by Drifter

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Brother, Sister, Swinging, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Their sex life was wonderful but he knew she longed for a really big one. Then strange things began to happen...

(another oldie from my files)

{NOTE: 70% of women do not get off on intercourse. This is just a story.}

Jim's trim hard body lay between his gorgeous wife's long spread legs as he slowly stroked his hard 8" cock into her lovely tight sheath. She eagerly responded as she always did, hunching her cute tight ass up to meet his long strokes as she groaned and gasped, "Oh yessss Jim honey... of fuck me just like that... oh fuck baby I love you... I love your cock... it feels so fucking good..."

Jim loved the way his wife of three years responded as they fucked. There was just one problem, he could never get her off fucking. He always went down on her before they fucked and usually afterwards again to bring her to multiple orgasms. She loved sex with her husband but "the problem" bothered him. Somehow he felt like his beloved wife was being cheated. As always their loving had begun this night with Jim slowly and lovingly eating his wife's sweet hot pussy. She loved this so much and it didn't take much until she was cumming repeatedly as Jim expertly continued to tongue his wife as he fingered her cunt and her sensitive ass hole. Her verbalizing was even louder and more explicit, when he ate her to climax after climax.

Jim stopped his strokes and Carol said, "Oh don't stop honey, please fuck me more."

"I plan to my love, I want you on your knees... doggie."

Carol rolled over quickly as Jim pulled out of her. She loved to be fucked in every position and doggie was one of her favorites. She sighed loudly as she felt his cock reenter her hot wet cunt from behind. Jim pounded harder and Carol gasped "Oh I love that... fuck me hard honey... god I love to fuck. to feel your cock in me."

Then Jim began his orgasm and he drove harder and deeper to Carol's delight as she said, "Yeah baby, I can feel you cumming... yes baby give it to me..."

Then Jim fell over beside his darling dark eyed, sexy Italian wife. She shifted to lay on top of his chest and her large firm breasts were crushed flat against his hard chest. She kissed him and smiled up at him sleepily, "That was so good sweetheart."

"After a moment when he could catch his breath again he said, "But you didn't cum."

"Honey, I got off four times while you ate me earlier. What more could I ask for."

"You could ask to get off while being fucked."

Then he kissed her deeply and knew her passion was still up. It was obvious the way she returned his kiss. He moved to kiss her neck as he rolled the two of them over so Carol was on her back. His lips moved to her swollen nipples and he sucked and licked one and then the other. Carol knew where he was going and almost came in anticipation. She put her hands on his head and gently pushed him lower as he kissed her rib cage, her navel, her flat little tummy. Carol couldn't help it as she moaned, "Oh yes my darling man, oh please... eat me."

When his tongue found her clit she screamed and came hard. Jim moved his tongue over her clit and labia just the way she loved it and then he plunged his tongue as deep as possible in her open cunt as his fingers toyed with her clit and her rose bud ass hole. Carol screamed and wrapped her legs around his head as she strained up against him arching her back, lifting them both off of the bed. Then as her climax finished, she fell back spent, her lush body now limp.

Jim looked up at her from between her long legs, her juices mixed with his cum from earlier, all over his face. She smiled down and said, "Hi handsome... god I love you... that was so great. Come up here."

Jim slid up and their lips met. Carol loved the taste of herself but even more so like now, mixed with Jim's cum. She lazily licked his face clean and then she said, "WOW! That was fantastic."

She knew what he was going to say even before he said it, "But you didn't cum when we were fucking."

"No I didn't honey but Jim, I came so many times when you ate me. I am totally satisfied. I love you... please don't let it bother you. Lots of women can't cum from intercourse."

"I know that but you came with him."

The "him" was her old boy friend from her college years. She had cum with Paul every time when he fucked her. She had made the mistake of telling Jim that. Now she wished she had lied. She had cum with Paul without fail and the difference was Paul had a huge nine plus inch cock that was also bigger around than Jim's. That added stimulation that Carol loved, as it had stretched her, had driven her over the edge every time and she would cum wildly. Jim had coaxed the stories out of her before she realized how it bothered him. If only she had lied. She was completely happy with her handsome husband. Though she had to admit she still thought of Paul's cock fondly in the deep recesses of her mind.

Jim kissed his loving wife and sighed, "I know down deep you want to experience his huge cock again. I also know you will never admit it. Someday I am going to find a big cock that you can fuck. Then I can finally watch my wife cum with a cock in her."

"Jim forget it, I don't want anyone but you."

"Yeah right, now don't lie to me, tell me you wouldn't enjoy fucking Paul, or someone just as big, again."

The short pause gave her away as Carol denied wanting that. Both of them knew she did.

The next morning Jim stopped by his younger sister's house a few blocks from his own. They had grown up as close as twins. As he and his cute sexy sister Terri sat over coffee she said, "OK give big brother, what is bothering you. It is pretty damned obvious you are in the dumps. Isn't Carol giving you enough?"

Jim laughed and said, "No Terri, it's not that for sure, we rarely miss a night. It isn't that."

Terri laughed saying, "It must be in our genes big brother, Dan and I go at it nightly too. I guess we both love sex a lot... I can't ever seem to get enough. So what's the problem."

He paused only briefly then poured out his story. When he had finished with the details of his problem Terri whistled softly, "You get Carol off four or five times each night and you are worried about her not cumming on your dick, my sweet misguided brother you are all so fucked up on this one. Hell if Dan's big cock gets me off more than once I am happy as hell. He rarely eats me. I wish he would. Sometimes I think I like that more than his monster cock."

Jim only heard the words "monster cock" and he replied, "How big is Dan sis?"

Terri laughed, "I measured the big fucker, he is just under ten inches and so big around. It took me an hour to get it in me the first time and months to really get used to it. To tell you the truth I wish he were a lot smaller. Eight inches is more than enough for me. But a lot of women love his big cock."

Jim looked at her to see if that had been a miss speak but Terri's eyes only sparkled as he looked at her with the big question on his face.

"A lot of women? Dan fucks a lot of women and you know about it?"

"Don't be shocked big brother. I guess you were bound to find out sooner or later. Dan and I swing occasionally. The women at the parties take one look at his huge cock and go crazy. He can hardly walk the next day. That's why I know I prefer a smaller cock or being eaten. Trust Carol, she is happy with you."

"Not completely Terri, she admitted she thought about taking Paul's big cock again when she masturbated."

There was a long pause then he said, "Terri, what does Dan think about Carol?"

"Are you kidding, he lusts after her like a hound dog on scent. We have talked about getting you guys into swinging with us so he could fuck your lovely Carol."

Jim looked up at his sister and said, "Terri, are you saying that you and Dan want to swap with us... and you and I?"

"Well it's out of the bag now... yes my sweet big brother. I have wanted to fuck you since I was 13. But you were always so busy with all the fucking cheer leaders you never had time for me. Then she laughed, "Fucking Cheer leaders, isn't that redundant?"

They both laughed but Jim's mind was whirling and he felt a little high. He had enjoyed looking at his cute sister's hot young body all his teen years. He couldn't believe she just said she wanted him to fuck her. His thoughts were interrupted then as Terri said, "Jim honey, does the idea of fucking your little sister turn you on?" as she stared at his now hard cock.

Jim blurted, "Hell yes honey. I always kind of envied your boy friends Back in high school I knew you were fucking several of them."

Terri stood and walked over standing beside his chair, her large breast right at his face. She caught his head and pulled his face into her soft breast as she said, "Oh god Jim, I have fucked so many of your friends, and I have wanted you for so long."

Terry had been wearing a robe and now Jim worked his face inside and his mouth found a bare hard nipple. As he sucked one nipple then the other, his hands ran up the back of her legs onto her bare little ass under her robe. Terri pulled his mouth up and their lips met in a passionate kiss. Then Terri said, "Take me up to my bed and fuck me please big brother."

Soon Jim had his hard eight inch cock deep inside his little sister and he thrilled and fucked her harder as she came repeatedly on his cock. After Jim came, flooding her still tight cunt, Jim slid down and ate her until she had came several more times. When she pulled him up sighing "Oh fuck big brother, come up here I can't take any more. Oh my sweet sweet brother, what a fucking lover you are. Carol can have Dan's big cock to keep, if you will do that to me regularly. Baby... just promise me we are going to repeat this a lot."

Jim laughed, his ego swelled and he kissed her sweetly and said, "Anytime you want it sweetheart. I love fucking my little sister."

"And eating her nasty cum filled pussy."

"Yeah, especially that."

After a minute Terri said, "Jim... do you like anal? I love it but Dan is just too big."

Jim felt his cock twitch at the offer and he smiled at her and said, "As soon as you can get it ready sweetheart, I love anal."

She shifted until her lips encircled his growing cock head as she eagerly tried to inflate it more.

That night in bed with Carol, Jim went down on her as usual and did his expert job in getting her close to cumming. Then he pulled back. Carol groaned, "Oh please honey, don't stop"

But Jim slid up between her legs and slipped his hard cock into her tight wet cunt. She sighed delightedly and looked up at him and said, "Hmmm that feels nice. What are you up to baby?"

"I want to talk to you. About a cock, a big cock. Honey I know you want a cock like Paul's again. It kills me that you keep denying that. I love you and want you to be satisfied in every way, Even if you have to fuck some other guy to get it."

Carol was so hot and eager to get off she moaned and just looked into Jim's eyes. She couldn't deny it and she ground her pussy on Jim's hard cock. Jim kissed her and pinched her nipples drawing a further moan. "Tell the truth Carol, you want to fuck a ten inch cock again don't you?"

"Oh fuck Jim, honey I'm sorry but it's true. I would love to feel that again. So full so stretched. I love you and I love your cock. You are more than enough for any woman. I am just sick I guess but I did love Paul's big monster cock."

"What if I brought you one as big, perfectly safe, and someone you really care for. No threat to anyone, no threat to our marriage."

Carol moaned loudly "You are mean baby, that is too good to be true. And I just want to fuck a cock like that occasionally. I couldn't stand a regular diet of that. I love you my husband. I wish I didn't love a huge cock Jim, but I do..."

Jim pulled out of her and slid lower until his tongue replaced his cock and soon had her cumming over and over. When she recovered she sucked his cock deep down her throat and gave him the blow job of the century.

As they lay resting before Jim fucked her, Carol said, "Honey, I love you and I know you hate not fucking me til I cum, but please don't tease me with those impossible stories. I admit I would love an occasional big cock but I am completely happy with you."

"I wasn't teasing love. I think I have found the perfect answer if you don't mind getting a little kinky?"

"Kinky? honey you know I like kinky... what are you talking about?"

"How do you feel about incest?"

Carol smiled, "You and Terri?"

"And you and Dan, Terri tells me he has a ten inch cock, huge!"

"Oh shit Jim, I used to dream of fucking my dad, incest doesn't do anything but excite me. You wouldn't mind if Dan fucked me? He is a sweetheart."

"Not a bit, would you be OK if I fucked Terri?"

"Oh yes Jim... That would be so cool. I gather you talked to Terri about this possibility?"

"Well honey, we did a little more than talk about it."

"You fucked Terri? When? Oh that is so hot. Was it as good as I think it would be?"

"It was great, I went over there this morning to sort of worry with her about pleasing you. Well she tells me about Dan's big cock, that he has the hots for you, that they swing occasionally and that she always wanted to fuck me. So we ended up in bed. It was great and she came over and over, as we fucked. I want you to have that too."

Carol rolled over on her back and guided Jim's hard cock home. He went wild thinking about it all and so did Carol. When Jim shot his load Carol screamed and for the first time ever, Carol came long and hard on his cock, not his tongue.

Later as they gasped for air Jim said, "Did you do what I thought you did."

"Oh Jim honey, I came like a cannon. Oh that was so good."

After a long pause she said, "Does that mean I don't get to fuck Dan?"

Jim laughed and said, "I think you owe him since I already fucked Terri. Just think of it as a family debt of honor."

Carol smiled and said, "I certainly can't let a family debt of honor go unpaid. Can I?"

The next morning was Saturday and they slept in. Jim was awakened when Carol kissed him lightly as her hand wrapped around his half hard cock. His eyes opened as she slowly stroked his cock up and down, letting the loose skin slide with her small cool hand.

"Good morning baby." he said

"Hi my sweet stud. Want to play some more games with me this morning?"

He rolled over facing her and cupped one of her large firm breasts. As he toyed with her hard nipples she sighed enjoying it. After a minute she said, "Honey... the way I came on your lovely cock last night... if you would prefer, I can do with out Dan's big cock. I want you to know I love you for being so eager to please me. But truly you are all I need."

"I understand my love. But what about Terri? You know she won't take no for an answer."

"That's OK. If you want to keep fucking Terri I am OK with that. Especially if I can watch. "

"So you and Dan are just going to watch while Terri and I fuck. His cock, his ten inch cock is going to get hard and you are not going to be interested?"

Her breath was heavier and she squeezed Jim's cock hard in her fist as she stroked it faster. Jim pushed her on her back and moved between her legs as she spread them in welcome. As his cock disappeared into her tight cunt she moaned and Jim drove all the way into her cervix and she screamed and came. Jim continued stroking, fucking his bride and she got verbal, only this time she said, "Jim, you really wouldn't mind if Dan fucked me. Drove his ten inch cock up my pussy?" and she wrapped her legs around Jim and came again on his cock...

Jim smiled and stroked slowly saying, "I can hardly wait until I can watch Dan fuck you with that monster cock of his. While I fuck his wife."

Carol groaned and stiffened as she came a third time. Then Jim stroked faster, deeper, harder and soon he flooded her cunt with his cum and she came one more time.

Still holding each other, his cock still buried in her warm wet cunt, Carol sighed, "Oh I love you. I seem to be cured my husband,. I think I came three times just now. Can I still have my big cock toy?"

"Remember sweetheart, it is a debt of honor."

They showered and spent the day getting everything ready for their special guests that night. While they were waiting Carol said, "Honey did Terri say who they were swinging with? Do we know them? Wouldn't that be funny if we did?"

"Terri just said she had fucked most of my friends. So I imagine we do know them. Why, you interested in maybe us swinging too?"

Carol laughed deep in her throat and sighed, "Damn Jim, this is too hot."

Just then the door bell sounded. Carol moved eagerly to answer the door. Terri moved in and gave Carol a big hug and a warm kiss. Then she turned her over to Dan. She stepped over to Jim and melted in his arms like an old lover and said softly, "Watch this honey. The first time watching your wife with the next guy who is going fuck her" and she turned facing Dan and Carol backing up into Jim's arms. Jim watched as he slid his arms around Terri as he pressed in behind her.

Dan smiled at Carol and pulled her into his arms. He kissed her and soon it was obvious they were kissing as lovers. Dan's hands dropped to her trim ass and pulled her hard into his cock. Jim and Terri heard Carol let out a little gasp. Then Dan broke the kiss and said something to Carol the others couldn't hear. They did hear Carol say, "Oh yes Dan yes."

Then he caught her hand and pulled it between them onto his cock and said something else to Carol. Again she said, "Oh yes Dan. Honey I already said yes."

Jim had his hands inside Terri's loose blouse on her firm bare tits. Carol and Dan broke the clinch and walked over to join them. Terri smiled and said, "Carol honey, what did my husband ask you, we couldn't hear him?"

Carol looked at Jim and smiled shyly as she leaned into Dan. "Dan asked me if I was really going to let him fuck me tonight."

She looked at her husband and continued, "I said yes Jim, I hope you are still OK with that."

Jim smiled and said, "Very OK sweetheart." and he watched as Carol slid her hand on top of Dan's huge hard cock through his pants.

Terri spoke up saying, "What was the second question Carol?"

Carol blushed but didn't turn loose of Dan's cock, "Dan asked me if he could fuck me anytime he wanted too and I told him he could. Is that OK Jim? I promise I will make it up to you."

Jim dropped his hand under Terri's brief little skirt onto her bare pussy and stroked it as Carol watched. Then he said, "That is great my love. I want you to enjoy it. I know Terri will help keep me busy."

Then Dan leaned over and whispered in Carol's ear. Carol looked at Dan and then at Jim. Jim smiled and said "OK give, what was this silent message?"

"Dan said he has two friends that are as big as he is. Would I fuck all of them? That Terri has fucked them several times and that they are good friends of yours honey."

Jim laughed and said, "Do you want to fuck them Carol?"

"Oh Jim, right now I am so hot I would fuck anything or anybody."

Jim laughed and said, "Lets go to the bedroom and get on with what we all want. We can talk about the others later."

In the bedroom Terri said, "Brother dear, get behind me and fuck me doggie so you can watch your wife take Dan's big cock for the first time. I know you are going to love this." Shortly Jim was slowly stroking his cock into his little sister from behind as he watched his hot wife stroking Dan's monster cock with unbridled lust in her eyes. Then Carol sucked Dan's cock head into her mouth. After enjoying that for awhile, Carol told Dan to lay back as she straddled him and slowly, inch by inch mounted his monster cock. It seem to take a while to get Dan all the way in but soon all four of them were stroking, burying every inch of available cock into their happy little nests.

Much much later, dressed in thin robes, they all sat down to a delicious dinner. As they ate Terri spoke up looking at Carol, "Jim tells me you two are eager to know who we swing with, who the other two donkey cocks are beside my husband, and which of your friends are involved... This may blow your minds but hang on. One of the other donkey cocks is your Church Choir Leader, Bill Bradley. He and his horny little wife Tina are among our regulars. And he is at least as big as Dan. Tim and Cindy Johnson across the street. He is the other donkey cock. Then our young Mayor and his wife, Wayne and Dee. He is hung like Jim. More to my liking. Jim, also your boss Pete and his sexy wife Wanda. There are more that you don't know. Oh and Carol, all the ladies, including me, are very bisexual. I hope you can deal with that?"

There was a long silence as Terri and Carol smiled at each other. Each buried in their thoughts. Soon Jim changed the subject after saying. "Man that puts a new light on our little world."

Later they returned to the bedroom where they paired off as before. Then after Dan had filled Carol's cunt with cum again, Terri said softly, "Would you mind if I ate your wife's pussy big brother?"

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