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Desc: Sex Story: George and Michelle had been bitter opponents. With one pitch Michelle rang his bell. But with any luck, he was soon going to be 'high and inside' Michelle. Batter up.

George lowered himself slowly into the cool water of the pool; the feeling of relief was immediate. Not that the heat of the day was that bad (somewhere in the high 80's) -the real relief was centered in his no longer swollen but still very tender scrotum. It hadn't been that many days since he'd been clocked in the nuts by a softball traveling at near 80 mph. Damn that Michelle from Hell.

Michelle Gardner was the sister of his best friend Pete. Michelle from Hell (Michelle was 11 months older than Pete. Not only had he displaced her as the baby of the family he was also the only boy. His and Michelle's three older siblings were girls; and girly girls at that - former cheerleader's one and all. Michelle was the family mutant and over the years had become Pete and George's nemesis.)

She had always been taller, faster, and just plain better at any athletic endeavor - at least until a couple of years ago or so. She had not taken the change in athletic performance and game outcomes graciously. Her one lone hold out was her pitching. For years she'd been a virtually un-hittable fast pitch softball player. George had been crossing the practice field when Michelle had begun to taunt him about not being able to get a hit off her. She had chided him into taking some swings as the batter during her team practice.

He had struck out swinging for the first two outs when he finally decided to quit trying to belt it over the outfielder's heads. He began to make contact, simply fouling the ball off until he stroked a single to right field. Still alive at the plate with a runner on first he worked Michelle to a full count, fouled off four straight fastballs down the middle of the plate and got a walk out of it.

He could hear Michelle swearing like a sailor out on the mound. He dug in on the next pitch guessing fast ball and blasted the ball over the right fielders head. George could swear he saw Michelle's eyes spinning in her head - he should have walked away. Instead he taunted Michelle with a comment of "Hey - it's only a game." Big mistake!

George watched helplessly as his body reacted all too slowly to the rising fast ball that was curving right at his hips. He felt a stab of intense pain and passed out. A couple of the other girls helped him to his car and he was driven home. He peed blood that night was unable to walk for almost 24 hrs. Rest was recommended by the family doctor and George was more than happy to oblige.

Today was his first venture out of the house and found himself attracted to pool both for it's coolness but also to support his balls. With every one in his family at work he had decided to go free balling - the less contact with clothing the better. The coolness and buoyancy turned out to be just what George needed and he relaxed laid out on the steps. He was nearly asleep when he felt someone cast a shadow across his face. Momentarily forgetting his nakedness George slowly opened his eyes and found himself looking up a skirt containing two toned and tanned legs that met at a dainty pair of white cotton panties.

"Hello George. How are you feeling?" At the sound of Michelle's voice George's anger and irritation were aroused. However, the view up her skirt had already resulted in a far different arousal. He rolled over and stood in the shallow end of the pool the head of his cock breaking the surface.

"Ah Michelle the Man-Hater (yet another of the nicknames she had picked up thru the years) come to finish the job? Did you bring a bat with you this time?" George walked to the steps and climbed slowly out of the pool. His anger was so hot that he couldn't have cared less that he was standing naked in front of Michelle with a raging hard on. In fact it pulsed to the beat of his heart.

Michelle tried to look George in the eyes but her sense of shame for what she had done caused her to hang her head where she found herself starring at George's erection - a very big erection in Michelle's limited experience. She felt a rush of heat through out her body as it radiated from her cunt. She felt wetness like never before.

"I... I came by to apologize, I'm <a very long pause here> sorry George. I'm so very sorry. I just lost my head. I wish I could say it was a mistake but it wasn't. I was trying to hit you - I just never thought I'd hit you where I did. Are you going to be alright, there's no permanent damage is there? You have to believe me that I am truly sorry." Michelle found herself looking back and forth between George's face and his erection.

George was amazed - Michelle was actually apologizing to him. As far as George could remember she had never voluntarily apologized to him once in his life. George looked at Michelle's bowed head and finally was cognizant of just what she was looking at with her head down. The funny thing was it didn't bother him. They had skinny dipped as little kids and he had spied on her many times as they had grown up. An idea flashed into his mind so outrageous that he had to try.

"I'll live. I'm still pretty sore and the physical therapy has been really hard to do by myself." George waited for the inevitable question, "Physical therapy?"

"Yes. It's very important for me to avoid blood clots that could cause permanent damage. I mean one day I'll want to have kids. To insure that there are no blockages I have to ejaculate at least three times a day - morning, afternoon and right before bed." George paused to let it sink in then added, "That's why I was in the pool - cooling down before the therapy."

Michelle absorbed the information slowly. That she could have caused George permanent damage was more then she could bear - she began to cry another apology. She didn't resist when George maneuvered her to a chaise on the patio and sat her down. Her face was at cock height now and George stood right in front of her.

"Michele, if you're really sorry about what happened then help me with my therapy. I get tired of doing it myself - a little company would be nice for a change."

Silently chanting; just do it! Just do it! Just do it! George pushed his cock down to the horizontal and leaned in until the tip was about an inch from Michelle's mouth. An exhalation bathed the head in moist hot air and George shuddered and moaned an "oh yeah.' At the sound of George's moan Michelle looked up at him and then back down at the hard cock in front of her. "Wrap your hand around it."

Michelle slowly lifted her arm and grasped the shaft - she was fascinated by the tactility of the feeling - hard, smooth, hot and pulsing. George had lifted his own hand when Michelle had gripped his cock resulting in it angling upwards again - he smiled as she pulled it back to level. As a host of conflicting thoughts and emotions fought for her attention Michelle moved her hand slowly back and forth. Her eyes were riveted on the tip of George's cock and she watched with fascination as a clear pearl of fluid formed at the vertical slit.

George watched as Michelle lifted a finger to rub his precum around the head of his cock. Her tight grip and slow strokes were wonderfully enjoyable. "Taste your finger." Michelle turned her finger to her nose and sniffed then touched it to her lips, The finger slid in between her lips for a moment then reappeared. Michelle's mouth opened wider and she leaned forward engulfing the head of George's cock. She sucked back and forth over the crown and George was soon shaking with tension. He felt his tender balls tightened and his cock swell.

Michelle had found that the taste of George was not unpleasant - basically neutral, well maybe a little musky. She heard many a tales from other girls about the pros and cons of cock sucking - some girls really enjoyed it and other hated it with most somewhere in between (it seemed to depend on how you felt about the guy). What Michelle liked about it was the feeling of control that it gave her.

The issue (soon to be very literal) of George's ejaculation had not been a topic point as yet and it hadn't occurred to Michelle until she felt his cock swell and remembered many of the more experienced girls warning of what would soon follow. What followed filled her mouth so quickly that she really didn't have time to consider matters of taste and disposal - she simply swallowed which turned out to be just fine with her (George apparently had no objections either).

George had been so lost in the inevitability of his orgasm that the question of if he was going to cum in Michelle's mouth was never fully entertained - he simply did. [Now to this day George need only recall that image of his cock in Michelle's mouth, her cheeks bulging then emptying as she swallowed to generate a very hard erection]. George knelt down and began to kiss her.

Michelle was dazed and offered no resistance to George's kisses nor did she resist when he laid her back on the chaise. It was only when he began to pull her shorts down that she asked him what he was doing. He replied that one good turn deserved another as he threw her shorts to the ground. When his mouth covered her cunt all objections ceased. She writhed under his mouth and tongue as he licked and sucked at her clit. He didn't do anything fancy just long continuous licks - she came with a series of loud moans.

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