My Bi Wife

by Drifter

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Desc: Sex Story: They make an unsuual couple but they like it...

(another oldy from my files)

It was another party at my best friend's place. Sam and Carol were great married friends of mine who happened to be married to each other and they loved to have a party. Sam and I had gone to college together in the early 80's, roommates for awhile until he moved in with Carol. I hated their moving in together. Sam used to sneak Carol into the dorm and I had watched them make love more times than I can remember. Carol had a great body and I loved watching Sam her do it all to each other. I always had the feeling that she liked being watched too.

They had gotten married at graduation and we had just gotten closer after that as we took jobs in the same town.

It seemed I had a call weekly to join them at their place for another of their get-togethers. Then after a while it was understood I would arrive at their home each Friday, party or not. I was never shy and had met a lot of great females at their bashes... In fact I used to wonder how they drew so many single, good looking women to their parties amidst the married couples. I didn't wonder too much, beyond speculating that they were trying unsuccessfully to get me married off, but I was appreciative none-the-less.

On this particular night I had noticed an appealing new face and figure. She was not drop dead gorgeous, like Carol, but she was very pretty, very trim, athletic looking and nicely endowed. What struck me I think was how self assured she seemed. She was damned attractive. When I was introduced to Eve she came off as nice, very warm, but not particularly interested in me. I tried to act like I wasn't interested in her either but I don't think it came off so well. Soon we drifted apart into different conversations in different parts of the room

There were a number of women there that night that I had dated previously and still dated from time to time. I chatted with several of them. They were still interested in continuing dating as was I. Not that I am such a great catch, but I had done well financially and I was a nice comfortable guy. who looked pretty good. It had gotten me in bed with several of the women in that room. Who was I to gripe.

It was quite a bit later when I went into the kitchen to get some more ice. As I walked through the swinging door I heard a muffled groan. It seemed to come from the utility room so I tiptoed over and peeked though the slightly open door. To my amazement there stood Carol and Eve in the darkened room, in a deep passionate lover's kiss as their hands roamed over each other's bodies. Eve's back was to me and after I watched them for a bit Carol opened her eyes and saw me watching them. When I realized she had seen me I hurriedly walked out of the kitchen with a new and different appreciation of my friends gorgeous wife... and Eve. and a lot of questions buzzing around my horny little head.

I filled my glass up and took a deep drink of it. I would never have expected anything like that from Carol... I knew Carol was a big flirt and from what Sam had told me, hot as hell... adored sex... did Sam know she swung both ways... ? Was it cheating to have a same sex affair? My head was full of questions. I had just poured myself still another drink when across the room I saw Eve and Carol re-enter the large living room. As Eve joined a nearby conversation, Carol looked around the room obviously looking for something or someone. When our eyes met she smiled at me and worked her way through the people coming toward me. I wondered what to say and decided to keep my mouth shut and let her do the talking.

We were apart from the mob when she joined me at the bar. She smiled at me again and then said softly, "You OK Tony?" I looked back into her deep brown eyes for a moment and said, "I'm OK... a little surprised. Does Sam know you have a girl friend?" She dropped her eyes briefly and then looked me in the eye and said, "No... not yet at least... are you going to tell him?"

I glanced across the room and saw Sam talking to a good looking couple... mutual friends of all of us. He noticed Carol and I together and waved, heading our way. He joined us in his normal good humor and asked if I were having a good time, had I met anyone I liked. I laughed and told him I had seen one I liked but now I thought she might be taken already. Carol smiled at my hidden meaning. Then someone called Sam and he was gone again.

Carol chuckled softly and said, "I guess we have similar tastes in women. Then after a pause she said, "You aren't going to tell Sam are you?" I shook my head and replied... "No... but I think you should. he adores you and honestly, I don't think he would object to your side game."

Carol looked hard at me and said, "You know I adore him too Tony... it's just that I have this other hunger... I have been bisexual since high school. I have been afraid to talk to Sam about it so I have been very careful... until tonight. That was stupid of us but Eve just got back from a trip and I missed her."

Then she looked out the window for a second before she said, "Are you really attracted to Eve too?"

I nodded and Carol smiled and asked, "She likes you. But what about us, does that put you off. Could you date her knowing... ?"

I shook my head and answered, "I liked Eve instantly when we met... I don't understand it but knowing about you two makes her more intriguing... more interesting. Does she date men too?"

Carol laughed and said, "Of course... neither of us is gay... we just enjoy other women too. We aren't in love Tony... just very good friends."

I couldn't resist as I asked, "And do you have other such good friends?"

Carol didn't flinch and responded as she looked deeply into my eyes... with a simple, soft, "Yes, a few... is this going to ruin our friendship Tony?"

"Of course not Carol. You know I love you... and Sam. I just have to get used to thinking about you a little differently. I'll be fine. I actually find it pretty f\damned sexy Carol. It turned me on watching the two of you."

She picked up a napkin and wrote on it. Handing it to me she said, "This is Eve's home and office numbers and my office number... don't hesitate to use them... I think you would be pleasantly surprised... at both of us..."

Then Carol walked away. I ran my eyes over her tight sexy body and her cute ass as she wiggled nicely. In my mind, Carol had taken on a totally new persona this night. And I didn't know how to deal with it. But as I watched her cute ass I started to get a hard on.

All the next day I had trouble working as I thought about Carol and Eve... what would it be like to date someone you knew was having an affair with your best friend's wife? The next thought shocked me as I wondered what it would be like in bed with Carol. I had wondered that before but never seriously... now I wondered seriously... I discarded the idea thinking I couldn't do that to my friend... besides I was sure Carol wouldn't be interested... but I kept wondering what it would be like to have them both in bed... just as my phone rang...

It was Sam confirming our racquet ball game that Thursday night.

After the game as Sam and I showered he said, "How about coming home with me. Eve will be there. When I reminded Carol I was playing racquet ball with you she mentioned she would ask Eve to spend the evening with her and why didn't I ask you to come over to get to know Eve better. I think Carol wants you and Eve to get together."

I asked Sam what he knew of Eve, He replied with a list that blew my mind. She was a first rate news reporter... traveled a lot to all parts of the world... had won many awards in Journalism... and was a strong woman... sexy too, Sam added...

As we dressed I kidded him about wanting to sample Eve himself... He sighed and said "It would be choice I'm sure. I have never played around on Carol. I admit I have been tempted but I haven't... at least not yet, I could make an exception for Eve... The funny part is Carol has as much as said that it would be OK with her as long as I came home after..."

I exclaimed, "You are kidding... Carol said that?"

"Well it was more subtle than that... she knows I like to look... she has seen me looking lots of times and suggested the object of my gaze might be fun in bed... then she would say something like... just remember to come home to me afterwards..."

I followed Sam to his house in my car thinking maybe I didn't know Carol as well as I thought. When we walked into his house he tossed his bag in the corner and gave Carol a big hug and a kiss. I nodded to Eve who was sitting on the couch. She looked so appetizing and I wondered what she and Carol had done that night. The thought made my cock stir hungrily. Eve smiled warmly and waved patting the couch beside her. Before I could move over Carol called me and said, "I didn't get my customary hug from you buster."

Sam moved into the kitchen to get each of us a beer and Carol slid into my outstretched arms. Her full body met mine as usual, only my mind set had changed and this time she felt my half hard cock against her. She pulled her head back and looked into my eyes briefly with a question mark like she wondered what the hell was happening. Then she smiled at me warmly and I hugged her again and whispered, "Does Eve know I know about you two?" Carol squeezed me tightly letting her loins press into mine so nicely and whispered into my ear, "Not yet... I won't tell her anytime soon."

We broke and I noticed Carol glancing down at my bulge. She patted my cheek lightly and smiled, then moved over sitting beside Eve where she had invited me to sit. Carol toyed with a lock of Eve's long dark hair like women can do and get away with it. Only I knew they were lovers and the gesture had more meaning. I wondered if Sam ever even wondered about his wife... he didn't... at least I didn't think so...

Sam was back and I took a big swig of my beer... it didn't help the confusion. I realized that I was damned attracted to both of the women I was staring at. Not sure if either were available or maybe both.

I sat on the other side of her and asked Eve about her travels and her favorite spots. As it turned out we had been to a lot of the same places and loved a number of the same spots. She knew a lot about my field of international properties and in fact owned a number of condo's around the world too. She used them and rented them when she wasn't there. When I made my jokes she laughed... honestly and robustly... I liked that.

After another beer and more interesting conversation with Eve, Carol said, "Tony honey,. you wouldn't mind giving Eve a lift home would you?"

I thought how I would hate it... like I hate a good steak... and fine wine... And I was wondering about lots of things.

As we drove toward her place, Eve looked out the window silently. I frequently glanced over to look at her and realized how attracted I was to her... her bisexual relationship with Carol only made her more appealing to me somehow. I didn't understand it. Then I flashed to Carol in my mind, imagining the three of us together and felt an additional tingle in my loins.

After a few moments more of this silence Eve looked over at me and said, "Carol says you guys go way back."

I nodded, "We went through college together. You know someone for years and then something happens and you realize there are large parts of their lives, of their true personalities, that you know nothing about." I wasn't sure what the hell I was trying to do with this conversation but I seemed obsessed with talking around what I had recently learned about Carol and Eve...

She looked at me and when our eyes met one of her eyebrows was high as she said, "Oh... what makes you say that."

"Oh I just realized tho I have known Sam and Carol for years, and in fact have watched them do about everything sexually when Sam and I roomed together, there are huge parts of both of them I don't know."

"I don't understand Tony but it sounds fascinating." she paused for a second and said, "My place is just in the next block... why don't you come up for coffee and tell me more."

As we walked through the door to her place I looked around. It was well decorated but looked like a place that she didn't spend much time in. Then I remembered how much Carol had said she traveled. Eve made the coffee and soon we were seated on the couch, hot mugs of coffee in our hands as Eve said, "Now tell me more. Has something happened lately to make you wonder about Sam and Carol?"

"Well yeah... actually several things... you have to understand, I have been single for a long time... mainly because I don't think I could ever settle down with just one woman and I didn't want to hurt anyone."

"I can understand that Tony... remember I am single too... I travel so much... I never thought it would be fair to marry some guy and then be gone most of the time. But what does that have to do with our friends?"

"I have always thought Sam and Carol were perfect for each other. I was sure neither of them ever thought about sleeping with someone else, let alone doing it. But the other day as Sam and I were talking about this mutual female friend, I was surprised to hear him say that he bet she would be hot in bed. That if she weren't such a close friend of Carols that he might just try and find out first hand."

Eve looked at me strangely for a few seconds and then said, "Tony... we both know they adore each other but after all they both are human. Don't you think it is natural to want to explore occasionally. I hope you aren't blaming Sam for being a normal person."

I sat my coffee cup down and said, "Well I'm not... in fact I very much agreed with him. I was very attracted to this woman when I met her too." I just stared at Eve and she slowly began to understand,

"Sam was talking about me? The two of you were talking about me?"

"Yep." she looked at me and licked her lips slowly. I leaned forward and soon our parted lips met lightly. Several light kisses and then I whispered between small light kisses with brief flicks of our tongues, "How do you feel, being lusted after by two horny men?"

She replied hoarsely, "Pretty damned good Tony... you guys flatter me." The kiss got longer and deeper. As our tongues danced together my hands cupped her full firm breasts and she sighed loudly against my lips offering no objections. When I started to unbutton her blouse she broke the kiss and leaned back watching me quickly remove her blouse and then her bra. I sat there admiring her full proud breasts and said, "Nice Eve."

"Glad you like them Tony but do you just plan on looking at my boobs?"

I scooped her up in my arms and said, "Where is your bed?"

She smiled and nodded at a door saying, "I love a man who knows what he wants."

"And what do you want my lovely sexy Eve?"

"The same thing you do, to fuck the rest of the night away."

We laughed all the way into her bedroom. Then I put her down and we raced to get our clothes off finally diving nude into her big bed. I kissed her deeply as our hands explored each others nude body. Then I slowly moved my lips downward. She knew exactly where I was going, her hands pressing my head lower and lower and as my lips and tongue found her delightful pussy she sighed, "Oh yes Tony"

She was delightfully wild and I found myself wondering if she was like this when Carol ate her. She moaned and came frequently as I continued to enjoy tasting her neither lips. Finally she pushed me away and said, "Oh enough you darling man. You will have me so sensitive I won't be able to stand you touching me. Let me enjoy you now." And her lips descended over the head of my hard cock. She knew what she was doing and I leaned back and enjoyed the best head I had had in a long time. I warned her I was close to cumming and she took me still deeper in her throat and hummed. I couldn't hold it and she took it all. Later licking her lips of the last drops as she sat up.

Pulling her to me I kissed her full swollen lips, tasting myself as I assumed she tasted herself on my lips. As we cuddled and caressed each other she smiled up at me and said. "You taste nice"

I smiled broadly and replied, "And so do you."

She kissed my lips lightly, as she wrapped her long fingers around my growing cock. When she pulled away she said, "Tony, I don't think you have told me everything that was bothering you about Sam and Carol. That little bit about Sam surely was no surprise to you."

"You're right... there is more... what bothered me after that was the next time I saw Carol I found myself wondering what she would be like in bed and I felt a bit guilty lusting after my buddies wife. In my heart I knew I would love to fuck Carol."

She giggled then and said, "Well first you have to take care of me." and she lay back spreading her trim legs wide. She looked at me and slowly hunched her cute pussy up and back in invitation. I accepted and she guided me home. It was as good as it looked. Soon she was hunching wildly under me, meeting my thrusts. She loved to fuck. She came hard shortly and then we rested briefly as she squeezed my still hard cock with her talented cunt.

I slowly hunched in and out of her tight cunt and said, "Hmmm so good..."

She smiled, "As good as you think Carol might be?"

I felt my cock jump and she said, "Well I got an answer. You really are hot for Carol aren't you?"

I answered her, "Eve I really am sorry. It is tacky to talk about another women in these circumstances."

"Not at all Tony. I am not the jealous type as you will find. I have never minded sharing..."

"Oh God..." she gasped loudly, "Oh God Tony your cock feels so fucking good in me..." and she came again. I continued stroking deeply. Pulling out until the head of my cock was just inside and then deeply. She sighed again and said, "Hmmm so nice baby..."

Then she surprised me saying, "I think Carol would be pleased to know you wanted to fuck her. I know her well enough to know she is one randy lady. I also know she told me she wanted me to tell her all about how you were in bed."

I raised up and looked at her in disbelief. Then I felt my climax coming and I began to thrust harder and deeper. She wrapped her long legs around me and met ever move. It was the best fuck I had had in a long long time. This lady could be addictive I thought.

Much later in the kitchen after a hot shower where I went down on her again, she walked up and pressed her nude body against mine and said, "I hope you aren't too occupied by all of your other lady friends. I could get used to you in my bed."

I kissed her with my hands full of her cute bare ass as my limp cock started to reawaken. She pulled away and said, "I'm hungry. Sex always makes me hungry." As she fixed two huge sandwiches, I watched her full sexy body move and bounce in such nice ways... As we sat down to eat she said, "Tell me baby, does it really bother you that you think about fucking Carol?"

"No... it bothers me that it doesn't bother me."

"I see... and the fact that Sam said he would like to fuck me doesn't make that any easier?"

"A little... but..." and I just shrugged.

She winked at me and kissed me quickly. "I like you Tony... or did you notice?"

I just smiled and we ate in silence for a few minutes.

Then she said, "What are you doing this week end? If you can get free I would love to do this all week end."

I grinned from ear to ear and said, "You are a lady after my liking."

As she cleaned up after us she stood at the sink looking hot and sexy and gorgeous. I walked up behind her and she felt the head of my hard cock first pressing against her ass. Then I wrapped my arms around her cupping her full bare tits. She groaned. I pushed her feet apart and bent her forward as I guided my cock into her hot slit. It felt so fucking goooood. Then we were back in bed, then on the floor, in the living room on the couch... you get the idea.

She went with me to my place for me to pack a bag and make a couple of calls. I was breaking a date with a sweet thing I enjoyed and Eve pulled my cock out and started giving me head as I broke the other date. Her eyes twinkled with merriment as I struggled to talk coherently. As I hung the phone up I unloaded in my newest lovers talented mouth.

As we drove back to her place she directed me into a small wooded but public park. "Stop the car and fuck me Tony" she directed.


"Yes damn it... hurry."

"It was fabulous... I knew at any minute someone was going to walk up on us. I loved the idea but no one did and soon we were on our way again and Eve had this big grin on her face.

I asked her "Are you always like this?"

"Complaints already mister?" she grinned

"Hell no, just curious."

"No... sometime I get wilder."

And I grinned with anticipation. Back ast her place we showered and dressed to go out for dinner. At the door she raised her skirt to show me she wore nothing under it. All through dinner her hand was on my semi hard cock. After dinner she insisted I fuck her again in the restaurant parking lot. I was eager to comply. I loved my randy risk loving lady. As we drove to her place again she said, "I think you like fucking in public places as much as I do." I just grinned.

The week end was an orgy for two. At one point she picked up the phone and dialed saying, "I have to report to Carol." She proceeded to give Carol all of the details of everything we had done and I blushed as she raved about how great a lover I was. When she hung the phone up she looked at me and said, "Carol said she was envious of me." I had an instant hard on... but Eve took care of that nicely.

I left Monday morning for work about 9:00. Eve had another couple of weeks of freedom before her next European assignment. She kissed me goodby at the door but we had plans for that night.

All day I thought of her, and Carol and Sam...

I called her mid morning to tell her how much I enjoyed the weekend. I had sent her a dozen roses and she gushed over them, just as I had hopped. I called her mid-afternoon and was surprised to have Carol answer the phone ( Eve was in the shower). I chatted with Carol briefly and she said she was glad that Eve and I were hitting it off. I asked if she were jealous. She laughed and said, "No baby, Eve and I are lovers but we aren't possessive. I am glad you two had so much fun this week end."

Then I asked if they had had fun too. She sighed softly and said simply, "Yes... are you jealous?"

"Hell no... in fact it excites the hell out of me... I just wish I could watch the two of you."

She surprised the hell out of me then as she said, "Maybe you can sometime Tony darling. You have watched me do it all with Sam."

I knew if that happened I would fuck Carol. Somehow I was sure Eve would love that if it happened... but Carol? How would she feel afterwards?"

Then Carol said, "Oh here is Eve, fresh out of the shower without a stitch on" Next I heard Eve's voice cooing, "Hi lover."

When I got to her place later I rang the door bell and it swung open and standing there without a stitch on was my new love. I swept her up in my arms and as our lips met I kicked the door to and carried her to bed... our favorite spot.

Over dinner much later we talked about everything two people could dream up. When later the conversation drifted to sex again, Eve asked, "What are your fantasies Tony?"

"Damn near everything my love but I guess at the top, like most men, would be to be in bed with two great very sexual women. at the same time."

Her eyes glittered and she said, "Are these women just for you are do they enjoy each other too?"

It was so close and I heard myself saying, "No they make love to each other as well as with me. Somehow I think bisexual women are the sexiest thing I can think of.'

She leaned over and kissed me softly in the restaurant and lovingly brushed my cheek with her hand. There was a look of love in her eyes that warmed me all over. I kissed her nose and said "That's my favorite fantasy, followed closely by a threesome of another guy and I with a hot lady. Then there are lots of others."

I had put it out there. I had tried to make her feel safe with me.

In a minute or two she looked at me and said softly, "Darling, I have to know this now before I get too hooked on you, can you share me with others? Do you expect that I will enjoy only you in bed? Would you be bothered if I shared my bed with others? I travel so much and as you have learned, I have a big appetite."

I held her hand and said, "Eve... I have loved the past weekend up til and including right now. You are close to my ideal in a lady and I hope to spend a lot of time with you when ever we can. I understand your appetites, like I am sure you understand mine. I would be foolish to think you wouldn't enjoy others. In fact I have to admit, I like the idea of you with others."

Her eyes were wet with tears as she said, "Take me to the car and fuck me my love... God I want you so bad."

The couple at the table next to us heard her clearly and as we got up to leave the two of them smiled at us...

She climbed in the back seat of the car pulling her skirt up as she lay back welcoming me. People walked by as I plunged into my love but no one bothered us. As I drove toward her place.later she cuddled up beside me and I heard her say softly, "I think I love you Tony".

I looked into her beautiful eyes and said, "I know baby, I feel the same. I love you so much. I want to do everything with you. Yet I don't want to own you."

"I know Tony, I think that is one of the big reasons I can love you so much. But are you sure? When I sleep with someone else, can you be sure it won't bother you?"

I looked at her again and said, "There is only one way to know for sure my love." We both knew what that was... my mind flooded with who... when... where? Was it to be Carol or a man first?

She squeezed my hand resting on her full breast and said, "Do you want to be there? We could make one of your fantasies come true."

"Yes I would love to be there... Who?"

"He is a dear friend of mine. We have been "very good friends" for years. His name is Max. He works for the same news service that I do."

There was a long silence and then she said, "Are you sure you are ready for this?"

I pulled into the same park we had visited before and parked the car. I kissed her for a long time. Then I looked at her and said, "Oh I am very ready. Are you sure he will go along with a threesome?"

Without hesitation she said, "I'm sure. Darling don't be angry but it won't be my first threesome with Max."

"Angry? Hardly... excited as hell yeah... when?"

"Tonight OK with you?"

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