Mrs.Brown, Mrs.White and Mrs.Yellow

by Spiller

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Swinging, Interracial, .

Desc: Sex Story: Three heavy, married ladies meet at the Weight Watchers, but soon it all takes an unexpected turn.

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Evening classes, no matter the subject, can bring you in the most unlikely situations. That is, if you have an open mind. This cooking class, for instance. Instead of their ordinary program, the Weight Watchers had opened a course in 'healthy diet cooking', and every Wednesday evening 25 people would meet at the local school kitchen, to learn how to cook healthy food, which would make you lose weight.

Right on the first evening Evelyn, Clara and Yin had a healthy laugh. They had joined the class on 'Northern High' - but they were all living in the southern part of town, had actually seen each other on numerous occasions around their neighbourhood.

"Ha, ha," Evelyn laughed, "I chose the class here at 'Northern' instead of our local school, because I didn't want to admit to the gossiping bitches in the neighbourhood, that I've become too fat."

"Yup," Yin grinned. "Me too, and who do I meet?"

"Two of the bitches from the neighbourhood," Clara laughed.

October, November and part of December rolled on. Not that the three women lost that much weight, but they had a lot of fun, and a close friendship was growing between them. Soon they found that the one weekly meeting was too little, and as they were all married and all working at home, they would get their usual chores finished early on Friday morning, and then meet for a cup of coffee and a chat at the mall. Of course, in the beginning, most of their talks concerned 'fat' and all its implications, and how they all would love to lose 30 pounds or more. And then the talk turned to the different ways they had put on weight. Yin, who was half Chinese, was sorry that it had all landed on her hips, belly and thighs, whereas not a single ounce had chosen her small tits. Evelyn, who had a lovely nougat-coloured complexion, felt that half of her extras sat on her breasts, making her quite top heavy, while Clara was happy that her extra pounds had chosen to distribute themselves all over 'the landscape'.

"Thank God, they have chosen to do that, as I have to be the one of us who has put on the most."

Of course their talks also concerned sex.

Clara said: "You know, I think the biggest disadvantage is, that I do not attract those hungry glances any more. After 16 years with the same guy I actually shouldn't mind a fling or two, but they are no longer available. Good thing that hubby likes me with a bit of meat on."

Yin shook with laughter. "Chan is the same. It seems he never gets tired of burying his head in my belly and hold on to my hips. But I admit to the same thoughts, Clara. A wolf or two shouldn't be too bad."

"Naughty girls you are. And I thought I was the only one! I can't complain about Clarence, he loves my big tits, and he was not too happy when I joined this course. But actually something new wouldn't be too bad."

"Even if it's good, I must admit that I know 99 % of what's going to happen, when John starts moving in on me. Not the same old excitement, is it, girls? "

They resumed these discussions a few times, and on the last Friday before Christmas they made a plan. A daring one, all right, but one they decided to stick to.

"All right," Clara finished the discussion. "We'll meet for dinner, and when we've finished eating, we'll tell them that we'll do the dishes. Then we shall have plenty of time to change into something sexy and see if we can tempt them. God, I think John is going to have a heart attack."

And in that way the three families met for dinner on the 29th of December, at Clara and John's, as they had no children who might disturb.

Right from the beginning dinner was a success. Three well-rounded ladies had met at evening classes, and had become friends. And it should be ever so good, if the three husbands could get along. And they did, extraordinarily so, being quite the same kind of easy-going, nice guys, with a sense of humour and a penchant for the good, though not politically correct, things in life: Warm, round women, good food, whisky and tobacco, and all.

The meal was definitely not a recipe from their health-food class. There were plenty of different quality wines to go with the dishes, and an abundance of witty, intelligent and engaged conversation across the table. When the meal was finished the three guys got up to clear the table.

"Oh, no," Clara said. "For once we'll do it alone. Sit down with a cup of coffee, a glass of Scottish malt and your cigar or pipe. Enjoy, that for once you're at a party where you can smoke. And we'll fix the dishes."

Really it didn't take them a long time to clear the table and rush the dishes into the dishwasher. But they took the extra time to finally prepare for the shock they were going to give their husbands. They had agreed, that they should introduce their wishes, the same way Donald Duck's little nephews would have done. So when the kitchen door finally opened, the three husbands were numbed by a wonderful sight, which rendered them speechless for several minutes: Three luscious, comfortable women, a white, a nougat-coloured and a 'yellow', all dressed in see through negligees, which did not hide the fact, that they were wearing sexy corsets, stockings, no panties, and all, plus a slightly slutty make-up to top it off.

Clara had been chosen to start: "We know that this may be quite a surprise."

Evelyn: "But we want you to say nothing, until we have finished our proposal."

Yin: "And please remember, we are terribly nervous about this"

"so please don't laugh at us"

"or run away in horror,"

"you might get to like it."

"We have talked about this a lot,"

"and we found out, we had the same desires,"

"so we chose to confront you all at the same time."

Clara again had been chosen to say the next things:

"John, would you please get out of that chair. I want you go and take Yin in your arms and kiss her and hold her, and dance a little with her, and see if you might get to want to make love to her. And Chan, will you get up and do the same to Evelyn. And you, Clarence, you have been chosen to help me start the CD player, and then do exactly the same to me."

To say that the three men were shocked and surprised would be a blatant understatement. A pleasant, but quite ordinary, suburban neighbourly dinner party had suddenly taken a turn, which they all might have nurtured secret desires for, but which they had never admitted. And the three women? They were scared stiff. How the hell would they handle it, if their husbands said no? They had ventured into an unknown land, and all they could do was to wait for their reaction. The minute it took felt like a year.

Then John got up. "Well, I'm not one to disobey my wife," and he went up close to Yin, put his arms around her, and when she lifted her head he pressed a gentle, long kiss on her red lips.

Chan felt a rush of excitement when he saw this, and a few seconds later he was deeply engaged, kissing lovely Evelyn.

Clara shivered in anticipation, when she felt Clarence put his arm round her shoulder and lead her to the CD player. "And I'm going to be the last one, as usual, just because we have to get the music going." Clara let out a deep sigh, when Clarence had pushed the button and then took her in his arms. Like a thirsty wanderer finding the well, she fell into his strong body and offered her lips for a kiss."

For several long minutes the only sounds were the music, and a moan now and then. Later the first two pairs of feet began moving slowly, sometimes resembling a dance, but mostly just a standing intercourse. Again several minutes passed in silence, but suddenly Chan broke the spell. He had to clear his throat first, though.

"I don't know about you, guys, but I think this is terrific. I'm so excited that you three, lovely women had the guts to initiate. And I can promise you all, that these last ten minutes have earned my Yin a big bouquet of roses for every Sunday, all next year."

John stopped kissing Yin and said: "Wow, I can only agree. I just hope we can agree to stay in here, all of us."

Clarence laughed: "Much as I hate to stop kissing your lovely wife, I have to do it, just to agree. Doing and looking at the same time? Oh, God."

Finally the three wives could relax. They sent each other happy smiles, and hugged the men, and Yin smiled at John. "I know I'm a bit too heavy, and shaped too much like a pear, but you wouldn't believe how exciting it is, John, to feel your want pressed into my belly. I feel like a youngster again."

"And a pretty one," John laughed. "And it sure didn't take long to raise my passion."

Evelyn let go of Chan. "And now, boys, will you please sit down in the sofas and let us take advantage of your passions? And don't be shy about it, because I can tell you, we are not."

John and Chan sat down in the longest of the sofas, while Clarence got the short one. In a few seconds they all had a new woman straddling them, sitting on their lap, kissing and caressing, unbuttoning shirts, pulling up t-shirts, and later unbuckling belts, pulling down pants, and finally, with Yin being the first, impaling themselves on brand new, strange cocks. Yin was so wet with anticipation that John's cock easily slipped all the way into her on the first stroke. Chan's eyes were big and rounded in disbelief, as he watched his wife sink down onto John's hard member, but only till Evelyn grabbed his cock and guided it to her pussy, whereupon she buried his face between her large, sweet-smelling breasts.

"My God, I don't believe this," Clarence groaned, as his cock found it's way between Clara's abundant thighs. "You big, soft, lovely woman, you. You are going to make me come just as fast as I did in the first woman I ever made love to. Will you please sit quiet for a second? I'm so terribly horny I can't hold it."

"What was that, darling?" Evelyn, sitting on Chan right beside him, leaned over. "Is it so good to get some new pussy? Well, I can tell you, Chan is doing wonders inside me. Oooohhhh." She breathed hard a few times, and then she smiled at Clara. "Just take him, sweetie, he doesn't take that long to get ready again." With a happy sigh she concentrated on Chan again. She grabbed her heavy breasts and fed one of her prominent nipples to his mouth. "Ooohh, this is so good, Chan, please eat my nipple while your cock is doing wonders in this fat lady." She started a slow, rocking movement on his lap, while Chan grabbed her breasts in both hands, and soon he was alternating between her two nipples.

Because of her weight he could not do much humping against her, but he did not need to. The newness of it, the big breasts, so different to what he was used to, and then the silky movements of Evelyn's pussy every time he bit a little harder on her nipples, was bringing him closer. And when Evelyn suddenly started groaning really hard, at the same time as squishy contractions began around his cock, he yelled: "I'm coming, Evelyn, I'm coming, this is so good."

"Yes, yes, yes," Evelyn panted. "I'm coming too. Give it to me, Chan, come in me. Eeeeeee, aaahhhhh."

The sight of his wife having an orgasm with a stranger, right beside him, was too much for Clarence. His head was spinning, his cock was tingling, and he threw his arms around the abundant Clara and spurted up into her wet cunt, again and again, shaking all over. The sounds of the others having an orgasm near them, was too much for Yin and John. John had been feasting on her tiny tits for a while, but now they both started moaning, trying to get as much movement out of that locked position.

"Hold your ears," Chan laughed. "Yin is a screamer, if it's good, and I think she really likes it now." And that was a truth. With a high-pitched wail she was hit by her orgasm, and that was all it took to get John going.

For a little while it felt as if time stood still in the living room. The immediate passion and novelty of their actions had now been dulled by five lovely orgasms, and if there was ever going to be an embarrassing moment, this was it. But again Clara was the one to get the moment rolling. With a loving kiss on his broad lips she slipped off Clarence's lap, his softening cock leaving a slippery trail on her thighs, and then she turned round and faced the others.

"I didn't hear you scream, old girl," Evelyn said.

"You know what, dear? That's right, and I couldn't very well care less. First of all you have promised me that Clarence doesn't take that long to be ready again, and secondly, and most important: You know what, dear friends?" With a big smile she untied the ribbon in her negligee and let it drop to the floor, revealing her abundant body, wrapped in a shiny, pale blue corset. "This is the first time in fifteen years I've felt sexy and comfortable with my body, around other people than John. And I tell you, I'm going to fight like a lioness, if anybody is going to stop it."

Little exclamations of "hear, hear," and "yes", and "me too," eased the tension.

With his cock still buried in pretty Yin, John leaned forward and said: "It seems to me, that you girls are in agreement on this. I for one would only wish to encourage you to go on. What about you, guys? Any of you two having trouble right now?"

Chan's laughter again rang through the room. He jokingly slapped Evelyn's hefty derrière and said: "I have trouble. Much as I like a woman with a bit of meat on her, I need some fresh blood into my thighs." They all laughed at that, and Evelyn lovingly slapped his cheek, as she got up from his lap and shed her negligee, like Clara had done. For a short moment the three men went to their own wives, to kiss and hug them reassuringly, and then again they were interrupted.

Yin raised a hand to get attention. "I have a proposal. We all know, that Clara has been the most courageous of us, and she has put most work into this wonderful evening. And she's the only one who hasn't yet had her first orgasm. John, have you got a mattress, that'll go on the floor in here?"

"Sure, we've got a couple of those foamy ones, for unexpected guests."

"Well, you go and get them, while Evelyn uses her hand and mouth, and what other talent she's got, to make Clarence ready again. And then we shall all gather round Clara on the floor and treat her to something really hot. Are you game?"

John almost stumbled. He was that eager to fetch the mattresses, so he could watch his Clara get whatever kind of treatment Yin had in mind. His own cock was raising its head in anticipation. Meanwhile Evelyn knelt on the floor in front of Clarence. "Hey, baby, this is something new, isn't it? Do you really think your wife will make you hard for some other chick? You bet, she will! Maybe Yin has an idea to make this even more exciting to you?" She turned round and said to Yin: "Would you like to help me on this one? I wouldn't have known, but I think this hunk really gets a kick out of other people's wives." She smiled broadly to take the sting out of her words. Yin came over and knelt beside Evelyn, who would pop Clarence's cock out of her mouth and twist it towards Yin, who gladly opened up to swallow it. Clarence could not help himself, he let his left hand slide down Yin's shoulder to touch her tiny tits. This did not escape Evelyn's attention.

"Aahh, honey, you like that they are so small? Why don't you take a handful of mine in your right hand, then you can really feel the difference." And Clarence was absolutely defenceless. He would never have expected to hear such lewd words from Evelyn's mouth. But he sure loved them, and when John and Chan had gently lowered Clara to the mattress, Clarence was more than ready to go.

"I want to guide him in," Evelyn said. "You know, it used to be mine only, but this is so terribly exciting."

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