Fritz Kringle and the Naughty Girls


Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Drunk/Drugged, Magic, Heterosexual, Humor, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: It's Christmas Eve and Kris Kringle's son Fritz goes out with an old copy of The List to find out if the formerly naughty little girls have grown up to be naughtier big girls.

Disclaimer: This story is for adults only authorized for publication at It may be published elsewhere only by the author's express permission. All characters are fictional and above the age of consent for engaging in sexual activities. This story is a fantasy and contains both impossible and immoral acts which should not be attempted by real persons. Reading this story may be considered naughty and may result in loss of presents on Christmas eve. If you are worried, wait until December 26th to read it.

"Come on, Dad. I can do this," Fritz insisted. "I've been out with you a dozen times! Trust me!"

"Awwww, I don't know," said the old man, pausing to belch. "You've never flown alone at night..."

"But last year I did all the flying! You said yourself that I handled the team as well as you could have!"

"He's right, Kris," said his mother. "You're in no shape to do it with this flu of yours and Fritz is perfectly capable of doing the work."

Good old mom!

"I can just leave time until I've gotten over this thing!" the old man protested, "Then the point will be moot!"

He belched loudly and grabbed his bucket, looking miserable.

"And don't you remember what happened last time you did that?" Fritz' mom countered. "You lay there in bed outside of time for what seemed a week to you just brooding and feeling sorry for yourself and then what did you do? You started going over the list, checking it twice and then twice over and by the time you were well enough to make the deliveries, you had decided that only half a dozen children were nice enough to deserve them. With all that overstock we had to lay off three dozen elves and their union hasn't stopped bringing it up at every opportunity since!"

The old man muttered and mumbled excuses and justifications, but Fritz knew that once his mom was on his side, the jolly old fat man would cave.

"Fine! Just get the suit and get out of here!" he declared. "But make sure you don't let anyone get a look at you! You're too damn skinny! I've got a reputation, you know. And I expect the rum cakes that Ulaf's mother makes and at least half of the other cookies! I won't stay sick forever, you know, and when I'm better I'm going to be hungry!"

"Will do, Dad," Fritz said, giving him a playful tug on his beard. "And Merry Christmas!"

"Bah!" said the old man and Fritz grabbed the magic suit and headed out to load the sleigh.

"Don't forget to check the list twice!" he called out. "I've got a bad feeling about this."

"Oh that's just gas, dear!" said Mrs. Kringle. "Everything will be fine. He's a nice boy."

"Hah!" said the man called Claus. "Sometimes I wonder."

As Fritz went to load the sleigh, he passed a squat, gnarled elf who nodded at him. Fritz nodded back. His co-conspirator had loaded The Sack.

Fritz was not, in fact, the nice boy Mrs. Kringle thought he was. He was decidedly naughty, with a deep interest in naughtiness despite his father's crusade against it, or perhaps because of it. Due to the magically long-lived nature of his parents, his adolescence had lasted nearly a century and the perpetual pubescence had warped him. The only reason he had not been as naughty as he might have been was that he lived up on a snowy mountain top where, quite frankly, being naughty took more imagination than Fritz possessed. The naughtiness of lacing his father's lunch with spoiled reindeer meat had been Randy the elf's idea. Once Randy told him all of his naughty ideas, however, Fritz was quite willing to put them into action.

And the plan had worked! He had the sleigh, he had the magic gloves, he had The Sack, and he had the list! Not this year's list. He had that, of course, and all the nice little boys and girls would of course get their presents in due time. But the list he was excited about was tucked into his trousers and he pulled it out once he had left his parents there on the ground, driving the team up into the cold December night sky.

The list. Fritz had kept it hidden for twelve years now after saving it from the fire. His dad burned the list every December 26th, saying that every child got a clean slate for the coming year. But Fritz had snatched a singed portion, G through J, from the hearth when no one was looking and finally it was going to pay off!

He grinned down at the list, steering the team with one hand. Naughty, naughty, naughty. Randy the elf had a theory: that naughty little girls grow up to be naughty big girls. Tonight, with all of his father's magic, Fritz aimed to find out.

He flew out over the village of Dorf. Although his father's legend had spread far and wide and he was impersonated the world over, in truth he had never delivered presents to all the children of the world, not even all the christian children. Even with his magical ability to step out of time, the logistics of such a venture would make it impossible. He only delivered presents to the children of a few dozen Alpine villages as he had for centuries.

Fritz would deliver the presents tonight, eventually. With father's gloves, he could step out of time himself and could easily complete the job by morning. Right now, though, he was going to give a present to himself: A formerly naughty little girl on his list named Heidi Gorlach.

Fritz lay a gloved finger to the side of his nose. He had no idea why the magic required that gesture and had always thought his father looked silly doing it. Nevertheless, it worked. With finger to nose, he willed himself out of time and the large fluffy snowflakes stopped their gentle decent. Fritz chuckled. In this frozen moment of time, he was all powerful. Not even his father could get to him here. Again, laying his finger to the side of his nose, he became immaterial and slipped down through the Gorlach family's roof. Father preferred to use the chimney as a guide, but Fritz thought that was just asking to get all sooty. Besides, the hearth was not his goal.

Fritz materialized in Heidi Gorlach's room to find it empty. He smacked his forehead at his stupidity. Why had he expected a naughty girl to be in bed early--or in her own bed at all? He stalked about the naughty girl's bedroom, fondling her undergarments, and then he saw the note. It was an invitation:

Come to Gunter Hodge's Christmas Eve Party!
Beer! Dancing! Music! More Beer!

There was an address. It wasn't far. Fritz smiled at his good fortune and lay a finger aside his nose.

The party was in full swing when Fritz arrived. It was held in what appeared to be a dairy, though it had been cleansed of all trace of cow and the foamy beverage that flowed was certainly not milk. There were many beautiful girls there, most of them most certainly naughty, but Fritz wanted to find Heidi Gorlach. Having fondled her undergarments, he was determined to fondle her more intimate things.

There were dozens of people in the dairy and Fritz had only a vague idea of what his quarry looked like from a small family portrait in her parents home. Rather than sort through the frozen guests, he thought it better to lay his finger aside his nose, fade to invisibility and step back into time.

It was the right choice. As the party goers resumed motion, Fritz heard a group of them calling out to the one he sought.

"Chug, Heidi, Chug! Chug, Heidi, Chug! Chug, Heidi, Chug!"

Fritz saw that the chant was directed at a ruddy-faced young woman with blonde braids and HUGE gazongas. Heidi held a big stein of beer, it's foamy head slowly sliding over the rim. Her wide, blinking eyes, glowing complexion, and broad grin all bore witness that this was not her first. Her gaze weaved and swerved at the crowd that cheered her on, then she tossed back her head, took the stein in both hands and guzzled. Foam escaped her mouth and oozed down her neck and into the canyon of her cleavage. The crowd held its breath, silently counting gulps. At twelve, the blonde Bavarian stopped, gasped, wobbled and belched. The crowd exploded with applause.

"WooHoo!" Heidi shouted, triumphant, shaking the stein and an empty fist in the air, shaking her massive knockers in the process, not unintentionally Fritz guessed. Randy's theory was proving sound--Heidi had definitely grown up naughty. And grown up buxom as well! Fritz just had to get a closer look at the girl's chest. He lay a finger aside his nose and the raucous party came to a sudden halt.

Outside of time, Fritz weaved through the crowd to where Heidi was held aloft in debauched triumph. From beneath, her pendulous breasts were even more imposing. Fritz grinned and with a finger aside his nose rose up to be on the same level as the buxom ale aficionado. He took a massive mammary in each hand.

The young Kringle gasped. Stuck on a mountaintop for most of his century-long adolescence with nothing but his mother and the small-chested she-elves as examples of the female form, he had never copped a feel. Now here he was with the mother lode! They were incredible!

Fritz' first instinct was to strip off Heidi's blouse and undergarments and take a good look at her mountains of flesh. He had the blouse half off and was thinking what a surprise it would be to everyone when Heidi was suddenly topless when another thought occurred to him. With a mischievous grin, he pulled out his small knife.

Fritz had the deft hands and keen eyes of a toy maker. It was easy to determine the points of greatest stress on the girl's herculean brassier and quick work to perforate those seams with his knife so that only a few threads held the bulwark in place. Replacing her blouse, he also took his knife to it. Floating back a few paces, he could see that to all outward appearances, her outfit was still sound--at least in this frozen moment. Fritz settled back down to the ground and found the optimal place to view the results of his labors.

A finger to his nose and Heidi was once again bouncing on the shoulders of her entourage, cheering in her beer-chugging glory. Three bounces and Fritz saw the girl's eyes go wide, but she had no time to otherwise react before her huge hooters broke free from their compromised containment.

Heidi screamed in surprise as she found her blouse and bra in tatters and she scrambled to hold her outfit together, blushing furiously. Drunk as she was and bouncing on the shoulders of two burly men, it was a futile endeavor. Her perch became even more precarious as her two supporters craned their necks to see her liberated boobies.

The rest of the crowd had less difficulty viewing Fritz' handy work. Many stared, mouths agape for an endless moment, unable to believe what had just happened. Others guffawed with laughter at the buxom girl's misfortune. With in a few heartbeats, however, a cheer rose up--one even louder than the one celebrating her beer guzzling. Heidi continued to blush but a shy grin returned to her face and she looked about the crowd, delighted to be the object of such awe.

At the crowd's encouragement, the two boys who bore her aloft again began to bounce her up and down. Heidi laughed and squealed as she again lost hold of her tattered blouse and her boobies bounced free. The two boys passed the buxom lush to another pair and they paraded her about the room, the crowd going wild. Fritz followed close by, watching in awe as the globes of flesh undulated and quivered and as Heidi made less and less of an effort to cover them. They were spectacular!

Fritz was delighted with how well his adventure with Heidi was working. It occurred to him that many of the girls on his list were probably at this very party. He could always come back to Heidi and her luscious bosom. He pulled out his list, scanning for especially naughty girls from Dorf. One, Hannah Scheuler, had even more black check marks than Heidi. This was a girl he just had to meet.

He placed his finger along side of his nose and became visible but disguised. His father used this trick to go about as an old beggar and test people to see if they would treat him kindly. Fritz took the guise of one of the local boys instead.

He sidled up to one group of young men.

"Hey, has anyone seen Hannah Scheuler?" he asked, nonchalant.

"Hah!" exclaimed one. "You're too late for her, by far!"

"Ya!" exclaimed another, "Gunter is the lucky one tonight. He took her up to the hay loft twenty minutes ago!"

"Twenty minutes?" asked a third. "Gunter's probably done by now, then! The rest of us may get a chance yet!"

All the young men laughed at this. Fritz smiled. Here was yet more evidence supporting Randy's theory. He lay a finger aside his nose, fading from view and rising into the hay-filled loft above them. The sound of giggles and moans led him to an out of the way pile of fodder. There was a raven-haired lass with pale, pale skin being cheerfully ravished by a horny young village boy. The dark-haired girl, who could only be Hannah, was wearing only her undergarments and these only partially. Her amorous suitor had his shirt open and his pants about his ankles.

"Oh Gunter!" Hannah exclaimed as the boy buried his face in her cleavage. "You make me so horny! So hot!"

"Oh Hannah!" exclaimed Gunter, "You are a goddess among women! The most beautiful girl I have ever seen!"

"I excite you Gunter?" she asked.

"Oh yes, Hannah, yes!" he exclaimed.

"Let me feel," she said, reaching down between the young man's legs and grabbing his pecker.

"Uhhua!" said Gunter.

"Why Gunter, you do like me, don't you!" Hannah exclaimed.

"By Heaven yes, Hannah!"

"More than that little bitch girlfriend of yours?" she pressed.

"Katrina?" Gunter asked, taken aback.

"Of course, Gunter. You didn't think I didn't know, did you?"

"Well, uh..."

"Now, now, Gunter." she smiled, her hand squeezing and stroking his cock expertly, "It's all right, you know. I just want you to tell me that I'm more of a woman than she is. That I'm more beautiful, more exciting. And if you convince me, well, then I'll be very, very happy. And when I'm happy, I like to take a nice hard cock like this one and suck it!"

Gunter's eyes got huge.

"K... Katrina means nothing to me!" he declared. "She's nothing compared to you, Hannah! Next to you she might as well be a nun."

"An ugly nun?" Hannah encouraged.

"Uh, yes. An ugly, toothless, scabby nun." Gunter said.

"And what about her cunt?" Hannah asked. "Does it smell foul?"

"I d... I mean yes! It reeks! Not like yours, Hannah! You smell like a woman! Like a goddess!"

The naughty girl giggled, then she pushed the desperately horny boy down on to the hay.

"It makes me very happy to hear you say that, Gunter," she said. "Very happy indeed!"

Fritz stared, amazed and invisible, as the dark-haired beauty pulled out the panting boy's hard cock and gave it a long, slow lick from balls to tip, eyes full of mischief.

"Oh Hannah!" cried Gunter, and his eyes rolled back in his head. "You are so much more a woman than Katrina will ever be!"

The girl grinned, opened her mouth wide and engulfed the rigid member, giving out a satisfied little grunt as she did so. Gunter gibbered and moaned as she began to bob her head up and down on his shaft. The boy sank down into the hay.

Fritz decided he had played the voyeur for long enough. He lay his finger aside his nose and stepped out of time. He observed the frozen fellatio from all angles, fascinated by how much of the boy's member Hannah was able to take into her throat. He determined that from that angle, Hannah could not see Gunter's face clearly, which was fine with Fritz as he intended to replace him.

Gently prying her frozen fingers from Gunter's shaft and lifting her head off his cock, Fritz slid Gunter from his enviable position, hoisted him onto his shoulder, naked and erect, and rose up to the roof top on the opposite side from which he had parked the team. Leaving the heretofore lucky young man with his cock pointed at the cold night sky, Fritz descended to the waiting Hannah and removed his own trousers. He was quite erect himself, having enjoyed the show, and was quite ready to become a participant.

He nestled down into the depression Gunter had left in the hay and eased his delighted dick between Hannah's pursed lips. He was significantly better endowed than Gunter, but he hoped Hannah would not notice, or at least not care enough to check the identity of the recipient of her beneficence. He wrapped her delicate fingers about his shaft, lay back, and covered his face with a bit of hay for good measure.

Then laying a finger aside his nose, he entered a world of pure bliss. Hannah gave a squeal as, to her perception, Gunter's cock suddenly grew in her mouth. Unrattled, she continued her hummer with even greater enthusiasm. From somewhere on the roof, there was a confused and despairing cry but, engrossed in her activity, Hannah failed to notice it.

"Mmmmmm" she exclaimed around the thick, hard shaft. It tasted vaguely of peppermint for some reason.

Fritz groaned there in the hay, overwhelmed by Hannah's deft performance, practiced to perfection. She was delighted by his appreciative response and went into her frenzied finale, bobbing and slurping as she pumped her little fist around his thick rod, groaning an incoherent command that he give up all resistance. Fritz complied, exploding into her mouth has she greedily gulped.

Hannah swallowed the last of his curiously-flavored spunk, then released the deflating cock to grin at its amazed owner. Grinning back at her was the face of a delighted stranger. Hannah gasped as he lay his finger aside his nose and was suddenly gone, leaving her alone and unnerved.

Feeling utterly delighted with how his plan was going, Fritz headed back to the party, leaving Hannah to wonder what had just happened. Heidi had forgone the futile attempt to recover her liberated largess and was once again chugging beer as the party goers cheered her on, bosoms bared for all to see.

Off to one corner, three girls in short lederhosen gathered watching Heidi's spectacle with disapproval. Fritz decided to see what they were talking about about and faded to invisibility before stepping back into time.

"God she is just such a lush!" said the sharp-faced blonde who was clearly the ring leader of the trio. "I can't believe she's still on her feet!"

"You're so right, Hilda!" declared her dark-haired compatriot. "Doesn't she care what people think of her? And that all that beer! God, she'll be big as a house by the time she's thirty!"

"She'll be big as a house nine month's from now more likely," said Hilda, "You get enough beer into her and she's as much a whore as Hannah Scheuler. I don't know which is worse! Hannah who goes about seeking men to paw and poke her or Heidi who is so pickled she doesn't even know who is doing the poking!"

The three girls laughed scornfully. Fritz was shocked! How could these girls disparage the two naughty girls who had brought so much pleasure to his formerly repressed existence? And clearly they had brought joy to many other lives as well! Could these girls be so petty as to begrudge them all a bit of naughtiness? They were worse than his father!

They were quite a bit nicer to look at, however. The diminutive sharp-faced blonde, Hilda, especially. Fritz looked at his list. Somewhat to his surprise, her name appeared. Well, he reasoned, naughty didn't always have to come packaged with pleasantness. It was a pity though!

Fritz stepped out of time and spent a moment exploring Hilda's body with his delighted hands. Her flesh was firm and luscious beneath her fashionably folkish outfit. A shame that she was such the bitch, disinclined to share her fine flesh. Clearly she was lacking in the spirit of the season. Fritz had a cure for that, though.

Removing his hands from Hilda's firm fanny, he replaced the gloves and rose up to the rooftop. The reindeer looked resentfully at him and Fritz put on their grain sacks. With the team happily munching, he went to The Sack and, concentrating, reached in and pulled out the little brown bottle that Randy the elf had packed there for just such an occasion.

Christmas Cheer

said the label. Fritz descended back to the bitchy blonde. He tipped her head back and poured a generous draught down Hilda's throat. Then he resumed his place in the flow of time.

Hilda swallowed reflexively, then her eyes went wide. She wobbled a bit as a pink blush and a broad grin crept up her face.

"Hilda, are you all right?" asked one of her cronies.

Hilda blinked her big blue eyes, looking back and forth between her companions, her smile growing all the more.

"Merry Christmas!" she exclaimed and then burst into a fit of giggles.

The sober portion of the trio stared at the third in wonder.

"Uh... Merry Christmas," said one.

"I love you girls!" Hilda exclaimed, throwing an arm around the two girls shoulders, "You're the best friends ever!"

"Uh, What's wrong with you, Hilda?" asked one of her friends when it became apparent she wasn't going to let them go.

"Yeah, you're acting all weird and stuff," observed the other.

"I'm just so happy <giggle>! It's Christmas and I have the best friends ever and I just feel like singing! Let's sing, girls!"

"No. Let's not. This is just too weird." declared the dark-haired friend, struggling to escape the bear hug.

Fritz stepped out of time. Hilda's friends needed some help getting into the spirit of things as well. He helped the frozen friends to some Christmas Cheer, giving Hilda an additional dose just for the hell of it, then resumed the fun.

The friends swallowed, then relaxed into Hilda's hug, grinning. Filled with affection for one another, the three girls continued to hug and express their fondness for each other and how wonderful life was. Mostly, though, they just giggled.

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