Rich Bitch

by JAX

Copyright© 2002 by JAX

Sex Story: i do love a challange so when i saw her sitting alone i knew i must have her

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Coercion   Heterosexual   Gang Bang   Safe Sex   School   .

As soon as I first saw her, I knew she was something special, the clothes she was wearing for a starter, were worth more than my grant cheque. She wasn't the prettiest girl I've ever seen, but her body looked ok, if a bit wide at the hips. I've always enjoyed a challenge, so I nudged my flatmate Tony.

"Do you know who that is?" I asked.

"Yeah," he mumbled with a mouthful of pie, "she's in my Social Science class, name of Jennifer, a right rich bitch."

"What's she doing coming to this dump?" I inquired.

"Who knows man, or cares," he said, getting back to his lunch. Well I do, it should be fun to make her squirm as I push my hard cock into her snatch.

"Fat chance you've got mate," Tony said, noticing the look on my face.

Over the next few weeks I made it my habit to see what she was doing, most days she would sit on her own, drinking tea; no one ever came near her, guys or girls. Wednesday's afternoons was pretty free for most students, so we usually went bowling. As we dashed out of the refectory, I passed her and on impulse, I grabbed her arm.

"Come on let's go," I said to her. After an initial hesitance, she allowed herself to be dragged along with me.

"Stop, where are we going?" she called breathlessly. Before I could answer, we were driving along the road in my old Fiesta.

"We're going bowling and you're my new partner," I said.

"Bowling, I've never been bowling before," she said.

"Never mind, you'll soon learn," I smiled at her. Even if I do say so myself, when I smile, I'm quite good looking, or so several old girlfriends have told me. Smiling at her now I could see the old magic working again. Her bowling was terrible, but she did have a good laugh over it, much to her credit. I dropped her back at the college to pick up her car, a brand new BMW three series, I kissed her cheek and she was gone.

Now we had been introduced so to speak, she would sit with me at break time, we didn't have much in common other than our course work, but we got on.

"Let's go out tonight," I offered.

"Well I don't know," she said, "perhaps I can meet you somewhere." Well if she didn't want me to pick her up at her place, I can live with that. We met at one of the many students Pubs in the area, no point putting it on for her benefit and at least I can afford the beer prices here. She over dressed for the occasion a bit and her attitude was a bit stuffy, but once she got a few pints down her neck she loosened up somewhat. I didn't try anything on that night, never on a first date, I always say, I just kissed her goodnight and we went our own way.

She must have enjoyed herself, I suspect her social life is a bit restricted, I don't think any of her rich friends had any life in them. She agreed to another night out, this time we went to a slightly more up market pub, that did meals. Once again she over dressed, but at least she laughed and joked with me. We used her car this time and I told her to park up on the way back. Her eagerness almost put me off my stroke, but only almost. I thought her tits might be a bit small for my liking, but they surprised me. Although not too big in the cup, they were very firm, like small hillocks that didn't sag at all. Slowly I popped buttons and remove items of clothing, until I could get my hands on her bits. Her front seat was reclined and her top, bra and knickers were on the back seat; my fingers were moving in and out of her gushing pussy.

"Oh yes," she moaned, her hips moving against my fingers.

"That's my baby," I cooed, I bent my bent down to bit her small erect nipples.

"Oh, oh, yes," she cried out loud as she came.

"How was that baby," I asked with a smile on my face, I do love to see my women come.

"Oh boy," she sighed, "that was great." I was now in a quandary, what to do next. I could insist that she make me come now, either with her hand or mouth, or look to the long term. I made my mind up, I gave her tits a final fondle and kiss.

"I'll take you home now," I said.

"Yeah, thanks," she replied, she seemed a bit shocked at what had happened and was grateful I was taking her home. She also mellowed her attitude towards my friends, although things between her and my flatmate Tony were still a little strained. Tony didn't help any of course, he would continue to be coarse in front of her, but that's Tony.

I was still persona non-gratis as far as her parents were concerned, so that meant lots of time spent at my flat. Slowly bit by bit, I wore her down, until at last I pushed my hard cock into her wet pussy for the first time.

"Oh no you mustn't," she cried, too late for I was fully inserted. I lay there, gently kissing her neck while my free hand cupped her firm tits.

"Oh no," she whimpered, I knew from her small cry of pain that I was the first; good I smiled to myself. I waited and waited, letting her determine the next move. You've got to smile, for it wasn't long before her hips started to move under me.

"Yeah baby," I cooed, matching her movements.

"Oh yes," she sighed. It wasn't long before I was thrusting into her hard. I held on, until she lost her rhythm and started to come; then I pulled out and deposited my sperm all over her flat stomach.

I rolled off and lay beside her, my eyes took in her naked body as I gently move my hand over it. All in all not too bad, hip a bit big, but that only makes her legs shapelier. Usually I like my tits a little bigger, but as I have said before they are very firm. From now on, my job is to get her used to spreading her legs for me, then later I have other plans for her body. As soon as possible, I get her down the Family Planning Clinic and on the pill, after they are effective, I started to pump as much sperm into her as I possible could. She started to come home with me after college and stay until late. During her stay, I would get her to spread her legs for me and I would fuck her at least twice. At weekends she usually stayed and slept in my small bed.

We had just come in from a good night down the pub, both of us a little worse for wear; Nick was watching a Porn tape. We both sat down on the floor to watch too.

"Oh my," said Jennifer, "I've never seen one of these before." Nick was being his usual disgusting self, dressed in just his Y-fronts, and making crude comments on the action on the TV. My arm went around her and cupped her firm tits, it was probably the drink, for she didn't stop me. Under my guidance she was wearing less and less these days, tonight it was just small pair of knickers under her short dress. I unzipped it and soon my hands were working on her naked tits, her nipples already erect.

"Oh no, please," she murmured, but I carried on making her squirm.

"Please, lets go to your room," she begged, I considered fucking her here, right in front of Nick, but in the end I thought it would freak her out too much.

"Ok," I said, pulling her up off the floor, her dress falling around her feet.

"Oh shit," she said, covering her tits with her arms.

"Way to go," smiled Nick, "nice tits Jen," he always called her Jen, much to her distaste. Despite showing her tits off, or because of it, he hips bucked hard under me and her orgasm was one of her best.

"Shall we watch the rest of the Nick's film?" I said, after we had finished.

"Yeah, why not," she said with a big smile, pulling her thong knickers back on.

"Come as you are," I said, "Nick's seen the rest."

"W-what, no I can't," she said her eyes big for shock.

"Of course you can," I said, "you've got nothing to be ashamed off."

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