Old Photograph

by JAX

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Desc: Sex Story: He finds an old picture of a pretty girl topless and wants to find her

I eke out a meagre living by buying, unseen, items left in storage that their owners have defaulted payment on. You know they might have died or moved on, leaving their belongs behind in a secure lock up. After six months the storage firm can sell off these items to recover their costs. The company holds auction every month or so and I bid on the smaller lots that the big boys are not interested in.

I usually end up with a lot of tat, old school books and report cards, that are worthless to me, but sometime I come up with the goods that make it all worth while; I once found a jewel box containing over twenty five thousand pounds worth of stuff in. I unpacked my purchases this time, it didn't look too promising, all the usually stuff. One box in particular had cost me £20, and all it contained was a lot of old love letters, some quite steamy. I was reading one hot one when a photograph fell out. I picked it up and turned it over to look at it; my word, but isn't she pretty. It was picture of a young girl, of say twenty, it showed her from waist up and she was naked. Her proud bust pointing at the camera with no hint of any sag. According to her letter, her name was Tracy, actually age was eighteen and still at college. The letter was dated 1/2/83 that would make her, what 37 years old now. I looked at the picture again, this is a girl I could fall in love with, no don't be silly, I told myself, she's probably married with four kids by now and it's only a picture.

After reading all her letters she was obviously in love with this Nigel guy, she was in a steamy sexual relationship with him. I wondered what happened to her though after all these years. I was intrigued and decided to look into the matter. What did I know about her, I knew her first name and her address back in 83; off I went down to the library to look at the census. In the 1981 roll, living at that address was Mr and Mrs Kent, with their teenage daughter Tracy; now I had a surname as well. In the 1991 roll she was gone, but her parent's were still there. Ok I checked the 2001, yes still there, ok they must know where their daughter is living.

I was having fun playing the detective, but what to do now. I couldn't just knock on her parent's door and ask them, then I had a brain wave. A friend of mine worked for the telephone company. Yes he confirmed they did have friends and family option. He gave me the list of all the numbers with there associate addresses. I dismissed 8 of the 10 numbers straight away, so that left me just 2 to check out. Ok next step was to stake out each address to see which one she was living at. It didn't take long, next morning before nine, two total strangers left number 45, Station Drive for work. Later that evening, at number 21, Ocean Crescent, and older and just as beautiful Tracy drove up in her battered Fiesta. I waited for her partner, but by nine no one else had turned up.

Ok, I had found my lovely Tracy, what now. My only way forward was to knock on her door and try and sell her back those letters. I sat in my car trying to build up my courage, her Fiesta was parked outside, so I knew she was in. I was wearing my best casual clothes, all washed and pressed, and so was I. The door bell rang quietly and to my surprise a teenage girl opened the door. For some seconds I was speechless, she was a dead ringer for her mum, all those years ago.

"Mum there's a man here for you," she shouted over her shoulder.

"Yes can I help you?" she said in a deep-throated voice.

"Yes Miss Kent," I said, using the only name I knew, her maiden name. "My name is Tony Taylor," I said handing over my business card.

"Oh I haven't heard myself called that for a few years," she said, "what can I do for you?" it looked like I wasn't going to be invited inside.

"Yes, Miss Kent, as you can see from my card," I started to explain, but I was becoming distracted by her, somehow I ploughed on, "I buy items left in storage, and a few items have turned up with your name on."

"Oh, like what?" she said, I could see she was intrigued.

"Well some letters you sent some years ago, to a Mr Nigel Hyde," I said.

"Oh my," she exclaimed, putting her hand up to her mouth, "you better come in." her lounge was neat and tidy, her daughter lay on the floor doing homework, her pretty face looked up at me as I entered.

"Hi again," she smiled at me, as I had been invited in, I must be ok, I suppose.

"Please sit, err Tony," she remembered, "would you like Tea."

"No thanks, Miss Kent," I replied.

"Please I'm Mrs Warren now," she smiled.

"Well I don't know why you don't revert back to Kent mum?" the youngster said, "after all, dad has gone."

"Thank you, love," she said a little sharply, "I'm sure err Tony here doesn't want to hear about all our problems."

No half I do, so hubby left has he, good, leaving these two beauties alone. I pulled out a small stack of bound letters and handed then to her.

"Here's a sample of what I've got, Mrs Warren," I said, "I've got about one hundred all together." With shaking fingers she took the first letter out and started to read.

"Who's it from mum?" her daughter asked.

"It from me, love," she replies, "something I wrote years ago, before I met your dad. Oh my, have you read this?" she asked me, looking very embarrassed

"One or two," I lied, "just to find out about you."

"You say you've got one hundred?" she asked quickly her face still red, "that would be about right," she said half to herself.

"Yeah about that," I said, "they were part of box of mostly junk, but you can buy the lot if you like."

"Well I like to have the letters," she said, looking up from reading, "but monies tight these days."

"I'm sure we can work something out," I said, "easy payments over a few months."

"Thank you err Tony," she said, "you said there was other stuff?"

"Yeah," I smiled, from the look on her face, she had just read and remembered about the photograph she had sent him. I made sure the letter that contained the picture was on top.

"Perhaps you could bring it all around sometime," she said, slightly breathless.

"Sure Mrs Warren," I said, "well I'll better be off now."

"Thank you err Tony," she said, "by the way how much do you want for the whole box full?"

"Well I was thinking about one hundred pounds," I said, "but as you're strapped for cash theses days, I'll take seventy five."

"Yeah fine, thanks" she smiled, "it may take awhile to find it, but I'm sure it'll be worth it." I said my goodbyes and I left then.

Now that I've met her and her daughter, what now, well I know what I wanted to do to either or both of them, but I'll settle for mum to start with; I'll leave the daughter until later. A couple of days later, I returned with the box full of letters and other junk, but I made sure I scanned her picture first before putting back in the box.

"Oh lovely," she said, rummaging in the box. It wasn't long before she found the picture, she quickly looked at it and put it away before we could see.

"What's that mum?" the daughter asked.

"Nothing dear," she lied, glancing at me to see if I had seen as well.

"Don't worry Mrs Warren," I said, "I've already seen it."

"Oh," she said, her face going red with embarrassment again.

"Err, Tina, why don't you get on with your homework in your room," she said to her daughter.

"Oh mum," she whined, "do I have to?"

"Yeah off you go, please love." She said. I watched as her sexy rear left the room.

"What must you think of me," she said.

"It's ok Mrs Warren," I said, "you'll be surprised what I find sometimes."

"Well it was along time ago," she smiled, but still embarrassed.

"Well I must say Mrs Warren," I said, "the years have been good to you, you're still as beautiful as you were than."

"Oh please," she said her hand unconsciously went through her hair.

"Anyway I must go," I said, "but I would like to call on you sometimes, go for a drink or something."

"Oh," she said surprised, "I would like that," she smiled at me.

Well that's a result, take it slowly mate and you never know what you can get from her. I picked her up a couple of days later and took her to a nice pub I know. We had a few drinks and a meal too. I pushed her about her husband and after a few drinks it all came gushing out. He had an affair with his secretary and had left six months ago.

"Oh poor you," I sympathised.

"Well it was so unexpected," she said, "it's true you know, what they say, the wife is always the last to know."

"Tell me about this Nigel and the picture?" I said.

"Oh no, I can't," she said, but of course she could, "he was a guy I had met at college, he left to go to University in Leeds, I only got to see him every few months. He requested a picture of me, you know naked, but I couldn't, all I could do was to send him that topless one."

"You looked very beautiful," I said.

"Well we had been on holiday together," she explained, "and of course I'd been topless on the beach, so I didn't think it was too bad to send him one of the holiday snaps."

"You looked lovely, with a great figure," I said.

"I've put on a few pounds since then," she said, looking at me to deny it, so I obliged.

"No way," I said, "you look just as fit now as you did then."

"Thanks, but gravity has taken its toll," she giggled.

When we got back to her house, I was invited in for coffee. Tina was already in bed and hopefully asleep. I put my arm around her shoulder and pulled her towards me. Our lips met for the first time. You know you're on to a winner with a recently divorce women, their confidence has taken a bashing and they are desperate to know they are still attractive.

"No we mustn't," she whispered, as my hand squeezed her tits. Slowly one by one her clothes were removed, until she at last raised her bum, so I could roll down her knickers. After all these years I wasn't expecting her tits to be as good, ok they drooped a bit, but they still felt nice and firm.

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