New Kid in the Neighborhood

by Drifter

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Desc: Incest Sex Story: Her son brought home a new friend that changed their world...

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This is sort of a confession on my part. I know what I have done is a little unusual but I don't care. Not even a little bit. I love every thing that has happened. And I want to document this to encourage other women and mothers to try this. You will love it too.

My name is Penny, I am 35 years old, married to a really nice guy who is quite successful, it is a wonderful marriage in every way. I can't blame this on my husband. I did this all by myself. Well I did have some help but you will see what I mean soon.

Everyone says I am still beautiful and have a great body. I agree. What is more important is my young lovers agree. I am of Italian descent, dark hair, dark eyes and a voluptuous body. My husband loves it and uses it regularly I am delighted to say. It wasn't that I was starved for sex that made me do what I did. I just thought it would be fun. And it was believe me.

It all started one hot spring day when my son Jimmy came home from school with several of his buddies from High School. "OK if we use the pool mom?" he called as they hit the front door. I walked in from the kitchen to see Jimmy and several of his friends. I recognized them all except for this one kid. He was a little taller, more mature looking than the others, and he was the best looking young man that I had ever seen.

I'm no "romantic" any more than any woman but this kid got to me. I had this real funny feeling about him. Jimmy introduced us, his name was Billy, and he smiled and my heart ached. What a smile! Then he told me how glad he was to meet me, so smooth, so polite. He said that his family was new in town and he truly appreciated Jimmy asking him to join he and his friends for a swim. He was still holding my hand and I didn't mind at all. This was no ordinary teen age male.

I had felt this way only once before when I had first met a particularly exciting man. I had been on a business trip, I had worked in those early days before Jimmy came along. I was staying at this nice hotel and I had bumped into this man as we got on the elevator, literally. He grabbed me to keep me from falling and when I looked at his face he smiled and I was his. He was so handsome and somehow he just made me feel hot. To make a long story short, he was the first man I had cheated on my new husband with. After the elevator incident we had dinner, danced, a few drinks and he spent the night, in my bed, between my wide spread legs. And we did it the next night, and the next. I had loved every minute of it and had never felt guilty about that dalliance in the least. When I got home to my husband I just fucked him a little more often to make it up to him. Nor have I regretted the few others I have cheated with over the years.

Now I retrieved my hand from Billy's and wondered when this young Turk would fuck me. I "knew" it was going to happen, determined that he was going to fuck me, and soon. I didn't foresee what all would follow my hasty decision but even now I have no regrets.

I told Billy he would always be welcome in my house. He surprised me as he dropped his eyes to my full breasts with some cleavage showing above the tied shirt and said, "Thank you Mrs. Johnson, I would love to take you up on your hospitality. I have been pretty lonely since we moved here. I had lots of friends of all ages where we lived before but I had to leave them."

I noticed for the first time that everyone else had gone upstairs to change into swim gear. The air was thick with tension, at least for me, and I dropped my eyes to his tight jeans. I had to smile as I saw the large outline of his cock through his jeans. This didn't look like a child cock. Our eyes met and he smiled and I knew he knew he was going to fuck me as he said, "You remind me of some of my friends I left."

I had to ask, "Were they mothers of your school mates too?"

He chuckled softly and replied, "Some of them. I always loved to meet moms."

I couldn't seem to stop the conversation. I was enjoying it far too much to let it stop, and I continued, "I bet you did and I bet they loved you too Billy."

He stepped closer and his hand brushed mine and our fingers interlaced as if it were the most normal thing in the world. Our faces were close enough I could feel his breath on mine. I wanted to kiss his full lips.

Then there was a roar of teenage boys coming down the stairs. I turned my back to Billy as I faced the mob. I was still holding Billy's hand behind my back. Then I felt his hand on my ass. I was wearing a pair of tight shorts and a shirt tied under my full breasts. No bra. His hand was squeezing and stroking my ass and I was glad I was still trim and firm back there.

Jimmy rushed by calling, "Hey Billy get into your trunks and come on out."

Billy answered over my shoulder, "I may not swim today buddy, there is something else I have to do, but thanks anyway."

The others were out the back door and we could see them all in the pool out the big window overlooking the yard. I felt him move closer behind me and he released my hand as his lips touched my neck and his free hand cupped my breast. I was his to do anything he wanted to do to me and we both knew that.

"I'm going to fuck you." he said softly in my ear.

My hand covered his hard cock through his jeans as I said, "I know. I think I knew it the moment I set eyes on you."

He untied the knot in my shirt and opened it baring my breasts completely. His hand squeezing and toying with my freed breasts and nipples felt wonderful. I couldn't believe it when I said, "Are you going to fuck me here or up in my bed?"

"Here first, then there another day."

I turned my face to his over my shoulder and our lips met in a passionate kiss. As our tongues dueled I felt one hand unbuttoning my shorts and soon felt them fall to the floor. Without a thought I just kicked them aside. My panties were black tiny things, made to enhance not hide. He left my panties in place but pulled them aside as he toyed with my pussy lips and my clit. I was going a little more crazy every minute. I was so hot... so ready... so eager to be fucked by this young man I had met not 15 minutes before. Nothing else mattered to me but getting his cock in me.

He leaned me over the back of the couch. I knew what to expect and spread my feet apart to open up my pussy to him as I bent over. I heard his zipper and felt the head of his big cock touch my swollen lips. He rubbed it over the outside for a few seconds and I was dripping. Then he eased it inside my so nice and slowly. Then without warning he thrust so hard I almost fainted with pleasure. He was so deep inside me. My husband had never touched my cunt where he was probing. I adored the feel of him in me and began pushing back to meet his thrusts.

His hands were full of my tits as his cock stroked in and out of my appreciative pussy and he said, "You are wonderful Penny, so good to fuck." I was reminded of my best lovers. I looked up then and could see Jimmy and his pals in the pool as I came for the first time.

I felt his finger enter my asshole as he continued to fuck me strongly, squeezing my tits roughly the way I love. He seemed to know exactly what I wanted him to do. I gasped and had trouble speaking as I asked, "Are you... going... to fuck... my ass... too?"

"Yes but not today. Do you like that too?"

"Oh... yes... I love... everything."

He exploded in me then and I came again shortly as he continued to spew his cum in my cunt. As he pulled out I knew what I wanted to do. I turned and kneeled in front of him and sucked our juices off of his beautiful circumcised cock. Moments later he put it away and I straightened my panties and found my shorts. I had pulled them on and retied my loose shirt when Jimmy came in to get drinks for the mob. He looked in at us and said, "Hey Billy, I thought you had to go."

"I do Jim, I was enjoying talking to your beautiful mom. But I do have to go now. See you at school tomorrow. And Jim, thanks for being my friend."

After he left Jimmy came over to me and kissed my cheek. I hoped my son couldn't smell the strong sex odor on me as I said, "Thank you sweety but what was that for?"

"Oh for being nice to Billy. I like him a lot and think we may become good friends. I appreciate you making him feel welcome."

I laughed to myself and replied, "Honey, he can come here anytime. He is a very special young man I think."

As my husband and son and I sat and chatted animatedly after dinner the phone rang. I went into the kitchen to answer it as I looked lovingly at my two men still at the dining room table.

"Hello Penny."

I recognized Billy's voice and my loins started to tingle as the memory of his cock in me returned.

"Hi Billy."

"I really enjoyed fucking you this afternoon."

"Hmm I loved it too baby." I was glad Jimmy and his dad couldn't hear us.

"Jimmy has a chess club meeting after school tomorrow. I will come over right after school."

"I would like that."

"I loved your mouth on my cock."

"Me too, I love to suck cock."

"I am going to fuck you in the ass tomorrow too. We can do it in all three of your lovely openings."

"That will make me very happy."

"I think Jimmy and I will become good friends and I will fuck his mom a lot."

"You can fuck me anytime you want to honey. You know I love it."

"See you tomorrow." and he hung up.

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