Love To Love You Baby

by Ray1031

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Humor, .

Desc: Sex Story: A semi-sequel or continuation to the story begun in "Hooked on a Feeling" this story uses the same two primary characters during an 'arranged' meeting six years later at a military training course. Continuing a theme, it too is based loosely on a song and I will add the lyrics after the story. Enjoy.

I rolled over and kissed Michelle good morning. We cuddled together for long minutes until a knock at the bedroom door made us seperate.

"Yes?" she called and the door opened as Airman Cathy Denon stuck her head in, "Breakfast in twenty you two. Time to rise and shine."

"Coffee?" I asked.

"Ready in fifteen, hot black and strong just the way I'm told you like it. You've got just enough time for a shower or a quickie before breakfast, but make sure it's a quickie. I get upset when the food gets cold before we eat." She closed the door and left.

Michelle opted for both, taking my cock in her hand and leading me to their small bathroom. We quickly relieved ourselves and crowded into the shower stall. Bracing my back against one wall I slid down so my feet were braced against the far one. She straddled me with her lithe body and settled herself onto me as we soaped our hands and washed each other's chests. For myself I spent most of my washing time paying attention to her high firm breasts. Lifting her off my hips I turned her around and bent her over as I entered her from behind and began cleaning her back as she washed her hair, wriggling back against me with the motions of her arms.

We finsihed during her rinse and she turned to kiss me before we began washing in earnest, nudging and bumping one another repeatedly as we did. We were still giggling like teenagers, arm in arm as we walked to the kitchen for Cathy's breakfast.

Cathy was singing along with the radio when we entered, "Love to Love You" by Donna Summer a new Disco artist. Michelle in her robe and I in my sweat pants and A-shirt had stopped in the doorway to watch as Cathy danced and gyrated between the stove and table placing out enough Eggs, Sausage, Bacon and toast for six people.

"When you're laying so close to me... there's no place I'd rather you be... than with me here," she sang as she moved about their small kitchen. Cathy was in a black mini-skirt and yellow spaghetti strap top that said 'Cocoa Cola' in bright red lettering across her breasts. The top was edged with a fine lace and allowed a large amount of cleavage to be displayed. The contrast of the shirt and her dark skin as she bounced around the room was something I found inticing. Seeing those large breasts of hers jiggle and her short skirt flounce about her hips as she moved, I was getting hard again. How well Michelle had taken care of me the night before and what we had just done meant nothing in the circumstances.

As one of the chorus' came up Michelle gently squeezed my arm and said, "Yeah, Love to love you, baby," and leaned up for a kiss.

At her words Cathy realised we were there and watched silently for a moment as we kissed before saying, "Hey! Breakfast is getting cold, let's eat! Coffee's on the counter Sarge."

"Devlin if you prefer," I said.

"Thanks, but I'll stick with Sarge. This way I won't make a mistake when we're on duty. I won't ask if you had a good night, the way you two kept waking me up I'm surprised you got any sleep at all." Michelle and I just smiled.

I had Cathy to thank for my being there, though if I'd known that eight weeks ago I would not have been thanking her.

On leave between assignments, I was standing in my mother's garage with the engine of my old Volkswagon Micro-bus completely disassembled and spread on the floor around my feet... it was then that the telephone rang. My leave was being terminated and I had to report early to my new assignment. Six hours saw the engine reassembled and reinstalled, then a sixteen hour non-stop drive got me to Nellis Air Force Base, my new posting, with only ten days of a projected forty day leave used. When I arrived, I found I had only three duty days to process into the base (a process which normally took seven to ten duty days) before I had to leave again for Texas and a training course there. By skipping a few local briefings and some Unit training - which I would have to make up later - I made it.

From the arrival of the initial telephone call, ending my vacation, until I had completed the five weeks of required classroom studies, aproximately eight weeks had passed. I'd taken my place in the queue with everyone else and accepted my certificate for the 'classroom studies' portion of the training. I still had no idea what I was doing retaking the course, it should not have been happening. I'd completed the jungle warfare course once already, in the Philipines, before I went to Vietanm six years earlier and it was not a 'repeatable' training course. Yet here I was repeating it.

Of course, part and parcel with my aggravation over what I considered another Air Force SNAFU (Situation Normal - All Fucked Up!), was the fact that since my return to the States nine weks ago, I had yet to get laid and I was frustrated as hell. I'd been in the Pacific Theater, hopping from one duty assignment to another for six years and I'd come home looking forward to some 'round-eye' nookie. It had taken me a week to locate an ex-high school girlfriend, who wasn't married, and set up a date, which I'd delayed so I could rebuild the old van's motor before going out. Opportunity, convenience, availability... you never knew... then the phone call came.

There'd been no time or opportunity at Nellis, and since my arrival at Lackland my duties and study workload had prevented any attempts at a social life. Until the last week.

I'd met an available waitress off post and made arrangements to spend the weekend with her following Graduation and before the field studies portion of the training was to start. I was definately going to get laid, at least I was until they handed me the envelope with my graduation certificate. It contained instructions to report immediately, early, to the Training Detachment at Camp Bullis, where the field training exercises were to begin Monday. Scrap the weekend on the beach with the good looking waitress. Oh well, probably too damn cold for the beach in late October anyway.

Imagine my surprise when I reported to the Detachment Commander's office and found four people gathered from past military bases of mine. The 'Commander' was Major Johnston from Mather Air Force Base in California, My former Chief of Security Police, now a Full Colonel. His Executive Officer was Lieutenant Michelle Kinnsey, formerly Sgt. Kinnsey from the same posting, whom I'd first met while she was hitchhiking across country. The NCOIC (non-commissioned officer in charge) of the Range was my first military training instructor, through Basic Training, then as my self-defense and range training officer during Security Police training. A Staff-Sergeant when we'd first met, he is now a Master Sergeant. The fourth person waiting to meet me was Senior Master Sergeant Gonzales, whom I'd known as a Technical Sergeant for a short time in Vietnam, now Chief of the Umpires at the training detachment.

This whole debacle, my cancelled leave, the retaking of a course I didn't need, and the abrupt instructions to report to the Detachment had all been arranged and orchestrated by Senior Airman Cathy Denon. Once the four people she worked so closely with realized they all knew me, they exchanged stories about me. She decided (with the approval of the Colonel) to get me enrolled in the course. Partly to meet me, but also because Michelle had been in a 'funk' since completing Officer's Candidate School and arriving at the detachment. She and the Colonel were hoping an old 'friend' might cheer her.

As the only unmarried females assigned at the post, Cathy and Michelle shared a bungalow. Cathy, believed my coming would be especially good medicine since Michelle had shared more intimate stories and thoughts of me with her.

Even considering and finally understanding what had been happening to me for weeks, I was still irritated with Cathy last night. But this morning, after last night in bed with Michelle, I was absolutely inclined to be forgiving and thankful. Last night had shown me that, even after six years, Michelle was still a tigress in bed.

After breakfast Cathy and I chatted as Michelle went to dress. "So, I understand that I have you to thank for the last eight weeks of my life?"

"Well, yeah I guess so. I didn't know I was going to be turning things so upside down for you. Are you upset with me?"

"Up until last night, I was. But this morning, after Michelle's and my 'reunion' last night, no I'm not." Cathy smiled at me and raised her coffee cup in a small salute then broke into a giggle fit. "What are you laughing about?"

"Oh nothing, really. I was just thinking about you walking into the Orderly Room yesterday. How seeing you in person was almost a disappointment."

"Disappointment? Why?"

"Well, after listening to everyone's stories about you, and especially Michelle's and the Colonel's, I had built up this weird mental image of you. You just weren't quite what I was expecting."

"And what exactly were you expecting?"

"Oh, I don't know, really... they all seemed to make you sound ten feet tall or like you should glow in the dark or something and Michelle... to listen to her, you should have a dick that drags on the ground when you walk."

"I fold it in half." she laughed. "But really, I'm just a man like any other. I'm afraid I don't know of anything extra special about me."

"Oh, there's special about you, I've already seen that and I think before the next eight weeks are over I will be both jealous of Michelle and probably wishing I was white."

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