Christmas Bonus

by ransomz

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Cheating, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Suburban housewife gives two black garbage men their Christmas bonus.

Lisa Winters looked over at her husband eating his breakfast and felt a pang of anxiety rise in her belly. She knew that all their neighbors on their suburban Southern California block had already left the yearly Christmas tips for the sanitation crews. Only her husband hadn't given the requisite tip yet. Lisa was afraid of offending the garbage men and knew that it was now or never. She had tried to broach the subject with her husband the day before but he was in a rather bad mood when he got home from work and he didn't want to hear it.

Doug was in a bad mood quite a lot lately. They had been married for two years now and Lisa was beginning to fear that they were drifting apart. This was Doug's third marriage and her first. Her friends had warned her about marrying an older man, he was 37 and she was only 19 when they married, but she had thought it was true love. They had met at the grocery store where she was a checkout girl. Lisa had been working part time to raise some money for college. They wed after 6 months and Lisa dropped out of school to be a full time housewife. Doug seemed to lose interest in her almost immediately after the honeymoon.

Lisa tried to dress as sexy as she could around the house to rekindle Doug's interest, to no avail. This morning she was wearing a loose very sheer powder blue baby-doll teddy from Victoria's Secret. Her firm full d-cup breasts and pink nipples were clearly visible under the thin fabric, as was her skimpy white thong panties. Her neatly trimmed blond bush could also be seen though the see-thru materials. Her long straight blond hair hung down loose below her shoulders. The teddy was very short, hanging freely just below her hips. The bottom half of her thong panties were left uncovered as was most of her full round ass cheeks. The back of panties was just a string from the waistband that quickly disappeared between her firm buttocks. Doug didn't seem to notice. Lisa tried again to bring up the Christmas tip.

"You know," she started, "the Hendersons left $60 this year for the garbage crew. Do you think that's a fair amount?"

Doug slowly turned his eyes towards Lisa. A hostile look washed over his face. "Those lazy black bastards don't deserve a penny," he rumbled before turning back to his plate of food.

Lisa gulped. She had left a note on the garbage pails telling the men to come up to the house for their bonus, figuring she would have everything worked out. She started to get up to go out and retrieve the note when the kitchen doorbell rang. Lisa gasped.

"Oh great," Doug griped, getting up to go to the door. Lisa stared nervously at the door as Doug opened it. Two black men dressed in stained blue jumpsuits stood there smiling. They both looked to be in their late forties. The taller of the two was in front and he reached out his hand to shake. The other man was rather fat, with a big potbelly, and he was waving at Doug.

"What the fuck do you want?" Doug asked, ignoring the outstretched hand. The garbage man was obviously taken aback by Doug's harsh words, his smile quickly fading. He turned back to his partner and gave him a puzzled look.

Lisa jumped up and was about to tell Doug about her note when the taller man spoke up. "We, ah, we jus' come up to say Merry Chris'mas," he said, lowering his hand.

Doug laughed. "Bullshit. You came here to try and extort money from me," he said, pushing the garbage man aside as he walked out into the carport. The confused black men turned to follow Doug. "You think because the saps on this block roll over and give you a tip that I'm going to? Forget it. I already pay you lazy sons-of-bitches far more than you deserve with my taxes. The government does way too much for you people as it is." Doug raised his hand and started wagging his finger at the two men. "You coloreds come over here and expect a free ride in this country. Well forget it. You and your whole race are lazy and incompetent and don't deserve a penny. Go back to Africa, assholes. You aren't getting another penny from me." With that, Doug got in his car, slammed the door and peeled out of his driveway.

The two garbage men stood there in shocked silence, staring with mouths agape at the car driving away. Lisa, who had watched the whole scene in horror from the open doorway, rushed out into the carport. She was mortified by what her husband had said. How could he be so cruel, she asked herself. She could see the anger and pain radiating from the two men. Lisa the sharp pang of guilt because she had left that note that brought them to the house and placed them in the path of her husband's bitter racist meanness. Lisa, forgetting about her skimpy clothing, stepped over to the taller one and looked meekly up at him.

"I am so sorry," she said earnestly. The garbage man ignored her, his face full of fury, as he still watched the car driving off into the distance

"That man's a real fucking asshole," he said slowly, shaking with anger. Lisa gulped.

Lisa tentatively reached up her small hand and placed it on the garbage man's broad shoulder. Her voice full of shame, she said, "I - I can't believe he said those horrible things. I'm really, really sorry." Tears started to well up in her eyes. She peered intently into his broad flat face, trying to think of some way to ease his pain.

"He a fucking asshole," the man repeated.

"Y- yes," she admitted. "But he didn't mean, that is... those things he said..."

The fatter garbage man, also burning with rage, turned to Lisa to tell her that she was full of shit, but when he noticed her skimpy negligee, barely concealing her sexy, curvy body, his anger faded. "Well, it ain't yo' fault, ma'am," he said.

Lisa turned to the other man, grateful he didn't assume she was a racist, too. She felt she had to confess about the note. "B-but it was me that left the message on the cans. I didn't realize, that is, I... I wanted him to give you your Christmas tip but..."

"So we gots you to thank fo' this," the tall man said with hostility, turning to look down at her for the first time. His eyes quickly darted up and down her body and his rage also subsided. "What you doin' wit dat asshole, anyway?" he asked.

Lisa turned back to him. "I - I, we got married young and, well, he seemed... different then. Look, I don't... that is... I just want you to know that I don't agree with anything that he said and I - I just feel really bad about what happened. I'd really love to give you your tip but, it's just that, I don't have any money. D-Doug doesn't let me have any."

While Lisa spoke to his partner, the fat garbage man was ogling her incredibly sexy body from the back. He couldn't take his eyes off of the round globes of her bare ass sticking out from under her loose thin teddy. He licked his lips and gave his partner the high sign.

"It ain't the money," the tall one told Lisa. "We jus askin' to be treated with a little respect is all. A little friendliness. You know, like human bein's. Is that too much to ask?"

"Of course not!" Lisa quickly said. She began to see how she might make it up to the two men. "Please won't you come inside for a minute. I don't have any money, but I can make you some tea or something." She felt tremendously relieved to see the men nod in agreement.

Lisa bounced her way inside, much to the men's amusement. They followed her through the side door leading into the kitchen. Half the large room was a carpeted breakfast area, the rest was the tiled kitchen. A half eaten breakfast was still on the table. Lisa went over to a cabinet and reached up to get a box of tea bags. As she stretched, her teddy was lifted high, up over her belly-button, letting the men get a good look at her succulent ass cheeks and white thong panties.

"What kind of tea would you like?" she asked brightly.

"Actually, we want us some beers," the tall black man said.

"Oh, but... well, it's only 8 a.m."

"Hey, is Christmas, right? We deserve to celebrate a little."

"O-of course," Lisa hastily answered, not wanting to offend the men. She went over to the fridge, opened it, and bending over at the waist, grabbed some beers from the bottom shelf. The men both stared appreciatively at the sight of her uncovered round ass sticking up proudly.

"Get three," the tall man ordered.

Lisa stood up with three bottles of beer and walked over to the men. Their eyes went wide when they saw her pink nipples, pert from the cold air, poking through the see-thru teddy. As she handed them their drinks, Lisa realized they were staring at her breasts. She looked down and for the first time realized what she was wearing. Her cheeks went bright red. She started to turn to leave the room and go change but it suddenly occurred to her that this might offend the men. They might take it that she felt uncomfortable around black men, or that she was too good for them. It was too late now, anyway, she told herself. They had already seen her in her negligee, so the cat was already out of the bag, so to speak. There was no point in covering up so she might as well just try to ignore her discomfort. Lisa took a deep breath and stayed put.

The men moved around to either side of her. They clinked their bottles to the one still in her hand and the tall man said, "Merry Christmas!" They both took long drinks so Lisa, not wanting to be a bad hostess, did too. She felt a bit claustrophobic with the large black men surrounding her but she was afraid that if she moved away, they might take offense. Lisa remembered hearing that black people tended to be more physical, more touchy-feely, so she stayed in place, her elbows touching their stomachs, trying to disregard her uneasiness.

"An' to a real pretty lady!" the tall one said, clinking his bottle hers again. They all took another long pull.

Then the tall garbage man reached out and took a handful of the front of Lisa's teddy. Pulling it up he said, "Tha's some real nice outfit. Wha's that made of?"

"Oh, uh," Lisa started, aware that with her teddy being lifted up, her panties and ass were exposed, "I-it's Lycra Spandex."

The tall man pulled it up higher, looking closely at the fabric, forcing Lisa to turn to face him. "It's real nice. Feel this, man," he said to his partner.

The man behind her put his hand on her side, just under her arm. "Oh, yeah," he said. His hand moved around to her front, his fingertips covering the bottom of her right breast. "Dat feels real nice." His hand continued moving up until her negligee-covered breast was cupped in his palm.

"Oh!" Lisa blurted, startled. The man behind her started squeezing her right tit through the teddy. Lisa's mind started racing, trying to think about how to get him to stop without offending him. His other hand crept under her left arm and planted itself over her other breast. Lisa wanted to move away but, with her back pressing on the fat man's stomach, she was firmly sandwiched between the two men. She tried to twist her shoulders a few times to tell the man behind her she wanted him to let go of her breasts, but he didn't seem to get the subtle hint.

With his left hand, the garbage man in front of her raised her teddy even higher and placed his free right hand on her stomach. His hand slid down, his fingers pushing under the waistband of her panties. He reached down inside, his fingertips pressing through her wispy blond pubic hair.

"Oh!" was all Lisa could say, her face clearly displaying her growing anxiety.

While the man behind her juggled and squeezed her tits, the man in front moved his hand further inside her panties, until his fingers brushed along her soft pussy lips.

"M-my husband!" she exclaimed. "H-he might come back a-and..."

"What time he usually git home?" the tall man interrupted, pushing her pussy lips apart.

"U-usually, uh, s-seven p.m.," she stuttered nervously.

"So there's nuttin' to worry abouts," the man said, gently massaging her clit.

"B-but, I c-can't do this," she pleaded. "I'm married."

"Look," the tall black man said, slipping a finger into her moistening pussy, "everybody else done give us our Chris'mas tip, right?"

"Y-yes," she answered meekly.

"And we deserve us our tip, right?" he asked, digging his finger all the way in.

"Oh! O-of course," she managed to get out.

"But you ain't done give us our tip yet, right?" he asked as he started pushing a second finger into her pussy.

"N-no," she whispered breathlessly.

"And you don't gots no money to tip us wit, right?" he accused, steadily sliding both fingers in and out.

"N-no," Lisa moaned.

"So you gonna have to tip us with somethin' other than money. You gonna have to 'do' somethin' for us, right?" he said, speeding his pumping fingers up.

After a brief pause, Lisa, turning her head to the floor, said, "Y-yes."

The man smiled and pulled his hand out of her panties. He brought his glistening fingers to her mouth and pushed them through her closed lips. Lisa gave the man a confused look, but then, guessing what he wanted, started to suck on his black fingers. She had never tasted her own juices before. She was surprised to find that it was kind of sweet.

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