Cure for the Blues

by Sloppy Joe

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Desc: Sex Story: A young man and a teenage girl, recently separated from their respective lovers, meet in a dance club. Together, they get over their depressed moods.

I was 23. I had just been given the boot by my girlfriend of over two years. I had tried to save a dying relationship, tried to talk it out. But I had to find out that she already had found a replacement, a guy from her workplace, and I finally said good riddance. The breakup was complicated by the problem of finding a new place to life, but in this regard I proved to be lucky. Within a day I had rented a large furnished room which was part of a huge flat inside a 17th century townhouse in the centre of a medium sized Southern German city. The old lady who owned the house rented the flats room by room, thereby increasing her income considerably. But the room was appealing, with a high ceiling and an ancient wooden floor. It was a Friday and I planned to move in on the following Monday, a friend could loan me a station wagon to move my few belongings into my new home.

I was still living in the apartment I had shared with my ex, but she was away over the weekend, visiting friends and presumably presenting her new boyfriend to them. As always when I am really down, I had no taste for alcohol, ruling out a visit to a pub. Staying home was not appealing, either. I decided to go to a dance club I was frequenting, a makeshift operation in the basement of the university's cafeteria. The entrance fee was low, the beverages cheep and it was attracting a mixed crowd, mostly university students and teenagers. I had no intention to go out and pick up a girl, I just wanted to meet friends and soak myself in self pity. Unfortunately, nobody was there to listen to my laments.

I was sitting alone at a rather large table, drinking a coke and listening to the music, when a group of three couples approached. They asked whether I minded if they sat at the table and I said sure, have a seat. They sat down and it became obvious that they were in the hand-holding mood, adoring each other and whispering pleasantries. This was more than I could endure in my present mood and I prepared to leave the table when I suddenly saw another person, a girl, at the table who was obviously feeling like a fifth wheel as well. She was young, seventeen or eighteen, with short blond hair and a nice body. Her face was not really beautiful but pretty enough. I moved around the table with my chair to where she sat between two self-absorbed couples and introduced myself.

"Hi, I'm Jonas. You seem to enjoy yourself almost as much as I do."

She gave me a little smile, and this revealed a string of really beautiful teeth in a wide mouth, a generous mouth. We began to chat easily. She told me she was 18, from another town in Southern Germany, and visiting her cousin. She pointed towards the girl to her left who was just french-kissing her boyfriend, seemingly lost to her surroundings. She next told me that she visited her cousin to distract herself a bit after she and her boyfriend had broken up the week before.

"Long affair?" I probed.

"Almost three months" she answered in dead earnest, which made me laugh. She looked at me with irritation, and I explained my own situation. My mood had already changed and there was no self pity in my narration of my own failed relationship. The similarity of our positions inspired a string of self-analytical bullshit which was heading us back into self pity. To turn the mood I suggested that we dance and we headed for the dancefloor. After some old-fashioned rock music, the disk jockey changed to the slow pieces and we found ourselves dancing slow and close. At the end of the first slow piece, her head already rested on my shoulder, when the slow music ended we were in a deep embrace.

"How about a bit of fresh air" I suggested.

"I have to tell my cousin" she said, went to the table and came back with her purse. "Let's go outside."

We left the place and walked a bit along the streets, side by side. Suddenly she stopped. "Listen, I am not ready for a new boyfriend. But I like you, and I would like us to be together tonight."

"So what are we going to do?" I asked.

"I don't know, but I have to be back at this club before they close. When do they close?"

"2 a.m." I said. "Why not drive around a bit?"

"Okay" was her reply, and we walked back to where my car was parked.

It was not a convertible, by any standard, but a french Citroen 2CV, the type we called "Ugly Duckling" in Germany, with a soft roof to roll back. So we drove through the summer night with a clear sky over us and my 2CV telling the world about its corroded exhaust pipe. I drove to a vantage point high above the city, where I knew the view was nice. I half expected the place to be crowded with couples in their cars, but when we arrived there was nobody else around. I killed the engine, and we were sitting there, looking at the illuminated city below us.

I turned to my right and bend over to kiss her. She met me halfways, her lips open and her tongue ready to dart into my mouth. Our lips were soon glued together, our tongues wrestling wildly and my left hand started to explore her body.

"Wait!" she said. She then opened her blouse, unhooked her bra and exposed her young, firm breasts. "I like it when a boy kisses my breasts." she stated, matter of factly. Who was I to decline? I bent over her chest and started to kiss and suck her beautiful tits and her engorged nipples. She really was into tit sucking, I noticed when I looked up briefly and saw that her eyeballs were rolled up to show the whites behind her hald closed lids. Her right hand was rubbing her crotch. I decided to explore that area myself and slid my left hand under her skirt. The skin of her thighs was delicious to my touch, smooth and firm. But when my hand approached her pubic mound she pushed it away.

"I'm sorry, I'm off the pill. I can't let you touch my pussy. We will loose control and fuck, and we can't do that without birth control. Please don't touch me there. I will take care of you, I promise."

I had to appreciate her point of view, and while I continued to suck and kiss her breasts, she fiddled herself to a rather noisy orgasm.

"You're sweet" she whispered, kissing me on the mouth. "Lay back now!"

She bent over to my side, unbuckled my belt and proceeded to open my jeans. My jockey shorts were soaked in precum already. I gave her a tissue to wipe it off as my dick jumped out of my shorts. She first kissed the tip of my dick, and then started to flip her tongue along its underside and back to the tip again. Next moment, her mouth wrapped around my penis as far as she managed. I marvelled how this teenage girl had acquired so much technique, but soon I put this pointless line of thoughts out of my mind and simply enjoyed one of the best blowjobs I have ever received. She was playing my dick like a master flutist, driving me to the brink of coming, cooling me down, driving me wild again. Finally, nature had its way and I blasted my cum into her mouth. It was a gorgeous sight, this girl sucking my cock dry and swallowing my cum to the last drop. She then licked my entire dick clean, put it back into my shorts and pulled the zipper of my jeans back up.

"Didn't I say I'd take care of you" she smiled.

"Well you did, didn't you" I said feebly, with the blood not yet returned to my brain in quantity.

She took my left wrist and looked at the watch.

"We better be going; if I'm not back at the club by two o'clock, my cousin will panic."

So we drove back. I wanted to bring her back in but she said she'd rather go alone. So I asked the inevitable question:

"Can we see again?"

She contemplated for a moment. "I could skip out of my aunt's house for a few hours tomorrow. How about two p.m.?"

I said okay and suggested she'd come to the apartment I was still living in, knowing my ex would not return before evening. She said okay, kissed me and hasted back into the club.

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