My Dark Secret

by In2thisshit

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Bestiality, .

Desc: Sex Story: A young woman's obession with bestiality.

Warning: This story is about one woman's obsession with bestiality.

It started when I was eighteen. Well that isn't quite the truth since the perversion started much earlier as a fantasy while masturbating. Even as a preteen I had these thoughts but I never acted on them. No, it was when I was eighteen and recently moved away from home. My newfound freedom was leading me down the path of perversion and I was helpless to stop it. In past years I learned to put my "bad" thoughts out of my head but now that I was on my own and alone with temptation every night, they crept back in and took control of me. I now spend every waking moment thinking about it and I masturbate constantly to the fantasy of doing it. I've become consumed with the thought of actually doing it for real. I can no longer control these urges. It has gotten so bad that I even fingered my pussy at work. I know that I am becoming obsessed and I haven't the will power to stop what I know must happen.

I began to study how it was done and what was the safest way. The Internet has proven to be a wealth of information as well as my downfall. I found so many sites dedicated to my perversion that I began to tell myself that I was normal. As I read the stories and stared at the pictures, it seemed that every woman was doing it. I read the stories over and over. I told myself that most were fantasies written by men but some rang true. Some spoke to me. The photos and movies of women doing it were such a turn on. I would get so wet staring at the images of women on their hands and knees sucking and fucking those dripping wet pointy cocks. I decided that I had to do it, no more thinking about it.

I found my lover to be right next door to my apartment. He was very handsome. He looked to be perfect. His body was built for strength and power yet his personality was playful. We met while I was jogging and he was out for a walk. My mind had drifted to my usual thoughts of perversion and I was racing home so that I could strip off these jogging shorts and relieve the sexual itch that was quickly building in my pussy. I approached a blind corner and since I was wearing a Walkman I could not hear anyone approaching as I made the turn. Bang! I collided with both of them and was hurled to the ground. I landed badly and tumbled ass over teakettle.

He was not pleased with being knocked around unexpectedly. He spun and stood menacingly over my prone body. He bared his teeth and a ground-shaking rumble came from his muscular chest. It was obvious that he was angry. I was terrified that he was about to tear my head off. I actually felt that I was going to pee in my jogging shorts. Then a commanding voice broke through the nightmare I was facing.

"Max, heel!"

The Rottwieller looked from me to the man standing at his side. A standoff of wills ensued but finally Max, with a challenging snort, sat back on his haunches. He remained directly in front of my prone body though establishing his dominance and defense.

"Are you okay?" The voice was friendly and seemed genuinely concerned for my wellbeing.

"I think that I have twisted my ankle but not badly. Is he friendly?"

"Max? Yeah, he is about as dangerous as a tongue can get. Max, be good and let the lady up."

It was then that I looked at the man standing behind the great beast. He was very handsome and he was looking me over from head to toe. Mostly he was looking at my crotch. A quick glance told me why. My jogging shorts had slipped to one side and my pussy was visible to his gaze. I never wear panties when jogging and today it was my undoing. I must have turned very red with embarrassment because he turned his head and held his hand out to help me up. Once on my feet, I straightened my shorts out and stammered my apologies and turned to go. That is when my ankle gave out and I went down again.

"Shit that hurts! Damn it I don't think I can walk. Can you help me to my apartment? It is just up the street and I don't think I can make it there by myself."

"Sure but why go all that way when I live right here." His big hand was there once again and this time I was swept off my feet and up into his muscular arms. "No sense in damaging your ankle any further. If it's okay with you I'll take you inside and put some ice on that ankle before it swells up any further. Then I'll wrap it up and you can hobble on your way. By the way my name is Sean. What is yours?"

"Samantha but everyone calls me Sam."

Sean carried my inside and eased me down onto his living room couch. As I awaited his return with a bucket of ice for the ankle, Max sauntered over and introduced himself. Yeah that is a good word for what happened. I was siting back with my damaged foot elevated on an ottoman when Max stuck his big head between my legs. His broad head forced my thighs apart and he sniffed my crouch. I sat there glued to the couch unable to move. Max sneaked his tongue under the edge of my shorts and it was as if an electrical current had been connected to my cunt. My whole body reacted to this unexpected advance. I felt myself trembling all over as if on the verge of an orgasm. My breathing became ragged as his tongue made a second swipe at my vagina. There is no explanation for what I did next. I made a quick check of the hallway and pulled my shorts to the side. This gave Max complete access to my sopping cunt. My fantasy was sitting between my thighs and he did not disappoint. His tongue shot right between my cunt lips and lapped at my clit. A moan escaped my chest. A voice inside my head was screaming for me to stop the animal from continuing his assault on my sex but my need to serve my perversion was strong. Damn it, it felt so good. I was reaching forward to push his head away when Sean entered the room.

"I got you... aaaa... well that is a little bizarre." He stood in the doorway with a bucket of ice staring at my naked cunt as his dog continued to lick at my sopping crack.

"I, a, I... there is an explanation."

"This I have got to hear lady!"

"Well, I was... I don't know. Max just stuck his head between my legs and licked me. Then you walked in."

"I see! And the reason he is still licking you is?"

Sheepishly looking up into Sean's eyes I said, "Because it tastes good?" I was now mortified. Here was a handsome man that I just met only moments ago, watching his dog lick my cunt. And still I could not stop Max from shoving his tongue up into my open cunt. My whole body shuddered as his entire tongue disappeared into my cunt. "Ohhhh, damn!"

"Max, heel!" Max whined his dissatisfaction over his master's command but he removed his tongue from my twat and sat obediently. "Well Sam, do you always seduce a guys dog when you first meet?"

"I did not seduce your dog! I am very embarrassed that this all happened. As soon as I can walk again I'll leave the two of you alone. Max can do whatever dogs do and you can call all of your buddies and tell them all about my perverse little show. I'll never see you two again so feel free to embellish the tale about your dog and his slut."

"Whoa! Take it easy Sam. Can I get you something to drink?"

"I guess so." I was breathing hard and my adrenaline was pumping and it was difficult to calm myself down. How the fuck could I have let this happen? I was so angry with myself that a flopped back against the couch. Sean had gone back into the kitchen to get the drinks. I noticed Max checking to see if we were alone again. He leaned his head forward wedging his muzzle inside of my thighs and again licked at my pussy.

"Max," I whispered, "stop it. Please, Sean will see us doing it again. You have to stop!"

"No he doesn't!" There stood Sean with a bottle of wine, two glasses and a bulge in his sweats. "Sam, I have to be honest with you. I have never seen anything hotter than the sight of your pussy being licked by Max." He handed me a glass of wine sat the bottle and his glass down and knelt next to Max. "Here let's get these off so that the two of you can enjoy." It was at that very moment that my life changed forever. Here I was sitting inside a man's house that I had just met and allowing this stranger to pull my jogging shorts off my legs. He held them to his face and inhaled deeply the feminine fragrance from the crotch of my jogging shorts. "Mmmm, now I see why Max is drawn to you. Your pussy smell very strong but wonderful." Sean opened my thighs and then sat on the floor and scratched Max's ears telling him, "Go ahead boy. She is all yours!"

I could not believe what was happening. As Sean put ice on my ankle he held my legs open for Max. The wonderful beast moved between my legs and started licking my naked twat. I sat back, closed my eyes and allowed my greatest fantasy to unfold between my thighs.

Max, unhindered by clothing and now with his master's permission, took to eating pussy like a professional. I relaxed and put my morals on hold. His thick long tongue was better than I imagined. I knew that a dog's tongue had a different texture but I had no idea how wonderful it would feel as it swabbed the sensitive tissue of my pussy. It isn't rough like a cat's tongue but neither is it smooth like a man's. It is broader and licks more flesh with each swipe. It is also much wetter! This makes for a sloppy and noisy oral sex. Most the most incredible sensation is the warmth of the animal's tongue. Since his body temperature is higher than ours, the touch of his tongue is a warm loving feeling like no other.

Did I mention he had a long tongue? Max worked that big broad thing up into my hole. He had my ass squirming all over the couch. I heard a woman's sultry voice telling Max, "That's it baby! Eat that pussy! Come on Max baby, make this bitch yours forever. Stick that hot tongue deep inside. That's it!" Of course the voice was mine! You would have been crooning for more too. It was "soooo good!" I knew at that moment, well actually the moment that my pussy spasmed and the best orgasm of my life wrenched and contorted my body's muscles that I would never experience ecstasy such as this from any man.

Now that I had my first orgasm with a dog, I had to face the man who had witnessed it all. I delayed opening my eyes as long as I could. Slowly my eyelids raised and there was Sean with the biggest grin just staring at me. He also held in his right fist the biggest fucking dick that I had ever seen. It rivaled anything I had seen on the Net. His cock had a huge angry red mushroom shaped head that flared out dangerously thick where it connected at the shaft. As his fist pumped up and down on the shaft, huge thick veins rose along its surface. Had I never seen a cock before this one would have scared the bejesus out of me! I sat wide-eyed looking at this giant hunk of man meat and I began to salivate. But before I could act on my impulse to jump on that fuck stick and sink it deep into my hot cunt, Sean took control.

"Sam, get down on the floor on all fours. Let's see if he'll fuck you."

In a daze I slowly crawled from the couch onto the floor. I pushed my ass high in the air and right into the drooling muzzle of Max. He licked me from stem to stern and I opened my legs wide and I wiggled my butt at my new lover. Nature took control of Max and he rose up wrapping his forepaws around my waist. His sexual motor went into first gear as he hunched against my ass and thighs. I felt something hot and wet poking at my tender flesh. If I didn't help this poor beast find my cunt I feared I might be bruised for life by his blunt weapon of love. I reached between my legs and got the shock of my life. I had never felt a dog's cock before. Like a blind person I felt this odd appendage giving my minds eye a chance to "see" what I was about to be fucked by.

It was pointy at the tip and it flared out to about two inches wide then tapered back to an estimated inch and a half to three quarters. It was very warm and sticky wet. His pee hole oozed gobs of precum onto my hand so I rubbed it onto my cunt lips to lube myself up. It was unnecessary since I was copiously dripping girl cum down my thighs. Max felt his cock touching my cunt and pushed with such force that I had to let his cock go and it slid into my body. With a hop he jammed his entire cock into my hole and his motor kicked into overdrive. His ass hammered at my body with incredible animalistic fury. Ladies, let me tell you a fact. Dog's do not make love. They simply fuck your brains out. They are driven by their primal urges and the ride is fantastic. I tried briefly to meet my lovers every thrust but failed so I just lowered my head and arched my back allowing him deep access to my sex. His pointy cock banged at the entrance of my cervix. I have never known such sweet ecstasy or such exquisite pain. I would pull away when his cock would poke at my cervix only to relax and wish him to gain entrance to my womb.

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