Running Home

by Hidden Friend

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Incest, Mother, Son, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Losing my job, apartment and girlfriend left me feeling lost and alone. The only thing to do was run home to my parent's. I never realised getting in shape could lead to so much fun.

Chapter One

I needed time to figure out what I was going to do, things had been going bad recently, in fact to tell the truth they had pretty much gone down the pan. In the last month I'd lost my job, girlfriend and my apartment. The apartment was due to my lost job, no money coming in and thus no way to pay the rent, and so no apartment. While my girlfriend had decided she needed space to find herself, fulfil her needs and discover her true self.

Now call me insensitive but that sounds a lot like new age bull shit, I new who she was and thought I was fulfilling her needs on a daily basis with the help of my 7 inch cock and my love for her. If she needed anything I was happy to help her get it, all she had to do was ask. Certainly she'd never complained until the day she walked out, she'd told me I was suffocating her with my needs and desires that our relationship was all about me. It didn't seem to matter that I would have given her the moon if she'd asked for it, that I loved her with all my heart and soul, and if anything our relationship was all about her and her happiness.

So there I was no job, no home and no girl, when shit happens there's only one place to go, the place where you are always welcome, home with a capital H, home to the parents.

It seemed strange to head home to the parents, almost like when you're a kid and you run home to get away from the big kids that bully you. Only in this case it felt as though I was running from the world, giving up, saying sorry folks, but it's too hard out there for me.

So there I was on a wet March day, twenty years old stepping from the train onto a rain swept platform. My dad was waiting for me, standing tall and tanned, looking a lot fitter than when I'd last seen him. Grabbing one of my bags he led me to the car.

"Thanks for picking me up dad."

"That's OK, how are you doing?"

"O you know, not too bad, but hey you look great, you've lost weight."

"Yeah, your mom's had us both on a diet, and we bought a multi-gym and have been working out."


"Yes, after all just because you hit forty doesn't mean you should let yourself go."

"Yeah, I guess you're right, I now I could do with loosing some weight and getting fit."

"I wasn't going to say anything, but you are carrying a few extra pounds."

"I think it's caused by comfort eating."

"Bad uh?"

"Pretty much, I had this dream of the perfect job and a good woman. I thought Jill was the woman and I had the job and..."

"Now you've got neither."

"Yeah, life sure kicks you when you're down."

Dad smiled at me, reaching across he patted my leg,

"Look your mom and I love you, you're welcome to stay with us as long as you need, it is your home."

"Thanks dad."

Our conversation lapsed as we headed home, the car filled with the sound of the wind and rain, and the swish of the wipers.

Climbing from the car I grabbed my bags and hurried towards the front door as dad pulled the car into the garage. As I reached the front door it opened and I stopped in amazement. My mom stood in the doorway and she looked amazing, slim and petite with long black hair and brown eyes, she was wearing a flower print dress that fell to mid thigh. I couldn't help but gaze in wonder, just like my dad she seemed a new person from when I had last seen them. Somehow with my mom it was more noticeable, to be truthful she looked hot, and I mean mega hot.

I dropped my bags as she stepped towards me and wrapped me in her arms, my senses were filled with the fragrance of her. The shampoo she used, the perfume that brought back memories of snuggling up to her when I was a child. Most of all it was the feeling of peace and homecoming that seemed to envelop me as she hugged and kissed me, the feeling of protection and love that had held back my childhood nightmares.

"Welcome home Mikey."

"Hi mom, it's good to be home."

Chapter two

The first week of being back home seemed to pass in a haze; I ate, slept and moped around in a depressed state. One thing I noticed during that first week was that dad seemed to be sleeping in the guest bedroom. When I asked my parent's about this they said dad snored and didn't like to keep mom awake.

After a week my folks finally got sick of my miserable face and scruffy appearance, mom was the one who brought it up on the Monday morning of my second week. I was lying in bed at ten o'clock in the morning when my bedroom door opened and mom walked in.

"How are you doing Mikey?"

"OK, thanks," I said sounding miserable.

"I think that's enough Mike, you've got to pull yourself together and stop being so miserable. Come on get up."

With that she grabbed my bedding and pulled it off, I don't think she realised that I slept in the nude. The bedding fell to the floor and there I lay naked, slightly overweight, but sporting an erection. She looked at me in surprise as I scrabbled for the sheet to cover myself with.

"O my," was all mom said before leaving my room.

A few minutes later standing under a hot shower I realised mom and dad were right. It was time to put my troubles behind me and start living again, standing there I looked down at my gut and realised it was time to get back in shape. I was just wrapping a soapy hand around my erection when mom shouted me that breakfast was ready. Sighing I stepped from the shower and dried myself trying to ignore my sexual frustration. After all it's not easy going from hot sex with a beautiful woman to cold turkey. I hadn't had sex since Jill had walked out on me over four weeks ago and my sex drive wasn't too happy about that.

In my bedroom I pulled on underwear, shorts and a t-shirt and headed down stairs. Mom sat at the kitchen table drinking a cup of coffee, a place was set for me with coffee and toast.

"You look better now you've shaved."

"Thanks mom and sorry I've been such a drag."

"That's OK, why the shorts and t-shirt?"

"You and dad are right it's time I sorted myself out and I think the best way to regain some self esteem is to get fit and loose some wait. So if you'll help, I'll try eating better and I thought I'd go for a run and maybe use the gym dad bought."

"Of course we'll help and healthy eating it will be."

Finishing my toast and helped mom wash and tidy up while my breakfast settled. Then kissing her goodbye I headed out for a run.

It was hell; pure living hell, after about a mile my legs were wobbly, my lungs burnt and sweat ran in a steady stream from me. However I persevered and managed about four miles before staggering back home.

Over the next week or so I ran each day, the distances increasing from day to day. The exercise and diet mom had me on seemed to have a dramatic effect on my figure, the excess weight was burnt off and I started to look healthier. The only downside of all the exercise was that my libido seemed to increase, I now seemed to be walking around with a constant hard on.

Chapter three

It was Monday morning dad had left for work, dressed in shorts and t-shirt I had a light breakfast before heading out for a run. I was surprised at the door by mom dressed similarly to me.

"Would you mind some company for your run?"

"No that would be good."

We covered about ten miles, running together, conversation was impossible as we pounded the pavement in a long loop that brought us back home.

Hot and sweaty we stood in the hallway, mom looked at me and smiled.

"That was great, it's nice to workout with someone for a change."

"Yeah it is, why doesn't dad use your gym."

"He works out during his lunch break at a nearby health club, anyway I'm going to use our gym, why don't you join me?"


I followed mom up to the attic, taking in the sight of her slim tanned legs and firm buttocks that moulded to her shorts. My cock jumped to instant hardness as I followed her, I was shocked and disgusted at the thoughts that filled my mind. Luckily my shorts were now very baggy on me and so my aroused state wasn't too noticeable.

As we exercised on the gym equipment my erection died down and I breathed a sigh of relief. Lying on a bench mom asked me to spot her some weights, I lifted the dumbbell and held it lightly as she raised and lowered it, her T-shirts had ridden up to reveal her trim stomach, I tried to ignore the sight and the desire it seemed to cause in me.

Swapping places I lay down and mom held the weights as I lifted them. Her t-shirt hung loose from her body and as she raised her arms I found myself gazing at the under slope of her breasts.

My cock jumped to instant erection, unfortunately I wasn't wearing underwear and my cock pushed against the leg of my baggy shorts. Mom gasped and looking down I saw my erection standing proud from the leg hole of my shorts. It was pointing at my mom and throbbing in time with my heartbeat. I couldn't do anything about it at first as I was still lifting the weights. Dropping them into the brackets I quickly sat up and re-arranged my shorts and mumbled an apology.

Mom's face was flushed and her eyes seemed to burn into me.

"It's OK Mikey, it's a normal reaction, you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about. In fact I take it as a compliment that I can cause that reaction at my age in a young man."

"You're not that old mom and I bet lots of guys think you're hot, I know I do, you're gorgeous."

Mom laughed at my compliment a blush spreading over her face.

"Thanks Mikey, now lets call it a day, go take a bath and then I'll give you a massage."

"A massage, I don't need a massage, I'm fine."

"A massage will stop your muscles from stiffening up, don't worry I'm quiet good."

I headed downstairs and spent a good quarter of an hour soaking the sweat and grime from my body. I was laying back in the warm water, a hand wrapped around my erection as I masturbated when mom knocked at the door.

"Hurry up lazy bones or you'll turn into a prune."

Releasing my cock I quickly dried off and wrapping a towel round my waist headed to my parent's bedroom.

A number of large towels were spread on the floor, a bottle of oil beside them. Mom walked from the en-suite bathroom, I was surprised to see she was only wearing a towel like me.

"Come on slow coach lay down."

I lay down on me front, trying to ease me still hard cock into a comfy position. Mom's hands felt amazing as she rubbed and massaged oil into my neck and shoulders. Knots in my muscles that I had been unaware of melted away under her talented touch. I relaxed enjoying the massage as mom's hands moved down my back.

"Lift up a moment Mike."

I did as she asked and suddenly my towel was gone, pulled away by her, I dropped back down pressing my hard on against the towels that covered the floor. I drifted in contentment as mom worked down one leg and back up the other. Fingers brushed against my balls causing my cock to throb against my belly. I heard a rustling sound but ignored it as mom's hands explored my thighs, balls and buttocks.

"Turn over."

The thought that mom would see my aroused state seemed immaterial in my relaxed state. After all I thought she's my mom, what could possibly happen. I rolled over and stared in lust and amazement, mom knelt naked beside me, her nipples were erect and her face flushed. My cock throbbed in appreciation at the sight of this naked woman who sat beside me. Her eyes locked with mine as she poured oil onto my chest, stomach and groin. Her hands roamed freely over my body causing me to moan in lust. I tried to sit up but she pushed me back down as a hand closed around my erection.

She moved over my spread body, lying down on top of me, my cock now pressed against her stomach as her body slid over mine, her hard nipples rubbing against my chest as she gave me full body massage. She poured oil over us both as our bodies pressed and rubbed together. We were both slick with it, it covered her breasts, my hands rubbed it over her back and buttocks and then I eased an oil-coated hand between her thighs. Her pussy was wet with a mixture of oil and pussy juice. Our mouths met and for the first time I kissed my mom as a lover.

She moved over me and I felt my cock slip between her thighs to rest against her hot, wet pussy. She lifted slightly and my cock slip into her moist fuck-tunnel, I marvelled in the hot embrace of her cunt as I pushed deep into the channel that had given me life.

"O god baby that feels sooo goooood, Oooo yes baby make love to mommy, fuck me Mikey, fuck me hard."

I grabbed her hips as she lent forward offering to my searching mouth the breasts that had fed me and nurtured me as a baby. I suckled once more at them, tasting the oil and the sweat of our passion. Mom was moaning continually as I pushed into her womb, her eyes were glazed with lust as she rocked to her orgasm. Her pussy gripped my cock tightly and I felt my jism rise from my balls to pump deep into her convulsing body.

"O mom, I'm cuming, fuck mom I'm cuming cuming."

"Yes baby cum for mommy cum for me, fill me with your sperm, yes yes yeeessssssssssssss."

Mom's body was gripped by a second orgasm as my seed pumped deep into her womb. We held each other close our bodies moulded together as we orgasmed, joined at groin and mouth as our tongues danced a dance of passion.

Finally we relaxed, our orgasms passing, mom lay on top of me, her legs either side of my hips while my still hard cock throbbed in her pussy. My lack of sexual release over the past few weeks meant I remained hard, as mom released that I wasn't going to soften she sat up and started to move upon me imprisoned cock.

"Ooo Mikey you feel so good, so big and hard in mommy's cunt, now fuck me baby fuck me long and hard."

She lent forward and kissed me, still locked inside her we rolled over until she was below me. Reaching down I lifted her legs and placed them on my shoulders, I groaned in pleasure as my cock sank even deeper into her womb. Her hips lifted to meet each of my thrusts, our pelvic bones mashing together mine rubbing against her lust-engorged clitoris.

Harder and faster we moved, my cock ploughing deep into her womb with each thrust. Our bodies were slippery with a mixture of oil and sweat; we could taste it when we kissed.

Mom was going wild with passion her cries filling the house, her fingers and nails clawing at my back as her feet slipped around my waist drawing me hard against her as she orgasmed again and again, until my body responded to this lust filled creature by releasing a second torrent of hot sperm into her womb.

We relaxed again; I lay cradled in my mother's arms, her legs wrapped around my legs, our breathing hard and fast. The ripples that convulsed through her pussy seemed to massage my cock, pulling the cum from it, while also stimulating it as it started to soften and returning it to a hard state.

"My son my lover."

We kissed deeply, tongues entwining in a very unmother-son way. As our breathing returned to normal our hips started to move again, driving my cock deep into her cum filled pussy.

This time our lovemaking was more leisurely our immediate passion and lust already satiated. We kissed and touched each other, savouring the feel of our joined bodies.

"O god mom, that feels so good, I've wanted this for so long."

"O Mikey so have I, but I didn't dare, it's so wrong baby."

"How can it be wrong, something that feels so good, so right."

"O baby love me love me."

Our movements increased as our passion grew, plunging hard cock into hot willing pussy until with loud cries of pleasure and passion we orgasmed together and I filled my beautiful mother's womb with a third load of incestuous sperm.

We lay together as our bodies relaxed from our exertions, my soft cock slipped from mom's pussy in a flood of our mixed cum. We kissed and lay in each other's arms, no words seemed necessary for the moment, we just needed this closeness. Finally mom brushed my hair with her fingers and spoke,

"I don't know about you Mikey but I'm hungry."

My stomach rumbled as though answering her question.

"I guess that answers your question."

She laughed the sound filling my heart with joy and love for this woman.

"Come on then lets take a quick shower and see about some lunch."

Standing I pulled her to her feet, she lent against me for a moment, her head rested against my chest, the smell of her filling my senses. The smell of her hair, her sweat and arousal, the smell of our spent passion and under it all the fragrance of my mother, the woman who had given birth to me, nurtured and cared for me and now loved me with a lovers passion and a mother's love.

I kissed her, tasted her and held her close against me for a moment, showing her in my touch the love I held for her.

Pulling away she took my hand and led me to her bathroom, standing under the hot water we washed each other, exploring each other's bodies with hands and mouths, until under the hot water we made love again, crying aloud our pleasure and release.

Chapter four

We pulled on robes and headed downstairs after first tidy up the towels and oil, thus removing the evidence of our illicit affair. In the kitchen I helped mom prepare sandwiches and pour juice for our lunch. Our hunger and the food made talking impossible while we ate, finally pushing back from the table we looked at each other.

"What we've done is wrong."

I looked at mom in surprise; of all the things I'd expected her to say this wasn't one of them.

"I know mom, but I can't and won't regret it, if you say it mustn't happen again then I'll understand, I won't say I'd like it and I can't say it will be easy, but I love you and dad too much to hurt either of you."

Mom reached across and squeezed my hand.

"I know that, god help me, I should say it mustn't happen again, but I can't, I love you so much and I wanted this so much, yes it's wrong and we shouldn't be doing it, but I won't stop it not unless you want to."

"I don't mom, o god, I don't."

For a moment I thought about my dad, what he would do if he found out about us, his wife and son, lovers and both unrepentant.

We cleared the table and washed the few pots we had made, turning I enfolded my mother and lover in my arms. She lent back against me, murmuring in pleasure as I slipped a hand into her robe and cupped her breasts. My cock started to swell with blood; she reached back to caress it with one hand. Her head turned and we kissed long and deeply, tongues entwining as we explored each other's mouths.

"Lets go upstairs."

Taking my mom's hand I allowed her to lead me up the stairs, she pulled me into my bedroom before turning to kiss me once more. My hands pulled at the belt of her robe before pushing it from her shoulders, she stepped back allowing it to fall to the floor. My own robe quickly followed and then I bent and picking mom up carried her to my bed.

I lay her down before climbing beside her; we kissed deeply, hands exploring each other's naked flesh. She moaned in desire as I trailed kisses down over her throat and to her full breasts. Licking and suckling at her hard swollen nipples I slipped a hand down over her stomach to slip between her parted thighs.

Heat and moisture engulfed my fingers as they trailed across her aroused pussy lips before sliding into her moist depths. Her hips lifted to meet my deep probing fingers and she cried in pleasure as I gently bit her nipples, teasing them with teeth and tongue.

I moved down her body, trailing kisses across her firm stomach, stopping to lick her belly button before moving lower and finally running my tongue over the wet folds of her labia. I tasted her nectar, revelling in the taste and texture of this woman who lay before me.

She cried in pleasure at my touch as I drank her juices, before slipping my tongue across her engorged clitoris. Her hips jerked and she moaned in pleasure as I sucked and lapped at the hard nubbin of pleasure filled flesh. I filled my senses with the taste, feel and smell of this woman; this woman who had nurtured me, loved me and protected me and now gave willingly herself to me.

I devoured her, drinking deeply from her passion filled well, pushing my tongue as deep as it would go to drink her essence. Her cries of pleasure filled my ears, inspiring me to give her greater pleasure, until with a final scream of release my mouth was filled with her juices as she orgasmed upon my probing tongue.

I crawled back up her shaking body, stopping once more to suckle at her breasts, before moving higher to kiss her deeply. She licked the cum from my face tasting herself and murmuring worlds of love to me.

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