It Ain't Halloween!

by Aeralyndal

Copyright© 2003 by Aeralyndal

Sex Story: A young man in the midsts of remodeling his newly purchased Victorian house makes a few amazing discoveries. One thing leads to another he is now trying to discover the origin of his visitors and how they came to be here.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fiction   Historical   .


While I don't believe in Ghosts per se, I do believe there are lots of things happening that we can't explain. If these 'events', 'occurrences' or 'happenings' ARE ghosts at work I don't believe they are harmful in the normal person. Why? Simple, I believe in God. To do so is also to believe in Satan and I do NOT think that Satan would allow one of his captured souls to wander around 'lost' without claiming it immediately. Therefore IF there are ghost they are either good souls who still have a task they have to accomplish or "neutral" souls who have lost their way.

Chapter 1 - A Vengeful Vestal Virgin?

It was a dark and stormy night, from the upstairs attic (that's opposed to the downstairs attic!) you could hear the rattling of chains, the squeaky tread of footsteps on the stairs coming closer, closer, ever closer. Do you believe in Ghosts?

I didn't either until recently! Strange how we can go along for years stating emphatically that such and such doesn't exist merely because we haven't encountered whatever it is we disbelieve. And how rapidly our tune changes when we DO encounter whatever it is.

It wasn't really that bad. It was dusk not dark and it was a clear day, not stormy but Snoopy would NEVER let me live it down if I said that from the start!

What happened simply was that I woke up.

I work online, it's great. I set my own hours as long as I log at least 40 hours a week on our internet site taking care of problems it doesn't matter what hours I work and I'm a night person. I report to work (physically) about once a month to meet with my boss and the other weird nerds that work out of there as I do. He gives us directions as to where we (as a company) are going, trying to go and what progress we are making or need to make. I think really he just want to see that we're all still alive.

Anyway, I had been up all night working, gone to the meeting and got home around 2pm. Home is an old fixer-upper I bought and am in the process of restoring. You know the kind, turn of the Century (into the 20th Century!) with high ceilings, large rooms, no real electricity! The first task was to rewire the whole house with up to code wiring, wall plugs every 8 feet and so on. A friend of mine did the actual work while I pulled wire, carried tools and had everything ready when he needed it. At least I learned a lot about wiring a house that way. Before, each room had ONE wall plug and the light hung down from the center of the room!

I know, I'm digressing, but I like what I'm doing and the progress I'm making to my home, I never owned a house before and I'm kind of proud of bringing it back to life. I got home about 2 pm, took a shower, turned on the fans (No central air yet!) and went to bed. The passage of air from the fan over my still damp body cooled me enough that I went right to sleep.

About six hours later I was having another of the most erotic dreams possible when it got TOO real. I'd been having a lot of those later but never found any signs of 'nocturnal emissions' as they are euphemistically called. Still groggy I opened my eyes and looked down. I sleep flat on my back and from the awful way my mouth tastes when I wake up, I must snore but so far there's been no one else there to complain so it's not really a problem. I had either kicked the sheet off or it had been pulled off because someone (or something) was seated on my middle riding me like a race horse! She had her head thrown back as if she were in the throes of a gigantic orgasm and the way her vagina was clutching me as she rode up and down I would be joining her momentarily. The problem was (Waking up with some lovely female riding your dick isn't really a problem, it's a pleasure.) I could see through her! I could see my chest-of-drawers when looking at her, there was a drawer handle where her bellybutton should have been every time she bottomed out. Before I could even pay any attention to that thought her pussy clutched again as she began to rise and I started to cum as well. I tried to grasp her hips and pull her down on me but there was nothing to grasp. My hands went right through her, slowly but through. It was like moving through spider webs, you knew something was there but couldn't really touch it. If I hadn't been cumming so hard it probably would have scared me but that was put on the back burner for a while as several more spurts of cum shot out of me into her, it or whatever you would call the thing that was going apeshit while riding my shooting cock.

As soon as she had milked every last drop of cum from me she rolled off, clutched her legs together tightly and elevated her hips. It was the same way that women do when they are ovulating and hold in all the semen possible so they can become pregnant.

Even stranger was that another wispy apparition began licking me clean. I could faintly feel something touching me and see the disappearance of the pussy juice and cum residue from my cock. Maybe this would explain why there were no signs of ejaculation on me or my sheets when I arose each evening.

I rolled out of bed and looked down at the one who had just fucked my brains out. She was lovely as I said. I could see her, not all of her but enough to make out her entire outline, features and so on. She was still kind of 'washed out' however. Her pubic region was very clear, her dark curly hair, the top of her slit still puffy and blood engorged, her clitoris completely stimulated, standing proud and exposed, her thighs right around her vaginal area were solid looking. With her legs clamped together I couldn't see much more. There was just no color or real shape to the hair on her head and her feet were pretty much none existent. You could see the faintest of outlines to them and part way up her legs before they began to become clearer. It was like she had pulled as much of herself as she could to her middle to create more feeling for me.

I started to say something just as she sighed, I could faintly hear it. She opened her eyes, saw me standing there and smiled as she faded out. Look as I would I could find no traces of her having been there. No leakage, no spillage, no nothing except for my poor wilted cock after she got through fucking it and the other one had gotten through licking it clean.

I tried to put it down to a nightmare but it wouldn't work, even while not fully awake I KNEW I had seen and experienced something I couldn't explain. After taking a shower to wake up I stumbled into the kitchen to fix something for breakfast and then logged on to my computer. My computer is in the basement, much cooler down there and I had already done the remodeling I wanted there. The central heating and air conditioner was in, we just needed to install the duct work from it to the different rooms.

Nothing hot was needing handling so I started to surf the net looking for information on spirits, ghosts and apparitions. It's surprising how much was there. The big problem was sifting through it trying to find out what was helpful and what was just hot air. Before that my main source of info on ghosts was Hollywood in the form of 'Ghost Busters', 'Ghost' and others of that nature. Hollywood and books of short Ghost stories. Like everyone else I have a fascination for things that scare me.

I remembered reading a story about a ghost who had fucked her way back to life. There was something in the sperm of the person she kept having sex with that slowly brought her from incorporeal back to a full, whole, complete body. Could this be what was happening to me?

We had been tearing out some of the interior walls to remodel the upstairs when we found an area that had been walled off during one of the earlier remodelings. (Why anyone would want to wall up a regular sized room I didn't understand but they had.) All kinds of junk was in there that we had moved into another room until I had a chance to go through it and see if there was anything worth keeping. (I'm something of a pack rat!) It was after the discovery of this room that I began to have the erotic dreams, could they be associated?

Going back up to the room where we had stored all the stuff I began to look through it. There were several boxes of female clothes. From the styles I would say the turn of the century, the one before Last not the one we just had. One thing I had noted when we first found the room was the desk, a REAL rolltop desk, one of the large ones, it was over six feet wide. We had just moved it, we didn't even take time to go through the drawers. I shifted a chair around and started to do that. First I went through the papers that were on the desk top itself and then in the various pigeon holes, drawers and so on in the top.

Jamison was the main name mentioned in the papers. The Jamison family was very prominent in our town, they were among the founding fathers and had become wealthy doing business here. Most of the papers were business in nature and mentioned buying this and that from various people, companies and so on. Not knowing at this point what might turn out to be useful I got several folders and began to separate the papers into them for later scrutiny. I worked my way through all the papers on the desk and in the pigeon holes before I even tried any of the drawers. The middle drawer opened and from there I could open the drawers on the right, the ones on the left were locked.

I knew already that I could make a few dollars as there were several old metal tipped pens, several ink wells (the ink was all dried by now of course.) and roller blotters that were used more than a hundred years ago. Many people collected this sort of thing so I knew I could sell them easily. The strange thing was that none of them appeared to have been nibbled on by mice. Mice usually make nests of old papers in places where they won't be disturbed and inside this desk, inside a secret room would have been an ideal place.

Getting several boxes I started to empty all the pigeon hole drawers and separate the items by what I thought would be of use, what would be sellable and what would be garbage. Knowing some of these old desks had secret or hidden compartments I kept looking until I finally found one. Inside it among other things were several keys that looked like desk type keys.

It was now time for me to do some gainful work instead of what I wanted to do so I adjourned to the basement and my computer. It was a slow evening and I only put in 7 hours before I had completed what was before me. I then spent several hours surfing the net looking for more information on ghosts and on the Jamison family. There were several sources that I bookmarked for later study as I moved about scanning this and that record, document and source.

Before calling it a night I again logged on to our site and handled a couple of problems that had cropped up while I was away. I ended up with my 8 hours for the evening plus a bit more. If I did my 40 hours in 4 days then I took the fifth day off rather than charge overtime. It all worked out and I STILL set my own hours so I was happy, I put in 40 hours and handled problems and needs for information they had so the company was happy.

No erotic dreams during my sleep and after eating that evening I again went to look over the desk and what I had found there. One thing that was shocking was there were now several folders on the desk that had been in the boxes before. When I left the desk it was cleared of all papers but now there were several that had been put away.

I took the time to go through the papers much closer as SOMEone was trying to tell me something!

Chapter 2 - Making Contact

Instead of looking at the folder at that time I took a sheet of paper and wrote several questions. Placing it with the pencil on top of the folders that had been left out I went to the basement and logged on. One of the other trouble shooters was a history buff. If it had happened in this town or this state then Lee either knew about it or knew who to contact to find out about it. I was hoping that he knew the info I wanted or knew who to contact for it. I was also hoping that my sexy specter would answer some questions for me that would narrow down the search.

Lee wasn't logged on at the moment so I left an Email for him to contact me as soon as possible even if it had to be Landline.

Troubles at work were few at the moment so I handled what was up and then started to surf again. You couldn't live in this town without knowing something about the Jamisons so I started with what I knew and then went back as far as I could.

The original Jamison was the younger son of an Irish trader. He and his older brother didn't get along so to keep peace in the family the Father had sent Seth to the New World and helped set him up in a small business. In the twenty or so years before the war for Independence Seth had established himself as one of the Movers and Shakers in this part of the state. His small business grew into a merchant house that had done well, he had married into another founding family and had sired several offspring. The shipping company he and his In-laws formed grew and during the war they even financed a couple of Privateers. Unlike many they did well praying on English shipping especially around the closeby Leeward and Windward isles. They retained a few of the captured ships for their own shipping company thereby expanding their company and increasing their wealth.

During the Civil War there were Jamisons on both sides. The northern Jamisons took over the property of the southern Jamisons at war's end and kept it in the family. With knowledge from the southern Jamisons they also knew which other properties to acquire to continue to increase their gains. While not Vanderbilts or Goulds, the Jamisons did well until the mid 1880s when they got caught in one of the 'adjustment' shifts as it is now called. They lost much of their wealth wiping out their venture capital which made things very tight for a long while. Never again as flamboyantly wealthy they were never poor either. They were still among if not THE family in this town.

All this was pretty common and easy to acquire knowledge. What I wanted Lee to do was to find out some of the not-so-common knowledge. What was it that caused them to lose their money? What problems had it caused the family? What had they done to correct, alter or change the circumstances?

When I woke up that evening my lovely apparition was sitting beside me. When she saw I was awake her face broke into a large, radiantly attractive smile and she reached out to stroke me. Like most men I woke with an erection when she wanted to put to use immediately. Delaying her for just a bit I used the bathroom and then returned. I had no more than stretched out on the bed than she was attacking me. This was a battle I was more than willing to lose so I surrenders gracefully as she impaled herself on my hard dick. There was even more feeling this time than I remembered from before. She rode me hard and I cooperated as much as I could until it got to the short strokes. Again when my climax was done she rolled over and clutched her legs together while elevating her middle. Again it felt like someone or something was cleaning me up as the remains of our joining vanished. With one last brilliant smile my 'rapist' disappeared.

There is nothing like a lusty romp in the sack to wake someone up in the morning even if like for me, it was evening. I finished my awakening routine by taking a shower, shaving and brushing my teeth before I was off for breakfast.

After several hours of stringing duct work for the air conditioning and heating I took a break. I went to the rolltop desk and looked over the questions I had asked to see if there were any answers.

'Who are you?' was answered. 'I am Charlotte and my sister is Christine Jamison.'

'When did you die?' 'We were killed on April 22, 1888.'

'How did you die?' 'We were poisoned by a cousin, Thomas Jamison, who thought he should have more of the family fortune than he was getting.'

'Why are you still here and why have you made yourselves known to me?' 'We wanted to be buried properly and make Thomas ashamed of what he had done. Instead we were lured into that room by his older brother Robert and imprisoned there until you broke down the wall which let us out. By setting us free we thought you could help us more. We don't know anything about your world now and we still want a proper burial.'

'What was so special about that hidden room?' 'That used to be Thomas' room. They moved much of the things out of it and some of our things into it. Then they proofed it against us before Robert lured us inside and left us until you opened the room and let us out.'

This created more questions than it really answered. I was trying to formulate more questions when I was interrupted by someone ringing the doorbell. It was Lee McNabb.

Lee and I knew each other. We had more than a casual acquaintances but were not what you would call close friends. He had never been to my home so I showed him around as I began to feel him out about the Jamison family. When I showed him the hidden room he was amazed. He paid particular attention to the screen mesh that had been holding the plaster to the walls that had been torn out. He recognized it for what it was.

"Virgil, I don't know if you're aware of it or not but for years this house has been considered haunted. Why do you think you could afford it so easily? A house this size, situated on a piece of property this large should cost you over a million dollars and you got it for less than two hundred thousand. This wire here only reinforces that theory. It is Spiritium! It was used to protect a room or a house. In theory spirits can't pass through it for some reason. I've only seen a small piece of it before because it's so expensive. It's made from an alloy whose chief ingredient is Platinum. The wire alone for a room this size could pay for your house. Collectors will pay whatever you ask for small samples to add to their collection of the supernatural. You been troubled by the rattling of chains and so on? Weird, eerie sounds in the night?" he laughed.

"No, nothing like that. I just wake up with a ghost riding my dick."

Laughing even harder he then asked, "Does she have a sister?" This time he roared at his joke until I answered him.

"Yes, as a matter of fact she does. The sister is still very vague yet however."

Again Lee roared even more until he saw that I was not joining him.

"You're serious? You're being fucked by a ghost? How can you tell?"

Instead of answering I simply called out, "Christine, are you here? If you are would you make yourself known to my friend Lee, please?"

The hidden room had not been rewired yet as I had only recently found it. It was darker in here and I watched as a faint silvery cloud moved over to and then through Lee.

Shivering for a moment he looked around as he then saw the apparition also.

"Lee, meet Christine, the younger sister of my seductive vision, Charlotte. Charlotte, if you are here would you please join us?"

Charlotte started to materialize. This time she was wearing clothing, the first time I had ever seen her wear anything. She was the epitome of a well bred 19th century Lady in her attire, her hair and her deportment. Her hair was put up in a loose bun which didn't disguise the dark waves in it, the white lacy blouse she wore was high necked and buttoned all the way while the hem of her skirt stopped just above her button up shoes. She was wearing a faint smile and moved gracefully over to join us and from the slight sway of her lovely bosom I knew she was not wearing a bra. As she neared I held out my hand to her and I could vaguely feel it when she took my hand before turning to Lee. This was the first time I had seen her standing up, she was very tall for a female, especially a female of her era. I would say she was only a couple inches short of my own 6' 1". The slight smile grew just a bit as she saw where my eyes had gone just before she turned and curtsied to Lee.

As I said earlier Lee's passion is history. He belongs to several historical reenactment groups and without even thinking about it he returned her curtsy with a sweeping bow of that era.

"Charlotte and Christine JAMISON were poisoned in 1888 by their cousin Thomas and then later imprisoned in this secret room by his older brother Robert who became head of the family upon their deaths. I need help so I can find out the true facts and see that they receive a proper, christian burial. Will you help me? Help us?" I asked him quietly.

Lee's eyes tracked back and forth between the three of us. Me, the quiet translucent beauty who was holding on to my arm and the shimmering silvery cloud that was Christine. His chin flapped several times before sound finally came out.

"Virg, you really know how to destroy a person's beliefs don't you! Until a few moments ago I would have taken an oath that ghosts did NOT exist, COULD not exist and boy did you prove me wrong."

"Tell me about it! I woke up recently being serviced by this lovely lady and it destroyed all my carefully held beliefs also."

"Lee, I'm living in what used to be the servant's quarters on the second floor while I try to remodel this place. I have most of the ground floor done and will then be moving to the second floor. That housed most of the bedrooms. The servant's quarters are really like an apartment built into the house. It has a small kitchen, bath, two bedrooms, a sitting room and a separate entrance. We have already pulled the wire and have completely rewired the whole house. I'm now putting in the duct work to heat and air condition the house. I have my computer in the basement which has heating and air conditioning. Someone put a small apartment in the basement with a relatively modern bathroom which I have been using while working down there."

"If you'll help me you can move into the apartment in the basement and later take the servant's quarters after I get more of the upstairs done. They're much nicer than the apartment in the basement. That way you'll be handy as I found out things and I'll be handy when you find out things. Lee, as an added inducement, Christine needs a boyfriend, someone to help her come back. There seems to be something in the sperm of an Irishman that helps them rematerialize or what ever you call it. The Jamisons were Irish as are you and I. Like blood calling to like blood or something like that."

Lee and I talked over the housing situation as I showed him first the servant's quarters and then as the basement. We discussed where he would like his work station set up and anything else he would need me to do for his working comfort. We discussed this as I showed him the setup that I had and he liked it. We were about the same age and had similar likes and dislikes so we should be able to get along until I could move out of the servant's quarters and he could take over there.

Going online I placed an order for two more lines to be pulled into the house. One to the basement so Lee could log on at his own station and another one to the servant's quarters giving him his own phone as soon as I finished remodeling the upstairs. Both of these lines would be tied to the same number. The following week-end Lee would move in. In the mean time we set about defining what information we wanted him to start working after. We wanted to know about the 1880s. What had caused the loss in revenue for the Jamisons. Was it poor planning on their part or did they get caught in one of the stock manipulations that was so popular before there were Federal watchdogs to protect the investors? How had the parents of the girls died? What was said about the girls deaths? Were their bodies ever found? Why weren't they buried with the rest of the family? If it involved the Jamisons in any way during the 1880s we wanted to know about it.

With Lee moving in I worked to finish up my room. The conversion had been nearly completed changing the bedroom next to mine into two bathrooms, one for everyone else and one for the master bedroom. MY bathroom was done all but painting it, it was the other one that needed some additional work done on it but it could wait. The walkin closet in the master bedroom still needed a bit of work and I needed to wallpaper the bedroom and finish the moulding, trim and so on.

I did the wood work first to get it finished. As soon as it was done I primed the wood and finished the closet. The next day I put the finish coat on the wood work and left it to dry while making sure I had everything I needed when I started to hang the paper. ANYone can slap wallpaper up, the art to hanging wallpaper is to make sure that all the lines and patterns match up correctly. It should be one continuous pattern with no breaks. No one should be able to tell where one piece of paper ends and another begins. To do this properly you wasted some of the paper to get it to match correctly but the finished product looked nice. One additional plus, this was to be MY home and I wanted everything to look as nice as possible, as professional as possible. As I was NOT a professional it took me longer to do the job than it would them and I probably had more wastage then they would have but I was slowly getting there.

While I can make a computer sit up and beg and then spit quarters, I have the worse color sense in the world. I had hired the services of an interior decorator to help me with color selection, wall paper and so on. I told her what I wanted and she went about showing me the possibilities. What we finally agreed on was basically a flat white for all the walls. Until then I never realized you could tint white to any color you wanted. To brighten everything up I had picked white with a slight yellow cast to it. Color could then be added to the room with the use of curtains, art work and different things like that. The last thing to go in would be the carpeting. I had set it up so we could do that one room at the time as I finished them. It would cost me a bit more in the long run but I didn't have to worry about protecting the carpets as I worked on a room. Nor moving things out of a room so it could be carpeted. I also wasn't carpeting the ground floor. The hardwood floors would be refinished and left in all their natural splendor.

My paid work for this week suffered a bit but I finished the bedroom, got the carpet laid and moved my things into it before Lee started to move in. This would save him moving into the basement and then moving again into the servant's quarters. It would also give him much more privacy.

While I was getting things ready for Lee to move in he was busy at work looking for the information we had decided we needed in order to start our detective work. This was the weirdest murder mystery I had ever heard of, we knew the victims, we knew the murderer and who was involved, what we needed was the WHY! A person doesn't just wake up and say to him/herself 'Today I think I'll murder my two cousins!'. Something causes it and it had to be more than just Thomas wanting money for more clothes, horses, carriages and so on. Why did he feel the pinch so much?

Chapter 3 - What tangled webs we weave!

Lee had been making surprising headway but then he was able to work on the mystery while I worked on getting him a place to live. (Can you tell I was a little pissed even thought the information was for me? Damnit I wanted to be there to help while this was being done, not playing carpenter and paper hanger.) He had found out several things about the Jamison family both past and present that wasn't common knowledge or at least not known to me.

One thing he had found out might come back to haunt us. They owned a third of the company that we both worked for! If they took exception to the work that we were doing, if they thought it might embarrass the family in some way they might take steps to have us become members of the great unwashed, the unemployed.

[One thing I had done upon finding out what it was, was to salvage the mesh wire I had torn off the wall when opening up the secret room. One wall had been opened up and the wire cut away. I contacted a carpenter friend of mine and had him make me up some shadow boxes. I told him I wanted at least a hundred of them within a month and I would pay him $10 each for them. They were only a foot square with grooves for the glass and for the back which was made of peg board. When I got them I painted from the glass slot back and the facing rear piece of the peg board a matte black. The outside I painted white. On the peg board I attached a roughly 9" square of the Spiritium, some of it still covered in the plaster it had sunk into as over the years. I figured it would make it more 'authentic' in appearance. If they were as valuable as Lee had said then why not make something out of them. Ten dollars for the shadow boxes, a few dollars for the paint and wire to attach the mesh and sell them for $500 to $1000 we just MIGHT be able to make a profit out of them!

To keep the notoriety away from us I had Lee contact a friend of his who lived out of state and I sold them to him for resell. I moved them for $500 each and sold him a hundred of them. I then had my carpenter buddy make up another hundred shadow boxes at his leisure. The room was 15 x 18 with two windows, an entry door and a closet door, all of which had been covered by the wire. That made for a lot of 9" square pieces of wire. From time to time over the next year I did this. I ended up selling just over 800 of them before the market died away. If the market ever comes back I'm ready for it. I have 200 more shadow boxes made up with wire and a thousand more 9" squares of Spiritium stored away in the attic. I paid off the house and Lee and I split the rest giving us each just over $90,000. I figured he recognized what I was about to throw away so it was worth it to me. Not bad for garbage! Mine went right back into the house but now I could afford to have someone else come in and do much of the work to speed things up.]

As Lee found out more information I knew better what questions to ask. For some reason after that first burst of information Charlotte could only answer what I asked her. She couldn't volunteer information and she could or would only answer what I asked, she wouldn't elaborate on it. This created some bottle necks until I realized what was happening. I began to end each question with a plus sign and a question mark, asking her if there was more. She would end her answers with a plus sign if there was more and then I had to figure out how to word the questions to get the additional knowledge she had.

After Lee moved in we fell into a routine. As a night person I was usually online from midnight until about eight am. I would then do what running around I needed to do as well as work on the house from then until about three pm at which time I went to bed. Lee would be online from roughly three pm until midnight, sleep until I buzzed him in the morning and work with me on the house during the day.

I would buzz him from the kitchen and he would come down to join me for breakfast. Sometimes he came down bright eyed, smiling and perky, other times he drug himself down smiling and lastly there were times he just drug himself down. Those were the times that Christine didn't visit him during the night. I guess even teen-aged ghosts don't want sex every night. It was easy to tell the times she rode him hard and put him away wet! Those were the times he had to drag his smiling carcass down the steps and over to the chair. One thing I learned in a hurry, don't speak to Lee until he's had his morning coffee. Talk about a BEAR! He didn't answer you, he GROWLED at you.

I would start the morning coffee, start breakfast and then buzz him. By the time he finally dragged himself down the coffee would be ready to consume with breakfast only a little ways behind. Half way through breakfast he would have ingested enough coffee to be awake enough to talk pleasantly. He would tell me about the things he had found out the evening before and we would discuss their possible meaning, pro and con, to our task. Usually Charlotte would join us during the discussion and either nod or shake her head if the information we had retrieved was useful or not. Again for some reason she couldn't or wouldn't do more than indicate yes or no. It was maddening and frustrating. Maybe it was against the rules at the local Ghosting Guild or something but it surely made it much harder for us to help her.

Some mornings instead of working on the house I would be chasing around all over town looking for specific things only to find out later that the knowledge was worthless or of no help! Seeing my frustration Charlotte would stroke my hand and mouth a kiss in my direction. She would also mouth a 'Thank You' to me which took away a lot of the sting.

She just got lovelier and lovelier with each passing day as she rematerialized and more loving each day also. I'm probably mixing metaphors but she had me completely under her spell if a ghost can cast spells. I don't see why she couldn't as females have been casting that spell over men for thousands of years!

Due to her incorporeal nature it produced more feeling for both of us if she used the Female Supreme position, in other words, if she was on top. Now I was awake when we played which made it better for both of us. I could react more to what she was doing while she reacted to my reactions! With all her essence concentrated to her middle to increase the feeling for both of us I could reach down now and stroke her clit and help produce a really BIG bang when she fired a shot. We had been playing for a good while one afternoon when we had a pleasure surprise, (no, I didn't misspell that or misquote it, just wait!). Our play had given her two orgasms and she was getting close to another. Her middle was super sensitive and she was bouncing around trying to evade my questing fingers to keep me from fondling her trigger when she bounced more than usual. When she landed she had the strangest expression on her face and froze. I had stroked into her several more times before I realized that there was SOMETHING different about the feelings I was getting from her. Having a pretty good idea what was causing the difference I grasp her hips (yes, I could now hold on to her.) and just rotated my middle while she remained stationary. Slowly she began to experiment with this new feeling. It didn't take long to overcome any reluctance as I still stroked over her clit while holding her. Soon she was bouncing up and down just as vigorously as before so I slid two fingers into her wet pussy and massaged her clit all the while she impaled her asshole on my hard dick. As I said a pleasure surprise, it surprised the hell out of her and was a pleasure for me! This produced a really big climax for both of us and this time instead of pulling away she stayed right where she was using me as a plug to keep all the fluids inside her until she could absorb them. John Henry liked exploring new territory and never really softened down as much as usual. He stayed semi-hard and plugging her until she left some time after I had fallen asleep. That also produced another surprise. I don't know if it was because it got mixed with her vaginal fluids or what but we discovered she seemed to absorb more 'essence' from a rear entry climax than from a front entry climax or from swallowing a load. All I know is that we did it once or twice a week that way from then on and it wasn't an accident.

At breakfast about a week after our accidental discovery of the benefits and a few weeks after we had first engaged in that type of sex Lee looked at me rather sheepishly and started, "We did something kind of different last night," and I broke into laughter. I couldn't help it, I KNEW exactly what he had done and better than he did, WHY he had done it.

"What?" he demanded, "What's so funny?"

"You buttfucked Christine last night!" I said between peals of laughter.

"How did you know?" he demanded looking sheepishly again.

When I finally calmed down enough to talk I told him about our accident and what we had discovered from it. I still don't know the reason but it seemed to work and Charlotte must have told Christine and she decided to try it also.

"Did you like it?" I asked him.

"Well, it was different. It sure took me by surprise when she did it. She had been bouncing around and bounced off, when she put it back it was in the 'wrong' hole. She held still for a bit and then began to move around on it a bit tentatively before slowly getting vigorous again."

"Well, I'll tell you this Lee, something's working. Christine is no longer just a glowing blob. She had a definite shape and I can detect her features and so on. You have a very lovely young lady there, enjoy it."

"I do, Virg, I do. She's just so fucking gorgeous that I can't believe it sometimes. How could some nerd like me end up with such a gorgeous babe like that? We HAVE to help them!"

"I know. The thing that gets me is just look at 'em. How could anyone look at two such young, lovely, full of life females and kill 'em? There's got to be more to it than just killing 'em for money. SOMETHING or SOMEONE was forcing the situation and we have to find out what or who caused their murders."

Chapter 4 - BOO!

Lee was trying to communicate with Christine to see if he could find out more or different information than we were finding out from Charlotte. We found out one thing that looked promising, it seems that shortly after their deaths a man went to work for the family who was a rather unsavory character. According to what Christine said (ok! What she wrote!) he had a criminal record and was suspected of several murders in the area. It was from him that Thomas had gotten the poison that he had given them and that he had also helped Thomas bury them. His name had been Sean O'Clancy. Lee spent several days trying to come up with information on him with very limited success. He had existed but was not a major player in the family businesses and only bits and pieces could be found out about him.

At breakfast one morning after finding out about this I turned to Charlotte. "Beautiful Lady, did any of the family keep a diary or log books of the things that were happening?" She nodded and mouthed 'Robert'. "Are any of them still around? Do you know where any of them are?" The smile she displayed was downright sneaky as she nodded again.

Motioning for us to follow her she lead the way to the attic. Once there she stomped the floor a few times and made a diving motion.

"The book is under the floor?" I asked.

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