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Desc: Sex Story: Curious :)

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Today is the day. I am so nervous. This is my first real experience. I just met this guy online and I am going to meet him. Did I mention that I'm so nervous? Breath Nancy it will be ok. I remember talking to him. He asked me so many questions. He always liked my answers. I am so afraid he won't like me, so afraid. I wasn't prepared for this. I was thinking this was going to happen next weekend. All of a sudden the day is here. I have to get to work and I'm waiting for his call.

I am sitting at work and the phone rings. "Are you excited?" Oh shit. "Who the hell is this?" "Who do you think it is?" Is it really him? My heart jumps into my throat. "Oh it's you." Yeah right. I wish I could have made that sound casual. What the hell do I say? Think Nancy. "I got paid today." (DAMN)

Great job, now he thinks you are an idiot. "I get off at five." "Ok, I will call you later with instructions." Ok, I don't know what to say. "Don't worry I will call you later, Bye"" Uh... Bye." Now what!

Now I know this is real. I don't ever do shit like this. I don't' know this man... What if... if!!! Oh God I am such a spaz. Ok breathe Nancy. Did you forget anything? I got the clothes, the ball, the scarf, the things to shave myself with. Remember the rules? YES. I think about his last message for me online... "I expect your submission and will get it." What have I got myself into? :: sigh:: Now I wait until five.

The phone rings... I write down the directions.

Driving up to his house... Oh God, I don't know if I can do this. I am thinking about turning around. I pull up and knock...

Well... Here we go. That's her truck all right. God she is cute.

I hide behind the curtains as I watch her walk up the stairs. She knocks and opens the door into darkness. "Close your eyes", I say. "Stop where you are and put your things on the floor and keep your eyes closed."

She does as instructed and places her bag down and stands still. She is just scrumptious looking. "Remove your clothes."

Watching her disrobe, she pulls her shirt over her head and unhooks her bra. Un-snapping her pants and sliding them down, she steps out and still has her boxer briefs on. "Take it all off Dear!"

She hesitates a second, but removes all her clothes. Sitting on the end of the bed, watching her is a total turn on. She is about 5 foot 2, slender, and is very much a 21-year-old girl. She has short hair and is toned and tan from karate workouts. Her ass is tight and her chest is just wonderful looking. Her tits are small, maybe a C cup, but pointy with very hard nipples.

I stand up and walk over to her. She still has not spoken and has kept her eyes shut tight. Moving around behind her and not touching, I lean in and put my mouth against the side of her neck, below her ear. Softly, into her ear I say, "I am very pleased so far. You are very pretty."

She almost starts crying at the sound of my voice. I can tell she is scared to death. I kiss her neck and run my tongue down to her shoulder. She jumps at my touch and her hands rise up to her face. "Put your hands down!" I slide my hands from her shoulders down to her hands and tell her to keep them still.

She had sent me an online message and was curious about my profile, curious about BDSM and submission. After a few chats, I agreed to meet her and teach her a few things, to have some fun.

I licked her neck and behind her ear. Nibbling down her shoulder it felt like her knees would buckle. She moaned and melted into me as I stepped into her and reached around with my hands, cupping her tits. "Ohhhh," she cried as I slide my hands to the nipples and twisted and twirled my fingers.

"Spread your legs apart," I said and moved to stand in front of her. She was shaking, from the cold or from being so nervous, I was not sure. I reached out and ran my fingers up her thighs. They were damp and when my hand hit her pussy, it was completely soaking wet. "Stand STILL." I pushed my finger in her tight little hole and mushed my hand against her clit. She was so damn wet it felt like I stuck my hand in slippery oil.

Suddenly stopping, her hips kept thrusting forward and away. I grabbed the back of her hair and asked her to pick a number between 1 and 10. "Tw-Two," she said.

'SWAT' my hand hit her ass and she yelped and about jumped out of her skin. "Do you know why you are getting these spanks?" "Yes, because earlier I touched myself when you said not to."

'SMACK' I hit her hard again. She stood still and did not move. "That's right. You do what you are told, and no one will get hurt." I said with a grin. "Remember, keep your eyes closed. No looking. If you do, your ass will hurt for a week."

Moving her to the bed I had her get on her stomach. "Ass up... 'SMACK' Ass in the air"

Oh what a sight it was to see this young woman naked, with incredible curves, thrusting her ass in the air, with her knees slightly apart. Her butt was tight with her puckered little hole perfectly centered. Her pussy lips were visibly puffy and wet. I let her lay there a few minutes while I enjoyed the scenery.

I started by softly running my hands and fingertips over her body. Down her arm, across her thighs, teasing and touching. Kissing a spot or two, watching her reactions, I softly asked her to pick another number between one and ten. "Four" she says to me. Pausing and making her wait a little while, I then brought my hand down on her ass 4 times in fast succession, hitting both cheeks twice very hard. She muffled a sharp scream into the pillow, but stayed in place. Nice little red hand marks started to appear on her butt.

Rubbing the spots I hit softly, I instructed her to roll over. As she was doing so, her eyes flew open for a split second (not seeing me). She gasped and covered her eyes up quickly. "Don't worry Dear, you did not see me, but you got very lucky. You best not let it happen again."

On her back now, she was so tasty looking. Her hair was soft and led down to her arms, lying to her sides. Her breasts were small cones, pointing straight out with large puffed nipples. I reached out and rubbed her nipples. Around and around, pulling and twisting them. Sliding my hand down her side her knees fell apart and her pussy opens up to me.

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