Second Unit

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, Gang Bang, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: my first job was as second unit cameraman at an adult tv station

This was my first morning at my new job, the combination of many years' study, firstly at college and than later at university; it was as a 2nd unit Cameraman with the 18 Plus Adult channel. My wife, Jenny, of three months was not ecstatic at my appointment, but as I have told her, a job's a job, we can't afford to be picky, not with all those bills to pay.

Her beautiful body moved under me as I thrust into her wet pussy, although only five foot two, with a slight figure, she was very sexy indeed. Her small but sensitive breasts were very firm in my hands, her slim legs wide apart. "Oh yes, you bastard," she purred, her hips pushing back at me. Her orgasm, when it arrived was one of her small, but satisfying ones, accompanied by a long sigh; I pumped my sperm into her frozen body.

"Oh yes," she cooed, she stretched like a cat, "that's the way to start the day."

I showered and dressed quickly, with a cup of coffee for breakfast, then on the number 32 Bus for a nine o'clock start. The senior Cameraman, Sid, met me and issued me with my cameras,

"Right Alan," he handed me a large, hand held Video camera, "this one is your main 'broadcast quality' Digital camera, complete with it's spare battery packs. On location you'll have to do everything yourself, ok, lighting and sound. This camera comes complete with a separate microphones and a basic lighting kit."

"Right." I said turning the camera over in my hands, familiarising myself with the controls.

"Ok, this one," he said handing me a much smaller camera, "is just about broadcast quality, but it is compact and good in low light."

"Thanks Sid," I said, "what's on the menu for today.

"Yeah right," said Sid, looking at his diary, this morning, one of the girls from the office is doing a promotional in the main studio. Then this afternoon we have two girls in for an audition, we'll use the small studio for that, ok, and after today you will be doing those on your own." "Sure no problem," I said, "what's this promotional thing all about?"

"No idea," laughed Sid, "we just tape it, someone else writes the crap."

Sid takes me into the main studio where a young man and a very curvaceous blonde are waiting for us.

"Ok guys," he said to us, "let's get this thing done."

"Right you are," said Sid, getting behind his large studio camera, "Alan can you move that spot for me?" by the time Sid was happy with the lighting the girl had stripped off all her clothes and was reading from her script.

"Right now "Allison, don't make a big thing over this, ok." Sid and I watched as Allison ran through her words three or four times and then signalled she was ready. It took three takes before she was word perfect.

"Ok thanks guys," said the man, Sid said his name was Nigel, one of the stations junior program directors.

"Ok lad," said Sid, "I'll take you to our room and you can get some practice in on your cameras, I'll see you back there at two."

"Right Sid," It's funny, I spent over an hour in the company of a gorgeous naked woman and I didn't even find it a sexy experience.

I ran a few test tapes through both cameras, they were both very similar to the ones I had used at university, so no problems there. At two Sid appeared smelling like he had come straight from the Pub.

"Well lad," he said, "one of our little birds hasn't shown up, so we only have the one to interview, so we can afford to go to town with her, just follow my lead ok."

"Right," I said.

"Right pay attentions, as from tomorrow, you will be doing these all by yourself ok. The procedure here is, one: make sure she signs to say she is over eighteen, even if she isn't," he chuckled, "and two: make sure she signs the Release Form so that we can broadcast the tape if we want too."

"Ok Sid," I said.

"Good, now the policy of this stations is, although we must conform to the current obscenity laws right, but if our actors look like they doing it, then they are."

"What?" I said, "I don't understand."

"In simple terms, if it looks like there fucking, then they are fucking, ok," he smiled at me.

"Oh, but surly we can't show them like that?" I said.

"Well no, we must use careful camera angles" he chuckled, "but there's no simulation here, ok."

She was waiting for us, a very young looking eighteen year old, looking more nervous than I felt; Sid started to talking to her, trying to put her at ease. After she had signed both forms Sid sat her down.

"Now Belle, you know what this stations broadcasts right," the girl nodded, her eyes lowered, "so you know what we want from you, ok, we need to have a look at your figure and then see how well you can act in a sexual situation, ok." Again the girl just nodded, her eyes now big from fright, if it were possible I sure she would have done a runner.

"Ok Alan, you start recording this," he said to me, "I'll direct."

"Right," I confirmed. Sid selected a CD and soft dance music played over the speakers.

"Ok now Belle," he said to the girl, "just sway to the music and slowly remove your clothes." the girl got up and looked even more terrified.

"That's right," Sid encouraged, "start with your top." piece by piece the terrified girl was instructed to remove each item of clothing, until she was down to her underwear. All the time Sid was talking to her, telling her how good she looked, and indeed she did, through my viewfinder her young body looked superb.

"Ok now Belle," Sid continued, "Now for your bra," with shaking hands she un-hooked the strap and her bra fell to the floor.

"Nice tits," encouraged Sid, "now the knickers love, ok." At last she was naked before us, slowly swaying to the music.

"Ok Belle, time to get a little naughty," Sid smiled, picking up a small Vibrator from the desk and held it out for her to take. Through my viewfinder I could see her shaking hand take the plastic toy and she stared at it for a long time.

"Ok Belle sit down here, that's right," said Sid, as the girl sat down on the thick carpeted floor, "now turn it on and run it over your boobs," I could hear it softly buzzing. I moved position to get a side view, following the vibrator down as she moved it over her body.

"There's a good girl," said Sid, "now open your legs and rub it up and down your slit," he turned to me.

"Make sure you catch this, ok," said Sid to me, I was a bit confused, I thought we weren't supposed to show this sort of details, but he had told me to follow his lead. I zoomed in to between her legs as the vibrator disappeared into her sopping pussy. I pulled back to take in the whole action for a few minutes and then zoomed back in again to show the vibrator being thrust in and out of the jerking girl. Just in time, I zoomed out to film her whole body in the throws of her orgasm.

"Very good," cooed Sid, who sat down beside her, his hands moving over her sweaty body.

"Did you enjoy that?" he asked, the young girl just nodded and smiled.

"Now it's time for the real thing," he said, "open up wide," Sid moved between her legs, un-zipped himself and plunged his cock into her before she could stop him. I was totally gobsmacked at this, but kept filming, moving my position to get the best shots. Sid didn't last long, soon he was pumping his sperm into her limp body.

"Do you want ago?" he said to me, after he had pulled out and zipped up.

"No, no that's all right," I said, still a bit shaken by what had happened.

"Ok, thank you love," he said holding out his hand to her to help her up. "One last thing, we need a couple of Polaroid's for our files and then we're finished." He posed her against the wall, full frontal and then a side shot.

"Ok love, you can get dressed now," smiled Sid. He put his arm around the stunned girl and walked her out of the building.

"What was that all about?" I asked, once Sid had returned.

"Well," said Sid, "we sell these tapes to our sister station in Holland, if we can get her to perform for us," he laughed.

"But," I started to say, but Sid held up his hand.

"She was gagging for it," he said, "something to tell her friends about in the pub. I just did what she wanted me to do." Well I'm not sure about that, but I kept my mouth shut.

"How did it go?" Jenny asked me when I returned home that night.

"I'm not sure," I said truthfully, "it appears that I will be handling all the outside broadcast."

"Is that good," she inquired.

"Well it'll be a different thing everyday I suppose," I said, "but may involve nights away too."

"I'm not sure I like that much," she pouted, "so I'll better make use of you while you're here." Her naked body thrust back at me, as my cock moved in and out of her wet pussy.

"Ok lad," smiled Sid, "today I have for you, a nice sexy couple for our 'Viewers Tape' series.

"What's that?" I asked.

"Haven't you ever watched our station?" he asked.

"No, never had the time," I said, "for the last seven years I have been studying."

"Well ok," he said, "what happens is, a couples sends in a picture or a tape of themselves and invites us to come around a tape them in their own home."

"You mean," I started to say.

"Yeah," said Sid, "we go around there, in this case you go around there, and tape them fucking, ok."

"Oh," I said, shaking my head in disbelief.

"Oh yeah," laughed Sid, "there are some real weirdoes out there, and don't forget Holland."

"Hi," I said, when a large guy answers my knock, "I'm from 18 Plus."

"Oh yeah, please come in," he says, "we've been expecting you." He introduces himself as Wally, he was about thirty and a bit overweight. His pretty wife, Tanya was much younger, early twenties I would say, with a nice shapely body. I decide to set up in the sitting room with a simple lighting set-up and use the camera's built it mic, for sound.

"Ok guys," I said, "this is how we well play it," I said, sounding more confident than I felt, "firstly Tanya will do a strip and then stimulate herself, after which we introduce Wally into the scene, ok." They both nodded their agreement. "Wally, please put on some music, ok." As the music played, Tanya slowly stripped off, to reveal her very shapely body. The action then moved to the sofa, where she used her own plastic phallus on herself. Remembering Sid advice, I filmed for home consumption and for our sister station abroad. In some shots, the dildo could clearly be seen plunging into her wet pussy, while in others, the camera angle made sure you it couldn't see it at all. She lay there spent, I zoomed in for the close up, slowly moving over her body, then I invited Wally to join his pretty wife on the sofa. Once again I made sure my camera angles recorded the action in two different ways.

I turned the camera off and sat down, their naked bodies lay slumped on the sofa.

"Was that alright?" Wally said, lifting his head to look at me.

"Sure," I replied, it's a funny Old World, I thought.

"Do you want a go?" Wally offered, he lifted off his wife, leaving her on the sofa, her legs spread-eagled and inviting.

"No that's ok," I said, but there was a hard lump in my pants.

"Please," Wally begged, "I would consider it a favour."

"Well," I said, weakening slightly, I looked down at her shapely figure, her hands were cupping her ample breasts, she looked directly at me and smiled.

"Please fuck me," she said somewhat breathlessly. Oh shit, I thought, and I gave in, my hard cock entered her wet pussy, her legs locked behind my back and her hips pounded back to each of my thrusts; we didn't last long. I pulled out of her and quickly dressed; I was ashamed and angry with myself for being so weak. I packed my kit away, and turned to say my goodbyes. They were totally oblivious to me, fucking again, their loud grunts filling the room.

"How did it go?" asked Sid, with a smile on his face, "have a good fuck."

"Well," I started to say.

"Don't kid me, lad," he said, "I've been doing this for years, I bet old hubby insisted you fuck his wife, I'm I right."

"Yeah," I said looking sheepish.

"Well take my advice lad," he laughed, "have a shower before you go home, or your wife will smell her pussy on you." I handed my tapes in to the editing department and went to have my lunch. That afternoon I was doing my first auditions on my own.

Both were very pretty with good bodies, I got them to strip off and use a vibrator on themselves, but that was all. I resisted the temptation to go further and fuck them, not that I could get it up after this morning escapade. Once I had pack my kit away and handed the tapes in, Sid said the Boss wanted to see me.

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