Mom's Friend

by Drifter

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Desc: Incest Sex Story: My mom and I were always close, then we got a lot closer, then my mom's best friend came over...

How did I end up sleeping with my Mom's best friend Helen and with my Mom's full knowledge and approval? I would love to tell you. I have always been mature for my age. That's because of the way my parents raised me. Now I am a 16 year old male Junior in High school. I am 6' and weigh 190 pounds all solid and find myself in this unbelievable situation.

My parents, Charlie and Carol Johnson are in their late thirties, both work and both are pretty successful lawyers. I am an only child and my folks have always treated me like an adult. I mean they never talked down to me but treated me more like another adult for as long as I can remember. I know I liked it and tried to live up to their expectations.

Some people would say our house is pretty unusual and I guess it is. My folks have always been good friends to me as well as great parents. As I grew up, anything and everything that came up was always discussed openly and directly with me without any lies or fairy tales. Consequently I never really thought much like a teenager.

When I first started asking about sexual things I got honest answers from both of my parents. And they never used the cold limp clinical terms for anything but explained to me both the clinical and street terms for everything. Especially my Mom, I think she liked using street language. They did ask that I not talk about any of this with anyone but them, mainly because most people were pretty hung up about sex in this country.

My Dad took me aside one day and said bluntly, "Mark buddy, you are going to fuck a lot of sweet young things. I did too when I was your age. There are a few things I want you to remember. First never force yourself on a female. If they say no, even if you know they mean yes, then drop it until they make it clear it's a yes. Never use a young girl. There will be some that you can impress and fuck. Make damn sure they are as horny as you are and not just fucking you just because you are a good looking popular young hunk. Even with those limits and maybe because of them, you will get more ass than you can dream of. You know about diseases. Be safe. Soon you will get a reputation and girls will come to you. One last thing bud. Older women will come on to you too. Teachers, house wives, your friends Moms even. Don't pass them up. You will find the older ones know a lot more about what they are doing. Enjoy and learn. If you have a problem or don't understand any of this come see me. I love you son and want you to have a good life. So it was in this open environment that I grew up.

I was well versed in the theoretical aspects of sex. I also knew my folks had a very active sex life. They didn't ever try to hide that fact. I heard them in their bedroom a lot from a early age. I remember listening to them as I masturbated.

By the time I was 15, I had played a lot of games with girls. I had gotten lucky a couple of times and knew I really dug sex. Sarah Barns gave me my first blow job after we had been kissing and feeling each other up for a couple of hours in her bedroom one day after school. Then Betty Towns let me fuck her at this party at her house when her parents were out of town. Actually I wasn't the only guy that had Betty that night but fortunately I think I was the first... that night.

After Betty I was a true devotee to pussy. I concentrated on the subject and actually did pretty well. It amazed me how many of the girls in high school were as eager as I was for sex. Just like my Dad had said. Some took a little longer than others but as my reputation grew so did the list of eager girls. The girls I dated knew I was going to push hard for sex and most of them were as eager as I was. My favorite story was the cute cheerleader who as soon as we parked at the lake slipped her panties off without a word and lay them on the dashboard as cool as that.

I guess word got back to my Mom cause one day when I got home from school she was there. She had taken the afternoon off from her office so we could talk. She started right after I had gotten home from school and popped the top on a coke. She sat at the kitchen table in her Lawyer Suit.

"Come sit down Mark, we need to talk."

"Sure Mom, what's up."

In her normal unabashed way she looked directly at me and said, "I have been told that you are quite the Romeo and are fucking half of the little girls in high school." Remember I told you my parents had little use for clinical terms.

I guess I grinned pretty big, a little proud of my success and I also blushed. She didn't seem surprised or even upset. She had said it pretty matter-of-factly. I looked at her and replied. "That's a bit of an overstatement Mom. I have gotten lucky with a few."

"Well I'm not surprised I guess. You are a young hunk. It's about that time for you as I remember high school. Tell me you are being careful. We both know this is not the time to get some sexy little thing pregnant."

"Yeah Mom, I am careful, usually I use rubbers. A few of my dates are on birth control. There are a couple of girls I know that have been with a lot of guys so I use a rubber anyway. Pisses some of them off but they get over it. I tell them no rubber, no cock."

"Good for you. I'm glad honey, I mean that you're being careful. Sex is a lot of fun but as that commercial for rubbers says, Its not worth dying for."

Then I surprised myself when I asked, "Were you pretty active in high school Mom?"

She cocked her head and looked surprised at my question. Then she laughed good naturedly and said, "Well lets just say my Mom put me on birth control when I was a sophomore. And it was a good thing she did."

"Did you do a lot of guys?"

She laughed again only this time it was her nervous laugh and I knew she wasn't comfortable with my questions.

"Hey buster it was your sex life we were talking about, not mine."

"Mom... fair is fair. I will answer any of your questions so why can't you answer mine?"

She looked thoughtful for a moment and then took her coat off like it was getting warm and said, "OK, fair is fair I guess. Did I do a lot of guys. I'm not sure how to answer that. I fucked seven or eight in high school, and a few more than that in college. Is that a lot?" and her eyes twinkled as she looked at me.

"That's a few Mom. I bet you were a hot one. You still are if the sounds from your bedroom are any indication."

She blushed then and after a moment laughed saying, "I guess I am honey. I have always adored sex. I had a hard time saying no to a cute guy back then. It seems you are a lot like your old Mom."

"Yeah old... give me a break Mom, I wish my girl friends looked like you." And I meant it. My Mom was one sexy looking lady.

"Why thank you honey. That is really a sweet compliment."

I glanced at her nice size breasts and saw her nipples standing up hard through her thin bra and silk blouse. I was surprised that when she realized where I was looking she pulled her shoulders back pushing her great tits out further and said, "OK buster, take a good look and then get it off your mind."

We laughed and my cock was hard as a rock. She was so damn sexy. I thought about it for a moment and then stood up. My hard cock was obvious as it could be in my jeans. Her eyes ran over it and she swallowed hard and said, "I think this conversation has gone a little too far. Up to your room and do your homework you young faker."

I laughed and said, "I have to get rid of this first."

"Well I'm sure you are still familiar with your fist so go on to your room and take care of it and then do your homework... Stud... I need to get busy on dinner."

As I closed the door and pulled my hard cock out to jack off I was thinking about how it would be to fuck my great looking Mom.

Later when I went back to the kitchen my Dad was in the shower. I walked in and Mom looked at me, dropped her eyes to my cock and then said laughing, "I see you took care of your problem."

I was instantly hard again. In front of her eyes my cock jumped to full hard in my pants. I was standing a couple of feet from her and she looked up at me and blushed saying,

"Oh Mark honey, I'm sorry," and she hugged me like she usually did when she wanted to comfort me. Only this time we both felt my hard cock between us. After a long hug she pulled away looking flushed and grabbed her purse. She pulled out a ten dollar bill and put it in my hand saying,

"Get out of here you randy little shit. Go get yourself a burger and then go see one of your girlfriends and take care of that thing. Get before your Dad comes down here and we have to explain why I made your cock hard."

I laughed and hugged her again pressing my pet against her boldly. She broke after a few seconds and looked down at me and then swatted me on the ass and said huskily,

"Go baby."

It was almost midnight when I got back. Dad was sound asleep and Mom was waiting up for me. She was reading in the kitchen and had her robe on. I wondered what she had on under it. When I walked in she looked up from her book and smiled saying,

"Feel better?"

I just smiled and nodded.

"Good," then after a Moment she said, "Honey, I think we got a little carried away this afternoon. I think it is a lot of fun to be open and completely honest with you but it went just a little too far."

"You mean cause we both got turned on?"

She just grinned for a moment and then said, "Yes cause we both got turned on. That isn't exactly normal honey. That smacks of incest and that is a real no no."

"I never understood that. I mean with the birth control of today no one has to worry about making retarded kids. Wasn't that why incest was a no no? I mean the idea turns me on."

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