The Tip

by Not my Story

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Rape, Drunk/Drugged, Spanking, Rough, Light Bond, Gang Bang, Interracial, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A harmless comment to her 6 year old son and Amber will never be the same. She ordered the Pizza and planned for a quiet night at home but things don't always go as we plan.

Amber ordered the pizza as soon as she got home from work. Tim her six year old son went into his room and grabbed a few toys. He asked her if he could to go to his friend's house to play. "Wait just a few minutes honey Mommy is going to take a shower first. I am going to put some money on the counter if the pizza guy gets her give it to him and get the change back. Okay tell him I'll give him the tip." She said remembering the last time Tim paid for the pizza not getting any change back and giving the driver an $11.00 tip. Amber rushed down the hall to get in the shower and cleaned up before the pizza got there. Just as she entered her bedroom the phone rang it was her friend Lisa from work the women talked for about 25 minutes before Amber hung up and began to take her shower not realizing how long she had talked.

At the local Pizza shop.

"Dammit I'm off in five minutes I don't want to make another delivery I am going to meet my homey's and go to the club tonight." Tyrone said bitching at his manager. "Look where getting slammed take on more drive then you can go okay." Said Tony his boss. Looking over the orders Tyrone saw an address he recognized it was that little white lady. She lived about two blocks from where he was going and the last time he delivered to her he had gotten a big tip. Knowing she had always paid in cash Tyrone had Tony cash him out using his tips to pay for this last order so he wouldn't have to return to the store.

Tyrone drove his beat up Honda, with the music blaring down the dead end street. Parking in front of the empty field across from the customers house Tyrone looked at the knee high grass in the vacant lots on either side of the house as he pulled the pie from the bag. Walking up the front walk Tyrone licked his lips as he remembered the last time he delivered here. The little white chick who lived here had been surprised by how fast he had gotten here and just having gotten out of the shower she was still in a towel when he got here. She had tried to hide behind the door but he still got to look her sweet little body. She had some perky little tits, Thin, flat little belly, round firm little ass. For a white girl she was fine. He had noticed she had some thick thighs and slender calves. She was a tiny little thing about 5 feet tall and maybe a hundred pounds. As he rang the doorbell he crossed his fingers hoping to get a glimpse of the little hottie and a good tip.

Amber was just beginning to shave her legs as the doorbell rang, with the shower water hitting the wall she couldn't hear it at all. Her son Josh ran to the door and opened it for the Pizza guy. "Hello" said the boy. "Hey. That'll be $9.61 little dude." Tyrone said looking down at the youngster. The little boy turned and ran out of sight returning in just seconds. "I need change my mommy will give you the tip." he said handing Tyrone a twenty dollar bill. "Fine." Tyrone replied as he counted out the change. After giving the boy the change he tried to hand him the pie but he boys tiny hands where full trying to hold the change. Looking first at the pizza box then Tyrone Josh said "It goes on the table." He said standing in the doorway. "Whatever little dude." Tyrone said a little disappointed and angry he hadn't gotten tipped yet and it was looking promising.

As Tyrone followed the six year old through the house to the dining room he took note of how nice everything in the house was. Not bad for a house in this neighborhood he thought. As the boy dropped the change on the kitchen counter Tyrone set the pie on the table.

Josh ran down the hall stopping at a doorway he yelled "Mom pizza's here I got the change I'm going to Matt's house to play Okay?" he said before sprinting back down the hall not waiting to hear if his mother approved.

Amber stopped and listened, she thought she had heard something but it must have been her imagination. She went back to shaving her legs.

As the boy sprinted past him Tyrone said. "Hey little man where's your mom? You said she would give me my tip." Stopping only seconds Josh said "She's in the shower in her room, she'll give you the tip." He said before running through the living room door and out the front door.

What the hell Tyrone thought. I don't have time for this I supposed to be out parting right now. He was hoping to get lucky tonight his friends and he where supposed to go to a new traveling Rave party. They had heard it was wild ecstasy, GHB, LSD, and other psychedelic drugs it was a regular drug orgy.

After waiting for the women for several minutes Tyrone began to wonder down the hallway just a little farther.

Amber had finished shaving her legs and arm pits and now taking her other razor began trimming her bush she keep it trimmed in a small triangle.

As Tyrone stopped in front of the same door the boy had he heard the front door open afraid someone would think he was up to something he rushed back into the kitchen just in time to see the boy run by him. He followed the boy as he ran down the hallway and into the room he had yelled at before. Tyrone listened and could hear the running water of the shower and then the boy asking his mothers permission for something.

"Please mommy Matt's Mommy and Daddy said I could go and then spend the night before dad takes us to the carnival tomorrow. Please? Please?" the child begged. "Fine but take the bag of clean clothes from the bed and be good. Don't beg for anything you understand me Josh?" She said

As the boy and his mother spoke Tyrone had walked back to the doorway and looked in. He saw looking in a mirror the fine little white bitch holding the shower curtain over her chest as she gave the boy a hug. "Mommy loves you Josh, I'll see you tomorrow night you behave." She said releasing the boy. "I love you too mommy." He said before turning and running out of the room leaving both doors open.

Tyrone was watching the mirror and dropped his jaw as Amber let the curtain fall when Josh left. Josh backpack in hand ran out of the room and then the house. Tyrone walked into the bedroom wanting to see more of the beautiful women in the mirror.

He stood fascinated as he watched her finish trimming her bush. His cock grew hard as he watched her lather up her hair and rinse it off. Next she lathered up her body with a liquid soap and Tyrone just about came in his pants. The excitement from spying on her adding to his pleasure.

In just moments it seemed she stepped out of the shower not seeing Tyrone's reflection in the mirror she acted normally and shut the door. Tyrone wondered further into the room and decided to look through her things. As he pulled opened the drawer on her dresser he found a lackluster collection of lingerie. Then he heard her on the phone.

"Look Scott I don't give a shit. You know how to make a girl feel good about a divorce you dick. I was just calling to tell you that you can pick up Josh at the Anderson's their taking him to a movie then he's spending the night." Then a pause "It's none of your business, were not married anymore and I can do what I want. Maybe I'll go out partying all weekend since I don't have to work." Another pause "Go to hell! Just have Josh back here at 6 on Sunday ASSHOLE!" she shouted into phone. Tyrone heard the receiver slam down on the handset now that was one pissed off bitch.

He heard her starting to cry, He continued to look through her things. Her purse on the dresser cell phone car keys. He looked at the contents of the purse finding nothing of interest he put it down. Moving to her nightstand he found a tazer gun and a romance novel. As he picked up the tazer gun and looked at it his cell phone rang.

Shocked and scared knowing she would find him he froze tazer gun in hand. Amber opened the door thinking it was her cell phone she walked in wearing only a towel. Looking up she saw him and screamed. "What the hell! I'm calling the police!" she said turning to run back in the bathroom. Without thinking Tyrone pressed the trigger on the weapon.

Two medal wires shot from the device striking Amber in the back. She let out a bloodcurdling scream as the blue sparks danced across the wires and her body. She crumpled to the floor motionless in seconds. Tyrone stood for another several minutes in shock himself from what had just happened.

Finally snapping himself out of it he knew he had to get the hell out of there before she woke up and called the police. Dropping the tazer he started to leave looking down at the women. Amber had fallen on her back and her towel had fallen open. He gazed down at the beautiful women her face peaceful, he gazed down at her small and perky breast her nipples as erect and hard as rubber bullets. As he gazed at her his dick sprang back to life reminding him how horny he was. As his eyes traveled up her body to her pretty face and then back down to her freshly trimmed snatch an idea came to him.

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