Just Being Neighborly

by KK

Copyright© 2003 by KK

Sex Story: A husband finds himself sexually attracted to his new neighbor and when she let's him know that she feels the same they arrange to get together for sex.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Cheating   .

Sandy was lying on the bed and I was at the foot of the bed slowly pushing her skirt up her thighs. When I had her sexy black panties exposed I was seeing them for the second time that evening. The first time had been when I opened the car door for her in the restaurant parking lot. As she swung her right leg out of the car I had an unobstructed view of Sandy's beautiful thighs and the black satiny patch of material that hid her pussy from my sight. She had hesitated for a

couple of seconds, I'm sure, to give me a good look. The realization that I was going to have sex with Sandy struck me at that moment and from that point on I had an erection.

When I had her skirt bunched above her waist I began kissing my way up the inside of her legs. As I kissed and licked the inside of her thighs the intoxicating scent of her sex became stronger. The combination of the natural scent of her arousal combined with the scent of the soap or shampoo she had used when she bathed had my head spinning and my cock dripping. When I ran my tongue over the crotch of her panties I knew that the fantasy that had been in my head for the last three months was about to actually take place.

Before I continue with my narrative, let me tell you about the events that brought me to this, the brink of fantasy becoming reality.

Three months ago as my wife Jo and I were eating breakfast we noticed a moving van parked on the street behind our house. The house that backed up to our property had been for sale for several months and the sold sign had finally appeared about three weeks ago. Jo and I had been looking forward to having neighbors behind us so we were both excited about the prospect of meeting our new neighbors. We sat all through breakfast and a second cup of coffee staring out the back window hoping to get a look at the new owners. Unfortunately I had to leave for work before they made an appearance.

When I got home from work that evening I asked Jo if she had seen the new neighbors. She said that she had seen them in the back yard and said that they were a cute couple. Now I have to tell you that Jo's idea of a cute couple is that the two people fit together. If one is fat and the other skinny or one is tall and the other short they wouldn't be a cute couple. To Jo being a cute couple has nothing to do with the physical appearance of either individual but has everything to do with how the two people look together. So Jo's telling me they were a cute couple didn't tell me very much.

So I had to question Jo to get some detail. What I got was that the man was slightly taller than me, had dark hair and wasn't heavy and that the woman was blonde, about five feet seven inches tall, and wasn't heavy. Not much of a description.

Jo and I decided that after dinner we would go over and introduce ourselves to the new neighbors. When we knocked on the door a dark haired man opened it immediately. He looked to be about my age, 32, and was about six feet two inches tall and looked like he was in pretty good shape. He smiled at us and said, "Saw you coming up the walk. Hi. My names Mike Bronson."

I said, "Glad to meet you Mike. I'm Rich Keller and this is my wife Jo. We live in the house right behind you so we're your back yard neighbors. We just wanted to stop by and welcome you to the neighborhood."

Mike thanked us and invited us in then turned and called over his shoulder, "Sandy, come down here and meet our neighbors."

When I saw Sandy coming down the stairs I almost swallowed my tongue. She was a knock out. Shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes, and a beautiful face. She had large firm breasts, not huge but very nice. She had a slim waist and beautifully rounded buttocks. She was wearing running shorts, which showed off her beautifully shaped legs. I believe that my mouth actually began to water when I saw her.

She moved gracefully down the stairs and over to where we were standing in the foyer and said hello. Mike did the introductions, which gave me a chance to get my composure back before I spoke again. Luckily for me Jo took over the conversation for us. She said, "We know your busy trying to get your house settled but we just wanted to come over and say hello and let you know that if there is anyway we can help just let us know."

Sandy and Mike thanked us and we told them we would give them a few days to get settled, then we would have them over for drinks and to meet some of the other neighbors.

On the way back to our house Jo said, "They seem nice."

All I could say was "Yea," because I was afraid that if I said more I might start talking about how beautiful I though Sandy was and I didn't want to upset Jo. Just for the record, Jo is an attractive woman too. Jo is slightly taller than Sandy; she has beautiful dark brown hair, which is accentuated by her dark brown eyes. Jo's breasts aren't as big as Sandy's but are firm and high and have beautiful large nipples. Jo is athletic so her body is in great shape.

Up until I had met Sandy I always thought that I preferred brunettes to blondes but now I wasn't sure. It would be a mistake to say that I was falling in love with Sandy. Jo was the only woman I ever loved and I had never cheated on her. Sandy just excited me sexually. I had sexual fantasies before but none had grabbed hold of me the way Sandy had from the very first moment I saw her.

During the next week Jo and I talked to Mike and Sandy over the fence in our back yard a few times but we didn't spend any time with them until Sunday. On Sunday we invited Mike and Sandy and a few other neighbors over for a cook out. The gathering started out with all of the women huddled together on the deck and the men standing around the beer cooler talking about sports and telling jokes. Mike turned out to be a likable guy with good social skills and a good sense of humor. I actually felt a little guilty about the lust I felt for his wife.

Later on in the day as the drinks had loosened everyone up I found myself alone with Sandy. I tried to keep my conversation innocent and was doing a good job of it. But after a while I began to get the impression that Sandy was flirting with me. I didn't notice it at first when she was complementing me on how nice our house looked and how I did such a great job with my landscaping but when she told me I had a nice body and actually said that she though I was very handsome I began to get uncomfortable. I figured she must have had too much to drink so I looked for an opportunity to change the subject or to get away from her before things got out of control. Finally Jo came over and joined us followed by a couple of other women then Mike came over.

Later, as we were saying our goodnights to our guests I kept hoping that Jo hadn't noticed me talking to Sandy for so long and that she didn't see Sandy flirting with me. When the last of our neighbors had gone home I asked Jo, "What do you think? Will Mike and Sandy fit in here?"

I held my breath waiting to hear what Jo would say. "Oh yes. Everyone seemed to like them. They'll fit right in."

That was a relief. No suspicion, no mention of my talking to Sandy. Of course, over the years I have never given Jo any reason to be suspicious. Jo and I made a clear understanding when we got married that we would always be faithful to each other, and that if that became impossible because one of us stopped loving the other we would be honest about it and end the marriage before we sunk to sneaking around on each other. I knew it would make me crazy if Jo ever cheated on me so I knew I couldn't do that to her.

Over the next two weeks we had only short encounters with Mike and Sandy when we would see them outside working in the yard. It wasn't until the following weekend that I ran into Sandy at the supermarket. After greeting each other Sandy asked, "Have you got time to have a cup of coffee with me? I want to talk to you about something."

I immediately became uncomfortable but in spite of my better judgment I agreed to have a cup of coffee with her. I though that she might want to talk about the things she said to me at the cook out. I assumed that she was embarrassed by what she had said and wanted to set the record straight. While I didn't want to sit through that I decided to let her have her say and get it out of the way.

When we were sitting with our coffee in the Starbuck's located in the shopping center we began talking about how she and Mike were progressing with getting settled in their new house and about how nice the neighbors had been to them since they met them at our cook out. Then Sandy said, "Actually the cook out is what I wanted to talk to you about."

I thought to myself, 'Here it comes.'

"That day I had a few too many drinks and said some things I shouldn't have said, but I didn't say anything that I didn't mean. I found myself attracted to you from the first moment I met you and I could tell by the way you were looking at me that the attraction was mutual. I could tell by the way you acted that my comments made you uncomfortable and for that I am sorry. I can tell that you and Jo have a good marriage and I would never want to break that up and I love Mike and I don't want to mess up my marriage either. I just think that if we were very careful we could maybe get together and see what happens and

Mike and Jo would never know."

I was dumbfounded. I had to think for a minute before I could even attempt to respond. Finally I said, "You're right. I do feel a strong sexual attraction to you, but I could never do anything about it because I love Jo too much to do that to her. I know how much it would hurt me if she cheated on me so how can I turn around and cheat in her?"

Sandy said, "I understand how you feel. I am battling the same guilt. I'm just saying that if we were careful Mike and Jo would never find out what we did and we would get over our feelings of guilt. Anyway, think about it. I won't bring this up again. But if you decide that you would like to get together, just let me know."

I promised to think about it and let her know if I changed my mind. Then we sat quietly as we finished our coffee.

That night Jo and I had sex. I hadn't been that horny in several months and Jo noticed. She asked, "What's gotten into you? You haven't been this randy in a long time."

I said, "I don't know, but are you complaining?"

Jo said "Absolutely not. That was great"

Later that night I woke up with a painful erection and realized that I had been having a dream about having sex with Sandy. I couldn't get the thought out of my head and I couldn't get the erection to go down so I turned on my side behind Jo and pressed my cock up against her ass. Jo stirred a little and she reached her hand between us and felt my hard cock. I continued to push my cock against Jo as she squeezed it with her hand. As she gradually woke up and realized what was happening she asked "Are you at it again?"

I asked, "Would you mind?"

She said, "No I guess not." With that Jo lifted her leg just enough so that I could push my cock inside her still wet pussy. It had been a long time since we had made love twice in the same night. I had forgotten how it felt to slide my cock into her pussy when she was still holding a load of my semen from earlier. The sensation was great and I was able to climax within a few minutes relieving the tension in my cock but replacing it with a feeling of guilt. After all it was my dream about having sex with Sandy that triggered this event.

The next day I couldn't get Sandy's proposition out of my head nor could I rid myself of my guilt feelings caused by my lust for her. As the days went by my obsession with Sandy remained but my guilt feelings began to disappear. I managed not to do anything about this until a month ago. I thought I had my libido under control until I looked out my bedroom window on a Saturday afternoon and saw Sandy in a skimpy two-piece bathing suit sun bathing on her deck. I looked at her body and knew I had to have her.

I waited for my erection to go down then I went out into the yard and started working in my garden. When Sandy heard me out there she came over to the fence to say hello. As innocently as I could make it look I walked over to the fence and whispered to Sandy, "Can you meet me at Starbuck's at five o'clock today?"

That was all I needed to say Sandy turned to walk back to her deck and as she moved away from me I heard her say "See you there."

At five o'clock I was already sitting at a table at Starbuck's watching Sandy walking across the parking lot toward me. Sandy came in, got a cup of coffee and sat down with me. She asked, "What's up?"

I said, "I think me. Are you still interested in getting together?"

Sandy smiled and said, "Yes. I am. When do you think we can do it?"

"It will have to be sometime when we can both get out of the house without either Mike or Jo getting suspicious. Maybe on a night when they are both busy. You know this may not be that easy to arrange. To find a time when both Mike and Jo will be occupied so that they won't know we are together. This may never happen."

Sandy said, "It will be difficult but if we are patient the time will come. The last thing we would want to do is rush things and make a mistake."

We talked about how we would communicate. We ruled out the telephone. Nothing like strange calls to cause suspicion. Then we discussed using e-mail but decided that even thought we could be reasonably safe with e-mail we didn't want any written evidence of what we were up to. We finally decided to just chat at the back yard fence when we were sure no one would hear us.

So for the last month Sandy and I had several innocent looking chats over the fence in our back yards. It began to seem as though we were doomed. Every time Jo was going to be out for the evening Mike was going to be home and when Mike was out Jo was home. It was looking hopeless. But then last weekend Jo told me her mother called and asked if she could drive up this weekend to have dinner with her mother and her sisters. Jo's mother lives about 100 miles from us so Jo would have to spend the night. Jo told me she was going to drive up Friday morning and would start home Sunday afternoon. This gave me Friday and Saturday to work with. If Sandy could get rid of Mike for a few hours during that time we could finally get together.

I didn't get a chance to talk to Sandy until Monday evening. When I told her that Jo would be away for the weekend Sandy got visibly excited. She said that she would let me know if she could manage to get away from Mike for a few hours during that time.

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