Theresa's Deportment

by Reavan

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Desc: Sex Story: A female strategy for marital survival.

"Language Theresa!"

"But Mrs. Bradshaw, I only said..."

"Hush Theresa, I will not have such rude vernacular spoken in my boarding house! Also, kindly remove your elbows from the tabletop. More over, the fork was placed on the left side of your plate for a specific reason." Theresa blushed as she looked around at the other five girls, some of them putting on airs.

"I never ate before with my left hand Mrs. Bradshaw."

"You are a student now in the most prestigious Ladies College in this country Theresa; you must learn assume the manners of an aspiring lady. Snickering is not polite Helen! I will make a note of this in your ledger."

"Yes Mrs. Bradshaw, I'm sorry."

"What is with that woman Diane; it's just a boarding house for heavens sake. She's not my mother." They were dodging traffic, crossing the broad avenue heading for the college across the street.

"It's better than living in one of the dorms, Theresa and there are no other accommodations within walking distance. You'll get used to her; she is a warm caring woman inside that highbrow amazon exterior."

"She's stricter than any of our teachers and she has nothing to do with the college. And her boarding house entrance requirements are tougher than the college's "

"This is my third year Theresa. I lived the first year in the dorms and was glad to get out She wants a certain type of girl in her house. You know, so there won't be fights and all that." They mounted the steps and headed for their respective classrooms.

"Diane, wake up."

"What, what... ?"

"Listen, in the next room, somebody is beating up somebody."

"Oh they're just having a little innocent fun."

"What do you mean fun? Somebody is being slapped in Kirsten and Sue Lin's room."

"Oh just a little hand spanking, only a few love taps; they'll kiss and make up. There'll be ecstatic moaning in a minute. Listen."

"They're giggling now, Diane."

"Don't worry maybe it'll be our turn tomorrow night. Go to sleep."

"Our turn for what, flagellation and lesbian love making?" Diane sat up and kissed Theresa warmly on the cheek."

"You want to do it with me now?"

"Do what Diane? I'm not a lesbian that's a sinful act."

"So is masturbation, don't tell me you've never done that."

"Never!... Well, not really; not... very often that is." Diane threw herself back on the pillow and pulled Theresa over next to her. "No Diane I'm not doing that with you, never!"

"Alright let's just hug then and listen to the next room. You don't mind hugging me do you?"

"No, just as long as you don't try anything else." They listened to the moaning in the other room until it fell silent. Diane kissed her on the cheek and again half on the lips, hugging her tightly. "That... that was on the lips Diane, please don't do that.

"You are snuggling into me, you like that don't you?" Theresa pulled back and pushed Diane's hand away.

"I... I did for a minute but it's not right. I'm not a lesbian. They were silent for a few minutes. "Diane?"

"Let me sleep now, we'll talk tomorrow, OK?"

"I just want to know one thing?"

"What? I'm tired."

"What's it like being a... a lesbian?"

"First of all, I'm not a lesbian. I just take orgasms where I can get them. Secondly, what's it like being heterosexual?"

"Well I don't know I've never had an orgasm, with... a person."

"You still got your cherry?'

"No... I don't think so. I just..."

"You deflowered yourself. Lost of girl's do that, horny girls that is. You're sexual be glad of it. Some women never have one orgasm in a lifetime. You must have had plenty of guys after you though?"

"Good looking boys are not interested in me, I'm too fat and anyway I'm saving myself." Diane sat up and turned the night light on.

"Honey you're not fat, just well developed. In our grandfather's time you would have been the belle of the ball."

"Yes but that's not the Hollywood image today, is it?"

"Well sweetie, you turn me on." Diane turned reaching one arm across her bedmate. They gazed into each other eyes in the dim light. Theresa nervously pushed one hand against Diane's shoulder.

"No Diane I can't. I won't, it's wrong!"

"You eyes are saying yes, yes, Theresa; you know that." She began to gently caress Theresa's hip and outer thigh. Theresa was breathing deeply, her mind desperately searching for a logical reason to stop her body's desire to let go and surrender. Diane's hand moved to her inside thigh groping and caressing the soft flesh while slowly moved closer to its inevitable destination. Theresa vainly closed her thighs on the invasive hand but it was too late. She gasped as a finger slipped under her panties groping through her bush, gently tracing her outer labia.

"No Diane, no please." Her thighs spread and her pelvis rose as she spoke, belying her words. Diane palmed her mound, her fingers gently closing, squeezing probing. "Oh no, Diane oh no, what are you doing to me? Please..." She began to rock her pelvis into the probing hand while her own was transformed from brace to hook, pulling Diane's face down to her open mouth. A tongue entered there, as a finger entered her vagina. She shook spasmodically while her thighs opened and closed in time with her breathing. Diane worked one finger inside, her thumb caressing the inner labia and clitoris while another finger ever so gently stroked her perineum. Totally intoxicated with passion for her lover but uncertain of how to respond she gingerly caressed Diane's back. They sucked on each other's lips until Theresa began to moan loudly, as her orgasm shot ever-increasing rushes throughout her body. Diane kissed her neck and breast while caressing her body gently as Theresa's rush wore down.

"I never thought sex could be that great Diane. I've never felt like that doing... it myself."

"That was only the beginning sweetie." She brought her dripping fingers to Theresa's face and wiped her lips with the honeyed juices of her climax.

"What, what are you... that's my..."

"That 's right honey your own love juice." She inserted her finger past Theresa's lips. Suck it sweetie." Theresa tasted cautiously and Denise then kissed her, inserting her tongue.

"Oh Diane I should hate you for doing this to me but I felt so good, so good, um so good. What do you mean, this is only the beginning?" Diane licked Theresa's lips and inserted her tongue wiggling it teasingly

"Next time you get the tongue dear."

"You don't mean down there?"

"If you think you had a great climax this time just wait. Next time you'll scream so loud the roof will come off."

"You don't really mean you're doing it down there, do you?"

"Good night Theresa."

"Is every thing prepared Diane?"

"Yes Mrs. Bradshaw, I'm just buttering the toast and Theresa is setting the table in the dining room."

"How is your gender reform project going Diane."

"Step by step Mrs. Bradshaw, I'll know better in a few days. I must say Mrs. Bradshaw your intuition about such matters border on the magical. It has made the development and practical implication of the project much easier. I can't thank you enough for guiding me."

"Your success is my pleasure Diane, life has taught me that it's all in the eyes. I knew there would be complications because of the subject's common upbringing and family background. You are becoming a very accomplished lady Diane. I'm very proud of you."

"Thank you Mrs. Bradshaw, I'm gratified to hear that."

"Oh there you are Theresa my dear, have you completed the table setting?"

"Yes Mrs. Bradshaw and the other girls are ready to say grace as soon as you come in."

"The sugar and cream tray is still here Theresa; so you are not finished are you now?"

"No Mrs. Bradshaw, I'm so sorry. I'll get right on it."

"You do that dear." Theresa picked up the overlooked item and head back to the dining room.

"There seems to be a distinct change in Theresa's manners this morning Diane; slightly more worldly somehow."

"People change sometimes, Mrs. Bradshaw; like you said many times: life is full of surprises."

"That is very perceptive of you Diane; again I'm very proud of you."

Theresa got in bed first while Diane undressed. She turned facing away as Diane cuddled up to her under the covers. "You're shaking Theresa, you're not sick are you?"

"I... I don't know Diane. I just feel strange that's all." Diane hugged her tightly cooing expectantly.

"You're afraid of what I told you last night?" She whispered the words into Theresa's ear, nibbling on her ear lobe while caressing her stomach.

"I just can't believe people do that, you know with the tongue down there. You're completely naked aren't you?" Diane whispered a throaty yes into her ear. Theresa turned on her back. It just seems so... I don't know? So unnatural." She gazed into Diane's eyes in the faint light, as if searching for an argument to her dilemma. "I... I just couldn't do something like that,... it..." Diane sealed Theresa's lips with her own, stirring a yearning passion in Theresa's body that warmed, but at the same time confused her. Everything she had ever learned about sexual morality was opposed to what her feelings now steered her towards. She put both arms around Diane and squeezed her, while their tongues played a passionate game of hide and seek, in that combined sea of saliva.

Diane found her breasts under the nighty as Theresa spontaneously squeezed her thighs together in anticipation of a finger that would bring her the orgasm she now desperately hungered for. The finger didn't come, even as her pelvis raised her buttock of the sheets twisting and jerking as her entire body begged for that magic hand. When Diane steadfastly refused to move her hand from Theresa's breasts, she gasped with unfulfilled desire and grasped her hand, attempting to move it down into her crotch.

Diane stopped kissing and smiled at her nearly out of control novice lover. "What do you want Theresa?"

"You know what I want; same as last night, please I can't stand this. Do it to me; please." Diane just smiled and licked her lips teasingly.

"Take your panties off dear." Theresa began to shake spasmodically as her facial expression became pained with both apprehension and frustration. She quickly removed the flimsy item and then leaned back closing her eyes, spreading her thighs, while her pelvis churned a slow dance on the sheets. "Now ask me for it. Tell me what you want me to do."

Theresa still breathing rapidly opened her eyes her face pleading. "Please Diane. Please don't make me say it." Diane kissed her passionately.

"Yes Theresa, I want those sweet lips to say what it is you want."

She closed her eyes and pursed her lips to speak, as her breathing became spasmodic. I want... I want you to do that down there please."

"Do what Theresa?"

"You know with your tongue."

"Do what with my tongue, where honey."

"Lick my... lick my... vagina." Diane got on top of her and kissed her passionately. She pulled the nighty up over her breasts and began to kiss and lick her way down Theresa's heaving twisting body. She smiled up at her when she reached that magic crossroad where the torso becomes thighs, sheltering the temple of erotic pleasures.

"Put your hands on my head and lift your bottom until we make contact dear." Theresa obeyed palming and pressing Diane's head while eagerly lifting her hips, resulting in an oral to vaginal collision.

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