From Boredom To Blackmail

by LiteryRambler

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Blackmail, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Bored at her desk, Jane finds herself the target of blackmail from another employee. Jane struggles to regain control of the situation.

Authors Note: The following is a piece of original fiction that contains ADULT content and should not be read by minors. This story is copyright of the author. All names and places are fictional and any resemblence to real persons or places is purely coincidental.

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Jane stared at the computer screen and frowned. 'There must be an easy way to do this', she thought to herself. She had been working on the problem for around 20 minutes and still couldn't see a way of solving it. She glanced at the clock, which glared the digits 16:10 back at her. She still had the best part of an hour and a half to go before she could go home and was thoroughly bored. Even the game of Lemmings she was playing was no longer holding her interest as the level she was on was damn near impossible.

She tried to focus back on the game, but the phone rang. As she picked it up she lost concentration and the group of lemmings she had been about to block merrily trooped into a spinning blade and perished en masse.

"Damn", she muttered as she placed the receiver to her ear. "Research, Jane speaking", she chirped as she switched to professional mode for a moment.

"Hi Jane, it's Bob Fisher from the twelfth floor.", the voice introduced itself.

"Oh hi Bob, what can I do for you?", Jane replied knowing full well what he wanted. Bob was the Marketing Director and had assigned her a marketplace research project a week ago that she had been picking at on and off, but was so far off finishing that it was laughable.

"I was just wondering how we are doing with the marketplace project?", Bob asked with a distinct hint of hope in his voice.

"Just putting the finishing touches to it Bob.", she lied and then decided to try and cut herself some slack. "Gonna need just a couple more days to get it done though. I wouldn't want to hand off something half done to you guys up on the twelfth."

"Oh, as long as that huh... well I suppose we can work around that, but it's gonna be tight." said Bob. Jane could hear the disappointment in his voice. She smirked to herself. Tight was just the way that Bob liked it, if the rumours going around were to be believed.

"I'll do my best Bob.", she said as she finished the call and hung up the phone.

There were always rumours flying round the office. Jane reckoned that the majority of the email traffic floating round was in some way connected with salacious gossip. With over 3,000 employees on this site alone it was certainly a sizeable community and when you get that many people together, there is bound to be a good portion of them with some juicy piece of information that they would rather not have generally known. Whose shagging who? Who swings this way? Who swings that way. Who swings both ways? Whose got a nasty little drug problem or trying to cover up some incident in their life that they would rather forget about? Jane was in no doubt that there were rumours floating around about her as well. Not that she had ever done anything to be ashamed of... well probably not.

There was that incident at the Christmas party last year though, where she had given Eric, the guy from Sales, a blow job, but surely noone knew about that. Jane thought about it for a second and then decided that probably everybody knew about that... that was the nature of things. Jane giggled to herself remembering how drunk and 'naughty' she had been that night.

Since then she had been a very well behaved employee. Come to that, she had been a very well behaved person in general lately. Aside from a little flirting here and there she had not had a lover in nearly a month now. God knows why. Men, in and out of the office, lusted after her gorgeous body and she was generally not short of offers, but things never seemed to click into place. She was either working too much, or too drunk, or the bloke in question was a hideous troll.

Jane thought back to her last sexual encounter and blushed. It had been with a total stranger in an alleyway after a disappointing party. How depraved she had been, but how good it had felt. The amount of times she had cursed herself for walking away from that encounter with not so much as a phone number of the guy. She craved that excitement, the sense of danger attached with the whole thing had excited her immensely.

She looked at the clock again and groaned as it was still only 16:21. Well she could get to work on the report she thought. Or she could try and have another crack at Lemmings. Neither option seemed particularly attractive. To cap it all, she was now feeling horny from her day dreaming and knew that the only thing that awaited her at home was a bottle of cheap Merlot and her selection of vibrators. Even this little pleasure-fest was more than a couple of hours away.

Her train of thought was broken by a chat window that appeared on her screen. The UserID of the sender indicated that it was from 'SteveG04'; not an ID she recognised.

[SteveG04] Bored?

Jane thought for a second. Got to be careful here. She had been caught out on the chat before by her colleagues play a prank and was keen not to make herself look silly again. She peered over the top of her computer across the office. There were only a few people at their desks and none of them looked like they were the perpetrator. She decided to play it cautiously.

[JaneB02] Why would I be bored? I have lots to keep me busy.

Jane thought this was a safe bet. Just in case it was someone in management trying to catch her out or one of her colleagues playing a prank again.

[SteveG04] Well I saw you struggling on Lemmings about 20 minutes ago and you looked pretty disinterested then!

Jane's eyes went wide. How could that be? She was always so careful about her little time wasting exercises. 20 minutes was enough time to get anywhere in the building and it was not as if her area of the building was restricted, so that didn't give her any clues as to who SteveG04 was.

[JaneB02] Who is this?

[SteveG04] I don't think you are in a position to be asking the questions!

[JaneB02] What is that supposed to mean?

[SteveG04] Well if your superiors knew that you were wasting time at your desk when you should be working, I don't think they would be too happy.

Jane groaned inwardly. She could see where this was going. He had a point though, she would be flayed alive if it came to light that she was playing games at her desk, especially in light of the marketplace report that she had been 'working so hard on'. Time to find out what this sleaze-ball wanted to secure his silence.

[JaneB02] What do you want?

[SteveG04] You!

[JaneB02] What?

Jane could guess exactly what he meant but was desperately trying to stall for time to think of some way out of this. There was no direct way of finding a person by their UserID in the company. Sure she could look on the company intranet for all the Steve G's but on the basis that he was 04 that meant there were at least three others and probably a lot more.

[SteveG04] I have seen you. Not only today, but around at other times and, not to mince words, I think you are gorgeous and think that I want to see a LOT more of you.

Jane felt a little flutter in her stomach. This guy was actually suggesting that she give him some sort of sexual favour to ensure his silence. Now that in itself didn't pose too much of a problem, after all Jane was in great need of some 'fun' herself. What she couldn't stand though was not being in control. She also was not about to submit herself to this guy without even knowing who he was or what he looked like. She wasn't going down without a fight... literally!

[JaneB02] So what exactly did you have in mind?

Jane was playing for time again as she had an idea and reached for the phone to dial the IT Department.

'Please be a guy, please be a guy' Jane prayed to herself as the phone rang.

"IT Helpdesk, Gary speaking", the voice confirmed it to indeed be a man.

'YES', Jane thought and then put on her sweetest, I'm-Just-a-dumb-blonde voice.

"Oh Hi, Gary, this is Jane in Research and I got a huge problem that I am sure you can help me with."

"Go on.", Gary said with little enthusiasm; he had heard it all before.

"Well I was wondering if you could tell me who a particular UserID belongs to?", Jane oozed with sweetness and innocence.

"Sorry, we are not allowed to give that information out unless there is a good reason.", Gary replied almost as if reading it from a script.

Jane thought for a second and then pressed on. "Oh there is a good reason. You see I was text chatting with this person, as we are about to collaborate on a project, except this was the first time we had chatted and suddenly he went quiet and I need to get moving on this project. Problem is I don't know who is so I can't ring him on the phone and I really need to get a start on this before I leave tonight." Jane was dubious, this didn't sound convincing at all.

"Well why don't you just wait for a bit, I am sure he will get in touch again soon." Gary suggested.

'Damn' Jane though, this was not going to plan. Time to play a few aces.

"Oh that's true. You guys are so smart down there. My mum is always telling me that I should find myself a nice smart man. Maybe we could get together for a drink or something sometime.", Jane cringed, this was so blatant and so cheesy, surely he wasn't going to fall for this for a second.

"err yeah right, whatever", Gary replied, obviously not rising to the bait.

"Only problem with just waiting...", Jane said and moved in for the kill, "is that I am leaving in a bit and I wouldn't want to be late for my glamour shoot tonight". Jane held her breath, there was nothing more she could do now but hope. There was suddenly a clatter on the other end of the phone, as if someone had just taken their feet off the desk and sat to attention very quickly.

"Oh... you a glamour model are you?", Gary tried to sound relaxed and laid back about it, but failed miserably.

"Only in my spare time at the moment, but my agent says if I am willing to do some harder stuff then he can find me enough work for me to go professional.", Jane practically drooled sex into her voice now,... but it was working.

"Wow, that's cool... hey listen about that UserID thing. I reckon it would be ok to give you the details seeing as it is important. I wouldn't want you to miss your glamour shoot or anything... and then maybe we can have that drink sometime, yeah?", Gary helpfully replied.

"Yeah sure... listen the UserID is SteveG04". Jane needed to speed things up now, she could see the chat box flashing on her screen, but didn't want to focus on that until she had done the deal here.

"Ok, let's have a look.", Gary said as he clacked away on his keyboard. "Here we go. Your man is Steven Gardner, Accounts Assistant, extension 1245, works on the 3rd floor... now about that drink?"

"I'll call you tomorrow about that, if it's ok, I really gotta get in touch with this guy now... thanks so much for the info Gary" Jane said, and she was genuinely thankful for the information that Gary had provided her. She didn't wait for a response but hung up the phone and quickly turned her attention to the incoming chat window; there were 2 messages there from Steve.

[SteveG04] Well I want you to meet me in the 5th floor file archives, where I reckon a quick blow job should at least start paying for my silence.

[SteveG04] Hello?

It had taken a little longer than Jane had expected on the phone with 'Gary' and she still needed to check out one other thing before replying to Steve. Jane opened up the company intranet site and went into the Employee Directory. She tapped in Steve Gardner in the search box and clicked submit. Unbelievably to Jane, the search returned three Steve Gardners in the company. No wonder this guy felt safe and protected, finding him without Gary's help would have been impossible. She clicked on the one that had the job title Accounts Assistant next to it and Steve's profile page popped up.

The first thing that Jane noticed was the photo. 'Hey this guy isn't so bad looking', she thought to herself as she relaxed a little. She was back in control; She knew who her 'blackmailer' was and what he looked like. She also had the advantage because he didn't know she knew. In addition to this he wasn't that bad looking and would do quite nicely for Jane to release a bit of sexual tension on. Time to play the game; if Steve thought he was going to have his way with her and then waltz off into the anonymity of 3000 employees then he was very much mistaken...

[JaneB02] Sorry about that, I had to take an urgent phone call.

[SteveG04] ok... so what about the deal?

[JaneB02] Well I think you are a conniving bastard, but I don't see that I have much choice do I?

[SteveG04] No you don't

[JaneB02] When?

[SteveG04] Well I know you aren't doing much at the moment *grin* so now is as good a time as any. Be there in 10 minutes.

Jane thought she better make it look convincing, so that thought that he was really getting the better of her.

[JaneB02] Fine, but if you think for a second I will enjoy it or do anything more than I have to, then you're delusional.

[SteveG04] You'll do whatever I want and like it! Otherwise certain people will get to know certain things!

[JaneB02] I'll be there.

With that Jane closed the chat window and sat back in her chair. She had a wonderful butterfly feeling in her stomach and the tingling between her legs was building nicely. 'Well the day has certainly taken a very interesting turn' she smiled to herself as she locked her workstation and headed for the ladies room.

A few minutes later Jane stood in front of the mirror and checked her appearance. She fussed with her hair slightly as she admired how good she looked. She wore a smart dark navy business suit and white blouse. The skirt reaching down to just above her knees, hugged her curvy hips, whilst the plain white blouse fitted snugly around her amble chest. As she stood there making minor adjustments to her hair she thought about what she was about to do. The butterflies kicked in again in her stomach and her nipples tingled slightly in anticipation of the attention that she was hoping they were about to get.

She never normally did things like this; playing along into the hands of a complete stranger. Well other than the Christmas party, and that time a month ago in the alleyway with John. But apart from that she never did these sorts of things. She was starting to think that she wanted, maybe even needed, this sort of situation as it did seem to turn her on so much. This time was doubly exciting as she was going into it in charge, although that wasn't what Steve thought; he thought he was in control of the situation, but as far as Jane was concerned he was hers to toy with as she wished.

Finally happy with her appearance, she made her way out of the ladies room and headed in the direction of the lifts. Jane worked on the seventh floor and her agreed meeting place with Steve was on the fifth. As she walked to the lifts she could feel herself getting excited, a familiar dampness developing between her legs. She smiled at colleges and exchanged pleasantries as she made her way to the lift. She stepped into the lift, when it arrived, and briefly glanced over at the lifts other occupant. Jane thought he looked really familiar, but she couldn't quite place him. She realised that she was staring. He was too.

"Do I know you?", Jane asked.

"I was just thinking the same thing myself." the man replied.

"Do you work here?" Jane enquired, desperately trying to place him.

"No, I am just here visiting someone" he replied as the lift doors opened with a ping at the fifth floor.

Jane shrugged it off as just one of those things and stepped out into the lobby on the fifth floor, hung a left and headed for the archives. The fifth floor was not used for anything other than file storage, supplies and meeting room suites, so it was always fairly deserted. Even so there was the odd person or two around but none of them gave Jane a second glance. Jane was very familiar with the archives, being in research, having spent many a dull afternoon rooting through the files in the dimly lit, library-like, rooms.

She checked her watch as she arrived at the door of the archive suite and noted that it had taken her 20 minutes to get there since she had signed off from talking to Steve. She wondered whether he would be annoyed, seeing as he had said 10 minutes, but decided she didn't really care; she was calling the shots here.

Jane pushed open the door and stepped into the huge archive suite. She reckoned it must be about the size of a football pitch, but had a fairly low ceiling and was filled with floor-to-ceiling shelves in ever direction. She closed the door behind her and started to search the aisles for Steve. She figured he would be lurking somewhere right at the back of the room.

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