. "Well that's her." The bearded man continued. "But her passport picture... and she says..." The voice on the phone grew angry." You have her passport in your hand and you still need to waste my time. That's her, that's the best we could do, just accept it." And the phone went dead. The man put the phone down and stroked his beard undressing the girl with his eyes." The best they could do? I won't argue with that." He thought in agreement.

He returned to the group shouting some orders and Mika grabbed her cases, walking inside. Janie gave a gasp in disbelief." What is wrong with you people?" Then she looked around. The street was a quite suburb, few people around, no clue were she was. The woman beckoned her barking an order. She decided to go inside call home and sort it out." Phone?" She said doing her impersonation of holding an earpiece.

Once inside she quickly found her target. As she picked up the hand set the woman grabbed her wrist." Nien! Nien!" She shouted. The bearded man suddenly spoke in broken English; Janine infuriated that he could understand her all this time." Sasha the games are over, you start work today. Mika is taking your things to your room." Janie began to shake; this was getting out of hand. "Now listen I don't know who..."The man lurched forward knocking over a chair." Stop!... It is good you speak English. But why pretend? You must know your family has been well rewarded. Many girls have doubts when they get here, but it's too late. Now, get to your room!" Janie was confused and shocked," what family? What reward?" The woman and Mika grabbed an arm each and she struggled with them up the stairs, the bearded man finally having to lend a hand to push her into a meager barred bedroom. "Relax, and calm down." The big guy said as he closed and locked her door. He turned to the wizened old crone. "Always the same," he said." They're always the same."

Back at the airport Sasha sat on the curb, suitcase tucked under her. She held her face in her hands unable to decide what to do. There was a voice and a man called a name she had just learnt." Janie, over here." It was Herr Bulzer the exchange guardian and also a ranking officer in the local police dept. Sasha looked back, the man thought she was the girl in the passport. She called back in German, and Herr Bulzer was relieved he had not missed his young charge.

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