Only One

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Fiction, Gang Bang, .

Desc: Sex Story: he was the only one for me, but he had someone else waiting at home. then came the christmas party

I've always known, he was the only one for me, but unfortunately he was with someone else and so was I; this didn't stop me thinking about him. It didn't help that I saw him every day in the office, where we would chat and flirt with each other. My other half, Nick, is a nice feller, tall blonde and good looking, and he always treated me nice. He always remembers my birthday, buys me flowers and takes me to nice places. The problem is that the fire is not there, I'll fake it of course, I don't want to hurt his feeling. But it can't go on, sometimes I wish he would find someone else and then he would leave me, he deserves better.

It was Christmas again, oh how I hate it, a whole week without seeing him, and being at home trying to be nice to Nick. The only high point is the Office party, and a chance to dance with Trevor, and perhaps kiss him too. I dress with care this morning, thong knickers, front opening bra and a button up dress. It all looks ok on the surface, but a girl can get available very quickly if the chance appears.

I dance with my Boss, a very nice married guy, I've met his wife a few times, they are very happy together with their two kids, even if his hand is a little low, well it was Christmas. At last Trevor asks me to dance and I melt into his arm as if I was meant to be there. He smells so nice, just a touch of 'Old Spice' and like the gentlemen he is, his hand are where their supposed to be; damm the man. If I'm going to get what I want from him, it'll be down to me; but not before I had a few to build up my courage.

It getting late, only a few of us hard core party animals left, time to make my move. A new track starts and I grab Trevor and we move together.

"Let's get some fresh air," I said.

"Yeah, why not," he replied. We move off the dance floor and on to the landing. He offers me a cigarette and we both light up. While we puff, I move back into his arms and hold him, my hips gently swaying to the distant music. I stood on tiptoe and kissed him, he kisses me back, but without any passion. I persist and he pushed me away.

"Please Sue," he said, we can't do this, it's not right." Fuck the man, here I am, offering myself on a plate and he has to be noble. It's part of the reason I love him so much, I suppose.

"Come on Trev," I said, "it's Christmas." I push myself back in his arms. He held me tight and kissed the top of my head. This is not what I wanted, I want him to take me roughly, make me cry out, bring me to a crashing orgasm. Soon after that, he kisses me good night and he leaves me standing there, my whole body shaking with desire. Fuck him, if he doesn't want me, there's plenty that do, I thought.

It's back to the party, all of the bosses have left now, but I see a small group of Salesmen drinking in the corner; they are very happy for me to join them. New drinks all around and a large G&T is pushed into my hands. A number of drinks later, I was invited to join them at some new party somewhere else. Yeah of course I agreed, happy that someone wanted my company. We all piled into one large car, I ended up in the back on someone's lap. Throughout the whole journey, I was kissed by one of my Salesman, while my boobs were given a good mauling by another. The new party was a full swing with loud dance music being played. I was grabbed and we started to dance; I lost myself in the music. Between tracks I was given a new drink; I knew I should stop and get a taxi home, but Trevor's behavour had got to me, and it was so nice to be wanted by someone, anyway at home there was only Nick. I have no idea what time it was, but the music had slowed down, my current dance partner was holding me very close. His hands had undone some of my dress buttons and popped my front opening bra, he was holding my left breast; it felt very nice.

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