An Awakening of Hidden Desires

by LiteryRambler

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Desc: Sex Story: A New Job for Jane brings some surprises to her life. Note although this story was written after the previous two, the events in it happened prior to them.

Authors Note: The following is a piece of original fiction that contains ADULT content and should not be read by minors. This story is copyright of the author. All names and places are fictional and any resemblence to real persons or places is purely coincidental.

When the P.A. job had come up Jane had been quick to submit her CV. It had been nearly two years since Jane had started working for the firm in the typing pool and she had been overqualified for that job even then. At the time, however, money had been tight and she couldn't afford to be picky, so she had taken the job in hope that something else would come along. She hadn't expected to have to wait two years for an opportunity like this to come along, but now it looked like her patience was about to pay off.

Being the Personal Assistant to the Managing Director of the company was about as high as you could go within the support structure and along with the job came a lot of perks and quasi power. The flip side of this was that a lot of the other members of the support staff tended not to like the PA to the MD.

Jane had thought about this when deciding whether or not to apply for the job, but had decided that the extra £10,000 on her salary and a company car would soon heal any wounds caused by jealous underlings.

Naturally Jane had been offered the job. Her skills were on a par with most of the other applicants, but she had impressed the interviewer by being more level headed, having more common sense and being seemingly less likely to flap under pressure. That is not to say that Jane was some sort of superhuman who could never be flustered, nervous or unsure, it just meant that she was very good at hiding it. On the outside she could be calm, collected and confident, whilst on the inside she flapped, panicked and lacked self confidence like the vast majority of people.

So here she was about to start her new job and already things weren't going well. Jane struggled to find a parking space and was now running late as she hurried down the corridor to the executive office suite where her new working home would be. She opened the door to the office suite and quickly dumped her bag behind her desk. Shrugging of her coat she furtively glanced at the clock. Only 5 minutes late... not that bad. She settled in behind her desk and flicked the switch on her computer to boot it up. Her desk was positioned in the outer office area of the executive suite which contained the offices of the MD and the Chairman. The latter apparently only came into the office about twice a year so for all intents and purposes she would only be working for Mr Peterson, the MD.

The intercom on her desk suddenly emitted a dull tone followed by the voice of her new boss.

"Jane, would you step in here please."

"Right away Mr Peterson.", replied Jane her finger stabbing at the talk button on the intercom. Perhaps she hadn't got away with it after all. Jane hoped that this would not set a bad precedent for their working relationship. She pushed back her chair and headed in to face her new boss.

"Good morning Mr Peterson.", She smiled as she walked in and stood in front of the huge mahogany desk. Her eyes flicked around the grand office. It certainly was befitting of someone who ran a large company; decked out with expensive items of furniture and works of art hanging on the walls.

Behind the desk sat David Peterson who she had only met twice before. On both occasions she had found him to be polite and quite charming. He must be in his late 30s Jane thought and judging by the ring on his finger and the photo on the window sill, married with at least one child.

"Ah Jane, good morning indeed.", David beamed as he rose and extended his hand across the desk. Jane accepted the handshake and then sat in the chair that he then offered her.

"I'd just like to say how pleased I am that you accepted the offer and hope that we can form an efficient and friendly working relationship."

Jane sighed inwardly as she realised this was just the 'welcome on board speech' and not a dressing down for being late.

"Well, I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity and just want you to know hat I won't let you down.", Jane cringed at her 'over the top' gratitude and hoped it hadn't sounded to sickly.

The pleasantries over, David's smile faded slightly, "Excellent. Well firstly let's just set a few ground rules. First you are to call me Mr Peterson or Sir if you prefer, but you are not to address me by my first name unless I expressly say it is ok to do so."

"Yes Mr Peterson.", Jane chirped in response.

"You will be smartly dressed at all times, hair and makeup tidy and neat. Many important people come through this office every day and you and I are sometimes the first impression of our company that they get. We must both present ourselves impeccably. I am pleased to see that you seem to have grasped this concept already... well done."

Jane allowed herself a small smile and congratulated herself on her choice of the dark trouser suit, tied back hair and subtle makeup.

"Now...", David continued, "Everything else will be in the notes that Sarah compiled before she left. What I expect from you, where to find things, that sort of thing. You can spend the rest of the morning going over those and finding your feet."

"No problem Mr Peterson, I have met with Sarah a couple of times as well so I think I am up to speed on a lot of it.", Jane felt proud that she had taken the initiative in seeking out Sarah for a few choice tips prior to her starting.

"Excellent...", the smile had returned to David's face, "... see that is why you got the job... initiative. There are only two things I prize more than initiative and those are loyalty and punctuality." David said, his smile fading again to be replaced by a stern look.

Jane's stomach flipped as she realised that she had already crossed her new boss on one of his prized qualities.

"I don't want to get all heavy with you on your first day, but it is important that you understand the rules and also that there are certain things that I will not tolerate. I expect you to be at your desk at 8.30am every single morning unless you are sick or on holiday. If that means you get there at 8.15 every day to ensure being on time, so be it. If I buzz that intercom at 8.30, as I did this morning, and find myself talking to empty space again, I will not be impressed!", David finished his reprimand and sat back to let Jane respond.

"I am so sorry...", Jane started to say but just then the phone rang and David picked it up raising his hand indicating that she should stop. He listened for a few moments then placed his hand over the mouthpiece and addressed Jane.

"I need to take this call. This matter is not over though. We shall continue this at another time and I expect you to remind me of that, is that clear?"

"Yes Mr Peterson", Jane dropped her eyes to her feet and felt slightly crestfallen.

David's voice lightened up as he spoke again, "Ok, well off you go and let's make this day a good day after all".

"Yes Sir.", Jane brightened up as she rose and left the office.

Back at her desk Jane busied herself going through the notes left by Sarah and vowed that she would learn everything perfectly so as not to disappoint Mr Peterson again. She hadn't expected the dressing down that she had received but felt that he had been perfectly fair. He was never once mean or rude to her, but it was just his voice. It just seemed to carry so much authority. Well it wouldn't happen again, Jane was sure of that. She would be the model Personal Assistant and wouldn't give him the chance to reprimand her again.

David Peterson sat back in his chair and pondered on his new P.A. He had been very firm with her this morning, probably more so than was necessary. But David had learnt one thing working his way up the corporate ladder which was that it was essential to stamp your authority on any working relationship from day one. Make sure that people know who is in charge from the outset.

Inwardly David was overjoyed that Jane had got the job. Her track record in the typing pool had proven her to be an extremely efficient worker and someone who was more than capable of working under pressure. On top of that she was a damn attractive woman. Not that this made any difference, David was a happily married man, but he mused that if he had to sit and work in this office five or sometimes six days a week it made things a lot more pleasant if his personal assistant was pleasant to look at and had some form of a personality.

Sarah had been different. She was an excellent P.A. but had absolutely no personality and was, quite frankly, over-blessed with the ugly gene. He wondered whether Jane would remind him about the lateness issue. He'd give her till the end of the week to see if she did the 'right thing' or not. David smirked to himself. He would ease up a bit on Jane as the days progressed and as her respect developed for him. He saw this becoming a very productive and amenable working relationship.

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