Behind Bars

by silverpirate

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma, Mult, Reluctant, Rape, Gay, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Are those stories about males in prison really true?

I had heard the stories before I went to prison, of course, and I was a little curious about what really went on in there. Often while masturbating I would insert a finger into my ass and fantasize about a cock being in there, and wonder what it would feel like.

Well, I found out. I was sound asleep the first night, when I was awakened by many men lifting and turning me over onto my stomach, bending my ass over the edge of the bed. Two guys were holding my arms and shoulders down, while two more tore off my shorts and spread my legs apart. I started struggling like a crazy man, writhing and twisting, and almost got one arm free, when a big hand grabbed my hair and pulled my head back hard, arching my neck painfully. I realized that only a little more force could probably snap my neck, and I quietened, frozen.

"Listen. You're gonna get fucked." A deep voice growled near my ear. "There ain't nothin' you can do about it. Now you can either take it the hard way or the easy way. It's up to you. Fight us, and it'll hurt, guaranteed. Relax, and we'll go easy on you at first, and it might not be so bad. It's your call."

Well shit. What was that old saying; 'If rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it'? Christ, I didn't want to be raped! I'm strictly hetero, and I certainly didn't want to be raped in the ass, but I certainly didn't have much choice here, either. The continuing pressure on my neck made that very obvious.

"OK." I croaked in defeat, and the pressure on my straining neck was released.

Luckily the first one was hung sort of small, and he spit on his cock before he started working it into my ass, so there was almost no pain involved. In his eagerness he had moved up close enough so that the angle his tool made as he pounded it back and forth forced it downwards to poke directly at my prostate, and the rythymic stroking of my prostate by his hard little shaft soon changed from uncomfortable to sort of pleasant.

And then it started to become really enjoyable; so I relaxed, and stopped fighting it. I put my head down and concentrated on the unfamiliar feeling of having my legs spread, and a body pounding into my crotch. He fucked me with that rigid little prick long enough for the jerking into my ass to become familiar. As he became more and more excited, the strokes became harder and faster, and I could hear him grunting out things like; "God, your ass is so hot!" and "Ooohh, it feels so good!", "My God you're a good fuck!" "Ooooh, God, I'm gonna come!" "I'm coming, Ohh God, I'm coming; feel me coming in your ass? I'm gonna squirt all my juice into your ass!"

Then he stiffened, rammed it in as hard as he could, and I could feel his cock literally swell up as it throbbed really hard. I knew the pulsing meant that he was coming inside of me, and suddenly the inside of my ass was warmed by the first hot gush of sperm. He pulled back out a fraction, then pushed in even deeper, and again his cock throbbed and squirted. I didn't even realize my ass had pushed back at him to open my hole even more, to enjoy the feeling of the hot come gushing into me. He pumped about six or eight more squirts, each one filling my guts with a little more hot juice, then slowly drew his dripping tool out of me, leaving me feeling strangely empty and open.

I wondered if that was all, if they would leave me alone after that, but I should have known better. Fortunately,the first guy's sperm lubricated my asshole perfectly, so the others didn't hurt too much. Actually, there was no pain at all; the second guy was kind of gentle, and worked his cock into me at just the right angle to feel really good, and I started enjoying the feeling of being really stretched open and stroked into. From holding my hips, this guy slid his hands around the front to my cock and balls, and I was surprised to realize my cock was sticking out hard. He held my balls while he slowly pushed his thick cock deeper and deeper into me, and amazingly, I wanted him to. I found my ass arching back at him, offering my open wet hole to be filled again. As he got the entire thing in, the thick base stretched my whole crotch open, and seemed to force blood up into my cock and balls, so they swelled up really hard. I had never in my life been so rigidly hard! One of the guys holding my legs reached up and started rubbing on my cock, stroking it back and forth while looking at it, then bent over and took the tip into his hot mouth. God, I couldn't believe how great it felt! I could feel his mouth going down on it, then back up, then down again farther and farther until he had my entire cock in! About then one of the guys holding my arms started to rub his hard -on against my cheek, and across my lips, prodding at them.

So after a while I figured what the hell, and opened my mouth. He held my head, and gently started stroking the head back and forth into my mouth. I started to like the feel of the tip, and wanted more and more along my tongue. Soon I was sucking hard, going back and forth, up and down on the thick thing, feeling the veins and ridges against my lips. I was amazed! I couldn't believe I was not only sucking a guy's cock, but enjoying it! The faintly musky taste and smell was turning me on, and I started to want to give him as much pleasure as I was getting. Soon I was going deeper and deeper, until finally I found my face right down against his pubic hair.

About then the guy fucking my stretched-open asshole started pumping hard, and grunted out that he was going to come; then once again I felt hot sperm gushing far up into me- he pulled all the way out, then pushed back up in again, hard and deep, squirting another gush of boiling sperm into me. Then out, then back in, cock swelling up, and another hot squirt; then he just went crazy, ramming it back and forth in my spermy hole, squirting on the way out, then deep inside, then on the way in, then all over the outside of my ass, until finally he sort of fell against my back, his cock lodged hard inside. I could feel that every time he had pounded into me he had prodded my prostate and forced juice out of the end of my cock, right into the throat of the guy sucking me. All the time he was pounding into me, the incredible stimulation felt like I was coming, and I was disappointed that he had stopped. Then his cock slipped out, and it was so sexy to feel the warm sperm running out of my open asshole down the back of my balls. I wanted more, and pushed my ass back, open and inviting the next hard cock.

I didn't have long to wait. The smell of sperm filled the tiny cell, and excited all of us to a feverish pitch. One of the guys holding my legs moved around inside them holding his cock in his hand, rubbed it briefly around the hole to wet the tip, and literally rammed it deep into my ass. I grunted around the cock in my throat, and braced myself. He withdrew an inch, then pounded in again until his groin slammed against my buttocks. The shock jarred my guts and my entire body, forcing my mouth farther down around the shaft in my throat, and I was completely filled with hard cock, in both ends.

"Chicken on a spit" was the phrase I remembered hearing that gays used to describe this position, and now that I was spitted, I could understand why it held such fascination for them. It's hard to describe the feelings that being in this position arouses; whether it appeals to a slight masochistic streak in all of us, or the deep instinctive need to suck on something, or what it is, I don't know exactly. Many women enjoy the slightly helpless feeling of spreading and opening yourself and surrendering completely to a hard penis fucking deeply into you, and being bent over and spread open you are even more vulnerable. Maybe the fact that you are helpless to do anything about it enables you to get past any feelings of guilt, and just relax and enjoy it.

For what ever reason, all inhibitions, along with conscious thought, left my mind, and I surrendered completely to the sensations. And they were sensational! I had found out that I loved getting fucked, and having little choice didn't matter. I was now getting fucked way beyond my wildest dreams, and was ecstatic about every stroke.

A vision floated through my mind of a scene in a porno movie I had once seen of a woman sucking a guy, and she had grunted out;

"Fuck my face, Baby; fuck my face!" Then she had tipped her head up straight while he held the sides of her face and started poling his long cock back and forth, going right past her throat and deep into her neck. I remember at the time wondering how she could even do that, let alone seeming to enjoy it, grunting and slobbering all over his cock, balls, and her chin on each out-stroke.

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