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Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Rape, Incest, Brother, Sister, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Ricky loves his sister but makes a really bad choice. I guess he never heard the old saying, you got to know when to hold them, when to fold them, and when to walk away.

You could tell for days that something was different, that something was wrong. I mean if you had bothered to look that is, to slow down, to stop and just look at Donna, something our parents never did as they rushed about their own lives ignoring their children completely.

But I did. It was the way she carried herself, usually upbeat, always quick with a smile whenever anyone spoke to her. She had always been popular, and beautiful, something I had no problem telling her. Being her brother she would simply say I was sweet for saying so. Gorgeous would be closer to the truth, stunning, sexy, Donna had a cool habit of walking around the house in her panties, giving me the best wet dreams at night. But mainly my sister was simply a wonderful person, caring and loving.

At sixteen Debbie was every boy's dream, and she certainly occupied many of mine. Not that I would ever think of doing anything, other than masturbating while picturing her curvaceous body in my mind. I would create very dark images, always ending the same way with me smothering my face in my pillow as I cry out her name, a rush of sperm erupting like hot lava from my dick into the tissues I would be holding, imagining instead that it was my sister's womb. But no, I could never hurt Donna, we love each other dearly, in fact we're best friends.

Three years older than myself Donna certainly didn't have to pay me the slightest bit of attention, but she did, and more. Laying with me on my bed, sometimes in her panties, she would help me with my homework. I in turn would help her workout, bicycling along beside her as she ran. Donna was the school's track star. Always in competition, she was trying to lose an extra ten pounds before the big meet next month.

On Friday nights we would go to the movies together, stay out late cruising the drag, talking with girlfriends of hers. I liked her friends too, they were pretty. One of them noticed me staring at her and when we were alone for a minute offered to take my virginity in the back seat of her car. Of course I said yes but Donna caught us before it went too far. Slightly angry, a definite tone to her voice, she talked to me on the way home.

"You're too young Ricky, so am I for that matter. We can both wait till we're older, okay, we can both wait."

I was definitely angry at her, for a little while anyway but still I trusted her judgement. It's what made us best friends, we trusted each other with everything.

She was always laughing and carrying on, but made sure I felt included in any conversations. Often we would stop off somewhere and she would buy me a burger, only a salad for herself as she was always worried about her weight.

On weekends we would just hang out. Mostly in her room where a small color TV was set up. We would watch a movie or listen to the stereo, all the time while playing cards, her other passion in life besides running. Poker was her game, having taught herself from watching old black and white movies on the TV. She taught me when I was ten so she could have someone to play with. It was during one of these games that we both made a pact, The Deal as Donna called it. We both knew we couldn't rely on our parents which is why I think she thought of it, plus I think she was still upset after catching me with her friend.

"I'll make you a deal Ricky, if you ever have a problem or need my help, I'll be there for you. We can talk about anything, anything at all, and if I'm in trouble and I need yours you'll be there for me, okay?"

Donna would go out on dates of course, not many but a few. Nothing too serious, always home before midnight. Checking to see if I was asleep, I never was, she would come into my room, hug me, kiss me goodnight, just a quick pat on the lips really but enough to show affection. Donna simply loved life, cherished it, and wanted everyone around her to share those feelings.

But not now, something was troubling her. I could see it in her crystal blue eyes, they seemed darker as if that was at all possible. Donna had been tight lipped about whatever the problem was. Nervous, staring blankly at things, a faint smile whenever she realized I was looking at her but you could tell she was faking it.

Her problems were suppose to be my problems, and vice versa that's how we did things, always looking after one another, our deal. But not now, Donna hadn't come to me for help, in fact she hadn't come to me at all for the last couple of days and seemed to be avoiding me. No bedtime kisses, I now feared our closeness was at an end, that I had quite possibly lost my best friend.

If only Donna would tell me, and of course when she finally did, coming into my room early one morning after our parents had left for work, I now wished she hadn't, we would both wish that.

"I'm pregnant Ricky."

"You, you can't be."

"I'm late, I missed my period."

My heart sank like a stone, you would think that impossible, it's just an expression after all but I could honestly feel it in my chest as my heart seemed to just fall, enough that I feared it would stop beating.

"Did you buy one of those test kits?"

"I will this afternoon but I already know, I'm over a week late. Mom and Dad are going to kill me Ricky."

You could tell Donna was fighting back tears, we both were, and as I pulled back the sheets, forgetting I was dressed only in my underwear but not giving a damn, I reached out to hold my sister. Donna practically fell into my open arms, and when she did we both opened up and cried. Tears ran heavy down both our faces which were pressed together.

Donna's arms were around my shoulders but I was at a bad angle and had to pull away from her, the strain on my back was becoming painful. Not wanting to let go Donna moved with me, lifting her feet off the floor from where she had been sitting on the edge of my bed and crawling under the covers beside me, actually lifting the sheets over us both.

She felt so weak, shaking, cold I thought so reaching back with one arm, the other was still around her at this point, I pulled the comforter over us as well. Donna's breasts were pressed tight into my naked chest so of course I was getting an erection but other than hoping she wouldn't notice my thoughts centered on helping my sister.

Still sobbing, a little better than the cries of a few minutes ago, we continued to lay there for a good half hour or so, the both of us mashed tight together. At one point I noticed her feet were cold, near mine as they were and not knowing of anything else I could do for her I made it my sole responsibility to correct this one little matter by rubbing them against mine.

Not only did the sobbing stop but Donna even attempted a laugh, an unexpected benefit. My own heart lifted and I hugged my sister tighter, my erection quickly becoming painfully obvious, to Donna as well with the both of us dressed in only our underwear. I tried to pull back, give her some room but Donna would have none of that, even pulling me in closer, virtually on top of her.

"I'm, I'm sorry Donna."

"Don't be, it's alright with me, I know it's normal."

"Oh, well okay, do you want to talk then, how did it happen?"

"I met this guy at a party, he seemed really sweet and offered to drive me home at the end of the night. We stopped off at that burger joint, you know the one we always go to, and anyway we just sort of did it in the backseat. It was fun, I didn't think it was any big deal, I mean everyone does it."

This time my heart did seem to stop. I mean sweet, this is how she describes this guy, the one who got her pregnant. Sweet is how she described me. And they went for burgers, but we always did that, Donna and I, that was our thing. Now I wasn't sure how I was feeling, yes I do, I was mad. She had broken our bond, our deal, destroyed our friendship, just so she could fuck some guy she didn't even know. We were both suppose to wait, we had talked about this. And to say it was no big deal, apparently sex to my sister was just something you did for fun. She had lied to me, I was still a virgin because of her, well fine then, if you can have sex anytime you want and with whoever you want then so can I. You like to fuck cause it's fun, well fine then, let's fuck.

I had my underwear off without Donna even noticing. Lifting myself up I yanked her panties down and she was still a little slow to respond, not fully aware of what I was doing. Only when I spread her legs apart and lowered myself back down did she realize my intentions and begin fighting back.

"No, Ricky what are you doing don't, no stop it."

I heard very little of this however as I forced my way into my sister's body, missing on the first two attempts as she started moving around, trying to raise her arms so she could push me off. But they were trapped below the sheets and I soon found the right target, her screaming suddenly telling me I had found her fuck hole.

"Oh God Ricky what are you doing, NO RICKY NOOOOOOO..."

Sliding into my sister took some effort, her movements kept me from doing it quickly and by the time I bottomed out, my cock now buried inside my sister, her body squirming around mine, I was ready to cum. It was my first time after all, so I didn't last long.

Even with her screaming louder, begging for me to stop I no longer could as my dick went rock hard and opened up, blowing every drop of sperm I had into my own sister's womb. My body and my mind froze giving her the time she needed to get me off of her.

Her arms now under my chest, her feet finding traction on my bed sheet, she pushed me up and back with surprising strength. I was well into my fourth spray as I was ripped out of her suctioning cervix, a solid white line of thick sticky fluid splattering all over her naked thighs and belly. The sheets, comforter, and I tumbled off the end of the bed while Donna stood up and bolted for the door, only to stop and turn around, my sperm flowing down her legs in great rivers while tears flowed down her cheeks. With a hoarse voice she cried out to me.

"What the fuck, what the fuck did you just do, oh my God, I'm your sister you bastard, you raped me, you fucking bastard you raped me."

I would just lay there on the floor, not moving, for ten minutes. Her words took that long to sink in, to have meaning for me. It would take another ten for me to start crying, working up slowing until I just laid there bawling like a two year old for more than an hour. Donna looked in at me at least once, maybe more I don't know after cleaning herself up, staring hard.

"Good, cry you little bastard."

What I do know is that when Mom and Dad came home I quickly got dressed and went downstairs to admit what I had done. Donna stopped me at the bottom of the stairs, actually throwing me against the wall.

"Don't you fucking dare, do you hear me, not one God damn word or I swear I will kill you, I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU."

I wasn't sure why she demanded this of me but of course I honored her request. I certainly had no desire to get in trouble, or to die. It soon became obvious though that she had decided not to tell them anything, not even that she was pregnant though I didn't think she would be able to hide that forever.

Donna staring at me across the dinner table that evening was the worst. I looked up and right into her eyes. They were cold, almost dead and I was forced to look away. Shamefully I would not look at her again, I was such a coward. Donna went out for awhile and I returned to my room, but just for a second as I had to run to the washroom where I threw up most of what I had eaten for supper. Still hugging the toilet, crying a little is where she would find me.

"I'm not pregnant. I bought a test kit downtown, several actually, and used one in the public washroom before I came home. I then used a second one to make sure, they both read negative. I guess my cycle is just off because of the weight I've been losing and all the stress I've been under with the big race next month, not that you give a shit."

"Oh thank God Donna, I'm glad, and you have to believe me I am so, so sorry for hurting you."

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