Tracy Gets Hers

by Nghtarcher

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual, Humiliation, Torture, Violent, School, .

Desc: Sex Story: Tracy is the most beautiful and popular girl in Greenwood High. She chooses a guy whose ex-girlfriend is one of her rivals. She was publicly humiliated beyond imigination as her rivals beat and strip her in the middle of the school.

Tracy is one of the most popular girls in Greenwood high school, at least among guys. She was one of those unattainable high school princesses who enjoyed showing herself off, but didn't put out. With her shoulder-length blonde hair, perfect face (large green eyes, pert nose and thick, pouty lips), and athlete's body, she was easily the most beautiful girl in Greenwood, and every male student's dream.

She has a date tonight, with Gary. He is a cool, well build guy and also the striker of the football team. He is rich and famous and many girls wanted to date him.

He used to date only Lydia but not anymore. He broke up with her. She has to admit she was involved but very indirectly. She did not seduced him but he himself choose to break up with Lydia and tried her instead.

He was a little dangerous, but that only made him seem more sexy to her. She was sure she could handle whatever he did. They weren't going anywhere but to a movie anyway.

She was already running through her mind what she should wear, even though she'd decided, and decided again several times already. She looked good in almost anything, but wanted to look special.

She was wearing jeans and a bright blue shirt just then, but still looked fabulous, her brown hair spilling over the shoulders and her firm breasts pressing the fabric out tautly.

She pushed through the doors and outside, emerging in back of the school right near the gym.

"Hey, bitch!" Oh shit, she thought, her heart sinking as Lydia stepped out in front of her.

"Get lost," she frowned.

"I ain't getting lost, bitch. I wanna talk to you!"

She jabbed her finger against Tracy's chest and Tracy slapped her hand away.

There were suddenly half a dozen girls around her, and none looked very friendly. Tracy swallowed anxiously, her head turning from side to side.

"I'm in a hurry," she said.

"Why?" one of them demanded.

"You in a hurry to meet with my boyfriend?!" Lydia demanded.

"He's not your boyfriend. He broke up with you," Tracy protested.

"He's my fucking boyfriend until I say different, bitch!"

"You don't own him!"

"He's my boyfriend, bitch, an' you better lay off!" Lydia growled, grabbing the front of Tracy's shirt and jerking her up onto her toes.

"Let go of me!" Tracy demanded, shoving at her.

She broke free, and looked down to make sure her shirt hadn't been torn.

"I mean it, bitch," Lydia growled.

"If he was your boyfriend he wouldn't have asked me out! Now would he!" Tracy retorted.

"You wave your big tits around in his face any guy's gonna try and grab some," one of the other girls glared.

"I don't wave anything!" Tracy exclaimed.

"Yeah, fat fucking chance!" another girl said, shoving her from behind.

"Lay off!" Tracy cried, shoving at another of the girls.

"Fucking whore! Think you can go around and steal girls' boyfriends just because of your fat tits!?"

"I don't!"

Another girl shoved her from behind and she stumbled into another who shoved her back again.

"Lay off!" she shouted again.

She slapped at one of the girls, and another grabbed her hair from behind and yanked it painfully, almost pulling her off her feet. She screamed and whipped her arm around, knocking the girl's hand loose.

Tracy whirled around in fear. She could see that nobody was going to intervene. She tried to push her way through them but another hand reached out and grabbed her long hair, yanking back so hard she almost fell.

In anger and fear she attacked Lydia, clawing at her face.

They twisted together, pulling at each other's hair until someone tripped her. Tracy fell, but quickly scrambled back up. Just as she did Lydia's fist lashed out and caught her under the chin.

She staggered back, more shocked than anything else. She'd never been punched before, except half-heartedly in the arm or something. Then a black girl came up behind her and slammed a text book down across the top of her head.

Again she staggered, crying out in pain as the other girls laughed at her. Lydia slammed her fist into her right breast, and Tracy cried out again, swinging at her.

Someone came at her, a girl with spiky hair, and she clawed at her. Someone grabbed Tracy's collar, yanking her back hard, and ripping her shirt halfway down the back.

She spun into another girl, who grabbed her and turned her around. Then another girl helped the first as they pulled her arms behind her. Lydia came up and slapped her face hard, then punched her, rocking her head back.

Lydia drew her arm back and slammed her fist into Tracyoff!" Meghan," Kellf Meghan e's belly, and Tracy gasped and choked in pain. She kicked at the blonde, shoving her back, and twisted against the two girls holding her. One jerked her hair back hard, and the other grabbed her shirt, ripping it still further.

Someone kicked her in the crotch then and she gasped in nausea and pain, tearing free of the girls holding her only to fall to the ground. One of the girls still had a piece of her shirt, and ripped it free.

Another grabbed the front of her ragged shirt and pulled hard.

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