Quiet Little Place

by JAX

Copyright© 2002 by JAX

Sex Story: the sex secrets of a quiet sea side hotel

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Slut Wife   .

My name is Sammy, and I work at this quiet little hotel right on the beach in a south coast resort. My work was varied and mostly enjoyable. At this minute I am picking up our latest guest from the train station in our very own mini bus. Being young, just twenty-five, I interested in all the young females that stay with us. Out of our new guests, there was only two or perhaps three, a newly wed couple on their honeymoon and the daughter of a mid thirties couple; her mum making up the third possible, wasn't bad either.

"So Sammy, who have you picked out this week?" my boss Vicky asked, she was standing behind me as I surveyed the breakfast tables.

"Not decided yet," I said, which was a lie of course.

"Not a lot of choice," she chuckled, "but knowing you, I'm sure you'll find some wet pussy." After a short pause she carried on. "There's that new bride I suppose, a bit skinner but quite pretty, then there's the mother and daughter in the corner."

She had unerringly picked the three I had singled out, but then she did know me, she had been my boss and occasional lover for the past three years.

"Just remember Sammy my lad," she said with a laugh, "no trouble ok, or you're out on your ear."

"You know me Vic," I laughed back, "there's never ever any trouble."

"Yeah, well let's keep it that way," she said and then she walked away. Although in her late thirties she is still in good shape, our nights together were never a task.

"Hello again," I said to the honeymoon couple.

"Hi, I'm Sandy and this is my husband Mark," the slim good looking girl replied.

"Hi Sandy, Mark, right one of the things we offer our honeymooner's here is a free photo session," I said, "would you like to have a go?"

"Sure," said Mark, "just what does it intail?"

"Great," I said, "well we have our own studio downstairs, I'll will be taking the pictures and they can be anything you want. One of our most popular is you two wearing your going away outfits and together to both strip off to reveal you swimming togs."

"Oh that sounds fun," enthused Sandy.

"Yeah, put us down for that," agreed Mark.

"Ok tomorrow evening after dinner, say about nine," I said, "I'll met you in the bar. You two just think about it, it's your session, ok?"

"Yeah thanks," said Mark.

I watched them walk away, Sandy was quite tall, about five seven or eight, with a slim figure. Her bust was small but she had really long slim legs. To obtain my goal, i.e. getting between those long legs would require some organising.

The hotel provided honeymooners with a limited amount of free Champagne so I ordered a bottle to be chilled for tomorrow evening; everything was ready. The studio was a converted storeroom, they both seemed a little nervous when they arrived but I opened the champer's and pored them both a glass. I used the hotels Nikon 35mm with two big studio flashes on stands. With a suitable backdrop we started. Even in her going away suit she looked good, probably because her skirt was very short, she knew what her assets were.

"Ok guys, time to take things off," I said after I had fired off a few shots. The drinks were kicking in now and both were a little giggly; I suspect that they both had a few before just to settle their nerves. Off came his jacket and shirt along with her jacket. Her small boobs looked quite good encased in her small bikini top. More champer's were downed and then off came his trousers and her skirt. It was all very tame really, suitable for family and friends and for their holiday album.

"Do you want to do anything else?" I asked when I had finished the roll of film.

"Well," said Mark, "I would like some of Sandy in other outfits, if that's possible?"

"Sure, what do you have in mind?" I asked.

"Well we've brought a few things," he said opening a sports bag.

"Great," I said, while you decide, I'll order up another bottle."

When I returned Sandy was dressed in a long evening dress, very low at the front and split to her waist.

"You look great in that," I said and it was true, her slim tall figure was ideal for it. I poured more drinks for them and by now they were quite drunk. Sandy had become even more giggly while Mark was sitting quietly in the corner while I ordered his new bride about.

"What else have you brought?" I asked.

"I've got these tight Jeans," she giggled, "Markie loves me in them."

Yeah and I know why.

"Ok, you change into them, while I change films," I said.

I turned my back, as her dress came off, but not before I got a good look at her tits. They were bigger than I had guessed and beautifully shaped. When I turn back she had pulled on a T-shirt too.

"Have you got a button up shirt you could wear instead of the T-shirt?" I asked.

"Yeah," she giggled, "do you want me to change?"

"Please," I said. This time I didn't turn away as the T-shirt was pulled over her head to reveal her naked torso.

"That's better," I said as she buttoned her shirt, "No stop there," I ordered, there was just enough naked skin to be interesting. I looked over at Mark but he seemed out of it, his expression glazed. It wasn't long before, under my direction, the few buttons that were closed were now open, then her shirt was off completely. She was a natural show off; she loved to expose herself to me, in this relative safe environment. This was not the time to push her too far, I knew if she enjoyed herself she would be back for more later. I called it a night, both re-dressed and they left for the bar upstairs. I ran the films I had taken thought the soup and hung them up to dry, then I too headed for the bar.

It was my night to tend the late bar, we would stay open for residence for as long as they wanted. About three am it was just Sandy, Mark and me. Mark had recovered some but still not quite with us, after a bit he went up to his room, leaving Sandy and me alone.

"No point in me going up," she giggled, "he'll be asleep in seconds, and anyway I'm still buzzing."

"Enjoy yourself earlier then?" I asked.

"Oh yeah," she giggled, "I've never done anything like that before."

"Well you were very good, a natural," I said.

"Oh do you think so?" she asked.

"Sure," I confirmed, "you have a perfect figure for camera work."

Actually, she was a little slim, most photographic models are much bigger built, but I wasn't going to say that.

"Oh," she said.

"Yeah, you have those really great legs," I said pushing home my advantage.

"Yeah I know, Mark really loves my legs," she giggled, "I just wish my bust was a little bigger though."

"No, no, it's just fine," I said, "Think of the things you can wear that your bigger sisters can't."

"Yeah, I suppose," she reluctantly agreed.

I refresh her glass with a double rum and coke.

"If you want we can have another session some time," I offered.

"Oh can we," she enthused, "will I have to pay?"

"No, no," I said, "I just won't tell the boss, ok."

"Oh good," she smiled at me, "tell you what, Mark wants to go to the bird sanctuary later in the week, will it be all right if I stayed behind and we could do it then."

"Great, just give me some warning so I can arrange the time, ok," I said.

"Oh great, thank you very much," she said and she hugged me.

Decision time, I expect if I pushed her, I could fuck this gorgeous creature tonight, she was drunk enough, I had already seen her nearly naked body and she was on her honeymoon so she was expecting to get well fucked every night. But I wanted it all, if I fucked her tonight would I get her in my studio later in the week; I suspect not, she would feel guilty and would avoid me. Then things were taken out of my hands.

"Do you want to take some more picture of me now?" she giggled.

"It's a bit late," I said.

"Yeah, but that means nobody is around," she giggled again. My brains moved southwards and my hard cock took control of all my high brain functions.

"Ok, why not," I laughed.

Hand in hand we went downstairs to my studio, I grabbed a bottle of wine on the way past.

"How do you want me," she giggled.

"Naked," I said well past caring.

"Oh you," she giggled, but her hands moved to remove her few clothes; the flashes recorded each stage until she was naked. She had one of those bodies that actually looked better slightly clothed, say in her bikini bottoms, she was just a little too slim to be really sexy. Not that it stopped me firing of shot after shot of her naked body.

"God, I'm so horny," she said. Well I can take a hint, so I joined her on the other side of the lens, but not before I attached the long cable release. She was so wet I just unzipped and slipped into her sopping pussy. I squeezed the cable release and the twin flashes fired and recorded the moment, we both weren't going to last long, her long legs wrapped around me and her hips pounded back at each of my hard thrusts.

"Oh yes," she shouted and became limp as I pumped my seed deep inside her. In the five minutes we had been fucking, I had fired off a whole roll of 35mm film.

"God, that was something," she sighed.

"Yeah, sure was," I agreed.

"I suppose I better be off," she said, now that her hormones were down, I think she felt a little guilty about the last twenty minutes or so. She quickly dressed and was gone with a peck on my cheek. I lay there for a few minutes with a big smile on my face, objective number one achieved. Before I went to bed I put the two new exposed films through the soup and hung them up to dry.

I didn't see either of them the next day, until dinnertime, they stopped to say hello before moving into dinner. Sandy gave me a wink just before she turned away. Well it looks like our session was still on, when hubby was away bird watching.

"Hi," I said to the threesome, mother, father and young teenage daughter, "I'm Sammy, if you remember?"

"Oh yes," replied the mother, "you picked us up from the station."

"Yeah, that's right," I said, "now if there's anything you need, you let me know, that's my job, ok."

"Oh how nice," the mother said. Actually she wasn't that bad for say mid thirties, but it was the daughter I was after. At this point in time I had no idea how I was going to achieve it.

"There's an under eighteen's disco tonight," I said, "that means no booze," I said to mum.

"There you go Tessa," said her mother.

"Yeah right," said the obviously bored teenager.

"I'm the DJ tonight so any requests you bring them right to me," I said.

I didn't see her until after ten, she was wearing a short little dress that showed off her tan nicely.

"Hi Tess," I said when she approached me.

"Hi Sammy," she smiled sweetly at me, causing my trousers to become tight.

"Any chance of a Brittany Spears record?" she asked.

"Sure," I said and found the right disc.

I'm not sure if I've achieved anything, but at least she now knows my name. I finished up and was looking forward to bed when she was there waiting for me.

"Hi Tess," I said taking her arm and leading her into the dark garden.

"Thanks for tonight," she said, "I enjoyed myself."

"You weren't going to though, were you?" I asked.

"No, I suppose not," she said, "but having you there to play my records was cool."

"Shouldn't you be going to your room?" I asked, "won't your parents be worried?"

"Nah, I've got my own room," she smiled up at me, "I insisted or I wouldn't have come."

By now we had reached the far end of the darkened garden and it's summerhouse, I lead her inside and we sat down. My arm went around her waist and I pulled her closer.

"This is nice" she sighed.

"Sure is," I said, I lent forwards and kissed her.

"Mmm," she moaned, "do that some more please."

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