Tessy's Reward

by Reavan

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, NonConsensual, DomSub, Spanking, .

Desc: Sex Story: A dedicated maid satifies her madam and recives what is to Tessy the ultimate reward.


"Yes, Madam."

"Is my bath ready?"

"Yes madam, may I undress now?"

"Of course Tessy," She watched with animated satisfaction as her servile young maid slowly and deliberately bared her generous charms. "I never tire of watching you disrobe Tessy, it's always a stimulating revelation; an open invitation to be ravished and conquered for sexual gratification." Her voice became a breathless husky whisper. "It is no wonder the males of our species are so bewitched by your bodily charms."

"Thank you madam you are very kind." Totally naked, up on her toes she stretched out her arms in a graceful ballerina pose and then tiptoed very slowly in a circle. She then floated to one side of the room facing her madam, turning and then floating to the other side.

"How exquisite Tessy, I love to watch those underlying muscles flexing in your buttocks and thighs, when you perform for me. Ah... I digress, you may disrobe me now." She approached tiptoeing and proceeded to undress her head taller madam; every motion, part of a spontaneously choreographed dance; a graceful pantomime of fluid fingers gently moving, unhooking, lifting, lowering, folding and then carefully depositing the items removed on a chair. She circled her madam's statuesque naked body, fluttering like an amorous butterfly, posturing for the attentions of its mate. Finally placing her thumbs and forefingers gently on her madam's wrist she walked her fingers up her arm, across one shoulder, behind to the other shoulder and then down the other arm. Her left hand remained under the upper arm and the right continued to the wrist, grasping both gently. She gazed deferentially into her madam's eyes.

"Please madam may I escort you to the bath?"

"Yes Tessy, take me there." They entered the bathroom and Tessy gently guided her madam into the waiting bubbles. Kneeling, she watched her mistress lie back and luxuriate in the warm bubbly water.

"I wish to enjoy my bath for a spell Tessy, you may flaunt your bodily charms for me." Tessy smiled sweetly at her mistress and began, partly on her toes, a very slow bump and grind com-hula dance while touching her fingertips to her shoulders. She turned slowly letting her mistress enjoy every possible mouth watering angle of her nubile flesh

"Oh you are beautiful Tessy, from that pretty face with those mischievous dark brown eyes, to your perky breasts, that delectable waspish waist, those curvy hips, that perfectly protruding derriere and those sculptured thighs. And all that perfection displayed just for my personal pleasure, before I take you to bed and satisfy my passion for you in the flesh."

"Yes madam, I'm completely yours body and soul."

"Are you really enjoying your position as my unpaid servant Tessy?"

"I relish being yours madam, you reward me in other much more meaningful ways."

"You may soap me now Tessy." She lathered her hands and proceeded to soap her Madam thoroughly. After completing above the waist, the madam rose and Tessy entered the tub on her knees and washed her lower body from the front, after which the madam turned and bend over, giving Tessy access to that most vital area of sexual gratification. She carefully cleaned every nook and cranny with the tips of her fingers several times, ensuring a hygienic and pleasant environment for any intruding purveyor of carnal ecstasy.

The madam sat down again and watched Tessy teasingly soap her own delectable body. Again, her hands performed a sensuous pantomime, fondling all parts of her body, as if her hands were those of a passionate lover. Her madam, transfixed by the soapy shimmering beauty of her sensual young maid, inhaled deeply; her large breasts rising out of the water as she filled her lungs with the sexually charged air and her libido with the intoxicating display of lusty flesh. Tessy finished and turned on the hand held shower, rinsing the soap off her skin. Her madam then got up and she too was rinsed as Tessy aimed the spray at her figure. They got out of the tub and Tessy dried her madam dabbing and stroking her gently and sensuously with the towel. When finished she stood back and regarded her madam, as a sculptor would view a newly completed masterpiece.

Her madam smiled contentedly at the faithful attendant "You can dry yourself now, Tessy and I'll wait for my massage on the bed."

Tessy curtsied deeply, "I'll prepare my body for your enjoyment madam."

"When ready she entered the bed room, fluttering along on her toes and then - falling on one knee, her head bowed and arms spread high emulating butterfly wings - spoke: "oh madam please permit your humble servant the honor of erotically massaging your body."

Her madam rolled over on her stomach, sighing wishful: "make me feel like only you can Tessy." Skilful fingers caressed, kneaded and groped every inch of the accessible skin, instilling a warm passionate sensation in her entire body. She turned over; breathing deeply as Tessy continued her invigorating sensuous massage.

She knew her madam well, and left the inside thighs and lower belly for the final titillation before straddling her body in the reverse position with her sex just above her madam's lips. Her madam's thighs spread slowly as her hands clasped Tessy's well-padded buttocks. She pulled Tessy's body down, and eager moistened lips made simultaneously contact with vaginal mounds. Soft fleshy thighs closed intermittently on ears - driven by some involuntary quest for gratification -, as tongues waltzed to the moaning duet of women performing that most sensuous of female gratification.

Tessy timed her multi orgasmic libido to the sounds of her madam's ascent toward her inevitable volcanic eruption. A central quake initiated by Tessy's tremorous oral stimulation expanded exponentially, boosting the pressures approaching criticality in her madam's libido - already intensified by the recent visual stimulation of Tessy's enticing flesh. - Like the irresistible pressure of superheated magma building below a volcano an eruption became inescapable, materializing in an explosive prolonged groan, accompanied by intense spasmodic activity in all regions of the affected body.

Tessy's climax was slightly off the mark but her democratic madam gallantly continued her own oral efforts, assuring her cherished servant a rousing orgasm matching her own.

Turning around and cuddling into her madam's embrace they both relished the slow downward slope of that most momentous of all human sensations.

"Well Tessy it's time to turn on the TV, You know who is on in living color?"

"Yes madam the sexiest man alive and he's got a number one hit again." She found the remote and clicked the channel and while the inevitable commercials begged for attention, she positioned pillows for their comfortable viewing. The announcer attempted to introduce the star but his voice was drowned by thousands of frenzied female fans, screaming for their idol. Moving on to the stage in blue jeans and a sleeveless jacket he grasped the mike, waited until the screaming subsided and then after an electric Guitar played an intro, launched into the latest hit.

"Watch him move that tight butt of his, he is the greatest isn't he? Come back in bed Tessy and let's finger each other while we watch him."

"Um madam, that feels good, look at all those young girls going crazy, listen to them scream. Oh madam I just love just looking at him with your finger inside me, I'm going to cum, oh God he's a hunk. Oh madam."

"Me too Tessy, look, he's throwing kisses at us. The audience is going wild. Oh my dear Tessy you're making me cum. Kiss me and squeeze me hard, oh that man can drive any woman wild."

"He drives me wild madam. Oh I feel so good now, perfect timing we both came nearly at the same time again."

"No wonder Tessy you are a great lover with a perfect and passionate body. You add a hunk like that to the picture and how can anyone not have an orgasm."

"That was our second mutual orgasm this afternoon madam. Is it not time to prepare me for my reward."

"Yes, so it is dear and deservedly so. It will surely lead me to another orgasm. Get yourself ready then."

Tessy got up and opened a drawer, lifting out a riding crop. Smiling demurely at her madam she kissed the leather object along its entire length and then launched into a dance, waving the crop like a fairy's wand, at times holding and rocking it, kissing it sweetly like a baby.

The madam rose from the bed after a few minutes and held out her hand wearing a demanding expression. Tessy dance to her and fell to her knees holding the crop with both hands kissing it passionately and then presented it to her madam. "I adore you madam please prepare me for my reward" she said breathlessly waiting for her next order.

"You may assume the position Tessy." She rose off her knees and turned, raising and moving her arms like a bird in flight on her tiptoes and bend over slightly, extending and offering her shapely buttocks to the leather.


She danced away, spinning in slow pirouettes, circling the room and returned to the same spot in front of her madam. She turned her head, lips parted, gazing dewy-eyed and devotedly at her madam


She repeated her dance and received another whack, dancing again for another, repeating the ritual until the number equaled ten performances, earning ten riding crop rewards. Completing the final dance and receiving the final whack she fell to her knees, tears flowing as she reach for the crop with both hands. She kissed the leather again and then rose on her knees, her madam taking her head in both hands.

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