The Tip

by Not my Story

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Rape, Drunk/Drugged, Spanking, Rough, Light Bond, Gang Bang, Interracial, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A harmless comment to her 6 year old son and Amber will never be the same. She ordered the Pizza and planned for a quiet night at home but things don't always go as we plan.

Amber ordered the pizza as soon as she got home from work. Tim her six year old son went into his room and grabbed a few toys. He asked her if he could to go to his friend's house to play. "Wait just a few minutes honey Mommy is going to take a shower first. I am going to put some money on the counter if the pizza guy gets her give it to him and get the change back. Okay tell him I'll give him the tip." She said remembering the last time Tim paid for the pizza not getting any change back and giving the driver an $11.00 tip. Amber rushed down the hall to get in the shower and cleaned up before the pizza got there. Just as she entered her bedroom the phone rang it was her friend Lisa from work the women talked for about 25 minutes before Amber hung up and began to take her shower not realizing how long she had talked.

At the local Pizza shop.

"Dammit I'm off in five minutes I don't want to make another delivery I am going to meet my homey's and go to the club tonight." Tyrone said bitching at his manager. "Look where getting slammed take on more drive then you can go okay." Said Tony his boss. Looking over the orders Tyrone saw an address he recognized it was that little white lady. She lived about two blocks from where he was going and the last time he delivered to her he had gotten a big tip. Knowing she had always paid in cash Tyrone had Tony cash him out using his tips to pay for this last order so he wouldn't have to return to the store.

Tyrone drove his beat up Honda, with the music blaring down the dead end street. Parking in front of the empty field across from the customers house Tyrone looked at the knee high grass in the vacant lots on either side of the house as he pulled the pie from the bag. Walking up the front walk Tyrone licked his lips as he remembered the last time he delivered here. The little white chick who lived here had been surprised by how fast he had gotten here and just having gotten out of the shower she was still in a towel when he got here. She had tried to hide behind the door but he still got to look her sweet little body. She had some perky little tits, Thin, flat little belly, round firm little ass. For a white girl she was fine. He had noticed she had some thick thighs and slender calves. She was a tiny little thing about 5 feet tall and maybe a hundred pounds. As he rang the doorbell he crossed his fingers hoping to get a glimpse of the little hottie and a good tip.

Amber was just beginning to shave her legs as the doorbell rang, with the shower water hitting the wall she couldn't hear it at all. Her son Josh ran to the door and opened it for the Pizza guy. "Hello" said the boy. "Hey. That'll be $9.61 little dude." Tyrone said looking down at the youngster. The little boy turned and ran out of sight returning in just seconds. "I need change my mommy will give you the tip." he said handing Tyrone a twenty dollar bill. "Fine." Tyrone replied as he counted out the change. After giving the boy the change he tried to hand him the pie but he boys tiny hands where full trying to hold the change. Looking first at the pizza box then Tyrone Josh said "It goes on the table." He said standing in the doorway. "Whatever little dude." Tyrone said a little disappointed and angry he hadn't gotten tipped yet and it was looking promising.

As Tyrone followed the six year old through the house to the dining room he took note of how nice everything in the house was. Not bad for a house in this neighborhood he thought. As the boy dropped the change on the kitchen counter Tyrone set the pie on the table.

Josh ran down the hall stopping at a doorway he yelled "Mom pizza's here I got the change I'm going to Matt's house to play Okay?" he said before sprinting back down the hall not waiting to hear if his mother approved.

Amber stopped and listened, she thought she had heard something but it must have been her imagination. She went back to shaving her legs.

As the boy sprinted past him Tyrone said. "Hey little man where's your mom? You said she would give me my tip." Stopping only seconds Josh said "She's in the shower in her room, she'll give you the tip." He said before running through the living room door and out the front door.

What the hell Tyrone thought. I don't have time for this I supposed to be out parting right now. He was hoping to get lucky tonight his friends and he where supposed to go to a new traveling Rave party. They had heard it was wild ecstasy, GHB, LSD, and other psychedelic drugs it was a regular drug orgy.

After waiting for the women for several minutes Tyrone began to wonder down the hallway just a little farther.

Amber had finished shaving her legs and arm pits and now taking her other razor began trimming her bush she keep it trimmed in a small triangle.

As Tyrone stopped in front of the same door the boy had he heard the front door open afraid someone would think he was up to something he rushed back into the kitchen just in time to see the boy run by him. He followed the boy as he ran down the hallway and into the room he had yelled at before. Tyrone listened and could hear the running water of the shower and then the boy asking his mothers permission for something.

"Please mommy Matt's Mommy and Daddy said I could go and then spend the night before dad takes us to the carnival tomorrow. Please? Please?" the child begged. "Fine but take the bag of clean clothes from the bed and be good. Don't beg for anything you understand me Josh?" She said

As the boy and his mother spoke Tyrone had walked back to the doorway and looked in. He saw looking in a mirror the fine little white bitch holding the shower curtain over her chest as she gave the boy a hug. "Mommy loves you Josh, I'll see you tomorrow night you behave." She said releasing the boy. "I love you too mommy." He said before turning and running out of the room leaving both doors open.

Tyrone was watching the mirror and dropped his jaw as Amber let the curtain fall when Josh left. Josh backpack in hand ran out of the room and then the house. Tyrone walked into the bedroom wanting to see more of the beautiful women in the mirror.

He stood fascinated as he watched her finish trimming her bush. His cock grew hard as he watched her lather up her hair and rinse it off. Next she lathered up her body with a liquid soap and Tyrone just about came in his pants. The excitement from spying on her adding to his pleasure.

In just moments it seemed she stepped out of the shower not seeing Tyrone's reflection in the mirror she acted normally and shut the door. Tyrone wondered further into the room and decided to look through her things. As he pulled opened the drawer on her dresser he found a lackluster collection of lingerie. Then he heard her on the phone.

"Look Scott I don't give a shit. You know how to make a girl feel good about a divorce you dick. I was just calling to tell you that you can pick up Josh at the Anderson's their taking him to a movie then he's spending the night." Then a pause "It's none of your business, were not married anymore and I can do what I want. Maybe I'll go out partying all weekend since I don't have to work." Another pause "Go to hell! Just have Josh back here at 6 on Sunday ASSHOLE!" she shouted into phone. Tyrone heard the receiver slam down on the handset now that was one pissed off bitch.

He heard her starting to cry, He continued to look through her things. Her purse on the dresser cell phone car keys. He looked at the contents of the purse finding nothing of interest he put it down. Moving to her nightstand he found a tazer gun and a romance novel. As he picked up the tazer gun and looked at it his cell phone rang.

Shocked and scared knowing she would find him he froze tazer gun in hand. Amber opened the door thinking it was her cell phone she walked in wearing only a towel. Looking up she saw him and screamed. "What the hell! I'm calling the police!" she said turning to run back in the bathroom. Without thinking Tyrone pressed the trigger on the weapon.

Two medal wires shot from the device striking Amber in the back. She let out a bloodcurdling scream as the blue sparks danced across the wires and her body. She crumpled to the floor motionless in seconds. Tyrone stood for another several minutes in shock himself from what had just happened.

Finally snapping himself out of it he knew he had to get the hell out of there before she woke up and called the police. Dropping the tazer he started to leave looking down at the women. Amber had fallen on her back and her towel had fallen open. He gazed down at the beautiful women her face peaceful, he gazed down at her small and perky breast her nipples as erect and hard as rubber bullets. As he gazed at her his dick sprang back to life reminding him how horny he was. As his eyes traveled up her body to her pretty face and then back down to her freshly trimmed snatch an idea came to him.

Then it happened again and he just about jumped out of his skin when his cell phone began ringing. Catching his breath he tried to calm himself as he pulled the phone from his hip and flipped it open to answer it. Before he could say a word his friend began griping at him "Where the hell are you? I thought we were all going to that new..." his friend began. "Shut up hey is Nick there with you?" Tyrone asked. "Yea Niger he's here and now were both waiting for your black ass." His friend Jerome replied. "Okay you guys got to meet me at 1135 Foster its like two blocks away. It's a white house with blue trim just come in okay." He said "What! We ain't got time for this crap did your damn Honda break down again." Jerome said angrily. "No. No nothing like that just get over here you know the place right." Tyrone said. "Yea we know where your talking about we'll be there in a five this better be good ass wipe." Jerome said hanging up the phone.

Tyrone stood over the unconscious women waiting for his friends, as promised in five minutes he heard the door open. "Back here guys!" He yelled to them. Entering the room was Eddie, Jerome, Nick, and Danny. Looking at the group as they entered he said "Shit, Why didn't you tell me everyone was with you?" Tyrone said. "You didn't give me a chance. Now why the hell are we here?" Jerome said. Tyrone answered by waving them over to the other side of the room.

As each man walked over to him they looked down as they got on his side of the bed. They stood there speechless looking at the unconscious beauty before them. Nick spoke first. "What the hell happened man? Why did you call us man your in some serious shit dude." He said motioning to the women on the floor.

"Is she dead?" asked Eddie "No, I just stunned her with that Tazer." He said motioning to it on the floor.

Tyrone explained to them what had happened and what he had in mind. "So you think you can get away with it? Your nuts." Jerome said as he turned and walked out of the house. Looking at the others Tyrone said "Well are you in are not guys." After a brief discussion they decided to try his plan.

"So your sure she's alone until Sunday right." Eddie asked. "I heard her on the phone with her X." Tyrone replied. "Okay so let's do it then." Nick said.

Tyrone lifted the unconscious young women onto the bed with the help of Eddie and Nick. While they laid her on the bed Danny began to look around her room and then went out to look around the house.

As Amber was placed on the bed she began to come too slowly. Tyrone directed Eddie and Nick to hold her down as she began to regain consciousness. Tyrone pulled his shirt off his young black chest as the women's eyes began to open.

"What the hell are you doing?" Amber grumbled in a dazed state. "Hold her tight." Tyrone said seeing her begin to struggle in the men's arms.

Tyrone began groping her breast and running his hands across her belly. "Stop!" She cried turning from side to side in the grip of the two men holding her wrists down. "What are you doing? Stop it! Stop it you can't do this. Why?" Amber pleaded with the youth feeling his hands move over her vulnerable and bare body.

"Damn Lady I'm just here to get that tip your kid said you had for me. You know we black folk like to share in the wealth so I called some friends to split my tip with me." Tyrone told her as he began to undo his pants.

"No! No you can't. This is not what I meant. You have to stop please." She cried as she watched him push his pants down his dark legs exposing his erect cock. Tyrone began to laugh before he replied. "Stop, hell we're just about to get started like you said you're going to party all weekend."

Tyrone moved his feet between her struggling legs and began to force them apart. She tried to kick but as he dropped his weight on her she felt the air pushed from her body and gasped as she felt the tip of his black member make contact with her precious womanhood.

As her cunt lips parted to allow the black cock in she screamed in protest. Nick, excited by watching Tyrone begin to saw into her, placed his hand across her mouth and clamped down hard. She grunted and tried to scream Tyrone speared deep into her sex. His thrust came quick and hard and he marveled in delight as he pounded into her.

Amber struggled to break free of the men holding her. She tossed her head from side to side trying to escape the hold of the one covering her mouth. As her eyes darted around the room she saw a fourth black man holding her video camera over her and recording her rape.

Tyrone kneaded her breast as he pounded into her. His thrust, that of reckless lust he had wanted her since he delivered his first pie to this house, now she would be his. He felt his excitement build and he knew he would relieve his lust in her soon and as that point neared his tempo increased.

Amber felt the first jet of his black seed as it was fired into her womb from his vile weapon. She felt ill and found herself about to vomit as he followed his first volley with a second then third and so on. Just as she felt him pull out of her she felt her left wrist released.

As she started to strike out with her now free arm she was grabbed again by Tyrone's strong hand. She watched in petrified terror as the thug who had held her arm began to undress ready to take Tyrone's place.

Eddie dropped his pants revealing the long thin snake concealed between his legs its 11 inches made it impressive, what it lacked in width it more than made up for in length. He climbed between her still spread legs as she watched in shock.

Amber lay staring up at the lengthy snake before her never having seen one so long before. She gasped a deep breath of air into her lungs as she felt its length enter her. He had buried its 11 inches in her in just two strokes of the thin organ. Her breath now labored she closed her eyes and tried to imagine herself somewhere else. Her efforts futile she was painfully aware of where she was and what was happening to her as the young thug continued his assault.

Eddie had been ramming his tool into her foe the better part of fifteen minutes before he finally unleashed his seed into Amber. Again disgusted by the feeling of his ejaculation in her she felt sick under his assault and just as she steadied herself the punk with the camera stepped up to take Eddie's place.

To Amber's horror this assailant took special interest in her pert breast. As he raped her now sore and tender pussy with his cock he relentlessly pinched, twisted and crushed her breast in his hand. Amber whimpered under his brutal treatment and under the hand still covering her mouth. This time when the thugs deposit was left in her and she was almost oblivious to the new arrival.

As this man now finished with here pulled up and away from the bed Amber felt her arm and mouth released. Opening her eyes she watched as the man who had been holding her climbed on the bed between her legs. As he positioned himself her other arm was released.

Now free Amber made no effort to escape as the new assailant scooted into place between her legs. She knew if she struggled she would just be held down again and probably hurt in the process. She looked up as the black monster held his cock at the entrance of her pussy.

His entrance was nothing special as he easily slid into her well used cunt. She whimpered quietly as he thrust into her to his own delight. He was rough and quick in his strokes but after the other three it no longer hurt as much as it once would. He lasted longer than the others had, her cunt now stretched and wet did not offer him the tight resistance the other men had enjoyed. When his orgasm neared he pulled his cock from her and climbed up the bed to her head. Stroking his dick several times before it began shooting gobs of cum on her tear streaked face.

As soon as the last thug moved off the bed Tyrone spoke. "Okay Baby go get cleaned up we still got a party to go to." He ordered her as he walked into the bathroom and came out holding the phone.

As Amber lay on the bed still in a daze his words fell on deaf ears only the slap across her breast helping to register his instructions. She found herself pushed out of the bed and into the bathroom. "Take another shower honey. We want you looking good for our night out. I'll find you something to wear." Tyrone instructed.

Amber standing on wiry legs started to close the door but as she began the one holding the camera stopped it and nodded no to her. Reluctantly she started the shower water and got it to the temperature she preferred. Looking back at the thug as she climbed in the tub she took a handful of the shower curtain. Holding the camera up red light solid he nodded his disapproval again. Trying to ignore him and the camera she began to wash away the events of the night.

As she scrubbed her body clean she found herself sobbing hysterically thinking of what had been done to her. She would see the thug filming her every now and again adding to her shame. As she finished she stepped out and grabbing a nearby towel began to dry off. As she finished drying her hair Tyrone entered carrying a black push-up bra and a black silk slip.

"Put this on so we can go out and party." He ordered tossing the items on the counter. Looking them over she realized this is all he intended for her to wear. "This is a slip I can't wear it out by itself and I need some panties please." She begged him. "You ain't got nothing else sexy enough to wear out so shut up and put that shit on." He scolded her as Eddie brought in a pair of red 3 inch heels "Sorry man this is all she's got." He told Tyrone. "I need some underwear please?" she begged again. "No, all your panties look like grandma pants. Now put on what I gave you are you can go naked."

Amber began to slip on what little clothes he had given her. She took note of the fact that the delivery man had changed into some of Scotts old clothes he had left behind. Now dressed with what she was allowed to wear she was forced to do her hair and put on some make-up. She was scolded by the thugs for not having enough make-up and not having the right shades the men wanted. Generally she wore no make-up to work and wore only a touch on special occasions. She was scolded about her sorry collection of clothes and lingerie.

Finally as ready as the men could get her she was led out and made to sit in the back of a old blue Honda with the thug holding the camera. On the seemingly long ride the man holding the camera asked her a series of questions he almost seemed interested in her. He had been the first person to ask her name or age that evening. She answered his questions mechanically not thinking of the responses. Her mind focused on what had already been done to her and what else was to come.

She had answered even the most intimate of questions: Number of previous men she had sex with. 3. her age 28. age she lost her virginity 20 married at 22. Divorced for 9 months. Son age Six. She told him her job, weight even that she was on the pill. Anything he asked she answered in a trance like state.

She came out of her trance as the car pulled to a stop in a dark alley. She was unsure where they wore she hadn't paid attention to the trip. As she was yanked from the back seat Tyrone told her how it was to be.

"You say a word we shank you in the back okay?" he said gesturing to her with the small blade in his hand. "You don't talk you just smile and follow orders. You do anything anybody tells you. You got that?" he asked bringing the blade to her throat. Scared she shook her head yes.

She was escorted down the alley and into a dark alcove. She heard the distinctive thuds of load bass from music even as they walked. She was led through an outer door and into a dark hallway. As the group neared the door on the other side they found the music louder the closer they got. Finally entering the door they walked into the crowded room.

Nick stopped and spoke with the man guarding the door for several minutes while the others went of to the side to talk. After a few minutes Amber was led out to the dance floor and forced to dance with Eddie. After ten minutes Eddie was replaced by Danny who was later replaced by Tyrone.

After being forced to dance with each of the men for over an hour now Amber was taken to side where she was given a drink. She greedily drank it down not even thinking to find out what was in it. The glass taken from her hand was replaced by three blue pills she looked down at them unsure of what to do.

"Take'em." Tyrone said forcefully. Slowly she brought the pills to her mouth and swallowed them. No sooner had she ingested them than she was led back to the dance floor.

As Amber was forced to dance with the thugs she felt hands begin to explore her body. Although she had felt the occasional touch earlier in the evening they where becoming much more blatant and daring as the night went on. She looked around the room and although she was dressed only in a bra and slip she was surprised to see other younger women wearing even more provocative clothing.

As Amber examined the room full of gyrating and dancing youth she decided she was probably the oldest person in the place. She was small and looked very young however at twenty eight she guessed no one else in the place was over twenty four or twenty five. As she moved her hips about to the sounds of the music she tried to collect her thoughts. Her mind felt hazed and her thoughts where jumbled. She was weak and on edge of collapsing as she danced, her legs felt like rubber underneath her.

After half an hour of dancing she was led back to the side of the room she tried to muster her thoughts to speak. Unable to put even a simple sentence together she couldn't even protest as she felt someone's finger slip into her cunt. Although it was a quick invasion it was a terrible embarrassment to the poor women.

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