Philatal Mistake

by juanwildone

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Humor, .

Desc: Sex Story: A simple misunderstanding and a nice guy finally finishes - twice.

I'm a nice guy. Always have been always will be. It's who I am. I really am a nice guy. When I'm around women I'm respectful. I listen, I compliment, I consider their feelings. For me "no" has always meant "no." I guess if I told you that I didn't get much action you wouldn't be surprised. Not that I'm complaining OK maybe I'm complaining a little... but I understand that it's my fault.

I've even been fixed up with "sure things", except it wasn't. We got to talking and soon I'm sympathizing with her. When I left, it was as a new friend. Only to find out later she called up some random guy who stayed the night. We're still friends, sometimes I watch her kids when she goes out.

Before you say anything I've played the part of a tough guy and it worked. Up to the point where she was ready to have sex and I just had to tell her the truth. She was pissed off. A girl friend told me later when I told her the whole story that I might as well have called the girl a slut. She tried to explain it to me but I guess I just didn't get it. Not that I have a lot of time for dating anyway.

Things had been pretty crazy at work. Our company had bought a small graphic arts group and my team was responsible for integrating them into all aspects of our business. I found myself working regularly with Karen, one of our new co-workers. She was terrific. I mean she was smart. She was good-looking too. Too good looking for me, oh don't get me wrong. I mean that she was so good looking a guy like me wouldn't stand a chance. So we talked and flirted a little, okay it really wasn't flirting I simply noticed her clothes and hair and complimented her. Paid attention to her, listened to her. I could see that we were well on our way to becoming good friends - oh well.

All of this preambling about on my part was leading up to our end of the quarter company party. We were also celebrating the completed integration of the new graphics group; we finished way ahead of schedule. Unfortunately that meant that Karen and I wouldn't be working together as much - I was kind of bummed about that. Anyway, at the party I was drinking a bit more then usual and had a nice buzz going. I wanted to talk with Karen and thank her for her cooperation but I didn't see her anywhere. Eventually I wandered back to my section and was delighted to see Karen there. She looked great. She usually wore nicely tailored suits but I guess since it was casual Friday she - WOW - she was wearing a wrap around skirt with a t-shirt top. From the back she appeared to be braless! When I called out to her she turned and she was definitely braless, her nipples poked the cotton material outward and cast distinct shadows. She was holding a postcard in her hand. It was one of those Island girl cards with a beautiful nude Island girl on it. Oops!

OK so sue me. I collect stamps. And I ask people when they go traveling abroad to send me postcards back. One of the guys I work with was on vacation and had sent me the postcard; it had a great stamp on it the commemorated the granting of... Oh why am I even bothering to explain? Anyway, Karen was looking at the back of the postcard. I figured that maybe she was into stamps also so I asked her.

"So Karen, have you been a philatelist for very long." She must have turn six shades of red. I pressed onward, "I'm always asking people to send me new ones. I have quite a collection; I was twelve when I got my first one. How about you?"

"You were twelve?!" I was transfixed as Karen's nipples became noticeably more prominent. "I, I... I was seventeen, the first time." I couldn't help but notice that she was almost panting. And her eyes were nearly black. Her hand was gripping the postcard so tightly that it was visibly shaking.

"Hey, know what? If you want it I'll give it to you right now. I can always get another one from the same guy. I like getting them whenever and wherever, but you know what they say, 'it's better to give then to receive.' So if you want it just say so."

"Right here, in your office? I've never done it at work before. OK! I'll do it, I mean I'll let you do me. Oh God I can't believe I'm about to do this. Lock the door. Please." As I turned to lock the door it began to dawn on me that maybe we weren't talking about stamps. When I turned back around to Karen had already removed her skirt and was standing in her t-shirt and panties. She sat up on my desk and leaned back against one of the flat panel displays. Her knees were still together but she had lifted her feet above the top of the desk. The gusset of her panties was soaked and the bulge of her labia was unmistakable. I was about to explain our communication misunderstanding when I inhaled her scent. My alcohol buzz became a deep intoxication of lust. Suddenly, the only thought in my mind was P*U*S*S*Y! I wanted pussy. I needed pussy. I had to have some pussy!

I sat in my chair and slid forward. I leaned in close and drank deeply of the musky fragrance of her cunt. I hooked my fingers into the waistband of her panties and tugged gently. "These are in the way." Once I cleared her hips I pulled the soaked cotton up her legs until they cleared her feet. "You won't need them anymore," as I stuffed them in my pants pocket. Her scent filled the room. I put her left foot on the right armrest and her right foot on the left. I was looking at the most beautiful vagina I had ever seen - it was perfect. Her outer lips, the labia majora, were thick with blood, the edges swelling to the point of turning slightly inside out so that a hint of bright pink delight was just visible. She was leaking so abundantly that her perineum as well as her rosebud anus was slick with her fluids. Her lips spread slightly at the top of her vagina becoming a puffy cleft that disappeared into a soft down of light blonde hair. "You are so beautiful. So beautiful."

I lightly touched her lips causing her to shudder and inhale sharply. I looked up and smiled at her. Her eyes were so glazed I wasn't sure she could even see me. I began to stroke her slowly. My touch was so light that I barely felt her. But she could feel me. A low chorus of sounds began to rain upon my ears, "MMMM's" and "AHHHH's" and "OHHHH's" and the occasional "yes." Her lips began to open as I pressed a little harder. Up one side and down the other, sometimes two fingers straddling her slit moving in tandem. I couldn't wait any longer I had to see inside her so I positioned my thumbs and delicately pulled her cunt apart. I was transfixed. All of my senses were engaged; the heat of her skin, the sound of her enjoyment, the smell of her need, the vision of her perfection - I had to taste her, I couldn't wait any longer.

I leaned in and licked her from bottom to top. She moaned in pleasure, so I did it again. Slow languid licks alternating with deep plunges of my tongue. Always careful to avoid any contact with her clit. Her fingers her tangled in my hair and her vocalizations became an incoherent babble. I slowly pushed a finger into her and felt her spasm around it. She was very tight. I turned my palm up and began to stroke gently against the inside of her cunt. When my finger was almost out I would push up more and watch as her clit would rise and reveal itself. I began to lick on each side while carefully avoiding the sensitive tip. The next time I exposed her clit I licked right across the tip; she squealed and bucked her hips. I repeated this again and again slowly adding licks until it was a constant tongue massage. I increased the stroking action of my finger and she went nuts. Absolutely insane. Her thighs were flapping, her hips jerking, and then I tongue thwacked her. I sucked her clit into my mouth and clamped down with my lips. I thrummed my tongue back and forth across the exposed tip as hard and as fast as I could. A deep from the gut "OHHH" was broken off in mid exhalation and she went rigid. I kept going at it. Her body snapped like a whip three times and she completed her exhalation. "HAAAAA." I immediately released her clit and looked up.

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