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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Swinging, .

Desc: Sex Story: She pushes the flirting a little too far but hubby is right with her. (another oldy from my files)

My wife is a one beautiful lady. I mean in every way, sexy, beautiful, fun, smart, playful and a tease. And that's what caused our lives to change, her teasing. Do you get the idea that I love this gal. Well I do. At the time this "new adventure" got started, we had been married for seven years and life couldn't have been sweeter.

Of all the great things about Peggy, my favorite, and I think hers, is our sex life. I mean it is a rare night that we miss a hot roll in our big bed, or on the kitchen cabinet, the floor, the shower, well you get the idea. It seems we both are perpetually horny and very experimental. We will try about anything.

She is built great, slim, nice breasts, great ass, I get turned on just looking at her. Unfortunately so does every other male we know almost. Especially when she gets all decked out in her short little "tease" dresses for a party. The guys just hang around her all night, asking her to dance, bringing her drinks, trying to get clear peeks down her low cut dresses and what ever else they might get by with... They pull her to the dance floor at every opportunity and many times I have seen their hands wander quite a bit before Peg stopped them. And Peg loves the attention. She has admitted that to me lots of times as she told me what different guys did to her on the dance floor. Obviously this made me hot as hell.

It bothered me a little, it also excited me a lot, when I would bring it up she would smile at me so sweetly and say, "Honey, I love only you, I'm just playing a little. You don't mind do you?"

I laughed and said, "The guys would like to play with you too, like I play with you in bed." When I said that she just smiled at me teasingly.

Then one night after we had just had the best sex yet, she smiled and kissed me playfully and said,

"David, do you really think some of the men we know would really want to make love to me?"

"Most of them Peg. I swear you have no idea how sexy you are, especially at parties. All you would have to do is get alone with any of the guys that push to dance with you and they would really come on to you. I'm surprised they haven't already."

That was the end of it that night. Later in the week we got a call for another neighborhood get together, and I swear I saw a new light in Peggy's eyes. Friday came and when she was ready to go she was dressed in a really short little slip dress that didn't cover much, she looked fabulous. Her large firm breasts pushed the top out nicely and her nipples seemed even more obvious than usual. I asked her, "Did you leave your bra off?"

"Yes, you don't mind do you honey? It feels so sexy this way."

I laughed and said, "The guys will really hit on you tonight... be careful."

"She looked at me mischievously and asked, "Oh? What might they do?"

The radio was playing a slow dance tune and I pulled her to me to dance as I said, "When they dance they will try to feel you up like this." and I cupped one of her large breast between us and squeezed it.

She gave a little gasp of pleasure.

I went on and dropped my hand to her ass and squeezed it saying "Or like this."

She wiggled against me and said, "Hmmm honey I kinda like this. And I can feel it's making your cock hard. Will it do that to the guy I'm dancing with. Will I be able to feel their hard cocks like I can feel yours?"

I laughed and said, "You know the answer to that. Of course you will."

"Would any of that bother you, if I teased the guys... and they felt me up a little?"

"Peggy, I know you like to tease and flirt and I don't really mind, but you ought to know a lot more might happen if you tease too much, you might find yourself pulled into a bedroom or anywhere private and the guy would do his best to fuck you."

She shivered in my arms then and I think she had a small orgasm. I kissed her nose and said, "Be careful my sexy wife, you're such a sexy little tease, a lot could happen."

What blew my mind at that moment was the idea of her teasing other men, and then being dragged somewhere to be fucked, excited the hell out of me. I stopped dancing and stepped away shaking my head as I said,

"Maybe we better not go tonight." I tried to keep my voice serious.

She looked crest fallen and pulled me back to her kissing me saying, "I'm sorry honey, I was just teasing you. No one but you is going to make love to me. Please don't worry about this. I would like to flirt and touch a little but that will be all OK?"

I knew I was going to the party. I could hardly wait to see how the guys reacted to Peg's dress. But I was confused about my own feelings. About how I was excited at the thought of another guy fucking my wife. And jealous at the same time.

The ride included just normal small talk. When we walked in and I was proud at the way everyone looked at my wife. The host, Bob Johnson, walked up, running his eyes over my wife's tight bod, and offered us two glasses of punch, really strong spiked punch I realized when I took a big drink for courage. Peg took a big gulp of her drink too and winked at me. We both knew she gets horny when she drinks. Then she smiled and downed the rest of her drink and then took mine and walked off toward all of our friends with a new twist in her cute ass. The thong panties she had on didn't stop any of the wiggle in her ass. I smiled and my thoughts were, she is going to get in trouble tonight.

I picked up another drink and then saw Peggy with three of the regular guys in a tight circle as they talked. Her hand was on one guy's shoulder and around another guys waist. I headed over and Peggy opened the circle for me to join in. She slipped her arm in mine and took my new drink too. She cuddled up close to me and I felt her hand on my ass as she squeezed my cheek.

I glanced at her face and she was flush with excitement already. Then I looked down and her nipples were erect and stood out clearly through the thin satin of her brief dress. Her dress had slid lower on her breasts somehow. She really looked hot. A lot of her big breasts were showing above the dress. Another inch and the areolas would be showing. I started to get hard again just thinking about it and suspected the other three guys were too.

The music started and Hank, half of a couple we knew well and frequently visited with in each other's homes, asked Peg to dance. Peg accepted and kissed my cheek and whispered in my ear, "Now we will see if you were right." My cock jumped in my pants.

The dining room had been cleared of furniture, the rugs removed and the lights were down low. That was the dance floor where Hank led my wife to with his arm around her waist. She had her arm around him too and I knew her breast was pressing into his side. She was going to tease, that was clear. My cock jumped again. Just then June, Hanks sexy wife saw me and pulled me into the dance area too. June is extremely hot also, probably as sexy as my wife but I had never really thought about her too sexually before. That was about to change too.

There were six or eight couples dancing slowly in the small room. It was real cozy. Every once in a while I heard Peggy laugh. When the first tune stopped the second started immediately and everyone just continued to dance. It was in the second dance when I caught an unobstructed view of Peggy and Hank dancing. She now had both arms around his neck, her face tucked into his neck tightly and Hank had one hand on her trim ass. I could guess where the other one was. They couldn't get any closer. June saw where I was looking and she slid both arms around my neck like Peggy with Hank and I felt her loins against my growing cock as she said,

"They look like they are having fun."

I was in a real strange place. Suddenly I wanted to play with June the way Hank was playing with my wife. I looked over at my wife with June's husband at the next opportunity to see Hank with both hands full of my wife's ass and I swear the two of them were slowly dry fucking. With no thought for my action I slipped both hands down and filled them with June's trim ass and pulled her hard into my cock. I heard her gasp and whisper,

"Hmm David, I like that. You are full of surprises tonight. Please don't stop."

Just then our host came in and called, "David, Peggy, you guys have an emergency phone call."

We both stepped back from our dance partners and looked at each other. Then together we headed for the phone in the kitchen.

It was her Mom, her Dad had suffered a stroke and was in the hospital. He was stable but she wanted us to come right away. Of course we agreed and excused ourselves and headed home to change for the trip. We had a three hour drive ahead of us. It would be about 1:00 a.m. when we got to the hospital.

As we drove down the highway I tried to reassure Peggy that all was going to be OK. She was sitting as close to me as she could get and she cried into my shoulder. After some thirty minutes she stopped crying and just leaned into me. Finally I said,

"Try to relax, get your mind off of it. Your Dad is fine. They said there was no loss of function or paralysis. He is going to be fine. The main reason we are going is your Mom needs a little moral support."

"I know you are right David, but it just scares me. Life is so short. It makes you understand that saying, enjoy today, there may not be a tomorrow."

"OK enough of the maudlin stuff. I want to change the subject anyway. Tell me about your dance with Hank, it looked real interesting."

She smiled up at me and I saw her face relax in the reflected light of the dashboard.

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