Training Gloria

by LaffWithMe

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Light Bond, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: The beginning relationship of a slave and her master. Told from a third person view point.

© 1994 - 2002 LaffWithMe Press

One of my early forays into writing erotica.

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The First Session

As he wraps the bindings around your wrists, your mind shifts into high gear. Upper most in your mind is a gnawing feeling of impending danger. It is like a neon sign flashing in red letters "Do I REALLY want to do this?". The fear, which until now had merely been a fantasy, is now a very real emotion spreading through your body. Although you are naked in a cool room, you begin to feel sweat all over your body, the cold sweat of fear.

You perform a quick mental replay of the prelude to this moment. It began with an exchange of e-mail over the course of several weeks. The letters started out very innocently and your confidence in him grew. You progressed to chatting on the phone, exciting phone conversations yet safely distant. These reinforced your feeling that he is a man that is caring and calm. Finally, you decide to meet him for coffee. You are relieved to discover that he is as nice in person as in his letters and conversations. He has a sense of humor, he doesn't look or act like a wacko. In fact he doesn't look like a man that would be stern enough to be your dom. But you agree to begin your training with him. Now you are repeating in your mind the safewords that he has given you, anxiously wondering if he will adhere to the rules of the game. Rules that you both discussed just moments ago.

You will cease to be Gloria, you will be slave.

He will cease to be Richard, he will be Master.

Slave will do whatever Master decrees.

Slave's sole purpose in life is to please Master.

Slave will be punished by Master for any infraction that Master observes.

Slave may break the spell only by uttering the safeword.

Master will administer to slave any pain or pleasure that Master sees fit.

Master will not gag slave or restrict slaves ability to utter the safeword.

Master will not leave slave while she is bound.

Master will not remove slave from the house.

Master will not use slave to perform any unsafe sex acts.

Master will protect slave from any harm.

Master will allow the spell to be broken if slave utters the safeword.

Your hands are now bound in straps behind your back. You feel his hands move your long blond hair so that it flows down your back. Then a blindfold comes from behind and you involuntarily start to duck.

"Stand still, slave" is accompanied by a swat to your rear.

The swat doesn't hurt, but it does remind you that your bare bottom is now vulnerable. The gruff voice, the blindfold and the bound hands bring home the fact that you have now relinquished yourself to him. You are scared and think that it is time to scream the safeword.

Before you can make the decision to break the spell, you feel gentle hands stroking your temples and soft words in your ear. "Are your wrist bands too tight, slave? Is your blindfold comfortable?" His fingers feel good upon you; the touch is one of care and comfort. His voice is warm and reassuring.

You answer, "Uh huh, they're ok."

"WHAT! WHO AM I?" Master explodes. "You are starting your first training session on the wrong foot. You will address me as Master. It is obvious that my plan to give you a little pleasure at first is not going to work. You know that you are to refer to me as Master." The stern voice brings back the ripples of fear in your body. A firm hand directs your movements and the voice continues. "Come over here slave and ready yourself for your first spanking."

You sense him sitting down on the edge of the bed. He bends you across his lap. Whaap! Unlike the earlier swat, this one stings your ass although it is only Master's hand. Whaap! Whaap! The swats come down on your ass, first one cheek then the other. Suddenly your cheeks begin to feel warm and the stinging swats turn to tingling erotic sensations. The swats stop. You are not ready for them to stop, you want to blurt out that you want more but realize immediately that slave should keep her silence. You feel Master's cock pressing against your stomach through the thin material of his pants. It is not yet hard but you know that it is stirring to life.You like the feel of the cock; you are basking in the warm glow that this quick spanking has created on your ass.

"Well slave, I like the nice rosy cheeks that you are presenting to me. I do hope that you enjoyed and understood the first lesson."... "Wellll!"

"Oh yes Master"

"Yes Master WHAT? I fear that you are going to be far more work than I bargained for."

"Yes Master, I understand the first lesson. I will remember to call you Master."

"And I suppose you want a little more spanking."

"Yes Master."

"Well Master cannot afford to have his hand become tired on your miserable little ass. We will have to proceed with the paddle. But first Master wants to let your little cheeks relax a bit. Slaves do have SOME value and Master does not want to damage his property. In the mean time, spread your legs so that Master can properly examine you."

You feel the gentle touch again. Master rubs your ass softly; his fingers roam up and down the crack of your ass. His finger begins to massage your pussy ever so lightly. You realize now that the spanking has caused your pussy to become moist from the excitement. The cock pressing against your tummy is stirring. You press down against it and enjoy feeling it become hard. Suddenly the hand removes itself from your crevice. Without warning, your ass stings again from a sharp swat. This time it is not the soft flesh of Master's hand. This time it is the hard surface of a paddle. You scream one quick scream and wait for the next blow. It seems to take forever, then whaap; your other cheek receives its turn. Now the blows come in a slow rhythm. And as before, the initial sting and pain evolve into a strange erotic pleasure. Your pussy seems to glow as if the heat on your ass has traversed your body and entered your juicy box.

Your nipples are now hard and you yearn for them to be pinched and tormented. You try rubbing them against Master's leg as you writhe around savoring this new sensation of pain as pleasure. Master is wearing shorts and his bare leg is warm against your nipples. His cock is now hard against your tummy and you wish that you could be sucking it as your ass gets pummeled. Somehow you relish the thought of tasting the hot cock in your mouth as your ass burns with fire from the paddle. Your mind spins off on a sexual odyssey.

Now the paddling is becoming too intense. It isn't any harder but your ass is beginning to hurt. The pleasure is being overcome by the pain. Your joy is being overtaken by fear. You blurt out "Yellow, yellow", the word that Master has instructed you to use if you want to slow down. Yellow, the word that means continue the scene but just relax the intensity. As you say the word, your heart stops, your anxiety hits a peak. You suddenly realize that if Master doesn't stop, you are totally helpless.

The swats stop immediately. You feel a rush of relief and a renewed feeling of sexual excitement. With that moment you are suddenly, truly Master's slave because you now know that you can trust him.

"Is slave's sorry little ass too tender for the gentle taps of her Master? Perhaps these red cheeks need a change."

You immediately feel a new sensation on your ass. It is a shock, it is cold. Then you realize that Master is rubbing ice across your bottom. This sudden change in temperature presents you with a new form of pain. It is a strange soothing yet shocking pain. And as your ass becomes colder, you again enjoy the feel of your nipples hardening and rubbing on Master's leg.

"Spread your legs"

You now anxiously spread your legs as far apart as you can. You anticipate the ice descending down the crack of your ass and to your hot little pussy. Master does not disappoint you. Soon the ice is working up and down your slit. The cold is a unique new experience. Master's finger works it's way into your pussy as the ice is held against your crack. His finger works in and out and the juices are flowing in you. Then the ice enters your hot box and you wince at the sensation.

"I think that slave is getting a little too much pleasure from this little game. Slave must understand that for each pleasure there is also a pain. Stand up"

You stand; the blindfold continues to cover your eyes, your hands still shackled with bands.

"Slave, do you realize that your nipples are hard and standing straight out?"

"Yes Master, I can feel them."

"Well, nipples like that deserve some adornment don't you think?"

"Yes Master."

You feel Master's hands massaging your breasts. His fingers pinch and pull on your erect nipples. You wait for the touch of his lips and the bite of his teeth on your tits. But it is not his lips that next touch your nipples. You feel the pain of something hard squeezing down on first one nipple then the other. You wince again as you realize that your nipples are now the captive of some clamping device. Next your pussy feels the touch of Master's hand. But the touch is there only long enough for Master to pull the labia out and attach clamps to your pussy. Now you feel the pain/pleasure mixture again. Your nipples feel like they are swelling against the pressure of the clamps. Your tits ache with unusual feelings of excitement. Your pussy tingles and you wish that you could free your hands just for a moment to grab your crotch. Not to remove the painful clamps, but to plunge your fingers into your cunt and finger fuck yourself while the electric sensation of the pain excites you.

Then you feel Masters hands on your ass. He squeezes and kneads your now tender cheeks gently and softly. The soft touch on your ass is an erotic counter balance to the pain of the clamps on your front side. He spreads your cheeks and forces your legs apart. You feel his finger softly but firmly rubbing your asshole. His finger is gooey. It is lube, you are sure. Your ass aches for his entry. Gently his finger pushes into your asshole. Upon its entry, your body shudders with delight.

As he slowly works his finger in and out of your ass, you bend forward. The finger in your ass feels so good that you forget the pleasant pain of the clamps briefly. Then as you move, their presence is brought back to your feelings. Ohhhh, the finger fucking your ass, the pinching pain on your nipples and cunt. Your pussy aches for more. Then your back feels a sharp stinging sensation. You hear the noise. You grimace as Master begins to flog your back as his finger pleasures your asshole. With each stroke of the whip you groan in tormented ecstasy. It's as if you are being punished for the pleasure that your ass is enjoying. Master now removes his finger from your ass and places his thumb in the waiting hole. His finger moves to your hot juicy pussy. You are so wet with excitement that his finger slips in almost unnoticed. Then you feel the movement of his finger in and out of your cunt as his thumb moves in and out of your ass. Your tits are screaming with pain which only heightens the sensation of your ass and pussy being finger fucked. Your body begins to quiver and shake. You are hot and delirious with excitement. You feel the orgasm building in you and your knees become weak. The whip cracks across your back. The whip biting your back sends charges of electricity to every erogenous zone in your body. Your pussy tightens around Master's finger as you begin an uncontrollable trembling climax. The hot cum fills your pussy and runs down your leg as Master fingers your cunt. The flog strikes your back and seems to drive your hot love juice into your throbbing cunt.

"Well slave, your cunt pleases me. You have earned the right to have your blind fold removed and your bonds released for awhile"

"Thank you Master." "Lay down and I will rub some oil on your back. I want you to be in good condition for your next session."

Your body relaxes as Master gently massages your body, the body that you have given to him. The session is ending. You long for more but know you must wait.

The Second Session

You answer the door expectantly, anxiously wondering what today's game will bring.

"Richard, you're late. Did you think I could start without you?" you giggle and pull him inside. Your Master detects your desire to get started immediately.

"Hi Gloria, I just had a little extra work to do". He pulls you close to him and wraps his arms around you, holding you tightly. You tilt your face to his, giving him a warm kiss. His lips welcome yours and your bodies feel good pressed together. Then he steps back quietly surveying you. Long blond hair, green eyes, soft lips. A loose blouse that hides your full round breasts, jeans that fit snugly and do not hide your round ass. You glance at the bag in his hand.

"I see you brought a little bag, do you have some new tricks in there for me?"

There is a long pause then, "Slave is too inquisitive. If there are toys in the bag for slave, she will have to earn them." The voice is stern. At the word 'slave', your mind suddenly does an instant replay of your first scene with him. You twinge as you recall the mixture of fear and pleasure that you experienced in your introductory lesson. You can almost feel your ass warming at the remembrance of the spanking you received. His hand striking your ass smartly then caressing it so lovingly. You absent-mindedly squeeze your legs together, pinching your pussy together as you recall his fingers probing your cunt and asshole.

"Oh baby, you know I'm...", suddenly you realize that the game has begun and you have all ready fucked-up. "Oh Master forgive me, I spoke without thinking"

"I fear, slave that I was much to easy on you in your first lesson. Now get out of those clothes and you better get my cock hard while you're at it."

You begin to disrobe hoping that your attempt at a strip tease will please him. It is clear as you remove your first shoe that stripping is going to be an enjoyable task for you. You remove first one shoe then the other. You rub your feet sensually as you roll your stockings slowly off of each foot. You unzip your pants as you face him and flash your red panties at him. Then turn away from him and slowly work your pants down over your hips.

As the blue of your jeans slowly gives way to the red of your panties, you gyrate your hips sexily. Your pants drop to your thighs and you bend forward to display your lovely ass wrapped in red satin. You turn to face him again and kick your feet free of the jeans. You dance slowly in your loose blouse and red panties, watching to see if he is responding. Your breasts swing seductively inside the confines of the blouse. You eye his crotch trying to discern if his cock is getting hard. You run your fingers inside your panties and rub your cunt as your nipples brush against the material of your blouse. Your nipples are hard and you are now thoroughly enjoying this exhibitionism. You are anxious to see his cock grow in response to your actions. You are wishing that he were naked before you so that you could see it stiffen and rise. You grab the bottom of your blouse and raise it slowly stopping just as your tits are about to be revealed. You turn your back to him again and twist your torso as you bring the blouse up over your head. You place your hands on your breasts and turn back to him and dance before him, massaging your full globes for his benefit. You pinch and pull your nipples and are encouraged as he rubs his cock briefly.

You drop your hands down to your panties again and pull them up into your cunt, your pussy lips wrap around the thin strip of red material. Finally you slip your panties down over your hips and kick them off. You rub your smooth clean pussy and spread the lips invitingly.

"Well slave, that was better. Come here and see what you have earned." He reaches into his bag and extracts a collar and leash. He places the collar around your neck and attaches the leash. He tugs the leash gently and you feel the collar pull against your neck. "Slave, we need to do a little training with the collar so that you will know how to behave when we go out in public." With that he swats your ass with the end of the leash, the leather strap stings your tail and awakens your submissiveness. You feel the collar on your neck and relax into the feeling of being owned. Now you stand naked before your Master obediently waiting his command. You feel another tug on the leash as he commands, "Remove my clothes slave." You bend down, undo the laces of his shoes and carefully remove one shoe then the other. You slip off his socks then pause to rub his feet lightly, looking up to see his reaction. His gaze tells you nothing, but the yank on the leash brings you upright.

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