Small Problem

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, MaleDom, .

Desc: Sex Story: i know i shouldn't drink in mixed company.

I have this small problem; well it's not that small actually, it's this thing I have with drink. It doesn't happen very often and most time my husband is there to protect me mostly from myself. Even with him there, I've been known to shed a garment or two before he stops me and takes me home. The problem is that he's not always there. Christmas office parties were the worst, I rarely go these days, I had to leave so many jobs, not being able to return and face my work colleagues in the new year.

I found out early that I couldn't hold my drinks, it was when I went to college. I was a virgin until the first party I attended; how can an innocent girl like me take on three guys just because she had taken two or three drinks. And do you know the worst bit; I can remember everything, it's like a flash back in a movie. I can still see their smiling faces, hear their rude words and feel their cocks as they fuck me.

If I can't sleep and the night is very dark, the nightmares return to me. I re-run that first night in my head. I went with my new roommate to this student party. My experience with boys up to that time was just a few fumbles. As soon as we arrived a glass of wine was put into our hands and then we were whisked off to the dance floor. After a couple of drinks I felt fine, a bit giggly but in control; after two more I was gone. My current dance partner took me to a quiet area and we started to snog. I don't think I ever knew his name, but he was the first guy to ever fuck me.

My lack of resistance spurred him on; his hands found their way under my rather conservative clothes to my virgin body beneath. I can still remember him removing my bra and knickers and thinking that he shouldn't be doing that, but I didn't stop him. His fingers found my unprotected pussy and for the first time, a man invaded my body. I guess he thought this was not the right place to fuck me, so he got up, grabbed my by the hand and dragged me into a spare bedroom. Now we were alone he quickly stripped me naked, spread my legs and pushed his hard cock into me. He thrust into me for a couple of minutes and pumped his goo deep inside me. I just lay there thinking that I was no longer a virgin. He left me then but quickly returned with a couple of his mates. I hadn't even moved, I was still lying there with my legs obscenely wide open and my eyes shut tight. One after another they all fucked me, once, twice and then later a third time. After midnight Janice, my roommate found me, dressed me and took me home. Next morning she dragged me down the Doctors for the morning after pill and a supply of the normal pill.

For the next two months I avoided all social contact with the other students for fear of seeing those three guys again. Of course I couldn't live like a hermit all the time, but with the help of Janice, I came out of my shell and had a good time. Of course those three bastards had spread the word about me and a steady supply of drink was always thrust into my hand at any party I attended. Somehow I managed to get through my three years without more than a half a dozen episodes that I would like to forget, but of course I had total recall of every sordid second.

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