Double Date

by Zebulon

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, BDSM, .

Desc: Sex Story: Playboy who likes bondage arranges kinky menage a trois with two girl friends.

"Say again?" His voice was soft and teasing.

She was clearly embarrassed. She looked down at her dessert plate and said, almost in a whisper, "Please."

"Say it again." His voice a bit more commanding.

The small noises of the restaurant had faded completely behind the rushing sound in her ears.

She stared at her half empty plate and mumbled an unconvincing, "No."

"No?" he asked in a playful tone, knowing he'd tapped into a most secret place.

"Not really," she said with a trembling voice, "that is, not exactly."

"Explain." he said almost sweetly while increasing the tempo of his finger movements through her now squishy flesh.

They had met at a political fund-raiser. Sarah was a beauty from the local college. She was doing volunteer work for the campaign. Jason was a donor. He was tall, dark, and handsome. She was rather surprised to discover how wealthy he was. He seemed rather young to have so much money. She also thought he was a bit arrogant, if charming. He asked her out and she surprised herself by saying yes.

Sarah was even more surprised that their first date had gone so well. He had been a perfect gentleman and they'd had a great time. Within a month she had shared his bed and was again surprised to find he was an excellent lover. She'd somehow expected that with his good looks and money he'd be a dud at lovemaking.

Then the other shoe had dropped. On the third night, when making love, Jason pulled some soft ropes out of nowhere and asked if she'd like to 'play a little game.'

She was very nervous; almost scared. But she also found -- and this was the greatest surprise of all -- she was tremendously turned on by the idea. They played. It was great. She wanted more.

By the end of a few months their relationship had reached the point where they were taking their sex games out in public.

Dinner was at a very expensive and exclusive restaurant overlooking the bay. The lighting was subdued, the mood being set by moonlight reflected on the water and a small candle flickering on the table. There was soft romantic music playing in the background.

The food had been sensational. The other diners were absorbed with their own meals and conversations. Jason's fingers were gently sliding through the moist folds of Sarah's womanhood under cover of the long tablecloth. He had made her come to dinner in an expensive evening gown and no panties. Soon after ordering he had slid a hand under the table and hiked her skirt up into her lap. He had been toying with her privates and with her passions ever since.

Then there had been those questions. Idle conversation when anyone was within earshot punctuated with a whole series of personal, confidential, and often embarrassing questions when they were alone. That was the game. 'Had she ever faked an orgasm?' 'How often?' 'Why?' She was obligated to answer truthfully and had been doing so.

'Did she like giving head?' 'What did she like best about it?' 'What was she thinking that first time she asked him to do her from the rear?' That was a big one. She had always had a strange curiosity about anal sex, but she'd never worked up the nerve to ask any of her previous boyfriends to do it that way. With Jason it seemed an easy and almost natural request. And it turned out to be even better than she'd imagined.

'How long had she known she was a bottom?' 'Why did she like it so much?' 'What did she want to try that they hadn't already done?' She found, without much surprise, that having to answer these embarrassing questions in this public place was turning her on tremendously. Her pussy had been slightly moist when they'd started. It was quite damp now. She was afraid the back of her gown must be getting a wet spot and worried it would show when she got up to leave. She was very grateful for the dim lighting.

Then came the question she had been passionately dreading. It had really struck a nerve and she had done a miserable job of trying to hide the fact. 'Have you ever had sex with another woman?'

She had somehow known the question would be asked sooner or later. A part of her had actually been looking forward to it.

Jason knew early that he liked bondage and domination games. But finding playmates who shared his passion wasn't easy. When he first started dating he'd found only one. Then his father died and left him a large successful company and a fortune in cash and stocks. That made things considerably easier. And he'd developed an instinct. Over time he'd learned things to say and questions to ask when talking with new girls. More importantly, he'd learned how to interpret their answers. Now about one of every three girls he dated ended up being added to the growing list in his little black book.

And being rich he wasn't obligated to play by the same rules as, what his father had called, 'the little people.' He wasn't monogamous and didn't pretend to be. He was, in fact, very truthful to his playmates about his other partners. Those who could live with it did so. The others left. And still his list of names grew.

Sarah had been quite a find. She was a tall girl with a vaguely middle-eastern look. Something in her shape and bearing reminded one of a belly dancer. But her skin tones weren't dark. And her long wavy hair was such a light brown it almost looked blond. All in all, Jason thought she was quite a treat. And then to discover her deep capacity for submission.

He thought about her non-answer as he continued to stroke his finger over her clit. Even in the unclear light he could tell she was blushing furiously. "Go on, explain," he again prompted.

Sarah was stuck and knew it. "I... That is, I've never actually been with another woman."

"But you think about it?"

She flushed even deeper and nodded her head.

"You think about it a lot. Don't you?"

Bingo! He'd hit the mark. Sarah, still looking down, closed her eyes and said, "Yes, sir."

"My, my, my,... you like women," Jason mused, "... and you like to be dominated." His finger slid across her engorged clitoris as he spoke. Sarah unexpectedly tripped over the edge and orgasmed right at the table, just as the waiter was walking up with a carafe to freshen their coffee.

"Please pardon my friend," Jason explained, "she has asthma."

Their lovemaking that night was the best ever. There was an intensity Sarah had never before experienced.

Then she didn't hear from Jason for the next two weeks. She didn't know if she'd done something wrong. If the whole thing was over. Or if he'd just upped and died.

She was moping around her dorm room one night when the phone rang.


"Are you free Saturday night?"

"Jason, where the hell have you been?"

"Busy," he said brushing aside her question as well as her implied question. "Are you free this Saturday?" he asked with a little more iron in his voice.

She was tempted to say 'No' just to get back at him for leaving her hanging. But instead answered meekly. "Yes, sir."

"Good. My place, 6:45 pm sharp, informal attire, but look nice. Eat a snack before you come, dinner will be late." He paused. She said nothing. "Oh yes," he continued, "and don't beat off between now and then." The phone went dead.

Part of her was furious at this cavalier treatment. But she was also quite turned on by it. Her panties were very damp indeed. She hadn't felt like having sex for over a week. Now she most certainly did. But she couldn't beat off for the next five days. Sarah felt like howling in frustration.

Jason lived alone in an impressive penthouse apartment in the business district. It wasn't even a penthouse in the regular sense. That is, it wasn't part of an apartment complex. It had started out as a temporary residence for his father, who quite literally 'lived the business.' He had it set up using the entire top floor of his corporate headquarters.

When his father died, Jason made sure the company continued to thrive. Knowing he had no head for business, he'd done a good job of hiring excellent managers to run things. Aside from the occasional public event he was obligated to attend, he stayed out of their way and let the cash roll in. The enterprise grew. Soon the corporate headquarters had moved to a larger and more impressive building in a neighboring city. Jason expanded and converted the top two floors of the building into a rather flamboyant bachelor's pad. The 28th floor he reserved as a buffer and a kind of storage facility against his future needs. The rest of the building had been converted to office space.

All of which made for good neighbors. The building was largely deserted nights and on weekends.

There were security guards to guard his security. There was a maintenance crew to deal with maintenance. And there was a discreet cleaning lady who came three times a week to straighten up, do laundry, and make sure the larder was well stocked.

All in all, it was an ideal life for a young, well-to-do, and rather kinky man-about-town.

Sarah arrived by taxi at the front door of the complex a bit early. The security guards knew her face and let her in. She took the executive elevator up to the 29th floor and waited in the anteroom, killing time and checking her wristwatch. She wasn't sure what this new game was, but Jason had said '6:45 sharp.' Punctuality had become an important part of their game. So she waited. Before leaving her dorm she had called and set her watch by the atomic clock in Washington.

She fidgeted with her purse and waited some more. At precisely 6:44 and 50 seconds she walked to the apartment door. It opened even as she was raising her hand to knock.

Jason was dressed only in his black smoking jacket. His hair was slightly disheveled and to Sarah he looked positively delicious. Without saying a word he took her in his arms, pulled her close, and favored her with a long, luxurious kiss. She was almost breathless with lust when he broke off and pulled back to look at her.

"You look fabulous," he said, and then added with a sly grin. "Are you ready for an adventure."

Sarah didn't know quite how to respond. Her legs were weak. What did he have planned? She felt powerful jolts of lust, fear, and curiosity. She suddenly found she couldn't muster the will to speak. Instead she just looked at him with all the emotions she was feeling playing clearly over her face.

Jason studied her for a moment. "I'll take that as a 'yes.'" Taking her hand, he walked her through the penthouse to a far corner of the building.

Sarah found herself entering a large unlit room. She'd never seen it before. It was a den or office of some kind. There was a massive desk lost in the gloom in one corner. Wood paneling covered the walls. And there was plenty of fine conservative furniture scattered about. Jason led her to a massive leather sofa facing a great glass window overlooking the city. The sun had just set. The view was magnificent. The city was starting to light up. The bay was still visible in the distance. A large yellow moon was hanging overhead.

Jason didn't stop to admire the view. He turned and gave Sarah another long kiss. Then he reached down, grabbed the bottom of her fuzzy turtleneck sweater and, as she raised her arms, gently lifted it over her head. He kissed her again, reached around, and unsnapped her bra. Removing the garment, he leaned down and nuzzled and kissed her lovely breasts. Sarah's nipples were rigid and hypersensitive. She trembled as he kissed her. Then she noticed a small pile of bondage paraphernalia on the coffee table. She trembled even more.

Sarah wanted to ask questions, but that wasn't the game. And she had to admit that the uncertainty was adding a tremendous dash of excitement to the evening's mix. What did he have planned? She was already moist when he'd started undressing her. By the time she'd noticed the bondage materials, she was positively wet. Her panties were going to begin sticking to her crotch if this went on for long.

But Jason just kept kissing and licking and nibbling and undressing her as he went. He got down on one knee and carefully removed her sneakers and socks. He undid her jeans and slid them down as well. The panties were the last to go. He carelessly tossed her clothes onto the large leather chair.

When Sarah was finally nude, he stood up and stepped back to admire her. "Superb," he said. She suddenly felt extremely self-conscious and stifled an urge to cover her breasts and crotch with her hands.

Jason reached over to the table and removed a leather collar from the pile. He brought it up and held it before her face so that she could look at it. There was a brass plate with an inscription she could just make out in the dim light. It was her name. She didn't know what to say. So 'this' was what the evening was about.

Jason opened the collar and moved to put it around Sarah's neck. She helped him by pulling her long hair up out of his way.

Once the collar was in place he kissed her again. Then he turned her around, facing away from him. She heard him reach down and pick up something else off the table. She felt her hands being cuffed together behind her back. He stepped up against her and reached around her taut body to massage a breast with one hand and her twat with the other. She could feel the stiffness of his prick against her hands as he nuzzled her ear. If he kept that up for any length of time she would come for sure.

But he didn't keep it up. Just as she was about to grab his member with her cuffed hands, he pulled away again and moved her over to the sofa. With a little help (it was awkward laying down with her hands cuffed behind her), he positioned her so that she was lying on her belly on the sofa.

Jason cuffed her ankles next. He used a short strap to tie her wrist restraints to the ankle restraints. He cinched them tightly. Not so tightly that it was painful, but tight enough that Sarah knew she wasn't going anywhere until he let her.

Jason stepped back again to admire the view. "Magnificent," he said again. "Simply marvelous." Sarah felt very proud to hear him say that. But she felt more lustful than anything else. 'OK,' she thought, 'he has me tied up. Now what?'

The 'now what' turned out to be a gag. It was made of black leather that almost seemed to match the sofa. There was a soft blunt penis prod on the inside that effectively filled her mouth to capacity. And once strapped in place, it kept her from saying anything or even from making very loud noises.

And then nothing much happened at all. Jason sat on the floor next to her and continued to kiss, lick, rub, and fondle her body around the restraints. But Sarah sensed that he wasn't going anywhere with it. He was just biding his time. It was highly erotic, but her curiosity was starting to drive her crazy.

Then, as he was teasingly running one fingernail over her butt coming tantalizingly close to her crotch, a little chime went off that she never heard before. She turned her head and looked at him. He was glancing up at the wall clock. "Right on time," he said, almost to himself.

Sarah grunted questioningly. He only smiled and continued with his gentle fondling. But noticing her uneasiness he said, "The guards ring me to announce guests." At this, Sarah became quite distressed indeed. Somebody was coming up? Surely he wasn't going to let some stranger see her this way. She thrashed about and grunted objections into the gag.

Jason just smiled again and gave her butt cheek a serious slap. It stung. "Quiet," he said. "This is part of the adventure."

Sarah quieted but didn't lose any of her agitation. She could hear the elevator mechanism gently whirring in the background.

Jason again glanced at the clock and then stood up. Leaning over, he kissed her ear and whispered, "Now don't go anywhere." And he was gone. Sarah was left to writhe in her bondage. This she did for just a half minute. Then, realizing how hopeless that was, she got as quiet as possible and listened intently.

At first nothing. The elevator had stopped. She looked up at the clock. 7:14 pm. The second hand was coming up to 7:15. With 20 seconds to go there came a distant knock. 'Hmmph' Sarah thought with a vague sense of superiority 'whoever it is didn't set his watch as accurately as she had.'

A few seconds later she heard the front door open. There was a quiet muffled conversation. Try as she might, she couldn't make out the words. The voices came closer, and Sarah thought she would void her bladder on the nice leather sofa. But the voices turned aside and began ascending the stairs before reaching her.

She was breathing a sigh of relief when she heard the only words she could make out. It was Jason saying, "Are you ready for an adventure?" Then the voices were out of range and try as she might, Sarah could hear no more. She was left trembling in her constraints.

Jason met Daria in college. He was a junior and she was a freshman. She was the most heartbreakingly beautiful girl he had ever seen. But when he studied her face closely, he could never understand why. Nothing seemed to match. Her face was almost square. Her eyes seemed too big and her eyebrows too pronounced. Her nose was slightly upturned and seemed the wrong shape for her face. Her lower lip was too thick and her upper lip too thin. Her mouth was crooked and ears were too big. There was no reason to believe that all these mismatched features put together would spell beauty. But they did. She was absolutely gorgeous and, not only Jason, but everyone who saw her thought so.

Daria had an equally lovely body. Just about average height, she had a very athletic build and deep brown hair. She also had a set of rather impressive and very firm breasts. Jason also discovered she had a wonderful capacity for and interest in sex. And she loved to try new things.

Together they discovered bondage. This lasted until Jason's graduation a year and a half later. Then Daria suddenly and rather unexpectedly had gotten cold feet. Jason was getting a little too serious for her. She was afraid he might start talking marriage. And their sex play was becoming more intense all the time. More intense than she seemed ready for. One day, a few weeks before graduation, he'd asked if she wanted him to take her to a sex club and put her on stage. That threw her for a bit of a loop. She said she'd think about it.

While she was thinking, Jason's father died very unexpectedly. First he was gone and when he returned he was busy. They hardly had time to speak during his final two weeks of classes and examinations. When he graduated he left for good. And that seemed to be that. Daria did get one phone message from him a few weeks later. It was on her answering machine with his new number, but she never called back.

In a fit of what was almost remorse, Daria went back to vanilla sex. For awhile she didn't miss her wilder side. She told herself it was just a phase she had gone through. She joined the cheerleading team. By the time her own graduation came up she'd met and gotten engaged to the star defensive end. Her life was starting to develop in a very traditional way. And that might have been the end of that...

Except that one week before her wedding, she'd caught her husband-to-be in bed...

... with another man.

So the marriage was off. At first Daria didn't know if it was the infidelity or the homosexuality that bothered her more. She just knew she was pissed.

She got back in touch with Jason. She needed to talk with someone and he was the obvious choice. But they hadn't spoken in over two years. The number he'd left her didn't work, so she looked him up through the alumni association. She sent him an Email and he sent an immediate and very friendly reply. They traded recent histories. He told her about how busy he'd been since his father's death but didn't mention anything about his new found wealth. She told him about her broken engagement and he turned out to be a great listener. They went back to being good friends. But it was clear their relationship wasn't about to pick up where it had broken off. A distance remained between them.

For the next several years they were Email friends only but they shared a great many confidences. And largely through their correspondence, Daria worked the anger out of her system. She came to understand that the problem with her ex- fiance had not been the homosexuality. It had been the infidelity. She knew this because she began to realize she had deep-seated bi-sexual feelings of her own. 'Hmmmph. How about that?' She confided these thoughts and feelings to Jason even as they continued to live their separate lives.

One day, the company Daria worked for folded. Jason offered to help her to find a new job. 'Where did she want to live? He could find her a job almost anywhere.' This seemed to be an invitation to move closer to him if she wished. They hadn't seen each other or had a real-time phone conversation since college. She mulled it over for a couple of days before deciding. Then she picked up the phone and dialed. It seemed to break some kind of ice and they talked for hours. In the end she asked him to find her a job in the city where he was living. She would give it a try, at least for a while.

They went back to being close friends. But not bed partners. They continued to correspond by Email and talk on the phone. They would even get together now and then for dinner. But each seemed to be waiting for the other to make the first move. Perhaps this had to do with Daria's confusion about her sexual identity. Since the break up of her engagement, she'd had several sex partners but they had all been men. Yet the knowledge of her sexual attraction to other women kept gnawing at her. She'd been talking with Jason about this for years. Neither knew what it might mean in terms of any possible future relationship.

Things might have stayed this way forever. But then came that fateful dinner with Sarah. Jason had several possible sex partners in mind for a little manage a trois. But Daria might be perfect. In fact, she might be more than perfect. Of course, he might be risking their friendship. Then again...

He called her unexpectedly and told her he had something extraordinary in mind. He gave her just enough hints to start her juices flowing. Was she interested? She spent almost a week considering the implications.

Jason didn't pressure her at all. He just waited. She called. 'What exactly did he have in mind.' She could almost hear him grinning over the phone. "You'll just have to trust me," he said.

She spent a few more days agonizing about it before calling back and saying, "Yes."

She could feel that grin over the phone again. There were a few long moments of silence. "OK," he finally said, "here's the deal. First thing, don't beat off between now and then."


"You heard me." Another silent grin. "I want you ripe and ready for this little adventure."


"And I'll send you details once I have them. Check your Email."

Sarah felt like she'd been lying there for hours. But when she heard the unmistakable sounds of returning footsteps she glanced up at the clock and realized that it had only been about twenty-five minutes.

"And how have we been?" Jason asked as he entered the darkened room. "Still horny, I hope."

Sarah started to protest into her gag but quickly gave that up as futile. Besides, the truth was that she was indeed, still quite horny. Her mind had been running circles trying to guess what Jason was up to. She hadn't been able to understand anything the guest had said. But unmistakably the voice was soft and sexy and very feminine.

Sarah thought about her last date with Jason and all of those questions. She remembered especially those final questions about her secret lusts. And now he had brought her here along with another woman. She spent the whole time she was alone working herself into a terrible state of erotic tension pouring over the myriad possibilities of what the evening held in store. 'Yes,' she wanted to tell him. 'Yes, I have these secret desires all the time. But I'm not sure I really want to do anything about them. At least not yet. I don't think I'm ready for it.'

Sarah felt Jason reach in between her bound legs. In her hogtie, her legs were splayed. She could actually hear the moist squish that accompanied the feel of slick fingers easily worming their way through her engorged flesh.

'I'm not ready,' she thought furiously as he removed his fingers and gave her butt a firm squeeze.

"It's playtime," he said, as he released the strap that held her hogtie. Her legs flopped down. She wiggled her ass impatiently. She wanted him to release the rest of her bondage and take out the gag so they could talk about this. He undid her ankle restraints. She flexed her toes and waited for him to undo her hands.

Instead he merely clipped a leash to her collar and helped her to unsteady feet. He held her in his arms, gag still in her mouth, hands fettered behind her back, and kissed her on the forehead. When he pulled away, she looked up into his face with an expression that bespoke the powerful uncertainties that were playing through her mind.

'Please don't do this now,' she wanted to beg. 'Not now; not yet.'

But all she could do was to gently shake her head. She felt his fingers moving thorough her hot slit again. He was kissing her on the side of her face and around her ear. "Fun time," he whispered. And started off, pulling her along by the leash. For a brief moment, she thought about resisting, but some morbid fascination deep within her made her follow meekly in his wake.

She walked noiselessly, padding on bare feet through the silent apartment, up the stairs, and down the long hall that led to his large bedroom. She had been nervous the first time she'd entered this inner lair. Now she was almost beside herself with anxiety. 'What was waiting for her behind that door?'

Jason stopped short of entering the room. He dropped the leash and turning took Sarah's face in his hands. For a long time he just looked at her, smiling gently into her eyes. He kissed the exposed flesh around her gag and then said, "This is for you, darling."

She made a plaintive little whining noise behind the gag.

He smiled. "I know. But isn't it better this way?"

'Isn't what better which way?' she wondered as he took up her leash again. Turning he opened the door.

His bedroom was lit with the soft light of a half dozen candles.

Jason took a couple of steps into the room and stopped. Sarah had followed directly behind so her view was blocked. She hesitated to look around him to see what was awaiting her on the bed. For long moments nothing happened. She heard a muffled sound of movement. A little pause. And then another. She could smell another woman's perfume in the air. She found that and the flickering lights very disorienting.

Finally screwing up her courage, Sarah took a deep breath and peeked around Jason's broad shoulders. She felt a chill run down her spine. There was a woman in the bed. That was hardly surprising. But the woman was completely naked and tied down. Sarah might have expected it, but hadn't.

At first, she couldn't see much detail. The woman was lying on her back with her arms pulled straight up over her head. Her wrists were fastened together and a strap was pulling them up to the center of the bed. Sarah could tell there was a lot of tension on the strap because it was tugging at the mattress as it disappeared over the edge.

The woman's legs were cuffed at the ankles and there were straps pulling each toward the nearest bedpost. And because Jason's bed was so wide, her legs were spread rather far apart. The effect was that her body formed a large letter 'A.'

She took a step closer without realizing she had done so. The woman was wearing a gag identical to her own. Sarah worked her tongue around the thick penis prod invading her mouth and imagined how she must feel. The woman's eyes were following her over the gag. Her dark brown pubic patch glistened moistly in reflected candlelight.

Jason reached over, removed the leash, and put his finger through the O-Ring in Sarah's collar. He pulled her closer so the woman could get a better look at her. "Daria," he said, "this is Sarah."

The woman looked but otherwise didn't react.

"Say hello to Sarah."

The woman grunted something into her gag. Jason stepped behind Sarah and again wrapped his arms around her. She felt him firmly squeezing her in a big hug. His wrists crossed and he grasped each of her lovely breasts with opposite hands. Sarah could feel his stiff member pressing up against her fettered hands through the open front of his smoking jacket. She took hold of it almost for comfort. He nuzzled her neck and spoke softly into her ear. "Sarah, this is Daria."

Sarah grunted her own hello.

"Good girl," he said. He then released her breasts and took half a step back. Reaching up he unbuckled her gag, took it out, and tossed it lightly aside. With the gag removed, Sarah was free to speak. She said nothing. She was suddenly, and for no particular reason, keenly aware of the feel of the soft carpet on her feet.

Jason reached down and undid her fetters. Sarah's hands fell lightly to her sides. She was now completely naked and unrestrained except for the collar. But she didn't move. She didn't know what to do or what Jason expected of her.

The woman on the bed just watched them carefully. She didn't try to speak. She wasn't resisting. She hardly moved. But there was an intensity in her eyes that Sarah couldn't miss. And unless it was a trick of the light the moistness of her crotch had increased.

Jason came around and putt his finger through her collar ring again. He pulled her gently to the side of the bed. They half sat and half climbed up until they were quite close to the bound girl. He reached down and squeezed one of Daria's breasts. She sighed into her gag.

Sarah didn't know what to do. She watched Jason's hand as he worked Daria's breasts. First one, then the other. Squeezing, rubbing, scratching the skin lightly with his fingertips, pinching her engorged nipples. The dark skin around herr"> ples was completely crinkled and almost seemed to twitch at his touch. Sarah became fixated on what he was doing.

Jason reached over and took her hand. He brought it over to Daria's nearest breast. Sarah felt her fingers come in contact with the warm flesh. They seemed to tingle at the touch. Then his hand was gone. She watched it travel down the woman's belly and slide through her pubic slit.

Sarah heard a 'hummm' from the head of the bed. She looked up. Daria had closed her eyes and was quietly moaning. Looking down, Sarah realized that without quite being aware of it, she had taken over pleasuring the woman's breasts. This went on for several minutes.

Jason was doing something that was making Daria breathe harder and faster. But Sarah was fascinated with watching her own hands work the highly sensitive mammaries. She remembered the way she liked her own breasts fondled and was using this to excite the woman.

Somewhere in there, Jason stopped what he was doing and got off the bed. Now it was just Sarah and Daria. She continued to manipulate the woman's breasts and only vaguely wondered what would come next. Looking over she noticed Daria watching her again. Then she felt Jason's hands on her hips.

Jason had removed his smoking jacket and come up behind her. Using his strong hands he repositioned Sarah so that she was face down on the bed with her head hovering over Daria's closest breast. He lay next to her and gently pressed her head until her lips were only inches away from the bound girl's nipple. Then he started rubbing her back.

Sarah felt his finger slide slowly down her spine and through the crack in her behind. She was transfixed. She looked down at a gently heaving breast and up into Daria's eyes gleaming back at her. She looked down at the breast again and over at Jason's smiling face. He leaned forward and kissed her. Deeply and tenderly. When he broke off, he reached up and took a fistful of her hair. Using it like a handle, he repositioned her face so that her lips were actually making contact with Daria's nipple.

Sarah closed her eyes and began to suck.

She had fantasized about this for years. A dark, deep, hidden fantasy. Now her relationship with Jason had brought it into reality.

After a couple of minutes Sarah opened her eyes and really started to get into it. 'What did she like?' She brought her hands up and grasped the nearest breast. She squeezed it rather hard to make the skin taut and sensitive. She nibbled on the nipple and swirled her tongue around it in lazy circles. She was gratified to hear the bound woman moan through her nose. She inched forward and repeated the performance on the other breast.

For a while Jason continued to rub and tweak Sarah's behind as he watched her. Then he moved back down between Daria's legs and did something else that caused her to writhe with pleasure.

Jason let this build for a while. He randomly tickled and prodded Daria's clit in preparation for what was to come. He wanted her at a high pitch of excitement.

He watched Sarah as she increased the tempo of her lesbian assault on Daria's breasts. She seemed more animated in her lovemaking than he'd ever seen her. And he was learning some new tricks by watching. He would certainly know more about how to please Sarah in the future. Meanwhile he was keeping a careful eye on how turned on Daria was getting. He wanted her deeply aroused, but he wanted Sarah to be the one to push her over the edge. When he judged the time was right, he moved.

Sarah felt hands on her hips again. She was pulled gently but firmly back and away. Next thing she knew Jason pulled her to her knees and then off of the bed and on to her feet. He put his finger back through her collar ring and walked her around to the foot of the bed.

Sarah found herself staring directly up between Daria's legs. The face hovering above those legs was again studying her carefully. But the bound girl's chest was heaving with her labored breathing and her nostrils were flaring.

Jason moved around Sarah again. He hugged her tightly. She could feel his stiff prick wedged up against the crack in her ass. She suddenly wanted him to enter her from behind as much as she'd ever wanted anything sexual. But he was whispering in her ear again.

"OK, baby," he said. "She's all yours."

And then he simply released his hug and stepped back.

Nothing. For a long moment nothing. Sarah started to look around to see what Jason was doing, but she felt his hand come up and grasp her hair again. He positioned her head so she was again facing directly toward the bound girl. Then he pushed her head slightly forward and pulled up so that her face was angled down toward Daria's crotch.

His hand withdrew.

More nothing. Sarah's heart was beating wildly. The girl on the bed seemed frozen in place.

And Sarah, hardly thinking about what she was doing, inched forward. She climbed slowly up onto the bed between the bound girl's knees. She gently grasped a thigh with each hand. She seemed drawn to Daria's wet crotch. The cunt lips were splayed completely open. Her pubic thatch was either neatly trimmed or it just grew very short. The hair was fine and very dark. Her moist skin was almost sparkling in the candlelight. She could actually see the girl's heartbeat in her pussy.

Sarah sat on the bed, leaned forward, and touched the pulsating flesh. She was surprised to find it felt exactly like her own. She then wondered why this should surprise her. She pressed the little hood back and looked at Daria's clit. It seemed rather large to her. She touched it with her finger. The bound woman almost jerked in response. Sarah touched it again. And then began rubbing two fingers in a gentle circular motion as she did when fingering herself to orgasm.

She heard Daria grunt and moan in response. Looking up she noticed the woman had again closed her eyes.

For a long time nothing else happened. Sarah just kept fingering Daria's clit and observing her reaction. Then she closed her own eyes and could almost feel how the bound woman must feel. Lying there, completely restrained. Her clit being rubbed and teased continually. And she knew what she wanted -- what Daria must want. Almost without thinking, she repositioned herself and began licking at the swollen clit.

At first she just dabbed at it with the tip of her tongue. She found that she liked the aroma and taste. She was using one hand up above to hold the clit open for easier access. Her other hand was pressed down beneath her, the fingertips lightly touching the skin on Daria's ass. But as the moments passed, her tongue movements became longer and deeper. She felt her lips touching the warm wet flesh around the clit.

Daria was moaning loudly now.

Sarah quickened her movements. Her lips now covered the entire area of Daria's upper pussy around the clit. Sucking the tasty flesh into her mouth, she squeezed her lips together. The little bulb popped up at the pressure. And Sarah started licking and swiping at the hardened fleshy nub in earnest. She wasn't quite sure what she was doing. She just wanted it to feel good.

Sarah was also using her hands. She had moved one finger into the bound woman's vagina and pushed in and out like a penis. Somehow it didn't feel big enough, so she pulled it back and replaced it with two fingers. That was better. She repositioned her mouth and tongue. Lubrication oozed around her fingers and dripped down along the crack in Daria's ass. Sarah brought her other hand around, slicked her finger in the slimly goo, and then carefully inserted it into the bound woman's anus. She was rewarded by hearing a great sigh from above. The twitching and throbbing of the whole crotch area seemed to increase.

She started moving her finger in and out of Daria's rear hole and felt delight in listening to the noises the bound woman was making. Sarah was getting amazingly turned on herself. Her own crotch was incredibly wet.

Daria was thrusting her pelvis against Sarah's mouth to bring herself off. Sarah was trying to help her, but she must not be doing something exactly right. As horny as the bound woman seemed to be, she didn't seem to be any closer to coming.

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