New Year's Eve Treat

by Jerry

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: A slightly embelished account of a wonderful happening just two days ago bringing in the New Year with a memory-creating night.

© 2003

My honey and I have often talked about adding another man to our mix. We both like the idea of the variety and I especially like the voyeur aspect plus giving her double the pleasure. I realize my limitations as a male while aware of HER capacity as a woman.

On New Year's eve, we checked into a motel about 60 miles from home. We made love, cuddled, and napped the afternoon away. About 7pm, we got dressed. I had requested she wear her short, black skirt and a red blouse I particularly like plus her black, leather coat. No panties and thigh-high stockings rounded out the pretty package. She did not know why I had asked for this attire until, as we talked while fucking, I outlined my ideas for our evening. As I described what I wanted us to do, she just got hotter and hotter cumming strongly several times.

We showered together, dressed, and went out to eat. The restaurant was crowded so I put in our name and we went to the bar where we sat on tall chairs at a small, round table. The idea of the short skirt and no panties now became apparent. Unfortunately, her position together with a lack of males within view did not lead us to anything interesting.

In about 20 minutes, we were led to out table. There, my sweetie was able to flash a guy some 12 feet from us. She told me he seemed to enjoy the view, dark as it was under our table. I had noticed her looking at someone behind me and smiling several times. But, he was with another woman. We ate and left. I had found a bar in the Yellow Pages and we spent half an hour looking for it in town. Alas, we struck out.

Ready to call it a night, I turned right to circle the block and head back to our room when we noticed a place in mid-block that looked interesting. It had valet parking and there were two limos and several up-scale cars parked in front. I parked down the street a little and walked back to the restaurant where I talked with the valet who briefed me on the layout of the place. It sounded nice. I retrieved my lady and we went into the bar.

Wow! It WAS very nice. At one end of the bar, on a raised platform, was a grand piano and a pretty woman playing pop-40 style tunes. I ordered two Baileys coffees. We checked the place out. The waitpersons were nicely dressed and very attractive, both men and women. The clientele seemed upper-crust and only a few were under fifty.

As we sat, my honey leaned over and told me there was a VERY nice looking man, about 40, in a charcoal suit, sitting alone at the bar and turned toward the door as if watching for someone. She was in his line of sight. I asked, "Think HE is a possibility?"

"Yes," she replied with a grin and a wink.

"Ok, give him some leg sweetheart. See what is reaction will be."

She must have done so because she suddenly smiled, dropped her gaze to the table, and giggled.


"Oh, I think maybe I gave him more than a little leg to look at. I'm so nervous, I think I may have just opened my legs as far as this skirt would allow. He looked then raised his eyebrows, smiled, and winked at me!"

A pause here dear readers to describe what this unsuspecting gentleman got a shot at. D is a beautiful black woman though "black" is not really proper so far as color shade is concerned. Yes, she IS an American Black (I do NOT use African American as I think that is insulting to one born in America. Hell, HER ancestors have been in this country 400 years longer than mine and I do not call myself an IRISH American!). The three glorious years we have been together have been very interesting in many ways. We have never been OVERTLY discriminated against by anyone even though we live in Texas but we have been stared at a lot. Seems OUR form of interracial harmony is not the norm; especially since I am over 20 years her senior. Anyway, her skin is the smoothest velvet café-a-lait you can imagine. Eyes of coal that flash like diamonds. Her short hair compliments a pretty face and rich, wonderful lips that are sooooo kissable. She stands 5ft 9 with exquisite legs and a full, woman's ass that just begs to be caressed.

"Are you ready for Phase II my dove?

"I don't know," she whispered.

"Ok, no hurry. Play your female tricks with the poor bastard for awhile. She nodded. I moved to the chair next to her so I too could check out her stranger. She would smile at me and sip her drink and rub her leg against mine. I could tell that her breathing was coming a bit shorter and sounded slightly labored as when we kiss hard and deep.

"Honey," D said without looking at me. "I think Mr. Suit would be amendable to an invitation to join us if you would like to ask him."

I reached under the table and gave her soft, warm thigh a squeeze. "On my way you hot bitch," I whispered in her ear. She grabbed MY thigh and as I slid off my chair, letting her hand graze my half-hard dick. I slowly, gracefully walked over to Mr. Suit, sat down next to him and said, "My lady and I were wondering whether you would care to join us for a Bailey's coffee?"

"Yes, thank you very much. I saw you two over there and could not help admiring your date."

"We've been together for over three years my friend. She is not my date though I do not take offence at your thinking so."

"Oh, sorry," he replied with genuine feeling.

We walked back to our little table and I put him in the chair next to D that would block her legs from anyone at the bar or walking by. We quickly introduced ourselves. His name was Steve. We did not ask for a lot of particulars though he did volunteer that he was stuck in town due to car trouble for a couple days and, eventually, would be continuing on to Houston on business. We offered that we were from some distance out of town and were celebrating the holiday away from nosey neighbors.

As we talked, D (by pre-arranged signal) put her hand out on the table where I could take it in mine. Maybe three minutes later, she gave it one, snug squeeze. This was the sign that she had put her other hand on the upper, inner thigh of our new friend, Steve.

We talked weather and stuff. Five minutes after her first hand grasp, D gave me TWO, quick squeezes. This meant HE had HIS hand IN her pussy area. I could see that his right arm/hand were to his side but could not appreciate where his hand was. This went on for awhile; I'm loosing time-estimating ability by now. Then, THREE squeezes to my hand! This signal meant 'let's get outta here!'

D went to the ladies room (as planned) whereupon I leaned over to Steve. "She has the most velvety pussy I've ever felt, think so?" I asked straight forward. Steve paused for only a second realizing the game D and I were playing.

"Yes, lordy-lordy, her thighs and pussy are wonderful. I don't know your plans but I sure would like to be included if ok with your lady."

"Her going to the bathroom just now tells me she is very interested in you returning the favor she gave you."

"What favor?"

"She showed you a bit of her charms, right?"

"Yes," Steve answered. "But, from so far away, under a dark table, I could only imagine."

"If you agree, you will get the opportunity to get a lot closer look and a much better feel in about ten minutes. Do you want to hear the rules?"

"Yes," Steve's reply was husky and thick with rising erotic thoughts.

"We will go out to our car. You two will get into the back seat and get comfortable. I will drive around some. You WILL NOT be allowed to fuck her but I think she knows how to relieve your feeling of pressure in the sensitive areas pretty well. After awhile, I will return you to here or your hotel, your choice. Do not even suggest our joining you in your room. We are not ready for that yet. Understood?"

"Yes, understood and yes, I agree. I assure you sir, I am a gentleman and take the part seriously. You probably have a.38 under your seat anyway, at least I would if I were doing this with a stranger and MY woman was as attractive as yours."

No, I did not have a.38 under the seat. It is a.357! I nodded at Steve then looked up to see D returning to our table. I motioned for our server and put out money for our drinks plus a nice tip. I told Steve to go to the men's room, wait 5 minutes then come outside. I told him to turn right at the door and come half a block, we would be waiting for him.

D and I went to the car; I was wishing it were a van with a bed in back but one cannot have everything. Steve came down the sidewalk and I motioned him to the back seat where D was waiting. I backed out and drove off. It was after 10pm and the streets were vacant. I adjusted the mirror so I could glance at them though all I could see were their heads and D's breasts under her blouse. It was then I noticed she had removed her bra while in the lady's room and unbuttoned the top two buttons.

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