First Saw My Wife

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Safe Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: When i first saw my future wife, i thought how plain she looked

When I first saw my future wife I thought how plain she looked, but she had a nice smile. Our parents had set up our meeting because her father, a multi millionaire wanted to get shot of his daughter to a good family, while mine wanted me to marry money. Although I have a good name, the family had lost all it lands and titles over the last hundred years or so. We had arranged a garden party so we could meet under favourable substances. Her father introduces us, we shook hands and I steered her towards the drinks table. We chatted for some time while we both assessed each other. I am just over six-foot, slim with a good set of shoulders. She was also tall, about two inches less that me, her body was hard to assess very accurately for her dress was pretty shapeless; this made me initially suspicious about her. She knew, as I did that we were going to be introduced so why wasn't she wearing something a little more flattering.

Aware of my family pressure, I asked her for a date the following week. We met at a wine bar and we carried on to eat somewhere. Again her figure was hidden from me, her dress was long and loose. After we had finished I took her home to her town flat.

"This is a little embarrassing," she said after she fixed us drinks.

"Yeah a little," I agreed. We smiled at each other, her face lights up when she smiles.

"Look I like you," she smiled at me, "so let's us take it one day at a time, ok."

"Sure," I agreed.

"So tell me about yourself," she asked.

"Well not much to tell, I graduated with a first in Business management at a red brick university and since then I done a few jobs here and there. At the moment I'm working for one of your old man's company as a junior manager.

"What about girls," she asked with a smile.

"Well there's been one or two serious one, with a sprinkling of others," I smiled at my own description. "Oh," she said, "father has kept me a bit isolated, you may not be the first date I've ever had, but there's not been many others.

"Oh that's a bit sad," I said.

"Yeah, when I was at school, all my girlfriend used to tell me all their wild adventures, I would get very jealous."

"I'm sorry, but I'm not really into wild adventures," I said, "I like a good book or film."

"Oh that's great," her face lit up, "me too. I was a little afraid that a good-looking guy like you might find me a little boring."

"Good-looking hey," we both laughed. She past me a new drink and I became aware of a light behind shining through her dress. I could swear she had a good body hiding behind her frumpish exterior. We kissed good night and agreed to meet again.

Our next meeting was less formal and wow what a body, she was dressed in Jeans and shirt. There was no way you would call her skinny, so why would she hide her curves from me. We had brought food and drinks and we were having a nice picnic. When I had drunk enough I asked.

"You look good it that outfit," I said.

"Thanks," she looked down, "I know what you're going to say next."

"Yeah what's that?" I asked.

"Why do I dress so frumpy," she smiled.

"Yeah, especially when you look so good," I said.

"Pour me a new drink and I'll tell you, ok," she said gulping down her glass of wine in one go. "Well ok, you see I was always the tallest girl in school, always the butt of any joke going; it's made me a bit wary."

"Yeah but you're not at school now," I said, "but I can sympathise, my school, I expect was no better. But look at you now, you look nice and sexy."

"Do you really think so," she smiled, "I always feel big and clumsy."

"Indeed I do Lucy," I assured.

"Thanks for that," she smiled, "I promise from now on I dress up or is it down for you," she giggled.

Wow what a difference, today I met her for a quiet drink after work, her skirt was a lot shorter and her top tight.

"What do you think then?" she smiled.

"Great," I replied, "but can we sit here for awhile until I can move without embarrassing myself."

"What? Oh yes I see," she giggled. I took her home to my much smaller flat and for the first time I took her in my arms. What an unbelievable body this girl had on her. Her tits full and firm, her middle, slim and flat, her hips flared away to long, long shapely legs.

"Please can we take it slow," her big eyes staring up at me, "I'm sorry but I'm still a virgin."

How can a big sexy girl like her still be a virgin, I thought?

"Sure love," I promised. But I still stripped her off totally naked, I just had to keep my cock in my pants, that's all. My hands moved over her satin skin, squeezing and stoking, bringing her closer and closer to her first orgasm with me. After she had cooled down she hugged me tight.

"Oh boy, that was lovely," she said smiling up at me.

"I can honestly say, you have the most perfect body I have every seen in my entire life," I assured.

"Do you think so?" she said, "don't you think I a little fat."

"Fat! What are you talking about," I shouted, "there's not a ounce of fat on you."

"But," she started to say, but I carried on using my hands to emphasise my words. Your breasts are full and firm, what are they, C or D?"

"Actually they are double D," she said.

"Right, a nice firm double 'D' they are too," my hands moved down over her chest to her slim waist. "You're nice and flat here, no love handles on your hips, and just look at those legs."

"Oh so you think I'm all right then?" she giggled, oh my, look at the way she moves when she giggled.

"I know one thing, I might pass out if I don't get this thing out," I said, unzipping myself.

"Oh my, look at the size of that thing," she sighed, looking with awe at my hard cock; I'm not that big, just slightly over seven inches. Her hand reached out and gently stroked me, and I started on her again too. I afraid I came first, but then she had already come once, I spattered all over her body with what seemed like gallons of spunk. Luckily my coming tipped her over the top as well.

The next time we met, she was wearing a really tight pair of Jeans and a low T-shirt top.

"Oh wow, look at you," I said.

"Thank," she said, "I feel a little strange."

"Next time, leave your bra off," I smiled.

"What, no I couldn't," she said, just stopping herself from putting her hands over her boobs.

"Of course you can," I said, "you have nothing to be ashamed of in the tit department."

"Well if you say so," she smiled obviously happy with my comments. We had a nice meal where our waiter hovered nearby just to be near this sexy girl. Once I got her home I quickly stripped her and gently brought her off to a big orgasm.

"Oh that was nice," she sighed, "are you going to get your thing out?"

"Yeah, but I want to fuck you," I said and it was true.

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