It Ain't Halloween!

by Aeralyndal

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Desc: Sex Story: A young man in the midsts of remodeling his newly purchased Victorian house makes a few amazing discoveries. One thing leads to another he is now trying to discover the origin of his visitors and how they came to be here.


While I don't believe in Ghosts per se, I do believe there are lots of things happening that we can't explain. If these 'events', 'occurrences' or 'happenings' ARE ghosts at work I don't believe they are harmful in the normal person. Why? Simple, I believe in God. To do so is also to believe in Satan and I do NOT think that Satan would allow one of his captured souls to wander around 'lost' without claiming it immediately. Therefore IF there are ghost they are either good souls who still have a task they have to accomplish or "neutral" souls who have lost their way.

Chapter 1 - A Vengeful Vestal Virgin?

It was a dark and stormy night, from the upstairs attic (that's opposed to the downstairs attic!) you could hear the rattling of chains, the squeaky tread of footsteps on the stairs coming closer, closer, ever closer. Do you believe in Ghosts?

I didn't either until recently! Strange how we can go along for years stating emphatically that such and such doesn't exist merely because we haven't encountered whatever it is we disbelieve. And how rapidly our tune changes when we DO encounter whatever it is.

It wasn't really that bad. It was dusk not dark and it was a clear day, not stormy but Snoopy would NEVER let me live it down if I said that from the start!

What happened simply was that I woke up.

I work online, it's great. I set my own hours as long as I log at least 40 hours a week on our internet site taking care of problems it doesn't matter what hours I work and I'm a night person. I report to work (physically) about once a month to meet with my boss and the other weird nerds that work out of there as I do. He gives us directions as to where we (as a company) are going, trying to go and what progress we are making or need to make. I think really he just want to see that we're all still alive.

Anyway, I had been up all night working, gone to the meeting and got home around 2pm. Home is an old fixer-upper I bought and am in the process of restoring. You know the kind, turn of the Century (into the 20th Century!) with high ceilings, large rooms, no real electricity! The first task was to rewire the whole house with up to code wiring, wall plugs every 8 feet and so on. A friend of mine did the actual work while I pulled wire, carried tools and had everything ready when he needed it. At least I learned a lot about wiring a house that way. Before, each room had ONE wall plug and the light hung down from the center of the room!

I know, I'm digressing, but I like what I'm doing and the progress I'm making to my home, I never owned a house before and I'm kind of proud of bringing it back to life. I got home about 2 pm, took a shower, turned on the fans (No central air yet!) and went to bed. The passage of air from the fan over my still damp body cooled me enough that I went right to sleep.

About six hours later I was having another of the most erotic dreams possible when it got TOO real. I'd been having a lot of those later but never found any signs of 'nocturnal emissions' as they are euphemistically called. Still groggy I opened my eyes and looked down. I sleep flat on my back and from the awful way my mouth tastes when I wake up, I must snore but so far there's been no one else there to complain so it's not really a problem. I had either kicked the sheet off or it had been pulled off because someone (or something) was seated on my middle riding me like a race horse! She had her head thrown back as if she were in the throes of a gigantic orgasm and the way her vagina was clutching me as she rode up and down I would be joining her momentarily. The problem was (Waking up with some lovely female riding your dick isn't really a problem, it's a pleasure.) I could see through her! I could see my chest-of-drawers when looking at her, there was a drawer handle where her bellybutton should have been every time she bottomed out. Before I could even pay any attention to that thought her pussy clutched again as she began to rise and I started to cum as well. I tried to grasp her hips and pull her down on me but there was nothing to grasp. My hands went right through her, slowly but through. It was like moving through spider webs, you knew something was there but couldn't really touch it. If I hadn't been cumming so hard it probably would have scared me but that was put on the back burner for a while as several more spurts of cum shot out of me into her, it or whatever you would call the thing that was going apeshit while riding my shooting cock.

As soon as she had milked every last drop of cum from me she rolled off, clutched her legs together tightly and elevated her hips. It was the same way that women do when they are ovulating and hold in all the semen possible so they can become pregnant.

Even stranger was that another wispy apparition began licking me clean. I could faintly feel something touching me and see the disappearance of the pussy juice and cum residue from my cock. Maybe this would explain why there were no signs of ejaculation on me or my sheets when I arose each evening.

I rolled out of bed and looked down at the one who had just fucked my brains out. She was lovely as I said. I could see her, not all of her but enough to make out her entire outline, features and so on. She was still kind of 'washed out' however. Her pubic region was very clear, her dark curly hair, the top of her slit still puffy and blood engorged, her clitoris completely stimulated, standing proud and exposed, her thighs right around her vaginal area were solid looking. With her legs clamped together I couldn't see much more. There was just no color or real shape to the hair on her head and her feet were pretty much none existent. You could see the faintest of outlines to them and part way up her legs before they began to become clearer. It was like she had pulled as much of herself as she could to her middle to create more feeling for me.

I started to say something just as she sighed, I could faintly hear it. She opened her eyes, saw me standing there and smiled as she faded out. Look as I would I could find no traces of her having been there. No leakage, no spillage, no nothing except for my poor wilted cock after she got through fucking it and the other one had gotten through licking it clean.

I tried to put it down to a nightmare but it wouldn't work, even while not fully awake I KNEW I had seen and experienced something I couldn't explain. After taking a shower to wake up I stumbled into the kitchen to fix something for breakfast and then logged on to my computer. My computer is in the basement, much cooler down there and I had already done the remodeling I wanted there. The central heating and air conditioner was in, we just needed to install the duct work from it to the different rooms.

Nothing hot was needing handling so I started to surf the net looking for information on spirits, ghosts and apparitions. It's surprising how much was there. The big problem was sifting through it trying to find out what was helpful and what was just hot air. Before that my main source of info on ghosts was Hollywood in the form of 'Ghost Busters', 'Ghost' and others of that nature. Hollywood and books of short Ghost stories. Like everyone else I have a fascination for things that scare me.

I remembered reading a story about a ghost who had fucked her way back to life. There was something in the sperm of the person she kept having sex with that slowly brought her from incorporeal back to a full, whole, complete body. Could this be what was happening to me?

We had been tearing out some of the interior walls to remodel the upstairs when we found an area that had been walled off during one of the earlier remodelings. (Why anyone would want to wall up a regular sized room I didn't understand but they had.) All kinds of junk was in there that we had moved into another room until I had a chance to go through it and see if there was anything worth keeping. (I'm something of a pack rat!) It was after the discovery of this room that I began to have the erotic dreams, could they be associated?

Going back up to the room where we had stored all the stuff I began to look through it. There were several boxes of female clothes. From the styles I would say the turn of the century, the one before Last not the one we just had. One thing I had noted when we first found the room was the desk, a REAL rolltop desk, one of the large ones, it was over six feet wide. We had just moved it, we didn't even take time to go through the drawers. I shifted a chair around and started to do that. First I went through the papers that were on the desk top itself and then in the various pigeon holes, drawers and so on in the top.

Jamison was the main name mentioned in the papers. The Jamison family was very prominent in our town, they were among the founding fathers and had become wealthy doing business here. Most of the papers were business in nature and mentioned buying this and that from various people, companies and so on. Not knowing at this point what might turn out to be useful I got several folders and began to separate the papers into them for later scrutiny. I worked my way through all the papers on the desk and in the pigeon holes before I even tried any of the drawers. The middle drawer opened and from there I could open the drawers on the right, the ones on the left were locked.

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