Christmas Cums

by Jefferson

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Magic, Fiction, Sex Toys, School, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: A story about a young woman who is all alone in the world. While at college she receives a very special gift from an anonymous source.

Dear Diary,

Well, this has been another interesting Christmas for me, it is the seventh anniversary of my parents death, my seventh Christmas without a family. I didn't expect much for Christmas; only a few friends here at College know my story. The ones that had money and could afford them gave me presents. I got three or four small things, nothing major or worth mentioning and I gave my friends presents that I could afford. I did my usual bit for humanity by working in a soup kitchen and volunteering down at DFD.

DFD was a new experience for me but it seemed an appropriate match. DFD stands for "Drivers For Drunks." The program offers a free ride for anyone who thinks they are too drunk to safely drive home. I thought it was fitting that I volunteer with them considering my parents died on a Christmas Eve because a drunk college student didn't have any other way home except to drive. I was there for any student at the school who needed a ride. I took thirty-seven people home safely over the two-week vacation. They didn't drink and drive so they didn't kill themselves or any innocent bystanders, like my parents.

One thing did happen unexpectedly. I got a package in the mail that read, "Do Not Open Until Xmas." I didn't know whom it was from. There was no return address and no card was visible. The box was wrapped in plain brown paper with my name, the name of my dorm and my address affixed. It was fourteen inches long, six inches wide and five inches deep. I set it under the dorm tree and waited for Christmas.

As you might gather, I'm a strong believer in the spirit of Christmas; I always have been. Hell, I believed in Santa Claus until I was twelve years old. I still believe in him in a way. I don't wait for him to come to my dorm room and fill it up with presents nor do I look out my window for Rudolph's glowing red nose. I don't go talk to the fat man in the fake white beard and red suit at the mall although I still like to believe in Santa Claus.

I waited for Christmas to arrive with curiosity and anxiety so I could see what was in the box and perhaps find out the identity of the giver. It took more willpower than I've ever needed before to stop myself from ripping that package open and seeing what was inside it and whom it was from. I did it though. I did not open that package until Christmas.

Christmas day arrived. There was fresh snow on the ground and it was beautiful. I couldn't stop smiling. I ran to get into the shower as soon as I woke up. I showered, brushed my teeth, and got dressed in a nice church dress. It was cute: red with white frills. It looked like something a mother would put on her three year old toddler. Then, I ran downstairs. I wanted to open my surprise package before I went to church. When I got to the game room, there were only three people there. That was not too surprising considering most students had gone home for the holidays. I greeted them, wished them all a Merry Christmas and then hunted through the pile of packages looking for mine.

I admit it was kind of embarrassing. My little package was the least decorative package in the pile. All the other presents were wrapped up in gold or green or red paper; some of them had big beautiful bows and pretty little cards attached. Mine was wrapped up in plain brown paper, the same stuff they make brown paper bags out of. It didn't have a bow or a card or even a nametag. I grabbed up my package, took a seat in an empty chair and ripped it open. I tore the paper away and found a Nike shoebox. My first thought was "Oh God, someone sent me running shoes for Christmas." I tossed the paper on the floor, used my fingernails to cut through the tape holding the lid on and then opened the box.

Inside I found more brown wrapping paper. This was getting ridiculous! I grabbed pieces of brown paper and tossed them on the floor. Finally, I exposed the present itself and it wasn't shoes. It was wood. I looked down at it; I hadn't taken it out of the box. My eyes went wide and I quickly closed the box back up. Looked around to make sure no one else had seen, tucked the box under my arm and, as casually as possible, stood up and headed for my dorm room. What was inside? I didn't believe it!

Inside that innocent looking red Nike box was a piece of wood. Wood!!! Of all things, it was a piece of wood, about a foot long, six inches thick at its base and crescent shaped. Don't get me wrong, it was beautiful. It had a wonderful glossy finish and it was engraved. Inside that innocent little Nike shoe box was a dildo! Who the hell would send me a dildo?

I rushed back up to my room, keeping the box securely closed under my arm. I closed my door, set the box on the bed and opened it again. I took out the remaining brown paper, tossed it into the trashcan, sat down beside the present and, without touching it, sat there and studied the object.

It was a work of art as far as dildos go. It was carved out of oak and had been stained a deep dark, reddish brown and it was engraved. I leaned down and closely inspected the engravings. Starting at the base, the thickest part, there was a picture of a woman laid out on her back. She was naked with her legs spread and with a dildo sticking out of her cunt. An inch up from that was another scene; this was of a woman, also naked, on all fours with a dildo sticking in her ass. An inch up from that was a picture of the same woman kneeling, with her arms above her head, sliding a dildo into her mouth. I could see another image at the very tip of the dildo, but it was too small for me to distinguish at the time. The first three engravings were each about two inches square with about an inch between them. The fourth engraving was less than an inch in size. Who carved it, why did they carve it and how did they carve it? I wondered.

I argued with myself for about fifteen minutes whether or not I should even touch the dildo. Whether I wanted to touch it or not, I was sure there had been a mistake. Surely I wasn't the intended recipient. Surely, this was meant for someone else. Maybe there was another Samantha Downing somewhere. Maybe it was meant for her. My mind was working double time, running through the list of people who might send me a Christmas package. Who had my address? Who would have the guts to send me a dildo? Was this a message from someone?

After twenty minutes of staring at it, opening and closing the box, pacing and wondering, I made a decision. I would wrap it back up and write on the package, "No such name, No such number." Let the post office deal with it. I decided that I didn't want it. I got the roll of wrapping paper I used to wrap up the few gifts I gave, closed the box and laid the wrapping paper out on my bed. I was about to pick up the box and set it on the paper when I chickened out. It was the first Christmas surprise I'd had in seven years. Why did it have to be a dildo? I never sent the package back. I did go back to the game room to search the brown paper for a card. I also searched the box for a card, for a name, for anything that might tell me who sent it. I found nothing! I slid the dildo under my bed, still in the shoebox, and there it stayed.

In the empty moments my mind would wander to the object and I continued to wonder. No answers were forthcoming though. The box stayed under my bed until after New Years. I went out on dates and had fun. School resumed and I went back to class. In the back of my mind I obsessed over that present. I just couldn't forget it. Occasionally I pulled the box out, opened it and looked at the dildo. I never brought myself to reach in and pick the thing up. It always appeared unchanged and it never answered any of my questions.

January nineteenth was a day I would never forget. School had been back in session for about two weeks and things were going well. Lydia came up to my dorm room to practice giving a speech she had to present for her Public Speaking class. I helped her write the damn thing so I wanted to be the first to hear it. After she finished practicing she asked me about my Christmas. She was one of the few people in the school who knew that I had no family. I told her I had received a couple useful gifts. She then asked about any embarrassing gifts I may have gotten. I instantly thought of the dildo but didn't mention it. I just said, "No." She then told me about her Christmas and about how her younger, high school aged sister had embarrassed her by giving her a teddy. Then her older, married sister embarrassed her even more with a massage kit. The kit consisted of four different items. The first component was an electronic massager with five different detachable heads for different places on the body. The second piece was a small nine-inch bar with rubber spikes on it. The idea was for someone to roll this over your back. The third article was a bottle of oil. The forth part was what really embarrassed her, a battery operated, vibrating dildo. I could just imagine the look on her face as she opened the present in front of her father. We were both laughing.

Because she told me her story, I told her mine. I explained the strange shoebox I had received. I explained how I put it under the dorm tree, how I went down and opened it right in front of other people and after pulling the small box out from under the bed, I showed her what was inside. She was fascinated. She asked if she could look at it. She didn't reach for it so I reached in the box and for the first time touched the wooden dildo. I wrapped my fingers around the massive tool and pulled it out. I could feel a slight tingle go up my arm as I touched it, the sensation increased more the longer I held it. I looked at it carefully and then handed it to Lydia. She took the object, looked it over and then handed it back to me and asked if I had tried it. I quickly responded with a loud "no" and she asked why not. I didn't have an answer, not one I was willing to give anyways.

Well, I put it under my bed and for the second time I tried to forget about it. Having touched it once, I couldn't. It was always on my mind; I noticed my body reacting when I thought about it. I would get wet and my nipples would get hard. I started getting horny just thinking about that damn dildo. That wasn't normal for me. I had never owned or used a dildo in my life; I didn't even enjoy masturbating. Why would just thinking about the tool suddenly turn me on.

A week after showing it to Lydia, I was in my dorm room studying. My roommate was out with one of her many boyfriends. I took a break from my homework and ran down the hall for a soda. As I was going back to my room my mind once again wandered to the object. I started thinking about it, as "The Present!". I sat down at my desk and resumed reading again but I couldn't concentrate. Thoughts of the dildo kept running through my mind. I could feel my nipples straining against my bra while my panties were getting wet. I tried to push it out of my mind but I couldn't. I actually started sweating; I was getting so turned just thinking about it.

I opened the window and gulped some cool air hoping that would help, but it didn't and I almost froze to death. I closed the window and tried taking off some clothes to cool down. I stripped off my shirt and jeans and sat back down to study but I was getting more and more turned on. My mind kept returning to The Present. Then things got worse. My mind started showing me snapshots of me having sex. Not regular sex either, but wild, passionate, hot, kinky sex. This got my engine going even more. Pretty soon, I realized I wasn't going to get any studying done until I got some relief. I needed an orgasm! For the first time in my life, I needed it!

There were no guys around and I had broken up with David before Christmas. There was no one to fuck me. "What the hell?" I thought. I went over to the bed and pulled out the box. I was breathing hard with anticipation. I wasn't nervous; I wasn't scared; I was horny and desperate. I tossed the top off the box and reached in and grabbed the huge piece of wood. I felt the tingle go up my arm. It felt good. I held the instrument in my hand and enjoyed the tingle as it worked its way through my entire body. When the tingle faded, I laid the tool on the bed, quickly stripped off the rest of my clothing and climbed under the covers, dildo in hand.

I've had quite a few male lovers in my twenty years, but none of them came close to the size of this thing in length or width. I bent and spread my knees and rubbed the tip against my cunt. It felt so good. I was so wet. I used one hand to spread my cunt lips and used the other to guide the massive wooden cock into me. As wet as I was, it easily slid in. I could feel it spreading me apart. I had to force myself to push it in slowly. I wanted it inside me so badly I was really afraid I would just shove the thing inside me for relief with little regard for the well-being of my vagina. I felt it slide over my clit. My face lit up at the feeling. I actually moaned.

I continued to push it further and further, closer and closer to it final destination. When I felt it at my entrance, I paused. Then I pushed the tip inside. At first it felt like it was about to tear me apart so I just held it there until I got used to it. Then, slowly, I pushed it in a little more. I then pulled it out and slid it in again, each time a little deeper. My hips began to rock with the motion. My eyes closed and my hands seemed to go on autopilot. I was fucking myself with this monstrous piece of wood. I started pushing it in deeper and harder and faster. As I pushed and pulled on it, it rubbed my clit taking me even higher. Within a few minutes I was screaming from a huge orgasm. Even then I didn't stop. I pushed it in further and further, wanting more, lots more!

Before I was done, I had more than three quarters of the wooden dildo inside me. I lay there on my bed, covered in sweat and exhausted from the experience. The dildo fell from my fingers and lay in bed with me all night. I slept with it that night. It was the best sex I've ever had. Luckily, my roommate didn't come back to the dorms that night. So I had plenty of time before class to put the thing away and clean myself up.

That day was hell. All I could think about the whole day was going back to my dorm and using it again. I ditched my last three classes to go be with my new love. I fucked myself with it twice before my roommate came back to the dorm. Luckily I was asleep and the dildo was hidden under my blankets. She didn't see it. I told her I hadn't been feeling good and had come to lie down and must have fallen asleep. She accepted it changed clothes and left again. I searched under the covers for the hard wood and brought it out from under the covers. It gleaned with my juices on it. I lay there and looked at it for a long time.

I don't know what made me do it, maybe I had remembered the engravings on the side, maybe it was curiosity, but I brought the dildo to my lips and kissed the tip. Then I ran my tongue along the bottom edge of it. I opened my mouth and slid the wooden cock in about four inches and began to suck. I could taste my own juices coming off in my mouth but it didn't bother me. My other hand was at my cunt and I began rubbing my clit and fingering my slit. I was getting turned on again. I continued to finger myself faster and faster as I continued to suck on that piece of wood. I began fucking my mouth with it. Eventually I had eight inches of it in my mouth. I tried to push it further but couldn't do it until I turned it over.

Once it was the other way, it smoothly slid into my throat. The middle of the arch was just under my nose as I pushed it into my throat. I haven't given a lot of blowjobs in my life and I have never deep throated one until then. I fingered myself and mouth fucked myself for over an hour using that thing. I'd never had an orgasm during a blowjob until then and it was an incredible orgasm. My entire body tingled and my toes curled just like when it was inside my cunt. I could feel myself about to pass out. I managed to get the thing back in its box before I did.

The next day when I woke up I felt invigorated. I felt more alert and more rested than I had ever been. I flew through my day. Everything seemed to come easier to me. I breezed through tests that I hadn't even studied for. I was kinder, gentler, wiser and smarter; people even said I glowed. One professor even asked if I was pregnant. It was one of the best days of my life.

When I returned to my dorm that evening I found my roommate there. I was devastated. I was looking forward to time with Woody, my nickname for The Present. I was forced to wait until she had gone to sleep to pull out my trusty piece of wood. Once she was asleep I pulled the box out, opened it and pulled out the crescent shaped piece of wood. I lay there enjoying the tingle it always gave me as I first sucked it into my mouth. Once it was nice and wet, I slid it down between my thighs and into my wet, hot pussy. "Relief at last!" is all I could think as it slid inside me deeper and deeper. I had to bite my lip to not moan. It felt so good and it was difficult to be quiet. I could not adequately express just how good it was without screaming and I didn't want to do that in the dorm. I pushed it in further and began to work it around inside me. Within ten minutes I had a tremendous orgasm. My eyes rolled back into my head and the dildo fell from my fingers as I faded off to sleep.

The next day, I felt good, but not as good as I had the day before. Fortunately it was a Saturday and I hung around my room that afternoon waiting for my roommate to go out. Finally, at lunchtime, she did and as soon as she was gone I was back in my bed naked. I held Woody in my hands above my face, rubbing it gently with one hand as I studied the engravings more. I looked closely at the smallest of the four engravings, the one near the tip. I could just make out the naked woman standing up, dildo in one hand and what looked like a halo floating over her head. Once I finished my inspection of the dildo, I slid it into my mouth again, anxious to begin. I slid it all the way down my throat, taking the majority of the huge dildo into my mouth and throat. I sucked it and fingered myself until I had an orgasm, then with my cunt soaking wet and the dildo lubricated with my saliva I slid it between my cunt lips. I felt the tingle again as it brushed past my clit and then slid smoothly inside me. This time, I wasn't delicate with it. I slammed it into me hard. Nine inches of wood was buried inside my cunt and I screamed from another orgasm. I pulled it out and did it again and again. It filled me up completely. After slamming it into my twat about ten times, I left it there. I released it from my hand and enjoyed the sensations as the tingle returned. I could feel the warmth and love in that tingle spread out from my womb. Even now, weeks later, as I write this, I desperately want to go climb into bed and use Woody again. My body aches for it.

The longer I left it inside me the better it felt. It's crazy, but I swear the thing started to vibrate inside me. My hips arched up and I had another orgasm without ever moving it. The longer I left it there, the more it seemed to vibrate. The more turned on I got. In five minutes I was screaming from one incredibly long orgasm. It was too much for me to take. I passed out with it still inside my cunt.

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