Ann's Tale

by Drifter

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Swinging, .

Desc: Sex Story: He decides he wants his wife to explore sex with others, each chapter is a different story of Ann's adventures.

Chapter 1: Our Guest

My husband and I were lying in bed tightly wrapped around each other's nude satisfied body. Rick had just screwed my head off and I was having trouble coming down off that high as I shivered through a number of mini-orgasms following the big one. It's not that I'm some sort of nympho but I do love sex. I adore everything about it... I think truthfully I may be somewhat oversexed, whatever that means. To me it means I am ready just about anytime. I never decline when my husband shows interest and that is just about daily. I really love it all and Rick literally taught me everything... so slowly, so patiently. He had been my only lover, through the college years, and the four years of our marriage after graduation.

Now as I lay there, catching my breath, I was thinking of what I was going to do to him next. He loves for me to give him head and I love to do it. Yeah that's what I'm going to do. I knew that after he filled my mouth and I drained the last drop of his essence, he would go down on me and my cum filled pussy until I couldn't stand another lick. Then he would make love to me again, slowly, before we slept...

Ohhh how I love this... I have loved it from the first time I let Rick get his hands in my panties. That night he played with my virgin pussy... and my clit until I had this incredible orgasm. He didn't even slow down then but pushed me over and buried his face in my pussy. Oh damn that was soooo good. I lost count of how many times he brought me to climax and when I realized he was pushing his hard cock into me I just pushed up to meet him without a second thought about losing my cherry. In fact I remember later asking him if we could do it again before he took me back to the dorm. And we did.

From that night on, most of our social life was devoted to sex. One form or the other... hell it still is... I dropped all my other dates and spent all my time with Rick. I got hit on a lot cause I was pretty sexy to look at but I wasn't interested. The other cheerleaders kept trying to get me to date guys from the football team too but I had my guy. Then and now. I simply adored my man.

But then Rick caused something to happen to broaden my horizons and that is my first story, of many, for you.

The phone rang in my office. I am now a lawyer with a large firm. It was Rick. As usual I dropped everything and flirted with my sexy husband over the phone. Then he broke the chain of sexual repartee and said,

"Bob Morris called me this morning."

Bob Morris was Rick's best friend from college days. We had double dated a number of times and a few times, Rick would make love to me in the front seat of his car while Bob did his date in the back. A few times after Bob dropped his date off, he would drive while Rick and I enjoyed more sex in the back seat. One night Bob parked and turned and blatantly watched us. I was enthusiastically giving Rick head like I love to do. When I opened my eyes and met Bob's. He grinned and after a second or two Rick asked,

"Honey, you don't mind if Bob watches do you?"

I raised my mouth off of his throbbing cock and stroked it slowly as Bob and Rick stared at my action and waited, then I said sort of out of breath

"I don't mind... it's pretty exciting... "

I returned my attention to Rick's waiting cock and just winked at Bob as I bobbed my head up and down Rick's hard manhood. Then I heard Bob say,

"Man... Rick you are one lucky son-of-a-bitch... I've never seen any girl enjoy sucking a cock like Ann seems to."

I was a little embarrassed but also quite proud. Rick grunted and in a husky voice was barely able to say,

"Yeah... she is so good at it... loves to suck cock... don't you Ann?"

I raised my mouth free briefly and replied.

"... hmmm I do love it..."

Shortly Rick came in my mouth and I sucked him dry as Bob's and my eyes stayed locked together. I realized that I loved him watching... After that night Bob watched us do just about everything and I enjoyed doing it more when he watched. I always was a bit of a show off.

Now Rick told me that Bob had asked if I was still the sexiest lady in the world. I was surprised and flattered but I just laughed and said what a tease Bob was. Rick then switched subjects and we talked about other stuff.

That night after we were sated in bed once more Rick smiled and said,

"Bob wanted to know if you were still as hot as you used to be. I told him even hotter... that it was all I could do to keep up with you."

I hit him playfully and said,

"You are going to make him think I am some sort of sexual wild woman."

Rick kissed me and said softly,

"You are and I love it... but if your appetite gets any bigger I'm not sure I can keep up with you."

Then he kissed me and we cuddled for sleep. As I drifted off to sleep his words haunted me a little. Was I wanting too much sex? Was Rick kidding about not being able to keep up with me?

It was the following week when Rick called me at my office again that I had gotten the nerve up to ask,

"Honey, am I too demanding... do I want sex more than you do?"

"Oh shit Sue, I shouldn't have said what I did. I love your appetite and I love satisfying it. Sometimes when I'm tired I wonder what would happen if I couldn't keep you happy sexually. I know how much you need it."

"Rick, I could always back off... I don't want you worrying."

"Then I would really worry if maybe you were having an affair... hell I don't guess I would blame you if I couldn't keep you satisfied. I'm not sure how I would deal with it if you did."

"RICK!!! what are you talking about? I would never do that."

"Calm down honey... I wasn't saying you would... just that you do love sex and if I couldn't keep you happy I would feel real bad. I don't know what would be better, knowing you were unsatisfied or knowing you were sleeping with someone else besides me."

I tried to assure him that that would never happen... I don't think I was successful when just before he hung up he said,

"Honey if a lover is what you need to be happy I guess I could learn to deal with it.".

The next day when he called he had just hung up with talking with Bob again. He mentioned he had told Bob about our conversation about my appetite. I really wasn't surprised when Rick related how Bob had jokingly volunteered to help me out anytime.

Rick and I both laughed a little nervously... then the subject was dropped. However I found myself wondering what Bob would be like in bed...

That night I was so horny I couldn't stand it. I pulled Rick down on the living room floor the minute I walked in. Later in bed I mounted my sexy husband again. When we finally lay spent he looked at me funny and said,

"Did you enjoy fucking Bob?"

I gasped surprised... I was caught... I had been thinking about Bob as my husband and I had been in the throws of passion. Then Rick said,

"When you came you kept moaning "Fuck me Bob"

I just looked at my sweet husband whom I adored and then started crying, saying how sorry I was.

He stopped me and kissed me tenderly as he said,

"Please don't apologize... it really is OK. I admit it surprised me but we all fantasize... Hell I've had some lulus"

"You've thought of other women while making love to me?"

"A few times"

Somehow that didn't bother me and made me feel better about what I had done. I lay there thinking about everything and then I asked,

"Would you really like to have some other woman in bed?"

"It's fun to think about, like you thinking about Bob."

Now the next week Rick was telling me on the phone me that Bob was coming to town and would be staying with us for several days instead of going to a hotel. The thought of him watching us have sex again flashed in my head and I was surprised to feel that old excitement.

Then Rick shook me out of my thoughts as he said,

"You have no idea how much Bob wanted to fuck you in college."

"Me... you're kidding"

"Remember how he used to watch us... well after those times... after I had dropped you at the dorm... he used to tell me how lucky I was and how much he would love to be in my place with you."

"I never dreamed he felt that way. He never did anything."

"You don't hit on your buddies girl..."

We chatted some more... then I had a meeting... I kissed Rick bye over the phone and told him I would screw him silly that night as I hung up... All through the meeting I kept think about what Rick had said... that Bob had wanted to fuck me... I liked the sound and the idea of it... another guy lusting after me. I knew I was well built and sexy but Rick had been my only partner. Now I found myself wondering again what Bob would be like. I had seen his good sized cock a few times as he crawled on top of one of his dates in the back seat. He was about the same size and shape as Rick... I wondered if they would feel different... taste different. Then I realized my panties were getting wet and I forced my attention back to the meeting.

That night after making good on my promise to screw my husband silly, I asked, "How come you never said anything about Bob wanting me before now?"

"I don't know... maybe I didn't want any competition"

"And now you do... is that why you told me? Are you suggesting something?"

We laughed at my joke and then Rick smiled and kissed me and said,

"If he turns you on my love... go for it..."

I hit him lightly and said, "Rick honey... I was just kidding. You know you are all I need or want."

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