Momma Was A Callgirl

by Drifter

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Financial hard times forced her into it... and then ...

The Beginning

Things were getting rougher and rougher around the Smith household. Money had never been so tight. When you have it you don't think about it, when you don't, that's about all you can think about. Dan, the husband and father in this household, was already working two jobs, Janet, the wife and mother, was doing all she possibly could to help her husband. But with no training other than for beauty contests and bikini modeling, she made little more than minimum wage, except when she got one of her rare bikini modeling gigs. And to make matters worse, she had trouble even keeping the lousy jobs for more than a month or two.

It really wasn't her fault that she had to keep changing jobs. The truth is Janet was just too damn cute, too good looking, and was just too damn well built, too sexy, at least for the job situation. She would interview, be hired almost instantly as the male interviewers practically drooled over her lush body. But after a month or two she would be fired when she wouldn't "accommodate" her boss. It had happened over and over for the last two years. Each time she would come home in tears and Dan would tell her she had done the right thing, no matter how badly they needed the money.

But lately Dan was beginning to wonder about that even. Janet really felt worse and worse about it each time it happened. Especially with the extra load it put on Dan until she found another half ass job.

Things had all gone to hell financially, two years before, when her Dad had gotten seriously ill, so ill he had required open heart surgery immediately. But with her dad having no insurance, no hospital would take him. A decision was required right then, Janet had been overwrought and her husband, whom she adored, had cared so much for her and her family he had suggested they take out another mortgage on their house to pay for her Dad's surgery. And that's what happened, a very big mortgage. Janet knew they were having trouble living on Dan's salary before, and now with another big mortgage...

The surgery had gone well thankfully and Janet's dad was now out of the woods and recovering, if slowly. It had been a long expensive process. Now Dan and Janet were glad he had done so well, but unfortunately, the two of them were stuck with the bills. Their savings were gone and they had to struggle to just make all the mortgage payments to keep from losing every thing they had worked for the last 16 years.

With Dan holding down two jobs and Janet her sometimes job, they were just getting by. Troubles in this life never seems to come to you singularly. Unknown to them there were other problems starting to brew in their household. Their two teen age kids, a daughter Rachel at 15, and a son Randy at 14, had way too much unsupervised time on their hands and you know how kids can be, they were going to fill that time with something. If their parents had known what they were filling it with they might have been upset, although what the kids were doing could have been a lot worse. But we will get to that later.

Their house was expensive, lovely, in an upscale neighborhood and well taken care of in spite of all the problems. This day, a Friday, Dan came home exhausted between jobs. He had only three hours before he had to be at his night job for another five hours.

Understandably he was not as aware as he might have been had he been rested. Rested he might have noticed the flimsy little garments in the floor beside the couch he had flopped down on while waiting for Janet to get home.

Thank God, he thought, today is Friday. I actually have two days to rest a little and catch up on things here at home. His thoughts ran over those things, the yard, the cars, the kids, but mostly he was thinking about what he and his beautiful and equally horny wife would be doing in their big bed most of Saturday morning. He realized he wasn't all that tired, as his cock started to harden into a large bulge in his slacks.

Just then Rachel, his early blooming, lovely young daughter, came into the room with a fearful, guilty look on her face, and nervously moved over to her Dad. She sat on the edge of the couch beside him, smiled lovingly and said hi to him as she leaned down to kiss his cheek. Her dad surprised her as he wrapped her in his arms and hugged her close to him. He did love his kids and was very proud of them.

As Rachel half lay on top of him with one hand on his chest her other slim young hand slid just under the couch to get what she had come downstairs for. Her wispy little black panties and bra were peeking out from just under the couch. Hell her parents didn't even know she owned lingerie like that. She kissed her Dad again and noticed her sensitive nipples were hard and tingled against him. Dan noticed that too and how nice, big and firm her breasts had become. It was even more noticeable since she didn't have a bra on. Then Dan rebuked himself for his inappropriate thoughts but his previously growing cock took another big jump.

Having retrieved her undies before her dad saw them and started asking questions she didn't want asked, Janet, wadded them up in her hand... yep they were that tiny. Then after another kiss for dad she stood up to go back to her room. Rachel told her dad she had to go finish her home work and started to walk away but not before she noticed the large swelling in her dad's slacks and she grinned to herself, wondering if she had caused that...

Janet was late getting home and rushed in some thirty minutes after Dan had expected her. He noticed she looked flustered as she apologized for being late. He also noticed she looked like she was upset and about to cry as she blew him a kiss and hurried upstairs. He heard her shower and wondered why the change in routine. Normally she went right to the kitchen to fix dinner before Dan had to leave for work. Oh well, he thought, she will explain when she comes down.

She was almost running as she headed for the kitchen wrapped in her thin robe. She still looked like she was upset about something as she again blew him a kiss in passing.

Dan was so beat he actually fell asleep for a few minutes of much needed rest while Janet was busy in the kitchen. The next thing he knew Janet had leaned over and kissed his lips to wake him for dinner. He thought for a minute it was Saturday morning in his half sleep. He pulled Janet down on top of him and kissed her with a lot of tongue as his hands found the opening to her robe and pushed it up over her waist, baring her cute bare ass and long trim show girl legs... and her already swollen pussy lips. In his mind he expected her to raise up and take his hard cock in her tight wonderful pussy as she did every Saturday morning.

She was calling his name, "Dan, Dan honey wake up." as he caught her knees and pulled them up higher beside him on each side of his rib cage.

Janet was about to panic knowing how exposed she was. Her beautiful cunt lips, closely trimmed for the few bikini modeling jobs she posed for when she could, those lips were now in clear view if anyone came down the stairs. Nervously, still trying to pull free, to get the exhausted Dan to wake up, she looked over her shoulder to see Rachel and Randy standing, staring at her revealed ass and pussy with huge mischievous smiles on their faces.

She screamed loudly, jumped up pulling her robe back around her and rushed into the kitchen. Dan sat up shaking the sleep out of his eyes and saw the kids staring at him grinning. He missed hearing Rachel whisper to her brother, "I told you they were horny people, and did you see Dad's big cock stretching his pants. Wow!"

Randy laughed softly saying, "Are you kidding, I couldn't take my eyes off of mom's sweet looking pussy. Her's looks exactly like yours sis, bare and sooo beautiful."

Dan just managed to get up groggily as the kids led the way to the dinner table.

Janet was blushing still as they sat down and she served dinner. She knew how the kids had seen her entire bare bottom, pussy and all, and she couldn't think of a thing to say. It wasn't their fault. Still they didn't have to enjoy it so much. Every time she looked at her son or daughter they smiled at her and she blushed again. She thought, first the thing with her boss and now this. What the hell else is going to happen to me today? Am I going to tell Dan about what happened with my boss or just keep my mouth shut and secretly use the extra money to pay down that damn second mortgage? She decided she would talk to the kids after Dan left for work about what happened on the couch and then think about what, if anything, to tell Dan later...

Dinner behind them, at the door, with the kids upstairs, Dan slowly kissed Janet goodbye. His hands were inside her robe on her bare ass and those magnificent tits. His hard cock was pressing into her shaved pussy through his pants. "Janet, baby, I need you so bad. Sex on just the week ends just isn't near enough."

Janet was as hot as Dan, especially since her fires had been stirred up so high at her office that afternoon and only partially cooled. She moaned, "I agree baby, hurry home and we can start our Saturday morning games as soon as you get home. I'll be waiting up for you. But we have some things to talk over this week end."

He looked at her warily, wondering if another boss had tried to fuck her. Probably, she is so damn sexy without even trying to be. She kissed him and pushed him out the door saying, "Don't worry, we can work this all out and if I'm right, sooner than we thought maybe."

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