One Night Stand

by MountainBoy

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Rough, White Couple, Anal Sex, Squirting, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: Lone wife goes out to get fucked because she is neglected at home.

Copyright Nov 2002

It was April 1974, Chuck was sitting at the bar on the lobby floor of the Royal Colony Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia having a drink. He was there from the West Coast attending a seminar learning about a new scanning system used in scanning tests in school systems across the country. Chuck was an operations manager for a school forms company. It was shortly after 9:00pm when a nice looking lady about the same age as Chuck walked up and sat down in the bar chair next to him. Chuck wondered if she was a working girl, although she certainly wasn't dressed like it.

Suddenly she ask, "Are you from out of town?" "Yea", Chuck said, "West Coast. I'm here for a seminar." as he sipped on his drink. "I'm here because I wanted to get out of the house," she said. "My kids are at there grandparents in Florida this week as they are on spring break." Chuck looked at the ring finger on her left hand and could see the discoloration where her wedding ring had been. "What about your husband?" Chuck asked as he had another sip of his drink. She responded, "I've been divorced for almost 2 years now." Chuck sat there and looked at her for 20 or 30 seconds and then said, "Really. If that's so then what's that discoloration on your ring finger? You know what I think," he said, "I think you want to get Fucked tonight by somebody other than your husband." She responded, "I'd love to get Fucked. I haven't been Fucked in years. My husband sticks his dick in, lasts 5 minutes, rolls over and goes to sleep. He's out of town on business for a couple of days so I decided to see if somebody would Fuck me good." Chuck looked at her and asked, "What's your name?" She said softly "Sylvia". Chuck said, "Come on." He got up looked at both bills and tossed a 20 on the bar. He took her by the hand and they headed for the door. "Where are we going?" Sylvia asked "My room." Chuck responded as they got to the elevator bay.

When the elevator opened they stepped in and Chuck hit 21. When the elevator door closed Chuck grabbed her and kissed her hard. Chuck could feel her breasts in his chest and she had a nice firm ass. His cock got semi hard on the short ride to the 21st floor. When the door opened they were still kissing and there was a couple standing there waiting on the elevator. As they stepped off Chuck said, "Good evening." They walked the short distance to his room and he opened the door. Sylvia stepped in first and Chuck followed and locked the door. He followed her into the center of the room and said, "Turn around." When she did with her back to him, he unzipped her dress and pulled it from her shoulders letting it puddle at her feet. He unsnapped her bra and tossed it on the chair. "Turn around," he said. When she did, he took his first good look at her. She was about 5 feet 7 inches, 34c tits, and long slim legs that looked like they ran all the way to her neck with the 4 inch heels she was wearing. She was a very attractive lady that was about to have a very long hard night.

He walked over to her and stripped her cotton panties down over her black thigh highs. As he stood up he dragged his index finger the length of her pussy causing her to shudder. Chuck stripped off his shirt and tossed it on the chair, unbuckled his pants after kicking off his shoes and tossed them over the chair, and stripped off his shorts. Sylvia's eyes were the size of silver dollars when she gasp, "There's no way I can take that thing." Chuck walked over to her and glared as he said, "It's not a thing bitch, it's called a cock. Now get down on your knees and suck it, right now." As Sylvia slowly started to get down on her knees Chuck grabbed her by the hair and shoved her down saying, "When I say right now, I mean instantly if not sooner. If I cum in your mouth you better drink every drop. Now suck, bitch." As Sylvia tentatively stuck her tongue out he said, "I said suck, not lick. Get the head in your mouth now bitch." Chucks cock was now a fully erect 10 and 1/2 inches. Sylvia open her mouth and sucked in the head.

Chuck slowly worked his cock into her mouth. He could feel her teeth scraping along his cock because he was so big. After about 5 minutes he had worked almost 6 inches into her mouth and was seeping precum. "How does it taste bitch? Do you like the taste of a cock in your mouth? Answer me bitch!!!!" Of course she couldn't say anything with a mouth full of cock. ":UUUUmmmm" was the only response she made around his cock. Chuck hit the back of the top of her throat a couple of times causing Sylvia to gag. Then he hit the top of her throat and the head of his cock went through. As he worked another 2 inches into her throat he could feel his cock starting to pulse and knew that he was going to cum soon. He still had a handful of Sylvia's hair. "AAAAhhhh CCCChhhhrrrriiiisssstttt," he moaned, "I'm cumming." Sylvia tried to pull away but he still had a handful of hair and wouldn't let her. His cock shot 2 ropes of cum into her throat before he pulled it out to the back of her mouth so she could taste his cum. "Don't you dare miss a drop, bitch. AAAAHhhhh GGGGodddd that is good bitch!!!," as his cock continued to pulse jizz into her mouth as she sucked him dry. "That was good slut, now get on the bed," as he released the hold he had in her hair.

When Sylvia was on the bed Chuck grabbed her legs and pulled her to the edge so her ass was on the edge of the bed. He took his index finger and ran it very slowly into her pussy and then pulled it very slowly out flicking her G spot lightly. Her pussy was soaked and he could feel it twitching on his finger. "You like this don't you bitch. Your cunt is soaked with your juice. What's the matter bitch, did that big cock make you cum while you were sucking it?" Chuck asked. "Yes it did." Sylvia replied. He bent over and slowly ran his tongue up her right thigh above the top of her hosiery. When he reached the top just below her pussy he opened his mouth and sucked hard using his teeth lightly to leave a big hickey on her thigh. Sylvia was crying, " No, no, please stop, no," and then screaming, "OOOOHHHH CCCCUUUUMMMMIIIINNNNGGG," as he ran his index finger into her cunt and gently messaged her G spot. She was still gasping for air when Chuck did the same thing to her left thigh. "No, please no, please not again," she cried as he sucked hard on her left thigh leaving an even bigger hickey. "AAAAHHHH SSSSHHHHIIIITTTT," she gasped, "CCCCUUUUMMMMIIIINNNNGGGG," she screamed as Chuck again ran his index finger into her cunt and flicked at her G spot. "You like this don't you slut? I'll bet you haven't cum like this in a long time have you slut?" Sylvia's eyes were getting heavy as she had cum hard twice inside 10 minutes as she gasp, "No, never cum like this!!" Chuck replied, "We're just beginning slut."

Chuck took his thumb and index finger and spread the lips of her pussy wide as he slowly ran his tongue the length of her widely pulsing cunt. "AAAAhhhh JJJJeeeessssuuuussss," she cried, "SSSSoooo GGGGoooodddd," as she tried to hump her hips and get a little penetration. "NNNNOOOO," she screamed as Chuck sucked on her clit hard. Her clit was - inch out of its hood and very enflamed as he bit firmly into it with his teeth while flipping the tip of his tongue back and forth across the end of her clit. "DDDDaaaammmmnnnmmnnnn YYYYoooouuuu," she gasped, "OOOOhhhh GGGGodddd, CCCCUuuuummmmiiiinnnngggg AAAggggaaaaiiiinnnn!!!!" Sylvia was ejaculating girl juices as she came very hard. Her pubic hairs were trimmed very nicely to about an inch above the top of her vagina. She was still cumming when Chuck placed his lips about an inch above the hair line and sucked hard using his teeth to create yet another large hickey on her groin. "NNNNoooo," she gasped as he again ran his finger into her cunt flicking her G spot causing her to clamp her thighs tight on his hand while raising her ass a foot off the bed as she cried, "CCCCuuuummmiiinnngggg AAAAggggaaaaiiiinnnn. CCCaaannn'tttt SSSSttttoooopppp." Sylvia was trying to sit up but was to weak from the multiple orgasms. Each time she would try Chuck would flick his finger over her G spot and she would collapse back on the bed. He was laughing at her as he said, "What's the matter Slut, feel good? You really like this don't you Bitch? Answer the question, Slut." Sylvia's eyes were squeezed shut as she gasped, "Yes, oh yes. LLLLoooovvvveeee IIIItttt. OOOOhhhh CCCCuuuummmmiiiinnnngggg!!!!" Sylvia's body was twitching hard with involuntary muscle spasms as her thighs relaxed. Chuck slowly pulled his finger out of her cunt flicking her G spot 1 last time causing her to groan.

Chuck let her rest a couple of minutes as he got up and walked over to his bag and pulled out a small bottle. He opened it and set it down next to the bed on the night stand. Sylvia said softly, "What's that for?" Chuck answered, "Your ass Bitch. I'm going to grease it up with this Kama Sutra oil and Fuck it good." Sylvia gasped, "No, please-" Chuck cut her off and said, "Shut up Slut, you'll be begging me to fuck your ass in an hour." Chuck grabbed her thighs and held them in the air as he ran his tongue 2 inches into her pussy causing her to gasped, "Oh God, what was that?" Chuck was grinning as he pulled his head up and extended his tongue 2 plus inches beyond his lips. "Oh no," Sylvia cried, "TTTToooo SSSSeeeennnnssssiiiittt" was all Chuck heard as her soft thighs clamped tight around his ears as his tongue begin to Fuck her pussy and flick a her G spot. He could feel her cunt squeezing against his tongue as she tried desperately to get her pussy tighter against his lips. He could hear muffled sounds but couldn't make out what she was saying. After 5 minutes or so Chuck took his index finger and started playing with her asshole. He could feel it spasming against his finger. Sylvia's girl juices mixed with his saliva were running a river down the crack of her ass. Chuck used the juice to lubricate her ass before he popped his index finger through her wildly squeezing sphincter muscle to the first knuckle. Sylvia's ass was humping up and down wildly now as she tried to fuck his finger deeper into her ass while trying to keep her pussy thrust tightly against his lips. Every once in while her thighs would release enough for Chuck to hear her gasped, "Good," or "Wonderful" or "Please" or "No" or "cumming."

She continued to hump her ass frantically up and down on his fingers as Chuck had now worked a second finger into her asshole. After 15 minutes or so Chuck stopped licking and her thighs released his head. "Oh please," she gasped, "don't stop. It feels so good. Oh god I'm still cumming," she moaned as Chuck pulled his fingers out of her ass. Chuck grabbed her left leg and extended it straight up in the air so her skin was tight as he licked up the back of her thigh to the point were the thigh and cheek of her ass came together. "Nnnnnoooo," she screamed as he again sucked hard and used his teeth to create another big hickey. "Ppppplllleeeeaaaasssseeee," she screamed as he did the same thing to the back of the other thigh.

Chuck moved her so she was now laying the length of the bed. He was setting on his feet with her ass on his thighs. The head of his fully erect cock was lying about were he had put the hickey on her groin. Sylvia was humping her ass a little as she laid there. "What's the matter Bitch, is my Slut horny for this cock? You Bitch," he said, "You're still cumming." as he ran his finger in an out of her cunt. "Please put it in. Oh please I need it so bad. I want to feel it in me." Chuck laughed and said, "It, what's an it. I don't know what an it is. Tell me Slut." Sylvia was breathing hard as she said, "Please, oh please, I want that big hard cock. Please, please Fuck me." Chuck reached down and and swabbed the head of his cock up and down between the lips of her cunt. "Where do you want it Bitch." As Sylvia shuddered she begged, "In my cunt, please put it in my in my cunt. I can't stand any more teasing.

Ooooohhhh Gggggodddd," she cried as Chuck thrust the head of his cock into her pussy and stopped. Her legs snapped around him as she desperately tried to pull her self farther on to his cock. Chuck held her by the hips to keep her where she was. "Cumming already, huh cunt, maybe I should call you a nymphomaniac you like fucking so much Bitch. Here have another 2 inches," Chuck said as he thrust forward. "Ooooohhhh ggggooooddd, damn, can't stop cumming," she gasped. "Please don't cum in me. Not on pill, pregnant." Chuck reached up with both hands and palmed her breasts and nipples. Her nipples were like hard pebbles sticking out - inch from her breasts. Chuck was rolling them between his thumb and fore finger when he suddenly squeezed the nipples hard. Then he dug his finger nails into them causing Sylvia to screamweakly, "Ssssttttoooppp,hurts,ccccuuuummmmiiiinnnngggg." Her cunt had clamped down hard on Chucks cock when he pinched her nipples. Her clit shot a stream of ejaculate 12 inches onto Chucks stomach as she gasped "ooohhhh GGGoddd, IIII'mmmm ppppiiiissssiiiinnnngggg." Sylvia was now riding the light on that fine line between pain and pleasure. "Here, have another 2 inches," Chuck said as he thrust a little farther into her pussy, "your not pissing bitch, your cumming. Am I in as deep as your husband yet? Answer me Slut!!!! She gasped, "Deeper, good, way deeper. He's only 5 inches. Please, more, want more."

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