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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Doctor/Nurse, .

Desc: Sex Story: This is a story about a nurse who works the night shift. It is a slow night but a doctor shows up and makes it more exciting.

Mary closed the folder with the med sheets and headed up to the nurse's station. She had assessed all her patients and given all her meds. She now had a few minutes to sit down and do some charting. Maybe she would even eat some dinner. It was quiet this particular night shift. So quiet in fact that they called off the other nurse that was supposed to working with. She worked on the pediatric floor and there were only three patients. Since the parents stayed with the kids she didn't have to worry about feeding or changing them. She just had to make sure they got their meds and that there was no change in their health. It would be kind of a lonely night for her but she had brought a book to read and she could surf the Internet.

Mary was a 23-year-old nurse. She was short, only 4'8.'' She had a nice body though and boobs that looked quite nice on her small frame. She had graduated from college less than a year ago and had only passed her nursing boards 6 months earlier. She was happy living on her own with her first new car and spending a lot time going to clubs with friends. She wasn't dating anybody and was okay with that. As a nurse she was adjusting well. Her colleagues trusted her and new she could handle being on her own.

As Mary sat and typed her charting in the computer she heard the door open. Her face made a look of surprise.

"Dr. Smith, what are you doing here so late?"

"I didn't have a chance to come during the day, so here I am. How are they doing?"

"Oh, just fine doctor. 513's labs came back normal and 515's oxygen saturation has been above 95% all day."

"Good. I'll go take a look. Maybe we can send one of them home tomorrow."

Mary continued her charting and Dr. Smith went to assess his patients. A few minutes later a call bell rang. Mary went to see what the patient needed. Mary walked into the room and saw that it was the one the Dr. Smith was in.

"Mary, I was wondering if we could get this baby's temperature. He feels a little warm."

"Sure." Mary said as she went to get the thermometer.

When Mary got back the doc had taken the baby's diaper off for her. She put the thermometer in and began to wait. The doctor was standing to the side listening to the baby's lungs. All of a sudden Mary jumped. The doctor looked up not knowing what was going on. Then he felt it. His shirt was wet. The baby peed on him as babies often do when they have the temps taken. Mary couldn't help but laugh. Dr. Smith excused himself and Mary put a new diaper on the baby.

When Mary walked out into the hall she got a surprise of her own. Dr. Smith was at the sink with his shirt off. She couldn't help but glance up and down at him. He had very well defined muscles and a six pack. She would have never guessed because he was so skinny but he had very nice muscles. Mary realized she was staring and walked away quickly.

She sat down by the computer again and began to read her book. It was a cheesy romance novel that she bought at the grocery store. She hated to admit it but the love scenes in it brought her to masturbate more than once. The down side of no boyfriend was that she wasn't getting any action either.



Mary looked up startled. "Oh, sorry." Mary closed her book and hid the cover.

"What are you reading? It must be pretty good to get you so absorbed."

Mary blushed. "Oh, it's just an old paperback."

"What is it. Let me see the front."

Mary took it off the desk, as she said "no!"

Dr. Smith grabbed for it. Because he was so much taller than Mary it only took him a second to get it out of her hands. "Passion, huh?" Let's see what this is all about.

Alexander and Lynn embraced in a kiss.
As their tongues entwined so did
their bodies. Lynn's bosoms heaved and
she could feel Alexander's member press up
against her.

"Very steamy stuff for work now isn't it, Mary?" Dr. Smith mocked her.

Before Mary knew what she was doing she began to tickle the doctor. It was her way of getting back at him. He doubled over in laughter but Mary didn't let up. Mary kept tickling and tickling. Dr. Smith tried to fight back. He was trying to tickle Mary's stomach but his hand brushed against her breast. He paused for a second but Mary didn't seem to notice, or didn't seem to mind.

Curious as to which was true Dr. Smith decided to touch her breast again. He tickled her stomach and then moved his hand across her chest again. This time he went right across the nipple. This time Mary stopped. She put her hands across her chest and looked shocked. Dr. Smith was afraid of what was going to happen. Mary looked at the doc and said, "if you want to feel my breasts, you will have ask. No freebies!"

The doc was floored. His jaw dropped. He thought he was gonna have a sexual harassment suit and she was giving him an invitation! Dr. Smith looked Mary up and down and decided he wanted to see more. "May I touch your breasts, Mary?"

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